Friday, January 27, 2012

Vaisima Wins Weight Throw

Always good when a Bronco defeats a Pac-12 opponent. Utah, which was invited to the Pac-12 over Boise State, couldn't compete in this event as Mele Vaisima threw the weight 64-feet, 7-inches. Utah's top competitor was more than seven feet behind.

Women Weight Throw College/Open
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals            Points
  1 Mele Vaisima                 Boise State           19.33m     19.68m   64-07.00 
  2 Alyssa Osai                  Unattached B          18.37m     18.81m   61-08.50 
  3 Meagan McKee                 Fresno State          18.69m     18.11m   59-05.00 
  4 Anneli Stahl                 Utah                  18.52m     17.35m   56-11.25 
  5 Caitlin Byrd                 Fresno State          18.64m     17.32m   56-10.00 

Boise State Finishes Last at Utah State Triangular

Wow.  Boise State let nerves get to them in their first trip on the road and it cost them.  The Bronco gymnasts needed a score of 195-196 to stay amongst the elite teams in the nation and they got a 193.525.

Southern Utah came from behind to win the competition with a 194.525 while homestanding Utah State scored194.050.  Too many 9.1's and 9.2's tonight for the Broncos.

Utah State Grabs the Lead

Two more 9.275's on bars by Boise State have allowed USU to take the lead again.  Each team has three competitors left.  Utah State is competing on the easier floor routine and has 174.50.  Boise State is at 174.25.

Boise State Gymnasts Storm Back

Boise State may have started out bad on beam, but the 13th-ranked Broncos have come back with excellent vault and floor routines at the Utah State Triangular in Logan tonight.

The Broncos were down by over 8/10ths of a point after the disastrous beam routine, a lot in gymnastics.  However, thanks to a team score of 48.85 on bars and 48.575 on floor, Boise State now is back in it after three rotations with 146.050.  Southern Utah has 145.850, just 2/10ths behind.  Utah State currently has135.55 points with two competitors on beam.  USU has a standing 9.10, meaning that both gymnasts need to beat that score to avoid counting the 9.10.  A score of 9.625 will tie Boise State heading into the final rotation.

#13 Boise State Underway in Utah

The triangular meet hosted by Utah State is underway in Logan.

The homestanding Aggies have a score of 48.575 in the vault.  Southern Utah women have completed their first rotation in the parallel bars and have a score of 48.3.  Boise State has had troubles already in the vault with two 9.2's and a 9.175.  The Broncos have dug a hole early and are over 8/10ths of a point behind Utah State with 47.825.

Kraychir Wins Weight Throw

Boise State strongman Trevor Kraychir defeated the next best competitor by over a meter in winning the weight throw at the Jacksons Invite in Nampa. 

  1 Trevor Kraychir              Boise State             19.38m       
      18.63m  19.38m  18.65m  FOUL  FOUL  18.88m                      
  2 Zach Parry                   Weber State             18.10m       
      16.29m  16.40m  17.08m  ND  18.10m  17.59m                      
  3 Derek Harrebomee             Weber State             17.34m       
      FOUL  16.17m  FOUL  17.04m  FOUL  17.34m                        
  4 Dustin Martin                Weber State             17.32m       
      17.32m  17.16m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  16.87m                        
  5 Will Lohman                  Boise State             16.58m       
      16.58m  16.49m  16.30m  16.10m  15.94m  16.28m           

Murray and Jette Finish 2-3 in Women's 3,000

  1 Susannah Hurst               Utah                   9:59.51       
  2 Tessa Murray                 Boise State           10:12.33       
  3 Kate Jette                    Boise State           10:12.79       
  4 Audrey Urlacher              Idaho State           10:19.82       
  5 Sora Klopfenstein            College of Idaho      10:27.83 

  6 AuraLea Fain                 Utah                  10:34.23       
  7 Carly Gerard                 Boise State           10:43.84       
  8 Kenna Middleton              College of Idaho      10:48.76       
  9 Katelyn Stringfellow         Utah                  10:50.58       
10 Cara Strodel                 Boise State           10:50.72       
11 Lauren Mills                 Utah                  10:56.47       

Kurt Felix in Second in Heptathlon

Some of the top Heptathletes in the nation are in Nampa this weekend competing at the Jacksons Invite at Jacksons Track.

Romain Martin, for one, has his sights set on coming back to the track for the NCAA Nationals in March.  The Texas-Arlington multi-event star leads through the first day of competition with 3,184 points.  Kurt Felix of Boise State has moved into second, but he is well back with 2,843 points.  Derrick Harris and Donovan Toban of Cal State Northridge are two others with a chance to return to Nampa for Nationals; Harris has 2,825 points after four events and teammate Toban has 2,777.

1.  Romain Martin, Texas-Arlington (3,184 points)
2.  Kurt Felix, Boise State (2,843)
3.  Derrick Harris, Cal State Northridge (2,825)
4.  Donovan Toban, Cal State Northridge (2,777)
5.  Austin Basterrechea, College of Idaho (2,598)
6.  Greyson Kilgore, NNU (2,460)
7.  Anthony Belcher, Boise State (2,291)
8.  Tim Greene, NNU (2,096)
9.  Kevin Finley, Cal State Northridge (1,848)
10.  Mark Wade, NNU (1,689)

Alexi Morton of Boise State Second in Pentathlon at Jacksons Invite

Boise State's Alexi Morton beat Brianna LeRoy of the Pac-12 Utah team by 11 points to finish secondhas amassed 3,414 points to 3,403 for LeRoy.  Olympia Jewett of Cal State Northridge won the event with a solid performance in all five events and a total of 3,604. 
1.  Olympia Jewett, Cal State Northridge (3,604 points)
2.  Alei Morton, Boise State (3,414)
3.  Brianna LeRoy, Utah (3,403)
4.  Jill Bennett, NNU (3,194)
5.  Jordan DuFault, Cal State Northridge (3,032)
6.  Suzie Vozarova, Utah (3,116)
7.  Marie Smith, NNU (2,983)
8.  Kimberley Miller, Boise State (2,394)

Jeff Howard Wins Men's 3,000 Meters at Jacksons Invite

Boise State dominated the competition this afternoon in the 3,000.  Jeff Howard led six Broncos in the top seven:

  1 Jeff Howard                  Boise State            8:19.16       
  2 Sawyer Bosch                 Boise State            8:19.89       
  3 Scott Foley                  Unattached Bsu         8:25.82       
  4 Vince Hamilton               Boise State            8:26.45       
  5 Allan Schroeder              Boise State            8:31.52       
  6 Drew O'Donoghue McDonald     Boise State            8:42.99       
  7 Aaron Back                   Boise State            8:45.19