Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 7 Schedule in the Simulation League

The Simulation Football League moves past the halfway point in the season with conference battles galore.

The 2006 Boise State-2010 Boise State matchup is definitely one to watch while the 2005 Texas game with the 2009 Alabama team could eliminate the loser.  

2001 Boise State vs. 2008 Boise State
2002 Boise State vs. 2007 Boise State
2003 Boise State vs. 2005 Boise State
2001 Boise State vs. 2009 Boise State
2006 Boise State vs. 2010 Boise State

2004 Boise State vs. 2008 Florida
2001 Miami of Florida vs. 2008 Boise State

2003 LSU vs. 2007 LSU
2005 Texas vs. 2009 Alabama
2002 Ohio State vs. 2006 Florida
2004 USC vs. 2010 Auburn

The Top Instrumentals of the Rock Era, Part 1

My music blog just began a special feature--The Top 100 Instrumentals of the Rock Era*.  It will be presented in 10 segments of 10 songs each.  If you're interested...