Saturday, April 2, 2011

Interesting Finish at the Regional Gymnastics Tonight

Everyone knew Boise State would fight Arkansas for second tonight.  The two teams were tied after two rotations with #1 Florida quite a bit ahead.  Arkansas got tremendous scores to actually pass the #1 team in the country, making it tougher for Boise State of course to get to second.  That meant they had to beat Florida for a trip to Nationals, and the young Bronco ladies fell 25/thousand's of a point shy.

Boise State Gymnasts Fall 25/1000th's of a Point Shy of Reaching Nationals

You knew this was the place for the most up-to-date Boise State results.  I'll keep tabs for you as the Boise State gymnastics team tries to get to Nationals.  I have purchased the video rights.

Boise State needed a score of 49.05 on beam to tie #1 Florida for 2nd tonight.  So far, it appears they got 49.025, just 25/1000th's of a point shy.  BTW, that is 35/100th's of a point (or 350/1000th's of a point for comparison) better than the Broncos average on the beam.  Another .025 would have done it.  I was afraid they would need close to a 197 and I was right.  The competition is just too fierce at this level.  

Team Standings:
Arkansas 196.550
Florida 196.425
Boise State 196.400
Denver 195.625
Arizona 195.400
BYU 194.650

Brittany Potvin-Green had the 5th highest vault score with a 9.850.  Hannah Redmon had the third-best bars score with a 9.900 and Lindsay Kazandjian was sixth with a 9.850.  Bekah Gher really came through when it mattered, scoring the 9.900 on beam to tie for #1 at the Regional. I believe Gher gets an automatic berth to Nationals for finishing first.  Redmon was second on the floor with a 9.900.  Amy Glass was fourth all-around with 39.275 and Amy gets to go to Nationals.

Gher's 9.9 routine earns a trip to Nationals

Here is the way it unfolded.

Performance Thus Far:
Florida averaged 49.261 on floor this year so they are 2/10 behind their average with a 49.050.  Florida with a 49.300 on vault, slightly below average.  Florida gets 49.475 on bars, 2/10 above average.  After three rotations, Florida is just about on par with their average, which means they are way ahead.

BYU averaged 48.783 on vault so they are way over their heads right now, 2/10 above average with a 48.950.  BYU with a 48.700 on bars, which is about average.  The Cougars got 48.150 on beam, 3/10 below average.  BYU slightly below average right now so they are just about out of the competition.

Denver averaged 48.773 on bars, they are slightly below that with 48.725.  Denver scored 7/10 ahead of average on beam.  Denver got 49.100 on beam, almost a full point above average.  No home cooking there...  Denver now 1.7 points ahead of schedule and will definitely be a factor.

Arkansas averaged 48.748 on beam so they are 2/10 ahead of average.  Arkansas had a 49.300 on floor, a full quarter of a point above average and .125 ahead of Boise State on the floor.  Arkansas got a 49.175 on vault, better than Boise State, which puts them in second with one rotation left for the Razorbacks.  Arkansas now a full point ahead of average, which was already ahead of Boise State going in.

Boise State slightly less than 2/10 above average on floor.  Boise State didn't get what they hoped for on vault but still about their average.  Broncos get 49.125 on bars, about 2/10 better than average.  So Boise State is 4/10 ahead going into their worst event, where they usually get 48.652.

Arizona 2/10 above average on vault with a 48.850.  The Wildcats get 48.850 on bars, 3/10 above average. Arizona gets 48.350 on beam, about 2/10 below average.  So Arizona is slightly ahead of average, and they will not finish in the top two.

First Rotation:
A 9.725 for BYU on vault.  Another 9.725 for the Cougars. And now a 9.775 and a 9.8 and a 9.850.   Already a very good 48.875 so far for BYU with another competitor set to go to improve that.  She did with a 9.8 giving BYU a first-round score of 48.950

Florida opens on floor and also gets a 9.725 and a nice 9.850.  Another 9.850 and a 9.900 gives Florida 49.050.

It's the score of the moment, another 9.725 for Arkansas on beam.  And a 9.70 and a 9.825.  Another 9.725 and a nice 9.850 48.825 so far for Arkansas.  A 9.775 increases their score to 48.900 for the first round.

Host Denver finally puts a competitor up and gets 9.750.  And a 9.650...and a 9.725 and another 9.650 and another 9.750.   Denver has 48.525.  The Pioneers get a 9.850 to increase to 48.725.

Boise State is about to go on floor.  Florida got a 49.050 so that is the score Boise State needs to beat.  BYU and Arkansas will have byes.  The warmups for second round are nearly over.

Second Routine:
9.775 for Kelsey Lang, very nice routine.  Super job on the second routine--Sarah Smith scores a 9.825.  She finished with an interesting country song that she had some fun with.  Boise State 19.6 after two gymnasts.  Phenomenal routine so far for Hailey Gaspar (9.825).  Boise State with 29.425 after three gymnasts.  Kelsey Black, very rhythmic performance.  Very stylistic, not a great degree of difficulty but very classy--the Bronco fans in the audience are going crazy.  And she gets a 9.800.  Boise State with 39.225, very good start so far.  Glass with a 9.825 on an incredible routie.  And Redmon just went--incredible routine!  Redmon rings up a 9.900 and I thought it was better than that.  Florida, the nation's #1 team, got a 49.050 on floor and Boise State just got a 49.175...  WOO HOO!  2/10 ahead of average.

Denver on beam--9.725 and 9.825.  9.9 for Jorie Hall, and another 9.725 giving Denver 39.175.  Denver got 48.950 on beam, that is an incredible 7/10 above average.

Arizona on bars, a 9.6 and a 9.675 and a 9.750--they have 29.025 after three.  Add 9.775 and 9.850 and Arizona has a nice 48.850 with one gymnast to try and better that.  They are already 2/10 above average.

Florida on vault and they pick up two 9.9's, an 9.850, a 9.8 and a 9.775.  They already have a 49.300 and going for more.  They didn't better that, so finish with 49.300, slightly below average.

Third Routine:
Boise State on vault for the second rotation.  Florida got a 49.300 on vault, that is what Boise State needs to shoot for.  Broncos are ready to go.  They have an average of 49.089 but will need more to get to the next level.  Amanda Otuafi didn't quite stick the landing but kept from falling back.  9.750 for Amanda.  Kelsey Black gets a 9.750.  The gals really need to step it up here, that's not the scores they need.  That's the way to stick it!  Brittany Potvin-Green gets a 9.850.  Glass with a 9.825, she's better than that.  Boise State with 39.175 and they need a 49.300 to match Florida.  Redmon with a 9.825, again not enough.  Still two rotations for Boise State but you don't want to fall behind by this much early.  Boise State with an even 49.000.  Gaspar also gets a 9.825 so the judges weren't kind to the Broncos in this rotation.  Not one 9.9 given.  Boise State gets a 49.075 when they needed 49.300.

Gaspar gets one of three 9.825's for the Broncos on vault

Arkansas on Floor, where they average a great 49.054.  They have two 9.8's so far.  Another 9.8 and a 9.85, putting the pressure on the Broncos.  That's 39.250 after four.  And then they add a 9.9 and a 9.950, the judges liking Arkansas' floor routines much more than Boise State's.

Arizona with an unfortunate fall on beam. 9.125 for her.  They do better with a 9.750 but then get a 9.225.  Arizona with a 28.1 so far.  Then a 9.600, 9.675 and 9.775. Arizona gets 48.850 on bars.

BYU on bars with 9.750.  A fall on the landing for the next gal, that gives her 9.075.  Then, scores of 9.625, 9.800 and 9.775 giving BYU 48.025--they'll try to improve that with the last gymnast.  And they do, getting a 48.7000.

Fourth Rotation:
Arkansas on Vault, Denver on Floor

Denver gets a 9.8 and a 9.75 on floor.  Add a 9.850 and a 9.675--they have 39.075 so far. and a 9.850 giving them 48.925 with one gymnast to go.  Denver finishes with 49.100 on floor.

Florida with a 9.850 on Bars.followed by a 9.900.  #1 is looking good.  A 9.475, the first crack in the armor.  But a 9.950 makes up for that, and a 9.925 so even with that slip, the Gators still have 49.475 with one gymnast to go.

Arkansas nice start on first vault.  9.750.  2nd one didn't quite stick the landing but tried to act like she did.  Boise State with 49.075 on vault, the score Arkansas needs.  The second gal also got a 9.750.  And a 9.85, wow the judges love them.  That gives them 29.350 after three gymnasts.  Arkansas averages 49.058 on beam.  A 9.9 and a 9.875, better scores than what Boise State got.  They have 49.125, already better than Boise State with one gymnast left to go.  Boise State has fallen to third..  Arkansas finishes with 49.175, a full 1/10 better than Boise State.

BYU with a 9.475 on beam.  BYU averages 48.410 on beam.  9.475 and 9.575 are the next two scores for the Cougars, and a 9.626 gives them 38.425 after four.  48.150 is their final score on beam.

Boise State and Arizona with byes.

Fifth Rotation:
Florida will finish on beam, I believe Boise State is on bars.  A slip backward on the first landing.  9.750 for Katie Tuller.  Not a great second landing either.  9.775 for Kelsey Black.  C'mon ladies--need 9.9's and above.  Super landing there--I think the best of the three thus far.  Lindsay Kazandjian gets a 9.850.  Better but still not where the team needs to be.  29.375 so far after 3.  Sensational routine for Redmon.  If that isn't a 9.5 there's something wrong.  And they gave her a 9.90.  Amy Glass follows with a 9.80.  Boise State with 49.075, still short of what they needed.  Potvin-Green with a 9.8, giving Boise State 49.125.

Kazandjian's brilliant routine earns her a 9.850

Florida with a 9.925 on beam. Add a 9.8 and 9.775 and they have a 28.8 after 3.  Bad fall and a 8.475, opens the door for someone to win the Regional other than #1.

9.750 and 9.725 so far for Denver on Vault.  48.700 for Denver with one to go.

Arizona on Floor, getting a 9.8 and a 9.725.

Sixth Rotation:
Boise State  Lacee Lang with a 9.700.  Nice jump and turn on the thin beam and a fantastic landing for the second gal.  9.9 for  Bekah Gher that's what we're talking about.  9.825 for Gaspar.  Good start but they might need more since Arkansas did so well on bars.  9.775 for Kazandjian.  Unless the Broncos finish with a flurry--9.9's, I'm afraid it's not enough.  Arkansas is #1 right now.  Florida is the team Boise State is shooting for.  Kelsey Lang with an even 9.0 after a slip.  Amy Glass was the last competitor, needing a 9.85.  She got a 9.825.  Still a nice 49.025 in the beam, which I think is close to their top score of the year.

Arkansas on Bars.  Scores of 9.825, 9.850. 9.725 and 9.750 already.  And a 9.850.  They wanted to finish fast.  49 even so far for Arkansas, half a point better than average.  They are on fire with a 49.175.  That is 6/10th's better than they usually do in this event.

Boise State Clobbers San Jose State 12-1

Kelly Sweeney's two-run homer helped Boise State to a 2-0 lead with the Spartans and they had to put the six-inning rule in effect as the Broncos batted San Jose 12-1.

Aubray Zell (7-1)  pitched a complete game, allowing just four hits, to get the win.  She got support from throughout the lineup as Megan Harvey and Holly Bourke each had three hits.  Bourke and Mackenzie Whyte each doubled in the third and Allie Crump followed with a single.  Whyte scored on a Spartan error and Crump touched home thanks to a groundout by Christina Capobianco.  Boise State held a 6-0 lead going into the sixth and tacked on another run after consecutive singles by Harvey, Tazz Weatherly and Caplan.  Two walks and run-producing singles by Caplan and Bourke finished off the Spartans and the six-inning rule had to be put into effect.

The two teams are playing the nightcap right now as Boise State has gone out in front 3-0.

20 Years Ago

Boise State's track team finished third in the Big Sky Conference.  Two Broncos qualified for the NCAA Championships, Pat Gallagher and Eugene Green.  Gallagher finished 11th in the high jump while Greene won the national championship in the triple jump.

30 Years Ago Today...

Jackie Carringer took over as head coach of the Boise State gymnastics team.  Mary Howard recorded the first nine-point scores in school history with a 9.05 in the balance beam and uneven bars. 

Boise State won their third straight Northwest championships and trip to the AIAW Division II National Gymnastics Championships, where the Broncos finished 9th.

A Long Mountain to Climb

The Boise State track team has its work cut out for them.

Competing in the All-Idaho Cup in which their top competition, Idaho of the Western Athletic Conference, was not even there, the Broncos could only manage six wins in Bronco Stadium in the first day of competition.  No offense to Idaho State, College of Idaho or Northwest Nazarene but Boise State will be facing much tougher competition not only from the WAC this year, but they will soon be entering an even tougher Mountain West Conference next year.  

One event in which Coach J.W. Hardy's team showed good depth was the men's 200-meter dash, where the Broncos took first, third, fourth and fifth.  Manoah Wesson has showed the kind of improvement that the entire team will need to achieve if they are to compete in the Mountain West.  Wesson was timed in 21.69, ahead of teammates Karrie Butler (21.98), Dusty Klein (22.24) and Paul Robertson (22.32).  

The surging Bronco hurdles program continued to make strides as Rolando Trammel (52.47) and Anthony Belcher (53.81) went 1-2 in the 400-meter hurdles.  Belcher set a personal best in pushing his teammate to the finish line.  Eetu Viitala also broke a personal best with a 25-foot long jump to win that title.

Up until this year, the Bronco women have been unable to compete with Louisiana Tech in the sprints--that could change.  Boise State owned the top five spots in the 200 yesterday, led by Mackenzie Flannagan (24.95).  Cyntrail Pierce (24.96), Taryn Campos (25.01), Destiny Gammage (25.05) and Yvonne Bennett (25.61) led a sea of blue and orange on the podium.  That said, those five won't be able to waltz to a similar finish at the WAC Championships, which is why Boise State needed similar finishes yesterday in all 14 events.

Emily Funkhouser took the 400-meter hurdles title with a 1:02.81 time and Racquel Jones (18'9"), Shannon Jacobs (18-8.5) and Alexi Morton (17-11.75) took the top three places in the long jump.

Boise State did not place a runner in the top five in either 5,000-meter run, did not finish in the top three of the men's 1,500-meter or the top nine of the women's 1,500 meters.

Field events get underway this morning at 10 with the final track events beginning at 1 this afternoon in Bronco Stadium.