Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kickoff Set for Boise State-Nevada

One of the most anticipated college football games of the season is the rematch of Boise State vs. Nevada in Bronco Stadium this fall.  We now know the kickoff time--it will be 12:30 p.m. October 1.

Boise State Defensive Line Called the "Best in the Nation" by Athlon Sports

The annual preseason magazine has done its research and today released their rankings for the upcoming football season.  Among the highlights for Boise State, the Bronco defensive line was ranked #1 in the nation, Boise State quarterbacks are #2 and the Boise State offensive line was ranked #5.  The Boise State football team also was ranked #5 in the preseason Athlon rankings of college football teams.

Monday, May 30, 2011

This Week's SFL Schedule

In case you missed it, since the summer is an off-time for Boise State news, I decided to create my own.  There's an online simulation site in which you can match teams from the past against each other.  Out of curiosity, I decided to join their site and play football teams from Boise State against each other to see what the software determined to be the strongest team.  The downside is that it only goes back to 2001.  However, those teams represent the top period in Boise State football.

I set up a 12-game season and while I was at it, I also took the National Champions from the last 10 years and placed them in what I called the "Simulation Football League".  Each team will play all teams in their division once and have three random games against teams from the other divisions.  The site comes complete with game results and statistics.  I have simulated two weeks' worth of games thus far--you can find details below on this blog.

Many people not only in Boise but around the country felt perhaps the 2006 Boise State team was in the right location (Glendale, Arizona) but perhaps in the wrong game (the Fiesta Bowl instead of the National Championship).  Lo and behold, a matchup between that famous Bronco team and the mythical National Champion Florida team highlights this week's schedule.  That will be interesting to see the outcome.  The 2010 Boise State-2004 National Champion USC contest will also be fun to watch.  Also, we knew how good the "Leave No Doubt" team of 2002 was, but how will they fare against the Liberty Bowl team of 2004?

Here is this week's schedule:

2006 Boise State vs. 2006 Florida
2007 Boise State vs. 2009 Alabama
2008 Boise State vs. 2002 Ohio State
2010 Boise State vs. 2004 USC
2001 Boise State vs. 2003 Boise State
2002 Boise State vs. 2004 Boise State
2005 Boise State vs. 2009 Boise State
2001 Miami, FL vs. 2005 Texas
2003 LSU vs. 2010 Auburn
2007 LSU vs. 2008 Florida

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Viitala and Nelson Qualify for Nationals

Two Broncos are headed to the NCAA National Track & Field Championships.

Long jumper Eetu Viitala and hammer thrower Alex Nelson both finished in the top 12 at the Western Regionals over the weekend in Eugene, Oregon to earn a ticket to the national meet in Des Moines June 8-11.  Viitala finished 11th with a jump of 24-5.75 while Nelson tossed the hammer 209-feet, 3-inches to finish eighth. 

Congratulations to these great student-athletes and best of luck in Des Moines!

Can Anyone Top Doug Scott?

No one has been able to top Doug Scott among defensive linemen at Boise State.  The future Montreal Alouettes star (pictured at left below) had 325 career tackles from 1976-1979, more than 40 ahead of Randy Trautman, while current Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski is far ahead of any of his current players with 261.

You can view this record, as well as any others, at any time by clicking the "FB Records" tab at the top of the blog.

Top Tackles by a Defensive Lineman:
1.    Doug Scott (325) 1976-1979
2.    Randy Trautman (285) 1978-1981
3.   Pete Kwiatkowski (261) 1984-1987
4.    Erik Helgeson (223) 1987-1990
5.   Glenn Simonton (220) 1981-1984 
5.    Marcus Koch (213) 1982-1985
7.    Shawn Anderson (183) 1988-1991
8.    Chris Wing (176) 1994-1996
9.    Chris Malmgren(173) 1976-1977
10.  Chris Shepherd (172) 1990-1992, 1994
11.  Sione Fifita (171) 1993-1996
12.  Ryan Winterswyk (167) 2007-2010
13.  Louis Ray (165) 1988-1991
14.  Pete Poumele (164) 1974-1975
15.  Michel Bourgeau (152) 1980-1983
16.  Mike Greever (148) 1968, 1971-1972
17.  Mark Goodman (147) 1971-1973
18.  Lance Sellers (146) 1983-1986
19.  Rex Walters (145) 1985-1986
20.  Mike Johnson (140) 1982-1985
21.  Greg Sasser (139) 1998-2001
22.  Jon Rydman (133) 1996-1999
23.  Andrew Browning (132) 2003-2006
23.  Joe O'Brien (132) 1993-1994
25.  Todd Gilkey (128) 1988-1991
26.  Durelle Goodloe (120) 1989-1992
27.  Blessing Bird (119) 1971-1973
28.  Travis Thompson (117) 1994-1995
29.  Saia Misa, Jr. (116) 1974-1975
30.  Vince Mendiola (114) 1975-1977
31.  Doug Borah (108) 1970-1972
32.  Bobby Hammer (107) 1999-2002
33.  Mark Humphries (106) 1977-1978
34.  Alex Guerrero (105) 2002-2005
34.  Nick Schlekeway (105) 2004-2007
36.  Jeff Caves (102) 1980-1983
37.  Mike G. Williams (100) 2003-2006
38.  Dane Oldham (98) 2000-2003
38.  Billy Winn (98) 2008-current
40.  Chico Mills (96) 1973-1974
41.  Ivan Rounds (91) 1977
42.  Bobby Setzer (90) 1997-1998
42.  Greg Sabala (90) 1990-1993
44.  Pete Skow (88) 1968-1971
44.  Mike T. Williams (88) 2003-2006
46.  Ron Franklin (81) 1973-1974
47.  Shea McClellin (80) 2008-current
48.  Puni Alefaio (79) 1992-1993
49.  Chase Baker (78) 2008-2010
49.  Willie Tufono (78) 1978-1979
51.  Paul Allen (67) 2000-2003
52.  Julius Roberts (65) 2001-2004
53.  Lawrence Hines (63) 1987-1988
54.  John Rade (62) 1981-1982
55.  Rick Gore (59) 1986-1987
56.  Jeff Hunt (57) 1986-1987

Simulation Football League Statistics--Week Two

Two"weeks" of games have been played and here are the leaders in the simulation league:

                              Ian Johnson continues to set the pace in rushing

1.    Ian Johnson, 2006 Boise State (62-402)
2.    Clinton Portis, 2001 Miami FL (59-361)
3.    Lee Marks, 2004 Boise State (40-308)
4.    Maurice Clarett, 2002 Ohio State (44-279)
5.    Doug Martin, 2010  Boise State (41-268)
5.    Mark Ingram, 2009 Alabama (49-268)
7.    Jacob Hester, 2007 LSU (47-247)
8.    Jeremy Avery, 2009 Boise State (46-235)
9.     Brock Forsey, 2002 Boise State (57-212)
10.  Justin Vincent, 2003 LSU (32-196)
11.  Jeffery Demps, 2008 Florida (18-194)
12.   Brock Forsey, 2001 Boise State (57-187)
13.   LenDale White, 2004 USC (47-179)
14.   Michael Dyer 2010 Auburn (29-172)
15.   Vince Young, 2005 Texas (30-164)
16.   Jamaal Charles, 2005 Texas (29-162)
17.   Ian Johnson, 2005 Boise State (48-154)

            Dinwiddie (2001) threw for 418 against the 2008 Broncos to make the Top 10

1.    Kellen Moore, 2009 Boise State 57-84 for 775 yards and 7 TD's vs. 3 INT
2.    Matt Leinart, 2004 USC 47-75 for 711 yards and 5 TD’s vs. 1 INT
3.    Ryan Dinwiddie, 2003 Boise State 42-66 for 688 yards and 6 TD’s vs. 4 INT
4.    Kellen Moore, 2008 Boise State 57-87 for 677 yards and 5 TD's vs. 3 INT
5.    Kellen Moore, 2010 Boise State 49-76 for 642 yards and 4 TD's vs. 2 INT
6.    Ken Dorsey, 2001 Miami FL 46-81 for 617 and 3 TD’s vs. 1 INT
7.    Ryan Dinwiddie, 2002 Boise State 50-64 for 585 yards and 6 TD's vs.3 INT
8.    Taylor Tharp, 2007 Boise State 49-77 for 556 yards and 3 TD's vs. 2 INT
9.    Ryan Dinwiddie, 2001 Boise State 41-71 for 544 yards and 3 TD’s vs. 1 INT
10.  Chris Leak, 2006 Florida 30-52 for 498 yards and 3 TD’s vs. 6 INT
11.  Jared Zabransky, 2006 Boise State 32-48 for 483 yards and 3 TD's
12.  Matt Mauck, 2003 LSU 44-66 for 475 yards and 2 INT
13.    Matt Flynn, 2007 LSU 36-66 for 460 yards and 3 TD's vs. 2 INT

                Jeremy Childs of the 2007 Broncos continues to lead all receivers

1.    Jeremy Childs, 2007 Boise State (14-149)
2.    Jeremy Childs, 2008 Boise State (13-141 and 2 TD’s)
2.    Michael Clayton, 2003 LSU (13-114)
4.    Early Doucet, 2007 LSU (12-150)
5.    Titus Young, 2010 Boise State (11-209 and 1 TD)
5.    Austin Pettis, 2009 Boise State (11-187)
5.    Titus Young, 2009 Boise State (11-134 and 1 TD)
8.    Austin Pettis, 2010 Boise State (10-121)
9.    Billy Wingfield, 2002 Boise State (9-208 and 2 TD’s)
9.    Tim Gilligan, 2003 Boise State (9-173 and 2 TD’s)
9.    Ethenic Sands, 2001 Miami FL (9-159 and 2 TD’s)
9.    Michael Jenkins, 2002 Ohio State (9-133)
9.    Dominique Byrd, 2004 USC (9-86)
14.  Legedu Naanee, 2006 Boise State (8-133 and 1 TD)
15.  Julio Jones, 2009 Alabama (7-203)
15.  Skyler Green, 2003 LSU (7-153)
15.  Brock Forsey, 2001 Boise State (7-99 and 1 TD)

1.  Phillip Buchanon, 2001 Miami FL (2)
1.  Gabe Franklin, 2001 Boise State (2)
1.  Gabe Franklin, 2002 Boise State (2)
1.  Matt Grootegoed, 2004 USC (2)
1.  George Iloka, 2008 Boise State (2)
1.  Kyle Wilson, 2008 Boise State (2)

1.     Brad Allen, 2002 Boise State (2)
2.     Collin Ashton, 2004 USC (2)
3.     Erick Jackson, 2005 Texas (2)
4.     Robert Reynolds, 2002 Ohio State (2)
5.     Maurice Sikes, 2001 Miami FL (2)

Field Goals:
1.  Mike Nugent, 2002 Ohio State (7)
2.  Kyle Brotzman, 2009 Boise State (6)
2.  Tyler Jones, 2004 Boise State (6)
2.  Todd Sievers, 2001 Miami FL (6)
5.  Colt David, 2007 LSU (5)
5.  Ryan Killeen, 2004 USC (5)
7.  Kyle Brotzman, 2008 Boise State (4)
7.  Kyle Brotzman, 2010 Boise State (4)
7.  Anthony Montgomery, 2005 Boise State (4)
7.  Anthony Montgomery, 2006 Boise State (4)

Simulation Football League Standings

Boise State Division:
2006 Boise State 2-0  (Points:  67, Points Allowed 27)
2009 Boise State 2-0 (87-50)
2002 Boise State 1-1 (78-90)
2003 Boise State 1-1 (45-54)
2004 Boise State 1-1 (66-53)
2008 Boise State 1-1 (54-57)
2010 Boise State 1-1 (74-39)
2001 Boise State 0-2 (54-103)
2005 Boise State 0-2 (23-85)
2007 Boise State 0-2 (41-83)

Championship Division:
2001 Miami FL 2-0 (Points:  67, Points Allowed 20)
2004 USC 2-0 (71-37)
2005 Texas 2-0 (76-38)
2002 Ohio State 1-1 (35-49)
2006 Florida 1-1 (61-36)
2007 LSU 1-1 (36-56)
2008 Florida 1-1 (66-71)
2009 Alabama 1-1 (41-51)
2003 LSU 0-2 (33-59)
2010 Auburn 0-2 (23-62)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Simulation Football League Results--Week Two

2003 Boise State 38, 2008 Boise State 24
Ryan Dinwiddie was 24-30 passing for 418 yards and five scores as the 2003 Boise State team turned back the 2008 Broncos 38-24.  Dan Hawkins' Broncos surged to a 17-0 advantage in the early going and that proved to be the difference.  Dinwiddie fired TD strikes to Jerry Smith and Tim Gilligan of 33 and 32 yards, respectively, the latter coming with 11:36 remaining in the first half.  

"Dinwiddie was just too much for us," 2008 Boise State Coach Chris Petersen said.  "I guess I must have taught him too well."

Kellen Moore mounted a comeback with aerials to Jeremy Avery and Jeremy Childs for six to close the margin to 17-14 as the teams went into the locker room.  But Dinwiddie found Lawrence Bady, T.J. Acree and tight end Trent Lundin for touchdown passes in the second half to put the game out of reach.

David Mikell was the leading ground-gainer for the 2003 team with 19 carries for 64 yards.  Ian Johnson also picked up 64 yards for 18 carries for the 2008 Broncos, who won the time of possession game but could not close.  Gilligan was the star receiver with 5 receptions for 121 yards and the touchdown while Bady totaled 80 yards on 4 catches and the TD.  Childs led the 2008 Boise State team with 7 catches for 71 yards.

The 2003 Broncos evened their mark at 1-1 with the win while the '08 squad is also 1-1 after a season-opening 30-21 win over the 2007 Boise State team.

2009 Boise State 32, 2004 Boise State 27
Jeremy Avery burst around the right side for an eight-yard touchdown run with 12 seconds remaining as the 2009 Boise State team captured a thrilling 32-27 win over the 2004 Broncos.

"I was determined to score," Avery said in a raucous Bronco locker room after the game.  "The defense expected a (Kellen) Moore pass, so when I took it, I just followed Matt's (Slater) crushing block around the side and found the end zone."

The 2009 Broncos seemingly had the game well in hand with a 26-13 lead at the end of the third quarter.  But led by the relentless running of Lee Marks (19 carries for 206 yards and a touchdown), the 2004 team scored two touchdowns in the fourth, the last coming with 5:32 remaining on a 23-yard run from Jeff Carpenter.  The teams traded punts until Kellen Moore led the 2009 Boise State team on the winning drive with quick strikes, calmly taking what the 2004 Bronco defense gave him.  

Moore connected on 30-47 passes for 380 yards and two scores, as twin threats Austin Pettis (6 receptions for 109 yards) and Titus Young (6 for 80) continually got open in the 2004 Bronco secondary.  Avery finished the game with 80 yards and two TD's against the vaunted 2009 defense on 25 carries.  Kyle Brotzman also was one of the heroes with four field goals when drives stalled.

"Brotz was money for us," 2009 Bronco Coach Chris Petersen said.  "It was so important for us to come away with points when the 2004 Boise State defense stiffened in the red zone."

The 2009 Broncos moved to 2-0 on the season while the 2004 team is now 1-1.

2002 Boise State 55, 2001 Boise State 35
The Leave No Doubt Broncos crushed the 2001 Boise State team, sending the Broncos home winless in two games this season.

The 2002 Broncos piled up 188 yards on the ground in dictating the tempo and establishing control.  Bulldozing running back Brock Forsey picked up 145 yards and a TD on 31 carries.  His counterpart on the 2001 team, Brock Forsey, managed 116 yards and three touchdowns on the ground and also grabbed four passes for 75 yards and another score, but it wasn't enough.  "I've learned so much over the last season," the 2002 Forsey said.  "To have the kind of season we did last year and not make a bowl game--that hurt.  The entire team has taken it upon themselves to make us better.  You can see it--in the locker room, on the practice field, we're a different team than last year."

The amazingly accurate Ryan Dinwiddie was 22-28 for 315 yards and four touchdowns (to Billy Wingfield, Lou Fanucchi, Cole Clasen and Jay Swillie) for the victorious 2002 Boise State team.  The 2002 Bronco defense pinned their ears back and recorded five sacks on the helpless 2001 Dinwiddie.  "That line was awesome," the 2001 Dinwiddie said.  "I couldn't get in my rhythm.  Those guys were harassing me all game long, especially Brad Allen (who had two sacks)."

The game was tied five times as both potent offenses found the end zone.  But the 2002 Broncos brought it home with two touchdowns and two Nick Calaycay field goals down the stretch to win going away.

Both teams are now 1-1 on the season.

2002 Ohio State 26, 2010 Boise State 20
The 2002 National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes held on for an exciting 26-20 win over the talented 2010 Boise State team.  

The game was close throughout, as Ohio State held 10-7 and 20-7 advantages at the end of the first and second quarters, respectively.  The two teams matched field goals in the third quarter, with Kyle Brotzman booting a 37-yarder and Ohio State's Mike Nugent nailing one from 41 yards.  Boise State closed the margin to 23-13 to begin the fourth quarter on a 44-yarder from Brotzman.  But the Buckeyes kept the pressure on, driving down the field to convert on a 37-yard Nugent field goal with 5:37 left.  

Chris Petersen's team marched down the field in 43 seconds with Jeremy Avery running it in from three yards out to make it 26-20 but never were able to get the ball again.  Ohio State punished the Broncos with 285 yards rushing; Boise State simply could not stop the National Champions when it mattered the most.  Maurice Clarett did the most damage, getting 190 yards on just 20 carries.  Four field goals from Nugent were the nail in the coffin.  The speedy Titus Young was able to break free for six receptions for 137 yards for Boise State, including a 22-yard catch from Kellen Moore in the first quarter for Boise State's first touchdown.  

Both teams are now 1-1 on the season.

2001 Miami FL 31, 2003 LSU 10
Ethenic Sands caught two touchdown passes and the tandem of Clinton Portis (28 carries for167 yards and a touchdown) and Willis McGahee (9-89) took advantage of a huge disparity on the line of scrimmage as the 2001 National Champion Miami FL team throttled the 2003 National Champions from LSU 31-10.

The Hurricanes amassed 570 yards to just 369 for the Tigers, moving the ball at will.  After a Phillip Buchanon interception with 11:45 remaining in the game, Portis shot through the middle on the way to a 59-yard touchdown that put the game out of reach at 31-7.  Reliable quarterback Ken Dorsey was 23-for-37 for 309 yards and two scores for the winners, who advanced to 2-0 on the season.  LSU is 0-2.

2005 Texas 48, 2008 Florida 38
In a matchup of two teams expected to battle for postseason berths, Texas piled up 606 yards of offense in knocking off the 2008 National Champion Florida team.  

The two teams battled for 53 minutes before this one was over.  Tied at the half 17-17, Ramonce Taylor and Selvin Young each found paydirt on long runs in the third quarter to give the Longhorns the upper hand 34-24.  Michael Griffin's interception of a Tim Tebow pass on the third play of the fourth quarter was the difference in the game.  Texas capitalized on the miscue with a 34-yard pass from Vince Young to Taylor that put the Longhorns up 41-24.  

Selvin Young (14-122 and the touchdown), Jamaal Charles (18-109 and 2 TD's) and Taylor (10-97 and the score) simply could not be stopped by the Gator defense.  

Florida was able to get a score on a 46-yard run from Jeffery Demps but it was too little, too late.  Percy Harvin led the Gators with 7 carries for 136 yards, including a 77-yarder.

Texas is now 2-0 on the season while the '06 Gators slip to 1-1.

2009 Alabama 41, 2007 LSU 13
Mark Ingram scored three touchdowns, including runs of 44 and 72 yards, as the proud 2009 Alabama National Champions came back from a 27-0 shellacking at the hands of USC to blow out the 2007 LSU team 41-13.

Ingram went inside and outside to post 212 yards on the ground and outdual LSU's Jacob Hester, who had 167 yards on 22 carries.  Julio Jones also broke loose for two touchdown catches from 'Bama quarterback Greg McElroy, who finished 16-25 for 210 yards.  Matt Flynn was just 14-34 with two interceptions as LSU fell to 0-2 on the season.

2006 Boise State 26, 2010 Auburn 10
Boise State scored 23 unanswered points to put a shock into the 2010 Auburn Tigers, who were fresh from celebrating their recent National Championship.

Auburn ran out to a 13-3 lead as the Tigers were able to contain star running back Ian Johnson early.  But Boise State Coach Chris Petersen stuck to his game plan and Johnson got untracked for scoring runs of 23 and 38 yards in the third quarter to give the Broncos their first lead at 20-13.  The Boise State defense took over from there, shutting out a team for the final 43 and a half minutes that Oregon was unable to stop just four months previous.  
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Johnson finished with 183 yards on 28 carries, often breaking tackles for key first downs.  "I just had confidence in my line, " IJ said.  "Those guys should be saluted--they do a terrific job up front and I just took it from there," he added.  Anthony Montgomery converted on all four field goal tries to give the 2006 Broncos their second win in as many games.  Michael Dyer finished with 125 yards for Auburn, which lost for the second time in the SFL season.

2005 USC 44, 2007 Boise State 20
Matt Leinart completed 24-for-38 passes for 395 yards and four touchdown strikes as the 2005 National Champion USC team blitzed the 2007 Broncos 44-20.

Steve Smith caught five Leinart passes for 104 yards and a score while Chris McFoy had four receptions for 79 yards and another touchdown.  USC's LenDale White and Boise State's Ian Johnson each had 23 carries for 98 yards and a TD.  But the brilliant general Leinart controlled the game, mixing the running of White and Reggie Bush with his dissection of the Boise State defense. Taylor Tharp was 21-29 for the Broncos, but took few chances deep.

The Trojans, one of the preseason favorites to capture the SFL crown, are now 2-0 while the 2007 Broncos slip to a disappointing 0-2.

2006 Florida 44, 2005 Boise State 9
Boise State should have known what type of game they were in for when Percy Harvin ran 80 yards untouched into the Bronco end zone on the second play from scrimmage.  

Harvin accumulated 191 yards of offense as the 2006 Florida team crushed Boise State 44-9.  What damage Harvin didn't do, Gator quarterback Chris Leak did the rest, going 15-25 for 300 yards against the overmatched 2007 Boise State defense.  Meanwhile, Ryan Smith hauled in three interceptions against Bronco quarterback Jared Zabransky, who had five picks on the afternoon.  "I guess he didn't see me," Smith offered.

Coach Urban Meyer's Florida team is now 1-1 on the season, while the 2005 Broncos find themselves 0-2 early.

Friday, May 27, 2011

1975 Boise State Receptions

John "Super Needle" Smith, was one of the top receivers out of the backfield Boise State has ever seen.  He topped the Broncos in catches in 1975 with 45, 11 of those going for scores.  Mike Holton and John Crabtree were the wide receivers who combined for 68 catches and 8 touchdowns.  You will find the complete 1975 Boise State receiving statistics below, and can view them at any time by clicking on the "Past FB Statistics" Tab at the top of the blog.

1975 Boise State Receiving:
John Smith 45-854 (19.0) and 11 TD's
Mike Holton 41-741 (18.1) and 5 TD's
John Crabtree 27-393 (14.6) and 3 TD's
Bob Cleveland 18-172 (9.6) and 2 TD's
Ron Emry 16-200 (12.5) and 2 TD's
Clarence Smith 16-184 (11.5) and 1 TD
Bruce Pooley 14-168 (12.0) and 1 TD
Gene Skulick 9-71 (7.4) and 2 TD's
Ray Hooft 8-68 (8.5)
Tom Sims 7-60 (8.6)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Top 100 Albums of All-Time in the Rock Era

The Top 100 Albums of All-Time, being featured on the sister blog--"Inside the Rock Era"--


Boise State Offers Running Back Jack Fields

Borrowing a phrase from Steely Dan, "You go back, Jack, Do It Again." 

Bronco fans could be singing that if Americas High School running back Jack Fields comes to Boise.  Already blessed with one of the top offensive lines in the nation, Fields would be free to roam all over the field should he come to Boise State.  And according to several sources, Boise State has offered the talented back from El Paso, Texas.

This tells me something.  Obviously, Fields is talented.  But what I get from it is that the Boise State coaches may have grown tired of waiting for commitments from the ones previously offered.  Traditionally, Boise State will offer multiple prospects at a position and the first one to commit will get the scholarship.  The fact that they have already offered several already and are now adding Fields' name to the list could mean that if Fields commits, he is the guy.  I still think Boise State takes two backs in this class but even so, it would mean one less scholarship available.

This guy is something else--he has blazing 4.5 speed and has the size (6-0, 215) of a Doug Martin-type running back. 


ESPN Will Televise Boise State-Toledo Game

It is official--all 12 Boise State football games this fall will be nationally televised, the first time in school history that has happened.

ESPN announced that it will show the Boise State-Toledo game, the only one that had not been picked up to that point.  The game will be moved to Friday, September 16 at 6 p.m. Mountain Time.

Nine Broncos on Phil Steele's 2011 Preseason All-MWC Football Team

Nine Boise State football players are on Phil Steele' preseason All-Mountain West Conference team.  Steele usually has one of the better preseason football magazines and this is considerable respect for the Bronco program.

Quarterback Kellen Moore, running back Doug Martin, wide receiver Tyler Shoemaker, center Thomas Byrd and tackle Nate Potter were on the first-team ffense from Boise State.  Defensive end Shea McClellin, who had a breakout junior season last year, and tackle Billy Winn are both on the defensive front on the preseason team.  George Iloka also made the All-MWC team on defense while Chris Potter was selected as a punt returner.

Here is the complete list:


st TEAM 2nd TEAM 3rd TEAM 4th TEAM
Kellen Moore, Boise St Ryan Lindley, San Diego St Tim Jefferson, Air Force Pete Thomas, Colorado St
Doug Martin, Boise St Asher Clark, Air Force Matthew Tucker, TCU Raymond Carter, Colorado St
Ronnie Hillman, San Diego St Ed Wesley, TCU Alvester Alexander, Wyoming Tim Cornett, UNLV
Phillip Payne, UNLV Michael Johnson, UNLV Lou Greenwood, Colorado St Byron Steele, Colorado St
Tyler Shoemaker, Boise St Antoine Hicks, TCU Dominique Sandifer, San Diego St Chris McNeill, Wyoming
Josh Boyce, TCU Ty Kirk, New Mexico Jonathan Warzeka, Air Force Lamaar Thomas, New Mexico
Lucas Reed, New Mexico Gavin Escobar, San Diego St Kyle Efaw, Boise St Logan Brock, TCU
Thomas Byrd, Boise St Weston Richburg, Colorado St Michael Hester, Air Force Nick Carlson, Wyoming
AJ Wallerstein, Air Force Joe Kellogg, Boise St Blaize Foltz, TCU Sean Tesoro, UNLV
Kyle Dooley, TCU Nik Embernate, San Diego St Doug Zismann, UNLV Jake Gdowski, Colorado St
Paul Madsen, Colorado St Jason Kons, Air Force Kurtis Gunther, San Diego St Kyle Magnuson, Wyoming
Nate Potter, Boise St Tommie Draheim, San Diego St John Hutchins, Wyoming Jeff Olson, TCU
Jonathan Warzeka, Air Force Marcus Sullivan, UNLV Derek Good, Colorado St Emmanuel McPhearson, New Mexico
st TEAM 2nd TEAM 3rd TEAM 4th TEAM
Shea McClellin, Boise St Braylon Broughton, TCU Zach Payne, Air Force Tyrone Crawford, Boise St
Billy Winn, Boise St DJ Yendrey, TCU Reggie Ellis, New Mexico Patrick Mertens, Wyoming
Jerome Long, San Diego St Chase Baker, Boise St John Froland, Colorado St Jeremy Coleman, TCU
Stansly Maponga, TCU Josh Biezuns, Wyoming Gabe Knapton, Wyoming Joe Harris, New Mexico
Miles Burris, San Diego St Jordan Waiwaiole, Air Force Byron Hout, Boise St Patrick Hennessey, Air Force
Tanner Brock, TCU Carmen Messina, New Mexico Aaron Tevis, Boise St Logan Ketchum, San Diego St
Tank Carder, TCU Brady Amack, Air Force Javarie Johnson, New Mexico Nate Carter, UNLV
Mychal Sisson, Colorado St Brian Hendricks, Wyoming Hunter White, Boise St Mike Orakpo, Colorado St
Will Chandler, UNLV Tashaun Gipson, Wyoming Jamar Taylor, Boise St Anthony Hooks, New Mexico
Leon McFadden, San Diego St Anthony Wright, Air Force Greg McCoy, TCU Elijah-Blu Smith, Colorado St
George Iloka, Boise St Tekerrein Cuba, TCU Bubba Forrest, New Mexico CB Quinton Pointer, UNLV
Jon Davis, Air Force Ivory Herd, Colorado St Jeremy Ioane, Boise St Brandon Davis, San Diego St
Ross Evans, TCU Abel Perez, San Diego St James Aho, New Mexico Ben DeLine, Colorado StP Brian Stahovich, San Diego St Pete Kontodiakos, Colorado St Anson Kelton, TCU Austin McCoy, Wyoming
Chris Potter, Boise St Larry Parker, San Diego St Anthony Wright, Air Force Mitch Burroughs, Boise St