Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer--A Good Time To Catch Up On Some Reading

Namely, the tabs at the top of the blog, which you can access any time.  I have organized the articles into groups.  Blog Highlights contain some of the best and most important articles from the date I started--January 1.  As I mentioned earlier, the FB Statistics and FB Starting Lineups are very near complete back to the early 70's.  I continue to work on the FB Records section to complete that as well as to expand it.  My goal is to get all three sections complete by the start of the football season if not before. 

With the school year drawing to a close and the sports season nearly over (the NCAA Track and Field Championships are coming up), there won't be lots of the usual academic and athletic news during the summer.  I will keep you updated on new Boise State football recruits and will also generate my own research containing tidbits of information about Boise State and how they compare to other schools across the nation as I always do.