Monday, March 31, 2014

Boise State 1 of 5 Teams in the Nation to Play 2 OOC Games vs. Sweet 16 Teams and 1 OOC game against a Final Four Team

Five teams in the nation played two non-conference games against Sweet Sixteen teams and one non-conference game against a Final Four team:

Boise State

Eleven teams played three games against Sweet Sixteen teams and a non-conference game against a Final Four team:

Boise State
Florida State
West Virginia

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Boise State Women Top Air Force 6-1

The Lady Bronco tennis team swept all six singles matches to dispatch Air Force 6-1 in Mountain West Conference play today in Boise.  Boise State improved to 3-2 in league and 10-8 overall.

Boise State Tennis Team Runs Streak to Eight

It's looking like this could be a special year for the Bronco tennis team.  The #19 Broncos won their eighth straight with a 6-1 win over Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo this afternoon.  The real test will be tomorrow when they face Stanford..

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bronco Netters Beat UCSB 6-1

Boise State continued their winning ways on their annual California trip with a 6-1 win over California Long Beach.  The Broncos are poised for a match with Stanford on Sunday, but they show no signs of looking ahead.  Boise State plays Cal Poly-SLO tomorrow before meeting up with the Cardinal.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Leon Rice Has Interviewed with Washington State

The #2 team in the Mountain West just took the Pac-12's best team to the wire, but reports are that Boise State coach Leon Rice has interviewed with his alma mater, Washington State, for their vacant head coaching job.


Boise State Women's Tennis Team Comes from Behind to Beat New Mexico 4-3

Down 3-2, the Lady Broncos rallied to beat the Lobos in Mountain West Conference play.

Lady Broncos Fall to Colorado State 6-4

It's one of those years where you can't get momentum.  Boise State's softball team can win at home, but not on the road. 

Boise State Tennis Team Having Fun in Santa Barbara

Great to see Patton's guys enjoying themselves on the beach!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Boise State Will Compete in Seattle

For the 28th time, Boise State will try to advance past the NCAA Regional Gymnastics Championship, and this time, they'll perform in the West.  The 17th-ranked Broncos will compete in Seattle Saturday, April 5.

Only two teams advance from each region, and that is why Boise State has never made it to Nationals.  They have never gotten better than a three seed, and that is what they are this year.

Host Washington is the favorite as the #6 seed.  Alabama is seeded first in the region with Nebraska the second seed.  Boise State will have to beat at least two of those teams to make history.  Hint:  the odds are stacked against them, which is why it is so important to get a team score of 196 each and every meet.  Other teams competing in Seattle will be #20 Denver (which outperformed Boise State in the Mountain Rim Conference Championship) and #25 BYU.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Boise State Clinches Win Over Fresno State

The Broncos lead 5-1 with only the #1 singles match unfinished.

Tenreiro Wins at #3 Singles

Boise State now leads Fresno State 2-0.

Brian Foley Wins First Set 6-1

Foley becomes the fourth Bronco to win his opening set.

Sereke Takes First Set

Nathan Sereke downed Sam MacNeil 6-3 in the opening set, one of three Broncos thus far to win their first sets.  Boise State needs three singles victories to beat Fresno State in the opening Mountain West match for both teams.



Boise State Wins Two First Sets

John Darmstaedter of Fresno State downed Garrett Patton 6-2 in the opening set.  Brendan McClain won his set 6-3, while Thomas Tenreiro won 6-2 in the opening set.  Tenreiro is also up a break, 3-1, in the second set.

Boise State Tennis Team Captures Doubles Point Over Rival Fresno State

Patton's Army is out in force with the gorgeous day in Boise, Idaho for collegiate tennis.  The Broncos won the first point, winning all three doubles matches.  Brian Foley and Brendan McClain easily won 8-1 at #3 doubles, and the #1 doubles team of Andy Bettles and Thomas Tenreiro clinched the point for Boise State.  Garrett Patton & Nathan Sereke followed with an 8-6 win at #2 doubles. 

Action moves to singles play at the beautiful Appleton Tennis Center.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Boise State Softball Team Beats Fresno State in Dramatic Style

Boise State has just defeated Fresno State 3-2 in ten innings in the Mountain West Conference opening softball game for both teams.  Details to follow.

Swartz Will Wrestle for Seventh or EighthTomorrow Night

Jacob lost 5-2 in his consolation semifinal match to Kevin Steinhaus of Minnesota.

Instead, Steinhaus Gets Takedown

Swartz about to lose to a lower-ranked wrestler.  It's 5-2 with 49 seconds left.

About to Start Third Period

Steinhaus gets quick escape.  Swartz needs to go for it.  He has nothing to lose.

Swartz with Second Period Escape

1:28 left.  Tied at 2 but Jacob needs a takedown.

Swartz Gets Escape

1:28 remaining in first period, trails 2-1.

Swartz Wrestling Steinhaus

Steinhaus gets early takedown for 2-0 lead.  If Jacob wins, he will wrestle for third or fourth tomorrow.  If he loses, he will finish either fifth or sixth.

Swartz About to Wrestle Kevin Steinhaus

The winner moves on to tomorrow's consolation final.

Confirmation of Stall

J.T. had the 3-2 win, but in the final seconds, the Oklahoma State wrestler was given a point when the official said Felix stalled.  That tied the match and sent it to overtime.  Marsden then got the takedown in OT and Felix is done for the year.

Horrible way to go out.

Boise State in 22nd

at the NCAA Wrestling Championships with 14.5 points.

Marsden Gets Takedown in OT

Wins 5-3.

Marsden Ties

Marsden awarded a late point--have no idea why.  Felix was leading the match 3-2, perhaps a stall point?

They go to overtime.

Felix with the Escape

1:18 left, J.T. with the narrow 3-2 lead.

Felix Down to Start Third

Match tied at two.  Felix needs to get up within the first minute to hold his lead.

Marsden with Quick Escape

Match tied at two in the second period.

Felix with an Early Takedown

Not a long hold though, and Marsden gets the escape.  Felix leads 2-1 with less than a minute gone by.

J.T. Felix Up Next

Felix tries to do what Jake Swartz just did--become an All-American.  He will have to get by the #11 wrestler at 285 pounds, Austin Marsden of Oklahoma State.

Swartz Wins 6-5

He's in the semifinals of consolation and guaranteed a Top eight spot in the nation.

Congrats Jacob!

Swartz Gets Takedown with 5 Seconds Left

It appears Jacob will win and will be a 2014 All-American!

Swartz Escapes

to tie the match at 4.  26 seconds left.

Loder with Takedown

Swartz in trouble now.

Quick Escape for Loder

1:04 remaining, and Swartz clinging to a 3-2 lead.

Swartz with a Takedown

1:34 left in the match, he leads 3-1.

Loder with the Escape

Third round now in a 1-1 tie.

Swartz with Escape in Period Two

Neither wrestler committing.  Swartz's inaction cost him his earlier match today.

Swartz Vs. Loder

Now score with less than a minute remaining in first period.

Swartz Match Coming Up

Jake Swartz will wrestle in the consolation semifinals in about ten minutes.

Boise State Last in Medley Relay

Event 7  Women 200 Yard Medley Relay
         NCAA: N 1:34.24  3/16/2012 California
                          C Tran, C Leverenz, C Fotsch, L Jensen
    U.S. Open: U 1:34.24  3/16/2012 California
                          C Tran,C Leverenz,C Fotsch, L Jensen
     American: A 1:34.24  3/16/2012 California
                          C Tran, C Leverenz, C Fotsch, L Jensen
 Championship: C 1:34.24  3/16/2012 California
                          C Tran, C Leverenz, C Fotsch, L Jensen
    School                           Seed    Prelims              
                       === Preliminaries ===                        
  1 Tennessee                     1:35.81    1:35.52 q      
     1) Lauren Solernou SR            2) r:0.27 Molly Hannis JR       
     3) r:0.13 Harper Bruens SO       4) r:0.17 Faith Johnson SO      
    r:+0.62  24.43        50.90 (26.47)
        1:14.08 (23.18)     1:35.52 (21.44)
  2 Texas A&M                     1:36.40    1:35.83 q      
     1) Kelli Benjamin JR             2) r:0.18 Breeja Larson SR      
     3) r:0.34 Paige Miller SR        4) r:0.37 Erica Dittmer SR      
    r:+0.64  24.66        50.73 (26.07)
        1:13.86 (23.13)     1:35.83 (21.97)
  3 Florida                       1:36.20    1:35.96 q      
     1) Sinead Russell SO             2) r:0.34 Hilda Luthersdottir SR
     3) r:0.51 Ellese Zalewski SR     4) r:0.33 Natalie Hinds SO      
    r:+5.55  24.67        51.88 (27.21)
        1:14.64 (22.76)     1:35.96 (21.32)
  4 Stanford                      1:35.74    1:36.23 q      
     1) Felicia Lee SR                2) r:0.33 Sarah Haase SO        
     3) r:0.14 Nicole Stafford FR     4) r:0.23 Maddy Schaefer JR     
    r:+0.51  23.83        50.97 (27.14)
        1:14.49 (23.52)     1:36.23 (21.74)
  5 Georgia                       1:35.52    1:36.58 q      
     1) Olivia Smoliga FR             2) r:0.44 Melanie Margalis SR   
     3) r:0.21 Lauren Harrington JR   4) r:0.34 Chantal Van Langhem SO
    r:+0.65  24.08        51.30 (27.22)
        1:14.55 (23.25)     1:36.58 (22.03)
  6 Texas                         1:37.16    1:37.22 q      
     1) Lily Moldenhauer SR           2) r:0.13 Gretchen Jaques JR    
     3) r:0.17 Brynne Wong FR         4) r:0.39 Ellen Lobb SR         
    r:+0.58  24.44        51.79 (27.35)
        1:15.40 (23.61)     1:37.22 (21.82)
  7 Virginia                      1:36.16    1:37.31 q      
     1) Courtney Bartholomew SO       2) r:0.26 Laura Simon FR        
     3) r:0.31 Ellen Williamson JR    4) r:0.03 Emily Lloyd SR        
    r:+0.58  24.46        51.95 (27.49)
        1:15.56 (23.61)     1:37.31 (21.75)
  8 NC State                      1:37.18    1:37.35 q      
     1) Zina Grogg SR                 2) r:0.37 Lauren Poli JR        
     3) r:0.12 Ashlyn Koletic SO      4) r:0.32 Riki Bonnema SO       
    r:+5.39  24.10        51.97 (27.87)
        1:15.53 (23.56)     1:37.35 (21.82)
  9 Michigan                      1:37.51    1:37.38 q      
     1) Alexandra Deloof SO           2) r:0.25 Angela Chokran SR     
     3) r:0.45 Zoe Mattingly SO       4) r:0.10 Julia Fiks-Salem FR   
    r:+0.61  24.11        51.23 (27.12)
        1:14.90 (23.67)     1:37.38 (22.48)
 10 Missouri                      1:37.42    1:37.46 q      
     1) Emily Doucette JR             2) r:0.29 Katharine Ross FR     
     3) r:0.26 Dani Barbiea JR        4) r:0.17 Anna Patterson SO     
    r:+0.63  25.65        53.08 (27.43)
        1:15.74 (22.66)     1:37.46 (21.72)
 11 Wisconsin                     1:36.81    1:37.55 q      
     1) Annie Tamblyn SO              2) r:0.28 Anna Meinholz SO      
     3) r:0.33 Rebecka Palm SR        4) r:0.27 Ivy Martin JR         
    r:+0.59  25.29        52.92 (27.63)
        1:16.34 (23.42)     1:37.55 (21.21)
 12 Southern Cali                 1:36.29    1:37.59 q      
     1) Kendyl Stewart SO             2) r:0.46 Kasey Carlson SR      
     3) r:0.33 Jasmine Tosky SO       4) r:0.37 Evan Swenson FR       
    r:+0.66  24.76        51.20 (26.44)
        1:15.37 (24.17)     1:37.59 (22.22)
 13 Indiana                       1:36.69    1:37.67 q      
     1) Brooklynn Snodgrass SO        2) r:0.28 Bronwyn Pasloski SR   
     3) r:0.27 Gia Dalesandro FR      4) r:0.42 Kaitlyn Flederbach SR 
    r:+0.66  24.35        51.92 (27.57)
        1:15.67 (23.75)     1:37.67 (22.00)
 14 Arizona                       1:37.44    1:37.71 q      
     1) Alana Pazevic SR              2) r:0.33 Emma Schoettmer SO    
     3) r:0.15 Ashley Evans SR        4) r:0.28 Margo Geer SR         
    r:+5.90  25.20        52.85 (27.65)
        1:16.40 (23.55)     1:37.71 (21.31)
 15 UNC                           1:37.87    1:37.76 q      
     1) Carly Smith SR                2) r:0.48 Katherine Rechsiner SR
     3) r:0.07 Carolyn Blalock SR     4) r:0.12 Hannah Lincoln SO     
    r:+0.60  24.83        52.81 (27.98)
        1:15.98 (23.17)     1:37.76 (21.78)
 16 Penn St                       1:37.61    1:37.91 q      
     1) Mackenzie Powers SR           2) r:0.21 Haley Sinatro SO      
     3) r:0.14 Carolyn Fitten JR      4) r:0.33 Alyson Ackman SO      
    r:+3.48  24.73        52.64 (27.91)
        1:16.10 (23.46)     1:37.91 (21.81)
 17 Louisville                    1:38.07    1:37.92        
     1) Krissie Brandenburg SR        2) r:0.28 Andrea Cottrell FR    
     3) r:0.32 Kelsi Worrell SO       4) r:0.01 Breann McDowell SR    
    r:+0.59  25.24        52.70 (27.46)
        1:15.36 (22.66)     1:37.92 (22.56)
 18 Notre Dame                    1:37.61    1:38.00        
     1) Catherine Mulquin FR          2) r:0.07 Emma Reaney JR        
     3) r:0.20 Courtney Whyte JR      4) r:0.16 Kelly Ryan SR         
    r:+0.60  25.34        51.64 (26.30)
        1:15.88 (24.24)     1:38.00 (22.12)
 19 Alabama                       1:37.24    1:38.08        
     1) Stephanie Kinsey SR           2) r:0.32 Kaylin Burchell JR    
     3) r:0.44 Kristel Vourna JR      4) r:0.25 Justine Panian SO     
    r:+5.62  24.95        52.10 (27.15)
        1:15.67 (23.57)     1:38.08 (22.41)
 20 Minnesota                     1:37.14    1:38.17        
     1) Tess Behrens SR               2) r:0.06 Blake Zeiger JR       
     3) r:0.16 Becca Weiland JR       4) r:0.29 Erin Caflisch SR      
    r:+5.90  25.13        52.94 (27.81)
        1:16.12 (23.18)     1:38.17 (22.05)
 21 LSU                           1:37.34    1:38.24        
     1) Caley Oquist SO               2) r:0.58 Taryn Mackenzie SO    
     3) r:0.23 Amber Carter JR        4) r:0.25 Leah Troskot FR       
    r:+4.71  24.55        52.69 (28.14)
        1:15.87 (23.18)     1:38.24 (22.37)
 22 Auburn                        1:37.79    1:38.38        
     1) Emily Bos SR                  2) r:0.31 Natasha Lloyd FR      
     3) r:0.25 Megan Fonteno JR       4) r:0.17 Allyx Purcell FR      
    r:+0.62  24.27        52.70 (28.43)
        1:16.41 (23.71)     1:38.38 (21.97)
 23 UCLA                          1:38.38    1:38.72        
     1) Linnea Mack FR                2) r:0.27 Taylor Carlson JR     
     3) r:0.26 Ting Wen Quah SR       4) r:0.28 Kathryn Murphy SR     
    r:+0.57  24.90        52.90 (28.00)
        1:16.36 (23.46)     1:38.72 (22.36)
 24 Florida St                    1:37.97    1:38.74        
     1) Bianca Spinazzola SO          2) r:0.14 Sami Pochowski SO     
     3) r:0.13 Chelsea Britt FR       4) r:0.17 Tiffany Oliver SR     
    r:+0.58  24.90        53.15 (28.25)
        1:16.69 (23.54)     1:38.74 (22.05)
 25 So. Methodist                 1:38.58    1:38.77        
     1) Isabella Arcila JR            2) r:0.40 Rachel Nicol JR       
     3) r:0.26 Monika Babok SR        4) r:0.27 Nina Rangelova SR     
    r:+3.96  24.82        52.52 (27.70)
        1:16.64 (24.12)     1:38.77 (22.13)
 26 Liberty Universi              1:37.80    1:38.95        
     1) Kendall Hough SO              2) r:0.03 Emilie Kaufman SR     
     3) r:0.59 Jess Reinhardt SO      4) r:0.32 Meghan Babcock JR     
    r:+4.99  25.61        52.57 (26.96)
        1:16.42 (23.85)     1:38.95 (22.53)
 27 Arkansas                      1:38.49    1:39.26        
     1) Anna Mayfield SO              2) r:0.32 Nikki Daniels JR      
     3) r:0.17 Susanna White JR       4) r:0.22 Nina Drolc SO         
    r:+0.60  25.70        53.16 (27.46)
        1:16.83 (23.67)     1:39.26 (22.43)
 28 Duke                          1:37.91    1:39.32        
     1) Jessica Sutherland FR         2) r:0.23 Christine Wixted SR   
     3) r:0.24 Madeline Rusch FR      4) r:0.32 Lauren Weaver SR      
    r:+0.64  25.51        52.81 (27.30)
        1:16.91 (24.10)     1:39.32 (22.41)
 29 Boise St                      1:37.75    1:39.72        
     1) Samantha Wicks SO             2) r:0.29 Sydney Johansen JR    
     3) r:0.33 Brittany Aoyama FR     4) r:0.26 Katelyn Martin FR     
    r:+5.20  25.15        53.74 (28.59)
        1:17.32 (23.58)     1:39.72 (22.40)
 -- California                    1:36.06         DQ        
     1) Rachel Bootsma SO             2) r:0.27 Celina Li FR          
     3) r:-0.05 Cindy Tran SR         4) r:0.30 Kaylin Bing JR        
    r:+0.57  24.04        51.84 (27.80)
        1:14.55 (22.71)          DQ (21.96)

Sam Wicks 36th at NCAA's in 100 Backstroke

 36 Samantha Wicks   SO Boise St            53.08      53.59        
    r:+0.53  26.21        53.59 (27.38)

Brittany Aoyama 44th in 100-Yard Butterfly Prelims

44 Brittany Aoyama  FR Boise St            52.16      53.64        
    r:+0.71  24.48        53.64 (29.16)

Felix With Another Pin

Felix pins Dhesi!  That's the way to rebound from a loss.  J.T. joins Jake Swartz of Boise State in tonight's consolation quarterfinals.

Felix with a Takedown

47 seconds left in the first period, he leads 2-0.

Felix and Dhesi Undeway

The last match of the session underway in Oklahoma City.

Swartz Will Meet Ryan Loder

Ryan Loder of Northern Iowa, who just got a late takedown to win his match 3-0, will meet Boise State's Jacob Swartz tonight in the 184-pound consolation semifinals.

Felix to Wrestle Dhesi of Oregon State

Amarveer Dhesi stands in the way of J.T. Felix and a berth in tonight's consolation quarterfinals. Those two will go at it about 10 minutes from now.

Felix with a Pin

J.T. Felix has pined Patrick Tasser of Pittsburgh to advance to the third round of consolation in Oklahoma City.  If J.T. can win one more match, he'll join Jacob Swartz in the consolation quarterfinals.

Felix Leads Tasser 4-1

J.T. squaring off against Patrick Tasser of Pittsburgh.  He now has two takedowns in the 285-pound consolation match.

Felix with a quick takedown

J.T. leads 2-0.

Swartz One Win Away from All-America Status

With Jake's loss earlier this morning, Boise State has two wrestlers in consolation.  Swartz is in the quarterfinals tonight, and needs one win to reach the top eight in the 184-pound classification that will earn him All-America recognition.

Felix about to wrestle in the heavyweight class--he is two wins away from being an All-American.

Dean Wins 11-4

Swartz only made one serious move to get a takedown in the entire match.

Jacob will now move to Consolation.  He can still finish third, but he cannot lose again.

Now 8-3

Dean dominating Swartz.  The previous match was a 3-2 decision in favor of Dean, so the freshman has improved much more than Swartz since their early meeting.

Swartz Down 5-1

Dean with the near fall, Swartz with the escape.  Swartz is now in the down position.

Dean with an Early Takedown

Nearly got the pin.  Jake losing to the freshman, 2-0.

Swartz About to Be Tested

Jake Swartz of Boise State is on deck at the NCAA Wrestling Championships.  The four-time NCAA wrestler will see what he can do against the nation's #3 wrestler at 184 pounds, Gabriel Dean of Cornell.  Win, and it's a berth in the semifinals.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kaitlyn Petersen Misses Three

Boise State rebound with four seconds left.  The Lady Broncos win, 52-51.

Boise State Turns It Over

And now Grand Canyon will get the last shot with 25 seconds left, down 52-51.

Deanna Weaver With a Key Steal

Grand Canyon had cut the lead to one at 52-51, but Boise State's Deanna Weaver stole it and was fouled.  The problem for Grand Canyon is that the referees haven't been calling fouls on them, so Boise State will get the ball out of bounds rather than going to the line.

Boise State Women Lead 52-49

The Lady Broncos clinging to a three-point lead with 1:36 left at Grand Canyon, the opening game of the WBI Women's Tournament.

J.T. Felix

Felix will wrestle the winner of the wrestleback match at heavyweight between American's Blake Herrin (19-15) and Patrick Tasser of Pittsburgh (17-11).

Boise State currently 23rd in the NCAA team standings with six points.

Swartz Vs. #3 Gabriel Dean

After two wins, Boise State's Jacob Swartz will challenge #3 Gabriel Dean of Cornell, who comes into the quarterfinal match with a sterling 39-2 record.

Felix Pined

All J.T. did in the beginning was wake up his higher-ranked opponent.  Medbery proceeded to put on a clinic, resulting in a pin in the second.

Felix will drop down to the wrestleback round.

Felix Falling Apart

Medbery with an escape to start the second, and now has another takedown for a 10-4 lead after J.T. led 4-1.

Medbery Scores Three

Felix had the big 4-1 lead; he's now behind 7-4 midway through the second.  Medbery got a near fall right before the end of the first.

Medbery with a Takedown

J.T. allowed a takedown and is now tied with Medery.  17 seconds remaining in first.

Felix with Two Early Takedowns

J.T. Felix now on the mat for Boise State at heavyweight.  He has a 4-1 lead over Wisconsin's Connor Medbery with 1:16 left in the first.

Swartz in the Quarters

with a 2-0 win over #11 Lawrence Thomas of Penn.

Swartz Gets Huge Riding Time

Jake refused to let his opponent up in the second period and has a huge riding time advantage at the NCAA National Wrestling Championships.  They go to round three.

Scoreless First

Swartz will start up at the start of the second.

Swartz About to Go in Round 2

Jake will wrestle Lawrence Thomas of Penn, the 11 seed, in the NCAA National Wrestling Championships.  Boise State currently 23rd with five points.

Boise State Wrestlers Tied for 21st

The duo of Jake Swartz and J.T. Felix combined for five first-round points, and that puts Boise State in a tie for 21st at the NCAA National Wrestling Championships.

Felix Pins Walz of Virginia Tech

The Hokies fell to Boise State in football a few years back, and Bronco heavyweight wrestler J.T. Felix kept up Boise State's winning ways over Virginia Tech with a pin just prior to the end of the first period.  Ty Walz was 26-12 prior to the match with Felix.

Felx meets #9 seed Connor Medberry of Wisconsin tonight.

Idaho Exclusive--Swartz with 12-3 Major

Jake did super at the end of his first-round match, mounting a series of attacks against Phillip Joseph.  He scored takedown after takedown, and finished with a 12-3 win.

Swartz will take on 11th-seed Lawrence Thomas of Penn tonight in the second round.

Another Takedown for Swartz

An escape, but now 10-3 with 34 seconds left.

Escape for Joseph, But Another Takedown

Jake acting like he's mad he had to wrestle someone so talented in the opening round.

Swartz with three more points

Jake has Joseph in trouble again in the third.  Two minutes left in period #3.  6-0 lead.

Swartz with an Escape and Takedown

3-0 lead in the second with 56 seconds remaining.  He will be on top in the third.

By the way, this is an Idaho exclusive for you from Blue Through and Through.  No one else in the state is telling you this information as it happens.

Second Period Underway

Scoreless first between Swartz and Joseph.

No Score Yet

1:20 remaining in opening period between Jake Swartz of Boise State and Phillip Joseph of Eastern Michigan.

Swartz on the Mat

They put him up against another senior.  Phillip Joseph is 23-7.  Swartz is ranked sixth.

Swartz About Ready to Go at Nationals

Jake has plenty of experience, but a tough first-round opponent.

Swartz Will Wrestle Joseph

Phillip Joseph of Eastern Michigan will be his first round opponent.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bronco Gymnasts Remain 17th

To be #12, which will be the score necessary to advance to the NCAA National Gymnastics Championships, Boise State will need a RQS of 196.5.

Boise State Women's Golf Team Leads Fresno Invitational

Boise State leads the field after two rounds at the Fresno State Invitational women's golf tournament.  The Broncos carded a school record 289 yesterday for a two-round score of 597.  That is two strokes ahead of Cal State Northridge and four ahead of host Fresno State.

Lady Broncos Rewarded with Postseason Birth

The Boise State women's basketball team is one that is still playing in the postseason.  The Lady Broncos have accepted an invitation to play in the Women's Basketball Invitational, according to head coach Gordy Presnell.

Boise State will travel to play Grand Canyon this Thursday night.  It's the Broncos' first postseason experience since they played in the WNIT in 2008.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boise State Will Not Play in Postseason

Due to injuries, Boise State has declined to play in the postseason.  There was rumor that they might be in the College Basketball Insider Tournament, but Boise State has just announced that they will decline any offers.

#19 Boise State Nudges #46 Virginia Tech

It was much closer than a match between #19 and #46 should be (something's off there), but Boise State prevailed 4-3.

Boise State Gymnasts Make No Further Push Towards Nationals

For several years, the Boise State gymnastics program has been nationally-ranked, but always falls short of making the NCAA National Gymnastics Championships.

This is due to the unpublished fact that a team must consistently score above 196 as a team to qualify.  Last night, #17 Boise State lost to a lower-ranked team (#21 Denver), when they scored just 195.925 points.  Denver was there--196.725 points, and won the meet, with Iowa State scoring third at 194.250.

Boise State will compete in the Mountain Rim Gymnastics Championships in Provo, Utah, next week.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bates Fourth in 3,000, Now Most Decorated Student-Athlete in Boise State HIstory!

Emma Bates finished fourth in the 3,000 meters today at the NCAA Division I National Indoor Track & Field Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It was the second fourth-place finish this week for Bates, who also placed fourth in the 5,000 last night.  Emma earned All-America honors #6 and 7 this week, making her now the most decorated student-athlete in Boise State history.  The amazing Abbey D'Agostino of Dartmouth won the 3,000, just as she had the 5,000 and the national cross country championship, in which she edged Bates.

1Abbey D'Agostino SRDART9:14.47

1 (1)
2Dominique Scott JRARK9:16.05

1 (2)
3Elinor Kirk SRUAB9:17.00

1 (3)
4Emma Bates SRBOIS9:17.37

Abbey D'Agostino Wins 3,000

Abbey D'Agostino of Dartmouth has won the women's 3,000 meters at the NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships.  We'll try to get the finish for Boise State's Emma Bates soon.

Bates Finishes Fourth in 5,000, Attains Record-Tying Sixth All-American Honor

Emma Bates was fourth tonight in the 5,000 at the National Championships, the first of two events she qualified for. Bates ran the 5000 in 16:25.66, 5.27 seconds out of first place, won by defending champion Abbey D'Agostino of Dartmouth (who also edged out Bates for the national championship in cross country).

Bates earned All-America honors, the sixth All-American award in her career, which ties Emma with Ryan Grinnell (2008-09) and Jarred Rome (1997-2000) for the most ever at Boise State.

Friday, March 14, 2014

McCall Gets His Way

His hated Boise State is out of the tournament.  All it took was for him to officiate a game.

Team fouls in a tight game the entire way:

New Mexico 13 (the entire game)
Boise State 26

Looks evenly officiated to me. (insert sarcastic emoticon here...)

In this stage of a tight game...

Bairstow 11 free throw attempts, Boise State 8.  No further comment necessary.

The Mountain West Conference Needs to Fire Randy McCall Immediately

Bad officiating is the nature of the beast--it happens all the time.  But when you have a guy that obviously hates Boise State, he needs to be shown the door by the Mountain West Conference.  If a particular team experiences bad officiating from a particular referee one time, it is what it is.  But this guy has been vindictive four times against Boise State, so much so that in one game, he wouldn't let Rice even talk to him, then chatted it up in the Wyoming huddle afterwards.

There is no room in college basketball for an official that hates any school.  Time to go.

Cortney 11th in Three-Meter Final

To advance to Nationals, you pretty much have to finish in the top three in at least one event.

Unofficial Statistics
Women 3m Championship (6 Dives) (Final)
This event is now closed.
PlaceScoreDiver NameEvent
1661.55Haley Ishimatsu (USC)7.2556.57
2654.90Hailey Casper (ASU)7.0859.50
3651.60En-tien Huang (NEV)6.6455.80
4637.90Kersten Merry (UTAH)6.3956.53
5635.25Aimee Harrison (HAWA)6.3153.81
6627.25Stephanie Phipps (STAN)6.5654.08
7614.90Michal Bower (ARIZ)6.4451.21
8610.50Kassidy Cook (STAN)6.3151.88
9600.45Annika Lenz (UCLA)6.5353.78
10590.90Krysta Palmer (NEV)5.9750.20
11587.00Ciera Cortney (BSU)5.6946.31
12586.80Megan Harper (UNM)6.0051.16
13581.25Lauren Hall (HAWA)5.9248.31
14577.75Anne Kastler (CAL)6.1746.99
15577.50Chelsea Jackson (NAZU)6.0647.13
16570.85Paige Hunt (IDAH)6.3149.12
17540.40Sally Hackett (ARIZ)5.3142.36
18536.80Samantha Adams (USC)5.4443.13
Official scores for this event should be posted later in the day.
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Please do not hit the Refresh button.

Cortney Finishes 10th in One-Meter Dive at Zone E Diving Championships