Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Boise State Ends Funk With 75-61 Win Over Rival Fresno State

The Broncos did it. Coach Leon Rice's team played very well tonight en route to a 75-61 win over Fresno State. That keeps the Broncos out of 6th place and sets them up for a showdown with giant-killer Idaho Saturday night. Idaho bounced #21 Utah State from the Top 25 with a shocker in Moscow Wednesday. Boise State controls its own destiny--with a win over Idaho, the Broncos would own the tie-breaker over the Vandals.

Another Chance for Pac-10 To Analyze Choice of Utah Over Boise State

The two schools meet in women's tennis this weekend. The Pac-10, of course, shockingly chose Utah over Boise State for expansion earlier this year. The conference may look at this 20-30 years down the road and decide that inviting Utah and Colorado over Boise State was the dumbest thing they've ever done.

Utah can't seem to beat Boise State in anything, unless you look at 20 years ago. Perhaps the Ute women's tennis team will be able to pull it off.

Broncos Playing Better?

It's a game of runs, but Boise State's basketball team used a 21-2 one to jump up on Fresno by 13 in the first half tonight. Fresno closed it to 7 at the half though. Hope this is the game the team can break out of its slump.

Bronco Tennis Team Ready For Annual California Trip

I haven't come up with a formula for this (!), but I use Boise State's tennis swing through California as a measuring stick for the Bronco team. Usually how Coach Greg Patton's army performs on this trip is a good indicator if the team is going to be a solid national contender or will have to fight to win the WAC.

What I like is how aggressive Patton is in his scheduling. After this road trip, the Bronco men will have completed their eighth consecutive road match in a row, seven of those against Top 30 teams! What Patton very much would like to do is get the sun-baked California youth to come to Boise. The California schools preach to their brethren that Boise is a cold, cold, so cold place that is blustery and uninhabitable by California citizens. The truth is, of course, that Boise is extremely mild for a city as north as it is, especially in the last 20 years or so. Patton of course has seen it all. He's been Conference Coach of the Year umpteen times and National Coach of the Year twice. He's headed professional tennis teams and USA National teams. Knowing Coach like I do, whatever Greg says you can take to the bank. He is a man of his word, and I cannot imagine any tennis player in the nation not wanting to jump at the chance to play for a man and a coach of his caliber. If I want the motivator of the millenium and a coach that is going to improve my tennis, I want Patton. And there isn't anyone else close.

But those sun-baked California tennis stars would probably be more likely to come up to mild Boise if the Broncos win on their California swing. In 1997, the Broncos came down to L.A. and stunned mighty UCLA on their way to a #2 national ranking. In the years in which Boise State has fared well in Cali, they are a strong threat to reach the Sweet 16. But if they don't play well, I don't see them as a clear favorite in the WAC. Again, I don't know how precise the correlation is, but it's something I follow and pay attention to.

Patton's group takes on #20 Pepperdine Saturday just across from famous Malibu beach. You can follow the action live here:

Then, it's on to #6 UCLA Sunday for a battle with the Bruins. UCLA's site also will have live scoring of the Broncos and Bruins at:

(Go down to the bottom of the page for the schedule to find the Boise State-UCLA match and click on the "Live Results" link.)

Finally, Boise State concludes its California visit with a meeting against #53 San Diego State. Obviously since Boise State is ranked higher, they need to at least come away with this one. A win against the national powers would be a bonus.

Good luck to Patton's Broncs, and make a mental note of how they fare on this trip and how they do at the conclusion of the season.