Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yahoo Sports Calls for Reversing Game Outcome

More smoke...

Kevin Blackistone says Boise State was robbed last night during today's episode of .

What the Mountain West Conference needs to do

1.  Admit that the officials made the wrong call but don't change the outcome.

2.  Admit that the officials made the wrong call and change the result.

With the overwhelming evidence, those are the only two acceptable outcomes.

Controversial Basketball Call Has Legs

I've seen (done!) many ways a basketball officiating crew can screw up over the years, but this one's new.

World Turning Against Mountain West...

After Boise State v. Colorado State, the Mountain West Conference also unveiled its new Tournament timing system.

VIDEO: Boise State's .8 shot (No Good) vs Derek Fishers .4 shot side by side (Good):

And actually looked at frame-by-frame and determined 0.57 secs (17 frames, at 30 frames per second)