Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's In A Rank?

If you followed last week's NCAA Division I Track & Field rankings, you noticed that the Arizona men were ranked #28 and the Arizona women #14.  You also would have seen the Boise State men at #100 in those rankings, with the Bronco women all the way back at #128.

I mention that because we got to see those talented Wildcats compete at the Blue & Orange Invitational at Jackson's Track today in Nampa.  Boise State was hosting the event in the Broncos' home opener of the indoor track season.

Wildcats in a breeze, right?  Wrong.

Despite the disparity in rankings, the two teams were even steven.  Boise State and Arizona both won 12 events in the competition.

Makes you wonder if they do the track rankings the same way they do the BCS rankings! Congratulations, Broncos, in proving you are the equal of Arizona.