Thursday, February 19, 2015

Boise State Holds Slim Lead After Day Two

Boise State was a heavy favorite going in to the 2015 Mountain West Swimming & Diving Championships in San Antonio, Texas.  But the rest of the league has caught up to them in the last few weeks, and the Broncos now realize that they'll have to kick it in gear if they want to repeat as champions.

We say this because after two days, Boise State was projected to score 283 points.  They are at 275, so that's not terribly below expectations.  Wyoming, projected to finish third, is doing worse than their projected 159 points.  San Diego State, at 268 points over a projected 199, and Nevada at 216 points over a projected 81, are the teams that are swimming over their heads, so to speak.

What this means is that the 239-point cushion for Boise State in the championships is being divied up by the Aztecs and Wolf Pack.  If the next two days go as the first to have, that cushion will likely be down to 50 points or so.  And Nevada, which scored huge points in the 200 IM, is now in the hunt for the team title. 

1. Boise State University 275 (projected 283)
2. San Diego State University 268 (projected 199)
3. University of Nevada 216 (projected 81)
4. University of Nevada Las Vegas 140
5. University of Wyoming 122.5  (projected 159)
6. US Air Force Academy 116
7. Colorado State University 94
8. Fresno State University 90.5
 9. San Jose State University 83
10. University of New Mexico 68

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