Thursday, June 12, 2014

Boise State Sports Title Page

BREAKING--Emma Bates Wins National Championship!

Congratulations to Boise State's one-woman wrecking crew, Emma Bates, who captured the national championship in the 10,000 meters tonight at the NCAA Track & Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon.  Bates' time of 32:32.35 was the second-fastest in meet history, and the fastest since 1988.  She beat Elinor Kirk of UAB by 64/100th's of a second.

It was an amazing finish in Eugene.  With one lap to go, the trio of Bates, Juliet Bottorff of Duke, and Kirk paced the field.  Bates made her move with 300 yards to go.  Kirk responded and moved to Bates' shoulder, but Bottorff fell back.  Much like the famous Affirmed-Alydar horse race, it was Bates and Kirk, stride-for-stride heading out of the final turn, setting the stage for a thrilling final 100. 

Kirk passed Bates but couldn't put her away.  With 25 meters remaining, Bates called upon one last burst of speed, and that sent her past Kirk for her national title.

With her victory, Bates has now won eight All-America honors, including cross country, indoor track and field and outdoor track and field. 

PlaceNameAffiliationTimeHeat (Pl)
1Emma BatesJRBoise State32:32.35-0.61 (1)
2Elinor KirkSRUAB32:32.99-0.61 (2)
3Juliet BottorffSRDuke32:37.46-0.61 (3)
4Elvin KibetJRArizona32:43.39-0.61 (4)
5Elaina BalourisSRWilliam and Mary32:46.57-0.61 (5)
6Erin FinnFRMichigan32:50.14-0.61 (6)
7Sarah PaganoSRSyracuse33:00.46-0.61 (7)
8Jana SoethoutSRSan Francisco33:02.02-0.61 (8)
9Kaitlyn FischerFRMissouri33:12.37-0.61 (9)
10Emily StitesSOWilliam and Mary33:12.74-0.61 (10)
11Megan CurhamFRPrinceton33:29.03-0.61 (11)
12Katy MoenJRIowa State33:32.18-0.61 (12)
13Sheree SheaSRLoyola Marymount33:32.29-0.61 (13)
14Lindsay FlanaganSRWashington33:32.33-0.61 (14)
15Megan GoethalsSRWashington33:32.66-0.61 (15)
16Olivia MickleSRTexas33:33.30-0.61 (16)
17Allison LasnickiJRWest Virginia33:46.22-0.61 (17)
18Kristen BuschSOBradley34:01.35-0.61 (18)
19Margo MaloneSOSyracuse34:03.08-0.61 (19)
20Hannah WalkerJRFlorida State34:08.21-0.61 (20)
21Sarah RappJRVirginia Tech34:10.96-0.61 (21)
22Cali RoperFRRice34:34.33-0.61 (22)
23Jennifer FlackFRVirginia35:22.42-0.61 (23)
Kelsey SantistebanJRCaliforniaDNF1

Bates will run in the 5000-meters on Saturday.  Once again, super, super job, Emma!  All of Bronco Nation is extremely proud of you!