Sunday, April 29, 2012

28-Game Winning Streak Down to Last Out

Boise State has a runner on first but two out in the bottom of the eighth.  Mackenzie Whyte is up for the Broncos, trailing 6-5.

Lobos Strike For Sixth Run

These Lobo women like to go deep--lots of homers in the three-game series.  It seems like they have gotten nearly all of their runs from the long ball.

#1 Florida couldn't hit homers but New Mexico is blasting them right and left.  Go figure.

Pressure now on Boise State to hold them here and come up with a run in the eighth to tie.

Broncos Get Two Leadoff Hits But Do Not Score

Boise State had a lot going on in the seventh, even getting runners on first and third with two out but could not plate a run.  Extra innings we go.

New Mexico Ties it Once Again

A two-out homer by New Mexico in the seventh has tied the game at 5.  Boise State was two strikes from winning and now they will have to come up with more runs, as I predicted in my last post.

Boise State is batting in the bottom of the seventh.

Kreiger Has Done It Again for Broncos

Just when it looked like Boise State was going to blow a leadoff walk, Jordan Krieger's bat has breathed new life to the Lady Broncos.

Devon Bridges led off the sixth with a walk but two outs later, Boise State still had a runner at first.  Then, Jorday Krieger lined a 2-2 pitch over the fence and Coach Erin Thorpe's team is up 5-4.  You can bet the pesky Lobos will be battling in the seventh though and the Broncos may still need more runs.

New Mexico Scores Again

New Mexico is trying to be the team that breaks Boise State's home winning streak.  The Lobos have scored again in the sixth, getting runners or second and third with no one out.  A sacrifice fly has given them the lead with still that runner on second and one down.

Zell has walked the next batter.

New Mexico Ties Game in Fifth

The Lobo women have tied it once again, meaning the Broncos need something to keep their conference championship hopes alive.  Boise State has two outs with nothing going in the fifth and the game tied at three.

Projections for Men's Mountain West Track

Two Weeks before the Mountain West Outdoor Track Championships and Blue Through and Through has the only projections you can find on the web.

The Boise State men are right now slotted for fourth.  With some major things breaking their way, they could be in the hunt for the title as they were in the Indoor season.  Boise State is crippled in the running events, where they are projected to score just 44 points to 114 for New Mexico and 111 for TCU.  That's a lot of points to make up.  The Broncos fare very well in field events but the runners are going to have to get it done for Coach Hardy's team to have a shot.  But right now, here are the projected totals:

1.  New Mexico 183
2.  Air Force 162
3.  TCU 139
4.  Boise State 120
5.  Colorado State 102
6.  Wyoming 68

Jordan Kreiger Singles in Go-Ahead Run

It didn't take long for Boise State respond to the New Mexico score.  Allie Crump singled to lead off the Bronco fourth and advanced to second on a grounder.  Then Jordan Kreiger laced a single to score Crump and Boise State is still batting with a 3-2 lead.

New Mexico Ties Broncos at 2

Boise State batting in the third inning in a must-win game.

BREAKING...Boise State Wins Mountain West

Coach Patton's boys have done it again and Blue Through and Through is the first source in Idaho to break the good news.  Boise State blanked New Mexico 4-0 to win the Mountain West and advance to the NCAA's.
Way to go Coach Patton and Boise State!

(1) Boise State(3) New Mexico



#1 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
PHILLIPS, Jadon, (3) New Mexico



Order of finish: 3
#91 MEREDITH, James, (1) Boise State



#2 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
DUNBAR, Ben, (3) New Mexico



#68 HUME, Damian, (1) Boise State



#3 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
ANDERSON, Phil, (3) New Mexico



Order of finish: 2
BETTLES, Andy, (1) Boise State



#4 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
BERG, Conor, (3) New Mexico



Order of finish: 1
SEREKE, Nathan, (1) Boise State



#5 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
IFTIKHAR, Sam, (3) New Mexico



POGOSTKIN, Filipp, (1) Boise State



#6 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
HO, Carl, (3) New Mexico


SEARS, Scott, (1) Boise State


#1 DOUBLES  1    2    3  Notes
#58 ANDERSON, Phil/PHILLIPS, Jadon, (3) New Mexico


Order of finish: 2
MEREDITH, James/SEREKE, Nathan, (1) Boise State


#2 DOUBLES  1    2    3  Notes
BERG, Conor/DUNBAR, Ben, (3) New Mexico


Order of finish: 1
HUME, Damian/SEARS, Scott, (1) Boise State


#3 DOUBLES  1    2    3  Notes
HO, Carl/HIGNETT, James, (3) New Mexico


Order of finish: 3
BETTLES, Andy/POGOSTKIN, Filipp, (1) Boise State


Sereke Wins 6-4, Boise State Up 2-0 in Quest for Title

Nathan played excellent today in securing Boise State's first win in singles.  Meredith and Bettles are both one game away at 5-2.

The Only Place to Get All Boise State News on One Page

Blue Through and Through has brought you complete pick by pick coverage of the NFL Draft, the Bronco softball team, the track team results and up-to-the-minute coverage of Boise State's run at a MWC tennis championship.  All that plus news about Boise State's debate team and other academics, all the building going on at Boise State, faculty awards and much more.  

And it is the only place you can get all this coverage on one page, without having to constantly switch back and forth between web sites and web pages.  Convenience--it's one more reason hundreds of Bronco fans are discovering Blue Through and Through...

Broncos Continue to Play Well at Mountain West Championship

Meredith playing better tennis this week.  He's up 5-2 in second set after winning first set 6-2.  Bettles needs one more game to win his match; he's up 6-3, 5-2.  Sereke lost one of his breaks but is still up 4-3 in second set after winning first set 6-0.  Pogostkin ran into a tough customer in Sam Iftikhar of New Mexico--he's down 6-4, 3-0.

Glover and Capobianco Homer for 2-0 Bronco Lead

Boise State needs this one to keep their conference championships hopes alive.  Boise State is up 2-0 in the second over New Mexico.

Three Broncos Win FIrst Sets

This is proving to be more of a struggle then when these two teams met.  Nathan Sereke won his set 6-0, James Meredith won 6-2 and Andy Bettles won 6-3.  Pogostkin just lost his serve and the first set 6-4 and Hume went down 7-5.  The three Broncos who won first sets may need to win to get Boise State the match.

Meredith is also up a break, 3-1, in second set.  Bettles too is now up a break 3-0 in the second set and now Sereke is up 3-1 in his second set.

Three Broncos Are Up Breaks in First Set

#1 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
PHILLIPS, Jadon, (3) New Mexico
#91 MEREDITH, James, (1) Boise State
#2 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
DUNBAR, Ben, (3) New Mexico
#68 HUME, Damian, (1) Boise State
#3 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
ANDERSON, Phil, (3) New Mexico
BETTLES, Andy, (1) Boise State
#4 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
BERG, Conor, (3) New Mexico
SEREKE, Nathan, (1) Boise State
#5 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
IFTIKHAR, Sam, (3) New Mexico
POGOSTKIN, Filipp, (1) Boise State
#6 SINGLES  1    2    3  Notes
HO, Carl, (3) New Mexico
SEARS, Scott, (1) Boise State

Boise State Wins Doubles Point at Mountain West Championship

Coach Greg Patton led his team to the doubles point.  Andy Bettles and Filipp Pogostkin really came through at #3 doubles, first getting a break point, then losing it, then breaking again for the win.

#1 DOUBLES  1    2    3  Notes
#58 ANDERSON, Phil/PHILLIPS, Jadon, (3) New Mexico
Order of finish: 2
MEREDITH, James/SEREKE, Nathan, (1) Boise State
#2 DOUBLES  1    2    3  Notes
BERG, Conor/DUNBAR, Ben, (3) New Mexico
Order of finish: 1
HUME, Damian/SEARS, Scott, (1) Boise State
#3 DOUBLES  1    2    3  Notes
HO, Carl/HIGNETT, James, (3) New Mexico
Order of finish: 3
BETTLES, Andy/POGOSTKIN, Filipp, (1) Boise State

Meredith & Sereke Win Doubles Match

Boise State's James Meredith and Nathan Sereke prevailed at #1 doubles 8-4 over their New Mexico opponents at the MWC Tennis Championship.  Each team has won a match and the #3 doubles match will decide the point.  In that match, Andy Bettles and Fillipp Pogostkin have earned a break and are up 7-5.

Hume and Sears Lose at #2 Doubles

New Mexico is playing good tennis right now.  Hume & Sears were shocked and beaten badly.  Meredith & Sereke are leading 6-2 but #3 doubles is tied at five.  The winner takes the MWC Championship and automatic NCAA berth.
#2 DOUBLES  1    2    3  Notes
BERG, Conor/DUNBAR, Ben, (3) New Mexico

HUME, Damian/SEARS, Scott, (1) Boise State

Broncos and Lobos This Afternoon

While we all hope the Boise State tennis team can capture the second MWC championship for the school, those in town need to support the emerging Boise State softball team.  The gals have won 28 straight at home and must make it 29 to keep their MWC championship hopes alive.  I believe it can be done but the gals probably can't lose another conference game.  If they do, they leave it up to UNLV to beat SD State and you never want to let someone else do your bidding for you.  After this, it's off to San Diego to settle things once and for all!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boise State Tied for 33rd for the Most NFL Players

With the 2012 NFL Draft now complete, here is the breakdown of NFL players per college.  These do not include free agents that recently signed contracts.  Six Broncos have already signed and the number is growing.

1.  USC 54
2.  Miami of Florida 50
3.  Ohio State 49
4.  Georgia 45
4.  Texas 45
6.  LSU 44
7.  Iowa 37
8.  Nebraska 36
9.  California 35
10.  Alabama 33
10.  Oklahoma 33
12.  Florida 32
12.  Penn State 32
14.  Florida State 31
14.  Tennessee 31
16.  Auburn 30
16.  Maryland 30
16.  Michigan 30
16.  South Carolina 30
20.  North Carolina 29
20.  Notre Dame 29
22.  Oregon 28
23.  Clemson 26
23.  Utah 26
23.  Wisconsin 26
26.  Illinois 25
26.  Purdue 25
28.  Michigan State 24
29.  Fresno State 23
29.  Georgia Tech 23
29.  Rutgers 23
29.  Stanford 23
33.  Arizona State 22
33.  Boise State 22
33.  Cincinnati 22
33.  Mississippi 22
33.  North Carolina State 22
33.  Texas A&M 22
33.  UCLA 22
33.  Virginia Tech 22
41.  Oregon State 21
41.  Pittsburgh 21
43.  Arkansas 20
43.  Boston College 20

Good Day for Boise State at Robison Invitational

Three Broncos were victorious on the second day of action at the Robison Track & Field Invitational in Provo, Utah.

Rolando Trammel captured two events, the 110-meter hurdles in 14.30 seconds and the 400 hurdles in 52.13. Justin Malnes finished second to his teammate in the shorter distance with a time of 14.43.  Cliff Sexton joined the winning parade with a heave of 172-feet, 7.75-inches in the discus.

Racquel Jones enjoyed a great day for the Bronco women.  Jones was second in the 200 (24.56), the long jump (19-feet, 3.50-inches) and helped the 4x100 relay team finish second.

The Broncos have two weeks to prepare for the Mountain West Outdoor Track Championships.  The Championships are hosted by the team that edged the Boise State men at the last second to take the Indoor title away, the Air Force Academy.

Make It 28 Straight at Home for Boise State

It wasn't easy, as for the second day in a row, New Mexico rallied in the late innings, but Boise State won its 28th consecutive home softball game today, 8-6.

The Broncos advanced to 6-2 in Mountain West play, a full game behind San Diego State, which played a non-conference game today.  The winner of the regular season gets an automatic berth in the NCAA Softball Tournament.  Boise State is 32-15 overall.

Lela Work pitched a complete game for Coach Erin Thorpe to advance her season record to 5-2.  Work struck out eight and walked just one to earn the victory and the Bronco batters helped out with 13 hits.

Tara Glover has 10 hits in her last 12 at-bats, moving her into 9th in Mountain West Conference history with 76 hits.

The two teams will play tomorrow afternoon at 1 to conclude the series.

Quarterback B.J. Coleman of Tennessee-Chattanooga Chosen Before Kellen Moore

The NFL should be embarrassed for being the laughing stock that it has become.

Glover's Shot Puts Boise State Up 7-3

The Lady Bronco softball team leads New Mexico 7-3 after four innings.

San Diego State is 6-0 in conference, while Boise State is 5-2.  After tomorrow's game with New Mexico, the Broncos travel to San Diego State for three games.  Being as there is no postseason tournament, Boise State might have to win all three to take the title.  SD State does close with three games at UNLV and if they lost one of them, the Broncos could tie for the lead. But in sports, as in life, you never want to take chances and leave things up to someone else.

Nate Potter Drafted by Arizona

All-American tackle Nate Potter of Boise State has been selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the seventh round.  And that now makes six Broncos drafted, a new record.

Way to go Nate--we expect big things from you!

New Record for Number of NFL Draft Picks

Even though Boise State should already have six or seven players selected, they have set a new record for number of draft picks, breaking the mark set by the Fiesta Bowl Championship team in the 2007 NFL Draft.  The 2007 Draft featured four Broncos and with 40 picks remaining, five Boise State players have been chosen this year.

Boise State Softball Team Leads New Mexico

Devon Bridges' two-run homer has keyed a five-run second inning and the Broncos lead New Mexico 6-2 at Mountain Cove Field in Boise.

Billy Winn Drafted by Cleveland

Billy Winn was drafted in the sixth round of the NFL Draft today by the Cleveland Browns.

Congats, big Billy!

Sears Wins Second Set 7-6, Broncos Going to MWC Championship

Coach Greg Patton's Broncos are heading to the Mountain West Championship Game.  Boise State played TCU much better than earlier in the month, and clinched the victory with Scott Sears' victory at #6 singles.  Boise State will play tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. Mountain Time for the title and automatic berth in the NCAA Tournament.

Boise State will meet New Mexico, which shocked the second-seeded and homestanding Aztecs of San Diego State.

Way to go Greg and guys!

Pogostkin Wins 6-3, 6-4; Sears Wins 6-3, 6-2

Boise State is up 3-0 in their semifinal match against TCU in the MWC Tennis Championships.

Andy Bettles Wins First Set 7-6

Boise State has won the first set in five of six singles matches.  Now the Broncos just need to take care of biz in the second set.  They are so far playing TCU better than before.

George Iloka Goes to the Bengals!

Finally in the fifth round, the second-best safety in the nation was chosen by the Cincinnati Bengals.  That's an absolute steal this late in the draft.

Way to go George!

Hume Battles for 7-5 First Set Win

Damian Hume became the fourth Bronco to win a first set in singles, prevailing 7-5.

Meredith Loses First Set

James Meredith, playing #1 singles for Boise State, lost the first set 6-4.  He also lost in the match against TCU earlier in the month.  So far, two Broncos have won first sets and one Horned Frog.

Sereke, Sears Win First Sets

Nathan Sereke won 6-3 in the first set while Sears prevailed 6-2.  Pogostkin is up two breaks while the other three matches are even.

NFL Draft--Day Three

Remember to refresh often for updates...

Fourth Round:
96.    St. Louis--Chris Givens, WR Wake Forest
97.    Miami--Lamar Miller, RB Miami of Florida
98.    Baltimore--Gino Gradkowski, G Delaware
99.    Houston--Ben Jones, C Georgia
100.  Cleveland--Travis Benjamin, WR Miami of Florida
101.  Denver--Omar Bolden, CB Arizona State
102.  Washington--Kirk Cousins, QB Michigan State
103.  Carolina--Frank Alexander, DE Oklahoma
104.  Carolina--Joe Adams, WR Arkansas
105.  Buffalo--Nigel Bradham, OLB Florida State
106.  Seattle--Robert Turbin, RB Utah State
107.  Kansas City--Devon Wylie, WR Fresno State
108.  Denver--Phillip Blake, G Baylor
109.  Pittsburgh--Alameda Ta'amu, DT Washington
110.  San Diego--Ladarius Green, TE Louisiana-Lafayette
111.  Chicago--Evan Rodriguez, TE Temple
112.  Arizona--Bobbie Massie, T Mississippi
113.  Dallas--Kyle Wilber, OLB Wake Forest
114.  Seattle--Jaye Howard, DT Florida
115.  Tennessee--Coty Sensabaugh, CB Clemson
116.  Cincinnati--Orson Charles, TE Georgia
117.  San Francisco--Joe Looney, G Wake Forest
118.  Minnesota--Jarius Wright, WR Arkansas
119.  Washington--Keenan Robinson, OLB Texas
120.  Cleveland--James-Michael Johnson, ILB Nevada
121.  Houston--Keshawn Martin, WR Michigan State
122.  New Orleans--Nick Toon, WR Virginia
123.  Philadelphia--Brandon Boykin, CB Georgia
124.  Buffalo--Ron Brooks, CB LSU
125.  Detroit--Ronnell Lewis, OLB Oklahoma
126.  Houston--Jared Crick, DE Nebraska
127.  New York Giants--Adrien Robinson, TE Cincinnati
128.  Minnesota--Rhett Ellison, TE USC
129.  Oakland--Miles Burris, OLB, San Diego State
130.  Baltimore--Christian Thompson, S South Carolina State
131.  New York Giants--Brandon Mosley, OLB Auburn
132.  Green Bay--Mike Daniels, DT Iowa
133.  Green Bay--Jerron McMillian, S Maine
134.  Minnesota--Greg Childs, WR Arkansas
135.  Dallas--Matt Johnson, S Eastern Washington

Round Five:
136.  Indianapolis--Josh Chapman, DT Alabama
137.  Denver--Malik Johnson, DE Tennessee
138.  Detroit--Tahir Whitehead, OLB Temple
139.  Minnesota Robert Blanton, S Notre Dame
140.  Tampa Bay--Najae Goode, ILB West Virginia
141.  Washington--Adam Gettis, G Iowa
142.  Jacksonville--Brandon Marshall, OLB Nevada
143.  Carolina--Josh Norman, CB Coastal Carolina
144.  Buffalo--Zebrie Sanders, T Florida State
145.  Tennessee--Taylor Thompson, DE SMU
146.  Kansas City--DeQuan Menzie, CB Alabama
147.  Buffalo--Tank Carder, OLB TCU
148.  Detroit--Chris Greenwood, CB Albion
149.  San Diego--Johnnie Troutman, G Penn State
150.  St. Louis--Rokevious Watkins, G South Carolina

151.  Arizona--Senio Kelemete, G Washington
152.  Dallas--Danny Coale, WR Virginia Tech
153.  Philadelphia--Dennis Kelly, T Purdue
154.  Seattle--Korey Toomer, OLB Idaho
155.  Miami--Josh Kaddu, OLB Oregon
156.  Cincinnati--Shaun Prater, CB Iowa
157.  Atlanta--Brady Ewing, FB Wisconsin
158.  Oakland--Jack Crawford, DE Penn State
159.  Pittsburgh--Chris Rainey, RB Florida
160.  Cleveland--Ryan Miller, G Colorado
161.  Houston--Randy Bullock, PK Texas A&M
162.  New Orleans--Corey White, S Samford
163.  Green Bay--Terrell Manning, OLB North Carolina State
164.  Atlanta--Jonathan Massaquoi, OLB, Troy
165.  San Francisco--Darius Fleming, OLB Notre Dame
166.  Cincinnati--Marvin Jones, WR California
167.  Cincinnati--George Iloka, S Boise State
168.  Oakland--Juron Criner, WR Arizona
169.  Baltimore--Asa Jackson, CB Cal Poly
170.  Indianapolis--Vick Ballard, RB Mississippi State

Round Six:
171.  St. Louis--Greg Zeurlein, Missouri Western State
172.  Seattle--Jeremy Lane, CB Northwestern State
173.  Washington--Alfred Morris, RB Florida Atlantic
174.  Tampa Bay--Keith Tandy, CB West Virginia
175.  Minnesota--Blair Walsh, PK Georgia
176.  Carolina--Mike Harris, CB Florida State
177.  Arizona--Justin Bethel, S Presbyterian
178.  Buffalo--Mark Asper, T Oregon
179.  New Orleans--Andrew Tiller, G Syracuse
180.  San Francisco--Trenton Washington, S Michigan State
181.  Seattle--Winston Guy, S Kentucky
182.  Kansas City--Cyrus Gray, RB Texas A&M
183.  Miami--B.J. Cunningham, WR Michigan State
184.  Chicago--Isaiah Frey, CB Nevada
185.  Arizona--Ryan Lindley, QB San Diego State
186.  Dallas--James Hannah, TE Oklahoma
187.  New York Jets--Josh Bush, S Wake Forest
188.  Denver--Danny Trevathan, OLB Kentucky
189.  Oakland--Christo Bilukidi, DT Georgia State
190.  Tennessee--Markelle Martin, S Oklahoma State
191.  Cincinnati--Daniel Herron, RB Ohio State
192.  Atlanta--Charles Mitchell, S Mississippi State
193.  Washington--Thomas Compton, T South Dakota
194.  Philadelphia--Marvin McNutt, WR Iowa
195.  Houston--Nick Mondek, T Purdue
196.  Detroit--Jonte Green, CB New Mexico State
197.  New England--Nate Ebner, CB Ohio State
198.  Baltimore--Tommy Streeter, WR Miami of Florida
199.  San Francisco--Jason Slowey, G Western Oregon
200.  Philadelphia--Brandon Washington, G Miami of Florida
201.  New York Giants--Matt McCants, T Alabama-Birmingham
202.  New York Jets--Terrance Ganaway, RB Baylor
203.  New York Jets--Robert Griffin, G Baylor
204.  Cleveland--Emmanuel Acho, ILB Texas
205.  Cleveland--Billy Winn, DT Boise State
206.  Indianapolis--LaVon Brazill, WR Ohio
207.  Carolina--Brad Nortman, P Wisconsin

Round Seven:
208.  Indianapolis--Justin Anderson, T Georgia
209.  St. Louis--Aaron Brown, Hawai'i
210.  Minnesota--Audie Cole, ILB North Carolina State
211.  Tennessee--Scott Solomon, DE Rice
212.  Tampa Bay--Michael Smith, RB Utah State
213.  Washington--Richard Crawford, CB SMU
214.  Indianapolis--Tim Fugger, OLB Vanderbilt
215.  Miami--Kheeston Randall, DT Texas
216.  Carolina--D.J. Campbell, S California
217.  Washington--Jordan Bernstine, S Iowa
218.  Kansas City--Jerome Long, DE San Diego State
219.  Minnesota--Trevor Guyton, DE California
220.  Chicago--Greg McCoy, CB TCU
221.  Arizona--Nate Potter, T Boise State
222.  Dallas--Caleb McSurdy, ILB Montana
223.  Detroit--Travis Lewis, OLB Oklahoma
224.  New England--Alonzo Dennard, CB Nebraska
225.  Seattle--J.R. Sweezy, DT North Carolina State
226.  San Diego--David Molk, C Michigan
227.  Miami--Richard Matthews, WR Nevada
228.  Carolina--Jeris Pendleton, DT Ashton
229.  Philadelphia--Bryce Brown, RB Kansas State
230.  Oakland--Nathan Stupar, OLB Penn State
231.  Pittsburgh--Toney Clemons, WR Colorado
232.  Seattle--Greg Scruggs, DE Louisville
233.  Tampa Bay--Drake Dunsmore, TE Northwestern
234.  New Orleans--Marcel Jones, T Nebraska
235.  New England--Jeremy Ebert, WR Northwestern
236.  Baltimore--DeAngelo Tyson, DT Georgia
237.  San Francisco--Cameron Johnson, DE Virginia
238.  Kansas City--Junior Hemingway, WR Michigan
239.  New York Giants--Markus Kuhn, DT North Carolina State
240.  Pittsburgh--David Paulson, TE Oregon
241.  Green Bay--Andrew Datko, T Florida State
242.  New York Jets--Antonio Allen, S South Carolina
243.  Green Bay--B.J. Coleman, Tennessee-Chattanooga
244.  New York Jets--Jordan White, WR Western Michigan
245.  Cleveland--Trevin Wade, CB Arizona
246.  Pittsburgh--Terrence Frederick, CB Texas A&M
247.  Cleveland--Brad Smelley, TE Alabama
248.  Pittsburgh--Kelvin Beachum, G SMU
249.  Atlanta--Travian Robertson, DT South Carolina
250.  San Diego--Edwin Baker, RB Michigan State
251.  Buffalo--John Potter, Western Michigan
252.  St. Louis--Daryl Richardson, RB Abilene Christian
253.  Indianapolis--Chandler Harnish, QB Northern Illinois

Sears Goes Up 5-2

Boise State's #6 singles player, Scott Sears, is now up a break at 5-2.  Boise State leads the Mountain West Semifinal tennis match 1-0 and needs three singles wins.

Pogostkin is still up 4-1 but Hume at #2 has lost a break and trails 4-3.

Two Broncos Up in First Sets

Nathan Sereke is ahead 3-1 in #4 singles for Boise State but if I'm not mistaken, he also won the first set over Sanchez down in Fort Worth but lost in three sets.  Filipp Pogostkin is also ahead 3-0 in #5 singles. 

Boise State Comes from Behind to Win Doubles Point

Boise State has won the doubles point over TCU and, as close as their last match was, every point is important.

The key was Andy Bettles and Filipp Pogostkin, who rebounded from a 4-2 deficit to pull out an 8-5 win at #3 doubles over TCU's J.T. Sundling and Blake Wiggins.  James Meredith and Nathan Sereke cruised to an 8-3 win in #1 doubles while Boise State's #2 doubles team suffered an 8-6 defeat.

Boise State Tennis Underway

Boise State's #1 doubles team is winning 4-1, but the #2 doubles team is losing to TCU by that same score.  No breaks yet in #3 doubles.  The winner of today's match will play in the MWC Championship tomorrow.

Today on Blue Through and Through

The Bronco men's tennis team debuts in the Mountain West Conference tournament, with an automatic NCAA berth on the line.  The last time they met TCU, Boise State struggled before emerging victorious in Fort Worth.  This morning at 11, the two teams meet with the winner reaching the MWC finals.

The Boise State softball team faces another must-win game today against New Mexico.  First pitch is set for 3 p.m. at Mountain Cove Field in Boise.  

And of course, we'll provide instant NFL Draft results, including news on Boise State players.  Follow the action on Blue Through and Through and have a great Saturday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lady Broncos 27 for 27

They may have stumbled on the road last week, but Boise State's softball team has now won 27 consecutive home games.  They'll need to keep that streak going to stay in the hunt for #1 in the Mountain West.

Boise State Men's Golf Team is in 7th Place at Cougar Classic

Boise State's golf team is in 7th out of the nine-team field after one day of action at the Cougar Classic in Provo, Utah.  The Broncos are ahead of Wyoming and Utah State.

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TCU, New Mexico Advance at Mountain West Tennis Championships

TCU, the team that took Boise State to the wire earlier in the month, whipped #5 seed UNLV to advance to the semifinals of the Mountain West Conference men's tennis championships against the Broncos.  That match is set for 11 a.m. tomorrow in San Diego.

Host San Diego State will take on New Mexico, which blanked #6 seed Air Force today 4-0.

Lady Broncos Hold Off New Mexico 8-5

Boise State rocked New Mexico pitching for five runs in the first two innings, then held on for an 8-5 victory this afternoon at Mountain Cove Field in Boise.

The Broncos, reeling from two upset losses to Colorado State, need to win to keep their Mountain West Championship hopes alive and the subsequent berth in the NCAA Tournament.  The MWC does not have a postseason, meaning the team that finishes first in the regular season gets all the honors.

Wins at a Premium for Boise State at Robison Invitational

The Boise State track team is having a tough time in Provo, although a few individuals have done well.

Will Lohman finished second in the shot put with a toss of 54-feet, 2-inches while Eetu Viitala finished second in the long jump (24-4.25).  Boise State's Alyssa Osai (185-10) and Nadine Russell (178-10.5) finished 1-2 in the women's hammer, outdistancing Anneli Stahl of the Pac-12's newest team, Utah, who managed 175-9.50 for third.

Kurt Felix and Alexi Morton, Boise State's multi-event stars, did not compete in those events this weekend, choosing to enter individual events instead.

Following the Broncos

Boise State has already had two members from the Senior Class of 2011 drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.  Could more Broncos be chosen tonight?  Stay tuned.

The Bronco track team is at the Robison Invitational in Provo, Utah today.  The Boise State men's golf team is also in Provo for the Cougar Classic, their final tuneup before the Mountain West Championships.

The Boise State softball team, which lost two games at Colorado State last weekend, needs to win this weekend against New Mexico to keep their championship hopes alive.  There is no postseason tournament, so it's win now or stay home in the playoffs.  The first game is set for 3 p.m. at Mountain Cove Field, weather permitting.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Boise State Broncos Selected in First Round of 2012 NFL Draft

We are witnessing history, ladies and gentlemen.  For the first time, two Broncos have been chosen in the first round in the same year.  Shea McClellin was selected by Chicago with the 19th pick and Doug Martin was chosen by Tampa Bay with the 31st pick.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boise State Men Ready to Defend #1 Seed

Boise State will try for its second Mountain West Conference title in school history when the Bronco tennis team heads into the MWC Tennis Championships this weekend in San Diego.

The Bronco swimming and diving team captured the first-ever Mountain West title for Boise State just a few months ago and Coach Greg Patton's Broncos are seeded #1.  The bad news is that the team with the best shot at knocking them off, San Diego State, gets to host the tournament, a huge advantage for the Aztecs.

Boise State and San Diego State both get first round byes.  #4 TCU and #5 UNLV open the tournament Friday morning at 11 with #3 New Mexico facing #6 Air Force, also at 11.  Boise State will meet the winner of the TCU-UNLV match Saturday morning at 11 while San Diego State gets the other winner.  The championship match is set for Sunday morning at 11 with the winner getting an automatic invitation to the NCAA National Tournament.

Blue Through and Through will have complete results as they happen.

10 a.m. PT
Quarterfinal Match #1
No. 4 TCU vs. No. 5 UNLV
10 a.m PT
Quarterfinal Match #2
No. 3 New Mexico vs. No. 6 Air Force
Saturday, April 28
10 a.m. PT
Semifinal Match #1
1. Boise State vs. TCU/UNLV Winner
10 a.m. PT
Semifinal Match #2
No. 2 San Diego State vs. UNM/AFA Winner
Sunday, April 29
10 a.m. PT
Championship Match