Monday, September 5, 2011

Kyle Efaw Sets Boise State Record for Tight Ends

With 53 receiving yards in the Georgia game, Kyle Efaw broke the all-time Boise State record for receiving yards for a tight end.  Efaw now has 1,058 for his amazing Bronco career and is 30th overall.

Efaw hauled in six Kellen Moore passes and is now tied with Derek Schouman and Larry Stayner for the most career receptions by a tight end.  Those three Bronco greats all have 78 career receptions.  

Bronco Record Book Update

Kellen Moore finished 28-34 in the Georgia Game.  I think at one point he was 12-15 and later in the game had hit 15 of his last 16 passes.  The 28-34 is 82.35%, which ranks seventh in school history.

Moore already had the career TD record of 99, despite what some national media reports show.  He now has 102, which is more than double the TD passes of every Boise State quarterback except:

#2 Ryan Dinwiddie (82)
#3 Bart Hendricks (78)
#4 Tony Hilde (70)
#5 Jim McMillan (58)

Doug Martin rushed for 57 yards and is now the #8-leading rusher in Bronco history.  Martin passed Jon Francis Saturday night.  Martin is 11th in all-purpose yards with 3,119, having passed Tim Gilligan.

With six catches, Kyle Efaw is now tied with Derek Schouman and Larry Stayner with 78 career receptions.  Those three are now tied for the Bronco record for tight ends.

Tyler Shoemaker is now tied with Lonnie Hughes for #40 all-time in career receptions with 62.  Shoemaker passed Brock Forsey and is now 29th with 1,060 career receiving yards  and Efaw is right behind overall with 1,058, but Saturday night Kyle set a Boise State record for tight ends.  Shoemaker is now tied with Larry Smith and Winky White for 24th with 10 career receiving touchdowns.   

Boise State's Monkey Business

Not all that long ago, Boise State players were dragging around several monkeys.  It had to be most uncomfortable carrying these cute but pesky creatures around all these years.  Let's recount the monkeys that have been on the backs of Bronco players.

                    Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil?

1.  Boise State's a fine Division I-AA team (a national championship and a runner-up) but no way could they compete with the big boys. 

2.  Once Houston Nutt left, that was Boise State's last hope.

3.  Sure you made a bowl game, but no way can you beat a team from the WAC.

4.  Your offensive line can't compete with physical defensive lines (2000 vs. Arkansas).

5.  Boise State is going to be lost without Dirk Koetter.

6.  Bart Hendricks was a great quarterback.  Now we'll see how they do with him gone.

7.  A bowl win over a WAC team is one thing.  Winning a championship in the Big West will never carry over to the WAC.  It's too good of a league.

8.  Winning a bowl game against UTEP and Louisville is one thing, but you can't beat a Big 12 team like Iowa State.

9.  Ryan Dinwiddie was a great quarterback.  Now Boise State will start losing with him gone.

10.  It doesn't matter if the game is in Corvallis or in Boise--the Broncos cannot beat a Pac-10 team.
Drill Monkey
Drill Monkey
Drill MonkeyDrill Monkey

11.  Now that Dan Hawkins has left, Boise State will slip into mediocrity.

12.  Boise State is no match for the historic program of Oklahoma.

13.  Jared Zabransky took Boise State to a big win but they can't bring in anyone that can achieve similar results.

14.  Boise State had a couple nice wins over Oregon State but they can't beat one of the Pac-10's best and no way they can win in Eugene.  No one wins in Eugene.

15.  The win in Eugene was a fluke.  Oregon has the rematch circled and it will be a different story this time around.

16.  Boise State's done fine in the West but they can't beat a program of Virginia Tech's caliber.

17.  Boise State is 0-4 against the SEC.  That's a different level of football.

Kellen Moore Passes Peyton Manning for 4th All-Time

Kellen Moore came into the 2011 season ranked sixth in college football history for wins by a quarterback.  The cool, calm Bronco leader was 38-2 and tied with Ken Dorsey of Miami of Florida.

With a season opening 35-21 win over #19 Georgia, Moore has now passed Peyton Manning of Tennessee for #4.  Manning also was victorious in 39 wins as a starting quarterback for the Vols, but he lost six games.  If Moore is fortunate to be able to climb another rung in the ladder, it will be a while.  David Greene of Georgia was 42-10 from 2001-2004.  Colt McCoy of Texas holds the NCAA record with a sterling 45-8 mark from 2006-2009 while Andy Dalton of TCU is second, posting a 42-7 record.

Here is the Top 10:

1.  Colt McCoy of Texas was 45-8 from 2006-2009.
2.  Andy Dalton of TCU was 42-7 from 2007-2010.*
3.  David Greene ( Georgia ) was 42-10 (2001-2004).
4.  Kellen Moore of Boise State is 39-2 from 2008-current.*
5.  Peyton Manning was 39-6 from 1994-1997 for Tennessee .
6.  Ken Dorsey was 38-2 from the latter part of 1999 through 2002 for Miami of Florida.
7.  Danny Wuerffel was 38-6-1 at Florida from 1993-1996.
8.  Rick Leach of Michigan was 38-8-2 for Michigan from 1975-1978.
9.  Dan LeFevour of 
Central Michigan was 38-17 from 2006-2009.
10.  Matt Leinart of USC went 37-2 from 2003-2005.