Saturday, May 14, 2011

BFL Starts Monday

Just for fun, I found a simulation that will allow teams to play each other in college football.  The neat thing is that you can have different teams from the same college compete to see which truly is the best team.  The bad part is that the simulation only goes back to 2001.  In any case, I will run a simulated "league" this summer consisting of two divisions:  The Boise State Division, and the All Stars Division.  The former will include all 10 Boise State football teams from 2001-2010, who will play a "season".  The All Stars Division will include some of the top college football teams of the last 10 years and they too will play a season.

The schedule will include 9 games against the other teams in your division and 3 games chosen at random against the teams from the other division.  At the conclusion of the year, I will then match the winners of the two divisions in the Bronco Football League Championship.  The simulation comes complete with stats and everything--should be fun!

New Mexico State Wins WAC Softball Championship

Congratulations to the New Mexico State Lady Aggies, who got hot midway through the season and blitzed the rest of the conference down the stretch.  New Mexico State is the WAC Champion after a 5-0 win today in Fresno, California over Fresno State.

Way to go New Mexico State and best of luck in the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

FIve Broncos Currently Qualify for NCAA Western Regional Track Championships

By virtue of their performance this season, five members of the Boise State track team are currently in line to compete in the NCAA Western Regional Track Championships.  We will have to wait until all the numbers are in from the final conference championships around the nation to see if all five make it.  The top 48 in each event qualify.  It would be nice for Boise State to score some points at the NCAA National Championships and try to get into the Top 50 in the Learfield Cup Standings.  Currently, the Broncos are #61.  Here is where those five Bronco student-athletes currently rank:

3000-Meter Steeplechase:
Sawyer Bosch #21

Long Jump:
Eetu Viitala #31

Alex Nelson #18
Trevor Kraychir #35

Pontus Thomee #38

Current WAC Commissioner's Cup Standings

Of course, the breaking news last night was that Boise State had clinched their second straight WAC Commissioner's Cup.  For the record, though, here are the current standings.

1.  Boise State 94.50
2.  Utah State 80.00
3.  Fresno State 79.25 (3.50-4.00) depending on softball championship + baseball
4.  New Mexico State 76.50 (+ 3.50-4.00) depending on softball championship + baseball
5.  Idaho 61.50
6.  Nevada 60.25 + baseball
7.  Louisiana Tech  54.50 + baseball
8.  Hawai'i 51.50 + baseball
8.  San Jose State 50.00 + baseball

Boise State 2nd in Nation Vs. Elite Teams in Last Five Years

In April, I ran the story and table of the most successful college football teams over the last five years against elite teams (teams that finished the year in the Top 15).  Boise State ranked 2nd in the country in that list.  You can catch up on that story here or at any time by clicking on the Blog Highlights tab at the top of the blog page.  Or, simply type in "Elite Teams" in the search bar at the top left of the blog page.

The Boise State Starting Football Lineup in 1990

I began working on putting together the all-time starting football lineups in February.  As you can imagine, it is a considerable amount of work and I want to get it right for all-time's sake.  I try to list every player that started at least six games in a given year.  The list is nearly complete back to 1974.  You can access the 1990 Starting Lineup or any past Bronco football lineup at this link or at any time by clicking on the Tab on the top of the blog page.

The 1990 Boise State Broncos reached the semifinals of the 1990 Division I-A football playoffs.  Here was the starting lineup from that year:

QB:  #13 Mike Virden (Sr.) 
TB:  #20 Chris Thomas (Jr.)
FB:  #11 David Tingstad (So.)
SE:  #1 Winky White (Sr.)
FL:  #85 Terry Heffner (Sr.)
TE:  #99 Ryan Teel Jr.)/#88 Larry Stayner (Jr.)
LT:  #78 Dave Koch (Jr.)
LG:  #73 Dave Giacomazzo (Jr.)
C:  #59 Jack Porter 
RG:  #79 Carl Ramos 
RT:  #66 Lee Duncan (So.)

DE:  #46 Erik Helgeson (Sr.)
DT:  #97 Shawn Anderson (Jr.)
NT:  #98 Anthony Hernandez (Sr.)
DE:  #91 Todd Gilkey (Jr.)
OLB:  #58 Tim O'Connor (Sr.)
MLB:  #44 Scott Russell (Sr.)
OLB:  #7 Kenny Kuehl (Sr.)
CB:  #27 Elijah George (Sr.)
CB:  #3 Frank Robinson (Jr.)
FS:  #16 Rod Johnson (Sr.)
SS:  #40 Tim Langhans Sr.)/Anthony Brown (Jr.)

P:  #2 Mike Black (Jr.)
PK:  #2 Mike Black (Jr.)
PR:  #3 Frank Robinson (Jr.)
PR:  #1 Winky White (Sr.)

Head Coach:  Skip Hall
Offensive Coordinator:  John Gough
Defensive Coordinator:  Jim Flemming
Quarterbacks/Receivers/Kickers Coach:  Jim Zorn
Defensive Line Coach:  Steve Buratto
Linebackers Coach/Recruiting Coordinator:  Scott Pelluer
Secondary Coach:  Chris Culig
Running Backs Coach:  Jay Mills
Strength and Conditioning Coach:  Ron Thomson
Offensive Line Assistant:  Heath McInerney
Defensive Line Assistant:  Pete Kwiatkowski
Quarterback and Receivers Assistant:  Vince Alcalde
Offensive Assistant:  Michael Lopez

From the Boise State Football Records Section:

Boise State has had a 3,000-yard passer, a 1,000-yard rusher and a 1,000-yard receiver four times in history, as contained in the FB Records Section.  You can access the records section at any time by clicking on the tab at the top of the blog.

A 3,000-Yard Passer, a 1,000-Yard Rusher & a 1,000-Yard Receiver:
2003--Ryan Dinwiddie (4,356), David Mikell (1,142) & Tim Gilligan (1,192)
2007--Taylor Tharp (3,340), Ian Johnson (1,041) & Jeremy Childs (1,045)
2009--Kellen Moore (3,536), Jeremy Avery (1,151) & Titus Young (1,041)
2010--Kellen Moore (3,845), Doug Martin (1,260) & Titus Young (1,215)

Boise State 2nd in 1600 Relay

By my count, Utah State is the champion once again with 180 to 169.33

Event 38  Men 4x400 Meter Relay
All Time WAC: * 3:02.28  1994        U T E P, UTEP                     
Championship: ! 3:05.68  1998        Tcu, UNM                          
    School                                               Finals  Points
  1 Louisiana Tech                                      3:10.94   10   
     1) Goree, Josh SO                  2) Hadnot, Trey FR             
     3) Terry, Justin SR                4) Stewart, Kevin SR           
  2 Boise State                                         3:12.66    8   
     1) Butler, Karrie FR               2) Trammel, Rolando SO         
     3) Daw, Jeff FR                    4) Wesson, Manoah JR           
  3 Utah State                                          3:15.30    6   
     1) Lewis, Armahd SR                2) Allred, James SR            
     3) Holt, Jason SR                  4) Hunt, Tanner SO             
  4 Fresno State                                        3:15.44    4   
     1) Walker, Jordan SO               2) Young, Kendrick SR          
     3) Jamieson, John FR               4) Blair, Remington JR         
  5 Idaho                                               3:18.64    2   
     1) Meinburg, Spencer JR            2) Dalton, Josh SR             
     3) Carpenter, Mike SR              4) Bloom, Andrew FR            

Howard 2nd, Pierre 4th in 5,000

I think the Broncos are going to be just a little short, but a great meet for Boise State

Clarence TC Ching Track Complex, Honolulu, HI             
Event 40  Men 5000 Meter Run
All Time WAC: * 13:12.20  1979        Suleiman Nyambui, UTEP           
Championship: ! 13:45.91  1983        Gidamis Shahanga, UTEP           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Britt, Barry              JR Idaho                 14:33.73   10   
  2 Howard, Jeff              SO Boise State           14:39.48    8   
  3 Howell, Daniel            SR Utah State            14:41.39    6   
  4 Pierre, Brian             JR Boise State           14:47.66    4   
  5 McKenna, Kyle             SO Utah State            14:47.68    2   
  6 Bosch, Sawyer             JR Boise State           14:48.55    1   
  7 McKenna, Brian            SR Utah State            15:02.87        
  8 Dube, Jeremiah            JR Idaho                 15:06.46        
  9 Vartanian, Daniel         SO Fresno State          15:07.20        
 10 Garcia, Erick             JR Fresno State          15:10.86        
 11 Atkinson, Steve           SR Utah State            15:11.72        
 12 Bolinder, Nick            JR Utah State            15:13.62        
 13 Nelson, Hunter            JR Utah State            15:21.15        
 14 Larson, Eric              JR Utah State            15:24.18        
 15 Schroeder, Allan          FR Boise State           15:24.88        
 16 Geiger, Markus            JR Idaho                 15:34.31        
 17 O'Donoghue McDonald, Dre  FR Boise State           15:38.07        
 18 Clements, Aaron           SR Utah State            15:38.62        
 19 Monroe, David             SR Louisiana Tech        15:39.03        
 20 Higgs, Kevin              SR Boise State           15:50.50        
 21 Slocum, Josh              JR Louisiana Tech        16:02.40        
 -- Battles, Eric             JR Fresno State               DNF        
 -- Bogdan, Brad              SR Boise State                DNF        
 -- Zwama, Paul               JR Fresno State               DNF