Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In a follow-up to yesterday's post, there is more talk that the Pac-12 is not interested in Texas.  Apparently the demands of the Longhorn Network are too great.  Thus, a Rivals article indicates the conference is interested in Kansas and Missouri.  They're going to rue the day the neglected Boise State but they are too blind to see it.  Anyway, getting back to the story, those two Big 12 schools, along with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, would make 16.  If those four schools leave, Texas would undoubtedly go independent, leaving "The Big Four".  If all that happens, very little chance the league survives.

But wait.  The SEC is grabbing the other arm of Missouri, trying to get the Tigers in there.  The SEC is also wooing West Virginia although I have heard conflicting reports on if they want one or both of those. 

As for Boise State, if the "Big 12" is in fact just four, I see very little value in getting in that conference.  Better to build up the Mountain West.