Thursday, April 23, 2015

Broncos Beat Fresno State 4-0

After losing in Boise just last week 4-3 to Fresno State, the fired up Broncos bounced back to dominated the Bulldogs today in Albuquerque.  In the quarterfinals of the Men's Mountain West Tennis Tournament, Boise State defeated Fresno 4-0.

The Broncos captured the doubles point when both the #1 team of Thomas Tenreiro and Lewis Roskilly and the #3 team of Brian Foley and Abe Hewko won by identical 6-3 scores.

Action then moved to singles, and Coach Greg Patton's team asserted itself from the opening.  Hewko went up on Fresno State's Youssef Hassan 6-1 in the opening set, and Roskilly bounced Eric Komati 6-1 as well at #5 singles.  Tenreiro won his first set 6-3 at #2 singles, and Foley took the opening set at #4, 6-3.

After falling behind in the second set 2-0, Hewko came back for a 6-4 win to be the first Bronco to finish his singles match.  That made it 2-0 Boise State, then shortly afterwards, Tenreiro won 6-3, 6-1. 

Foley and Roskilly lost chances to clinch the match, but meanwhile on court one, Garrett Patton was making a comeback of his own.  After losing the first set 6-4, Patton rebounded for a 6-1 win in the second.  With Foley and Roskilly unable to clinch matches, attention turned on Garrett, and he came through with a 6-1 win in the third set to give Boise State the 4-0 win.

The Broncos will meet the winner of tonight's match between host and #1 seed New Mexico and #8 seed Air Force in the semifinals.  That match takes place at noon Mountain Time Saturday.

Patton Up 5-1 in Third Set

It might be Garrett that gets to close it out, with even sets at #4 and #5 singles.  Garrett leads his match now after losing the opening set 6-4.

Roskilly and Eric Komati Tied

5-5 in the second set.  Lewis trying to win his match and the match for Boise State.

Brian Foley also tied at 4-4 in the second set.  He also won the opening set.

Patton Gets A Break at #1 Singles

Garrett now leads 3-1 in the third and final set.

Roskilly Up in Second Set

Lewis Roskilly leads his second set 5-4.  He will try to wrap up the match.

Mitchell Wins Second Set 6-4

With Toby coming back to take the second set at #2 singles, no Fresno State singles player is ahead in their match.  Boise State has captured two wins, with two others winning their first sets.  The other two matches are now tied at one set apiece.

Foley Loses His Break

Brian Foley was up in the second set, but now tied at 3-3.  He won the first set 6-3.

So here's a recap:  Boise State won the doubles point, Abe Hewko won at #6 singles, 6-1, 6-4 to make it 2-0, then Thomas Tenreiro won 6-3 6-1.  Boise State leads the match 3-0 in Albuquerque.

Lewis Roskilly won the opening set 6-1 and is tied at 4 games apiece in the second set. 

If it goes that far, Patton has battled back at #1 singles to tie his match at one set apiece, and leads 2-1 in the third set.


Patton Wins Second Set, 6-1

Nice comeback for Garrett at #1 singles after dropping first set 6-4.

Tenreiro Wins

Thomas gets the win at #2 singles, 6-3, 6-1.

The Broncos lead Fresno State in the opening match at the Mountain West Tennis Championships, 3-0.

Foley Up a Break at #4 Singles

Brian leads 6-3, 2-0.

Tenreiro Leads Second Set

Thomas won the opening set 6-3, and leads the second set 4-1, trying to close it out and make it 3-0.

Patton Leads in Second Set

Garrett Patton lost the opening set 6-4, but leads 3-0 in the second.

Hewko Wins 6-1, 6-4

Abe Hewko captures the win at #6 singles, 6-1, 6-4.  Boise State leads 2-0 over Fresno State.

Mitchell Up in Second, 3-1

Toby Mitchell ahead in the second set 3-1 after dropping the opening set 6-1.

Tenreiro Up A Break in Second Set

He leads 6-3, 3-0.

Foley Wins First Set 6-3

Broncos now with four first-set wins.  They lead the opening match over Fresno State 1-0.

Patton Loses First Set at #1 Singles 6-4

Boise State has won three first sets to two for Fresno State.

Tenreiro Wins First Set 6-3

Thomas Tenreiro wins his opening set at #2 singles.  Three Broncos have won opening sets.

Roskilly Wins 6-1 in #5 Singles

Boise State singles players have now won two first sets to one for Fresno State.

Mitchell Loses at #3 Singles

Mitchell lost the opening set 6-1, so each team has won a first set in singles.  Boise State leads in the match 1-0.

Hewko Wins First Set 6-1

Boise State now has breaks in four of the six singles matches.

Brian Foley Gets a Break

Foley leads #4 singles 3-1.

Patton Now Down A Break 3-1

#1 Garrett Patton is behind 3-1, so there are two breaks apiece between Boise State and Boise State in singles action.

Abe Hewko Leads

Hewko, the #6 singles player for Boise State, has the early lead 5-0.  Toby Mitchell is behind 3-1 at #3 singles.

Tenreiro Up a Break at #2 Singles

Thomas leading 3-1 at #2 singles.

Bronco #3 Doubles Team Wins 6-3

Boise State captures the doubles point and leads the match 1-0.

Boise State #1 Doubles Team Wins 6-3

Broncos trying to steal the doubles point from favored Fresno State in the opening round of the Mountain West Men's Tennis Championship.

Another Sport, Another Bad Finish for Non-Revenue Team

The non-revenue sports at Boise State continue to sink.  The Bronco women's golf team finished seventh at the Mountain West Championship today.