Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boise State Extends All-Time Record for Best Winning Percentage

Boise State took over the all-time lead for the best winning percentage in the history of college football two years ago, and the Broncos aren't looking back.

As of now, sporting a 9-2 season record, Boise State is now 167-46, a sizzling winning percentage of 78.40%.  Michigan is the next-closest college football team with an overall record of 903-313-36 for a percentage of 73.56%.  

Notre Dame is in third with a percentage of 73.38% (864-300-42), Oklahoma has won 71.83% (829-309-53), while Texas stands at 71.69% (866-332-33), Ohio State is at 71.58% (836-316-53) and Alabama has won 71.17% of their games (824-321-43).

Boise State Breaks Florida State Modern Record for Most Wins In 15-Year Period

When you judge the top college football teams in history, certainly longevity has to rank among your most important factors.  

With Boise State's 42-14 win over Colorado State yesterday, Boise State has now eclipsed the modern record for the most wins in a 15-year period.  The great Seminole teams from 1987-2001 held the existing mark of 160-23-1, but the Broncos topped that mark with their win yesterday.  Since 1998, Boise State is now 161-29, and they have two games to play to try to add to their total.

Boise State Breaks Own Modern Record for Most Wins In 11-Year Period

With Boise State's 42-14 win over Colorado State, the Broncos broke their own existing modern record for the most wins by a college football team in an 11-year period.  Last season, Boise State set the modern mark with an 11-year record of 126-17 (from 2001-2011).  But the 2002-2012 Broncos have now won 127 games against 15 defeats with two games to play.

Boise State Sets Modern Record for Most Wins In 14-Year Period

When Bobby Bowden's Florida State Seminoles consistently were among the best teams in the nation from 1987-2000, and put together a 152-19-1 mark, it seemed like a safe modern record.  That is until Boise State came along.

Boise State tied that record last season when they put together a 152-27 record from 1998-2011.  Now, the record belongs exclusively to the Broncos.  The Broncos have now won 155 games over a 14-year period that began in 1999.  Boise State is 155-24 in that 14-year span with two games remaining.

Boise State Ties Alabama For Sixth Place All-Time for Most Consecutive Nine-Win Seasons

With Boise State's 42-14 win over Colorado State tonight, the Broncos have now won nine or more games in 11 consecutive seasons.  That ties Boise State with the legendary Alabama teams from 1971-1981 for sixth place all-time.  

Nebraska put together the sensational record of 33 straight years in winning nine or more games from 1969-2001.  The Cornhuskers are in the stratosphere in this category with a 19-season lead on the next best team.

Here is the list of the top teams to win nine or more games in consecutive seasons:

1.    Nebraska (33--1969-2001)
2.    Florida State (14--1987-2000)
3.    Yale (13--1886-1898)
4.    Texas (12--1998-2009)
4.    Florida (12--1990-2001)
6.    Boise State (11--2002-2012)
6.    Alabama (11--1971-1981)
8.    Miami of Florida (10--1985-1994)
8.    Oklahoma (10--1971-1980)
10.  Pennsylvania (9--1890-1898)
10.  Harvard (9--1886-1894)
12.  Virginia Tech (8--2004-2011)
12.  USC (8--2002-2009)
12.  Miami of Florida (8--1998-2005)
12.  Ohio State (8--1979-1986)
12.  Yale (8--1900-1907)

Boise State Third Team in College Football History To Win Seven Consecutive Games in 11 Straight Seasons

One of the more interesting factoids about Boise’s successful football run is this one—the Broncos have put together streaks of seven or more wins in a row in their last 11 seasons. Boise State set the modern record back in 2012 and has extended that streak.  Boise State is the first team since 1903 to accomplish this and only the fourth team in history. 

Princeton holds the all-time record with 21 consecutive years of winning seven consecutive games.  The Tigers did it from 1883-1903.  Yale is second by achieving the feat from 1886-1898 (13 straight years).  And now Boise State is third.  Harvard did it 10 straight years (1886-1895) while Pennsylvania (1891-1898) and Michigan (1969-1976) had streaks of eight years. 

Boise State Sets All-Time College Football Record for Winning Seasons Percentage

Boise State has now become the only team in college football history to have a winning seasons percentage above 88%.  The Broncos have posted winning seasons in 15 of their 17 years in major college football, a percentage of 88.2%.  Alabama is next with 84.6% (88 of 104 seasons) while Notre Dame has enjoyed winning seasons in 91 of 111 seasons (82.0%).

For purposes of comparison, a team must have won at least six games and must have played at least eight games in a season for that season to count in compiling the statistics.