Monday, March 4, 2013

Boise State One of Nine Schools To Achieve Membership In 10/20 Club Three Times In Past Decade

Boise State's achievement of reaching the 10/20 Club was the third time in school history that the Broncos have done it.  Boise State also reached the elite group in 2003-04 and 2007-08.  The Broncos are one of just nine schools to attain 10/20 status three times since 2003.

The other schools are:  Texas (five times), BYU, Ohio State and Florida (four each), and Louisville, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

To achieve membership in the 10/20 Club, a school must win 10 or more regular-season football games and 20 or more regular-season basketball games.  Playoffs, bowl games, and postseason conference tournaments do not count.  Which is why membership in the 10/20 Club is elite.  With the ever-growing conference championships and tournaments, it is much easier to reach 10 wins in football and 20 in basketball than it used to.  Now, a team can be 16-16 and win four NIT games and get there.  Hardly deserving.

Boise State is also one of just 15 schools that have reached the 10/20 Club three times since 1980.  And the Broncos gave all the other schools in the nation a 15-year headstart since the school was only accepted as a major college football team in 1996.