Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moore Now #4 in Wins by a College Quarterback

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore is now #5 in NCAA history for wins by a quarterback.  With Boise State's impressive 26-3 win over #20 Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl, Moore is 38-2 in his Boise State career.  I will be publishing much more on this subject in the days to come.

Here is the current top five:

1.  Colt McCoy of Texas was 45-8 from 2006-2009.
2.  Andy Dalton of TCU was 42-7 from 2007-2010.*
3.  David Greene ( Georgia ) was 42-10 (2001-2004)
4.  Kellen Moore of Boise State is 40-2 from 2008-current.*
5.  Peyton Manning was 39-6 from 1994-1997 for Tennessee .
6.  Ken Dorsey was 38-2 from the latter part of 1999 through 2002 for Miami of Florida.

Boise State Third Team Since 1898 With 3 Straight 12-Win Seasons

This one is amazing--the third team since 1898 to win 12 games in three consecutive seasons.  Pause and think about that.

Oklahoma (2002-2004) and USC (2003-2005) are the only ones besides Boise State to do that since the 19th century.  But Oklahoma and USC did not win as many games in those three years; of course last week I told you that Boise State had set the modern record for wins in a three year period.  They finished with 38 wins from 2008-2010.

Brotzman Breaks NCAA Scoring Record for Kickers

Boise State placekicker Kyle Brotzman is now the all-time NCAA scoring leader among kickers.  Brotzman scored eight points in Boise State's lopsided 26-3 win over #20 Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl, giving him 439 for his career.  Brotzman passed Art Carmody of Louisville, who had 433 points.  Brotzman finished his career as the #3 scorer in NCAA history.  He also is now #1 at Boise State with a career 44.6 punting average.