Thursday, March 21, 2013

Owen about to Go

Brian Owen faces elimination with another loss.  He'll try to keep his hopes alive in Consolation.  About five minutes away.

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Felix about to wrestle

J.T. will face the #6 wrestler at 285 in about five minutes.

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Felix didn't take to the mat like he was supposed to, and now the 125 wrestlers are going at it.  Appears to be some sort of forfeit but we'll work on finding out.  

And indeed, Telford lost by medical forfeit.  J.T. moves on.

Swartz about to go against Sheptock

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Track J.T. Felix's Progress at the 2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships

J.T. Felix going against Justin Grant of Bloomsburg at 285 pounds.  No scoring through the first minute.
Felix now losing 2-0 against unseeded Grant with one minute left in opening period.
Felix gets escape and trails 2-1.
Felix down to start second period.  He gets escape to tie it at 2, but of course Grant can get that back when he escapes in the third period.  Felix has to be aggressive and get a takedown.
And just as I said, it's 2-2 starting the third period.  Grant will go ahead 3-2 shortly.
Bingo.  Grant gets the escape just one minute in, leaving Felix with just two minutes to get a takedown.
Still 3-2, 1:39 left.
Grant awarded the up position, and Felix escapes to tie it at 3.
Felix scores a takedown with 51 seconds left.  If he can avoid a bad mistake, he has the match.
Grant escapes to make it 5-4.  24 seconds left to try to get a takedown.
Felix scores late takedown.  7-4!

Boise State has 6 team points, with four of the five Broncos winning.  Brian Owen was the only one to lose.  Boise State is in 12th place after one round.

Felix will take on #6 Billy Telford of Iowa in the second round.
Telford had to give a medical forfeit, so Felix moves on to the quarterfinals.
J.T. will meet Alan Gelogaev of Oklahoma State in the quarters.

Boise State now with 12 team points, putting the team temporarily in 8th place.  They likely won't finish that high with only half of a team, but the five that are there are representing the school very well.

Felix vs. Gelogaev:
They are underway.
49 seconds gone and now much action.
Gelogaev gets the takedown and now has the up position.
J.T. gets the escape--2 to 1 with 1:27 in the first.
1:01 left, still 2-1.
41 seconds in the first.  Gelogaev only got 18 seconds of riding time.
Another takedown.  4-1.
And unfortunately, the clock ran out before J.T. could get the escape.  Gelogaev now has riding time as an issue as well.
A quick escape to start the second to make it 5-1.  But riding time is less than a minute now.  J.T. needs to be confident and go for the takedown.  1:15 left in the period.
5-1 Gelogaev as we enter the third.
One point for J.T., 5-2 with 1:13 left in the match.
But the takedown goes the other way, 7-2 and the OSU wrestler is nearing victory.
An escape but another 2 points makes it 9-3.
Two points for Felix, but 8 seconds left.
The riding time makes a final of 10-5.  J.T. moves to Consolation and now just one Bronco--Chamberlain, is left in the Championship Round.  

Boise State drops to 14th place after Felix's loss as two teams have passed the Broncos, which after a great first day, are stuck on 19.5 points.  Chamberlain was the only Bronco to win in this session.

Felix vs. Matthew Gibson:
Felix with the takedown, leads 2-1 with one minute left in the first.
But now Gibson with two takedowns in success, leads 6-2.
Felix needs to win to keep wrestling.  Seconds left in the first.
J.T. will start up to begin the second.

Track Jake Swartz's Progress at the 2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships

Jake pitched a shutout but not quite able to get the major.  He will wrestle Jimmy Sheptock of Maryland (31-3) in the second round.  Swartz has a major test as Sheptock is the #7-seeded wrestler at 184 pounds.

Boise State was in 14th place prior to Swartz's win.  They now have seven points.

Swartz vs. Sheptock
no score in first period.
Sheptock gets an escape with a minute left in the second.  Jake needs the takedown.
But instead, it's Jimmy that get the takedown, Swartz with an escape, but he trails 3-1.
That's the score after two periods.  Two minutes left to change destiny.
Swartz gets an escape in the third to make it 3-2, but only 1:31 left.
Now just 59 seconds.
Still 3-2, 29 seconds left for Jake to do something.
Swartz unable to make it happen, and he loses his first match of the Championships.  He'll now move to Consolation, joining Brian Owen as the only other Bronco on that side of the bracket.
Swartz will meet the winner of Oklahoma State's Christop Chionuma and MacKain Stoll of North Dakota State in Consolation.

Boise State still has 9 points and is in 13th place at the Championships.

Swartz vs. Chionuma:
Swartz down 4-2 after two periods.
Jake gets an escape, but only has 1 minute left.
Swartz gets a takedown with 38 seconds left and leads 5-4.
He needs to keep him down, but he does have enough riding time.
It's over--Jake survives with the late takedown and wins 6-4.
Swartz will meet Fred Garcia of Lockhampton.  Garcia was pined in his opening match, then won two matches in Consolation to get to this point.

Swartz earned Boise State half a point.  They now have 19.5 points and are in 12th place.

Swartz vs. Garcia:
Swartz with a fall over Garcia--huge for him!
2.5 points for Boise State.
Swartz is four wins away from third place.  He has a tough match awaiting him.  Jake will face 12 seed Ethen Lofthouse of Iowa.  Lofthouse is coming off a 4-1 loss to the #4 seed in the weight.

Boise State with 22 points in 13th place.

Swartz vs. Lofthouse:
Jake lost 3-2 and is eliminated.

Boise State still has 29 points and is in 14th place.

Keep updating this post for the latest on Swartz at the Championships.

Swartz Gets Takedown

Swartz scored a takedown right as the first period was coming to a close and leads Cook 2-0.

Track Jason Chamberlain's Progress at 2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships

Jason Chamberlain got off to a good start in his 149-pound classification at the 2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships.  Jason defeated Caleb Ervin 18-4 and will move on to the second round.

Chamberlain vs. Lester:
Chamberlain leads Nick Lester of Oklahoma 8-3 in the second period.  Chamberlain has scored another takedown in the third, Lester with the escape, so it's 10-4.
And now 14-5, Chamberlain with a Major Decision over the All-American.
14-5 final, Jason moves on to the third round.
Chamberlain will meet the familiar Scott Sakaguchi of Oregon State in the quarterfinals.

Boise State now with 8 team points.

Chamberlain vs. Sakaguchi:
Jason has defeated Scott 2-1 and moves to the semifinals.
Chamberlain faces Drake Houdashelt of Missouri next.

Boise State received 7 points for his win and they now have 17 points, in 12th place.

Chamberlain vs. Houdashelt:
Jason outpaced Houdashelt 5-2 in the final period to win going away, 7-3.
Chamberlain is now in the final, and is the eighth Bronco to earn All-America status more than once.
Chamberlain will face Jordan Oliver of Oklahoma in the final tomorrow night.

Boise State has 29 points now and is in 16th place.

Chamberlain vs. Oliver:
Oliver with an escape in second period and leads 1-0.
End of two periods.  Third and final period, still 1-0.
Chamberlain with the escape to tie it.
Oliver with one big flurry gets the takedown with 5 seconds left to win it 3-2.

Hit Refresh often as we will update Jason's progress up to the minute as it happens.

Track Brian Owen's Performance at the 2013 NCAA Wrestling Championships

Brian Owen lost 11-0 in a major decision at 133 pounds to Randy Cruz of Lehigh.  Owen now joins the Consolation Bracket and will face Geoffrey Alexander of Maryland.

Owen vs. Alexander
A lot of jockeying but no scoring in first minute.
1:07 left in the first, still no score.
Both wrestlers wrestling like they know they're out if they lose.
End of the first, scoreless.
39 seconds left in the second and still no one wants to make the first move.
0-0 with 1:22 left and now Owen's year comes down to a minute.
Alexander gets the escape, the point, and now Owen has 49 seconds to make a move.
Now 40 seconds.
Owen has wrestled himself down to 15 seconds.
And he's out--Alexander wins.

Owen is the only Bronco eliminated.  Three are in Championship and 1 in Consolation.  Boise State still with 12 points, in ninth place.

Swartz About to Wrestle

Jake Swartz of Boise State is about to wrestle at 184 pounds against Campbell's James Cook in Des Moines, Iowa.  Swartz is one of five Broncos at the NCAA Wrestling Championships.

Track George Ivanov's Performance at 2013 Wrestling Championships

George Ivanov downed Zilverberg of Minnesota 11-5 at 157 pounds.  Ivanov will wrestle Taylor Walsh of Indiana (31-10) in the second round.  Boise State in 13th place with 5 points.

Ivanov vs. Walsh:
Ivanov and Walsh have just started in the Championship second round.  Ivanov with an early takedown.  Walsh gets the escape.
Second round:  Walsh with a quick escape.
Ivanov gets a takedown with 50 seconds left.  Walsh gets the escape with 23 seconds left in the second.
Ivanov with a narrow 4-3 lead starting the third and amazingly, chooses standing.
Ivanov gets a takedown.  6-3 in the final minute.
Walsh with an escape, but George gets another takedown, then another Walsh escape.  8-5. 37 seconds left.
9-6 final--Ivanov moves on!
George will take on Oklahoma State's Alex Dieringer, the 6 seed.

Ivanov vs. Dieringer:
Ivanov has a 5-3 lead going into the final seconds.
Ivanov lost a tough one, 6-4.  Dieringer scored a takedown in the final 10 seconds.  Ivanov is now in Consolation.  We won't know his opponent for a couple of matches.

Ivanov vs. Pena:
A familiar opponent, but Ivanov lost a heartbreaking 3-2 loss to #10 R.J. Pena of Oregon State.
Like Felix and Swartz, Ivanov ended just one win shy of All-America status.

Boise State now with 9 team points.

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2013 NCAA National Wrestling Championships Results

Boise State may not have the eight or nine wrestlers needed to compete for a team championship, but five individual Broncos will participate in this year's NCAA Wrestling Championships in their weight classifications.

We'll have results throughout the day and the rest of the week on Blue Through and Through.