Monday, June 13, 2011

Interdivisional Matchups Featured This Saturday

Eight more weeks remain in the regular season of the Simulation Football League.  This is a hypothetical season of games with the last ten Boise State teams in one division and the last ten "National Champions" in the other.  All games are at neutral sites.  The teams play all nine teams in their division and three games against random teams from the other division.  At the end of 12 weeks, the top two teams in each division enter the "playoffs".

There are six games matching teams from opposite divisions.  Two Boise State teams looking for respect, the 2001 and 2005 Broncos, take on National Champions from 2010 (Auburn) and 2008 (Florida), respectively.  The 2009 Boise State team, stung by the 2010 Broncos last weekend, will turn to the Championship Division this Saturday with a game against the 2007 LSU Tigers.  Meanwhile, the Leave No Doubt Broncos meet the 2003 LSU team, the 2008 Boise State squad takes on  a red-hot Alabama team and the 2003 Broncos challenge the 2005 Texas National Champions.

The Liberty Bowl Broncos meet up with the sky-high 2010 Boise State team while the 2006 Fiesta Bowl team takes on its successors, the 2007 Broncos.  In the Championship division, undefeated 2001 Miami of Florida meets the 2006 Florida team while another unbeaten--2004 USC heads into a match with 2002 Ohio State.

Results will be posted Saturday on this blog.