Friday, October 7, 2011

Boise State Cross Country Team at Coyote Invitational

Boise State's cross country teams participate in the Coyote Invitational this evening.  Action gets underway at 5 tonight on the College of Idaho Campus in Caldwell.

The Average Pullman Household has 18 Televisions

The population of Pullman, Washington was 29,799 according to the 2010 Census.  I mention that because according to "the experts", the number of TV sets is what is important in considering teams for expansion into "BCS" leagues.

It has been well documented that the people that came up with the number of households in Boise's television market were on crack when they said there were 194,000.  Given that just the area within 30 miles of Boise is approaching 700,000 and the actual range of Boise television stations reaches close to a million people, we know the figure that gets thrown around the internet is a crock of $&@!

So using even the conservative estimate of 700,000 and the historical average of 2.5 as being the average household size, you actually get the number of households in the Boise market at 280,000--not 194,000.  And we're told by the condescending holier than thou BCS folks that that isn't enough TV sets to qualify as a BCS school.  

Which brings me back to Pullman, home of Washington State of the Pac-12.  Remember that their official population is 29,799.  I'm wondering how cluttered the average Pullman, Washington household is, and I think you can see where I'm going with this.  As reflected in the data that is linked, the average household has 2.73 televisions. Applying this average to Boise, that means there are 529,620 televisions in the Boise market, although we all know there are more than that from the bogus numbers above.  But stay with me.  Since Pullman, Washington is required to have more TV sets than Boise to qualify as a BCS school (meaning they have to have at least 529,621 to top Boise), that means that the average Pullman household has 18 televisions (529,621/29799).   And they are all tuned in to Washington State games.  That's not only unbelievable, but incredible!

Guess they love their television in Pullman...