Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mountain West Women's Basketball Standings

Colorado State13-221-5
Boise State10-415-10
Fresno State10-516-10
San Diego State7-710-14
Utah State5-1011-15
San Jose State4-1010-15
New Mexico4-109-16
Air Force0-141-23

Current Mountain West Basketball Standings

TeamConf. W-LTot. W-L
San Diego St12-223-3
New Mexico12-221-5
Boise St.8-618-9
Fresno St.7-814-14
Colorado St.6-915-13
Utah St.5-1015-12
Air Force4-1010-15
San Jose St.1-137-19

BREAKING: Boise State Wins Second Straight Blue Gray Classic

The Bronco tennis team rallied from a 2-0 deficit to defeat #37 VCU and defend its title in the Blue Gray Classic in Montgomery, Alabama.  It is the second straight Blue Gray title for the Broncos and the third in their history.  Boise State also won in 1998.

VCU captured the doubles title, then went up 2-0 when Alejandro Argente downed Boise State's Garrett Patton 6-3, 6-3 at #4 singles. 

But the Broncos came storming back.  Despite losing the first sets in four of the six singles matches, the Broncos won four in succession.  Nathan Sereke dominated VCU's Nick Jones at #2 singles to take a 6-3, 6-3 win.  Brendan McClain soon followed with a 6-3, 6-4 win at #5 singles to even the match.

Toby Mitchell prevailed, 6-4, 6-4 at #6 singles and the Broncos were one win away.

Andy Bettles, one of the nation's top players, had lost his first set to Alexis Heugas 6-4.  But his rally to win the second set, 6-1, was a turning point in the championship match.  Bettles then captured the third set, 6-2, to give the Broncos the title.

Bettles Rallies To Win Second Set

Boise State's top singles player Andy Bettles has won his second set at the Blue Gray Classic in Montgomery, Alabama.  He lost the first set 6-4, so that match is even.

Thomas Tenreiro was up a break, but has now lost that advantage at #3 singles and is ahead 4-3.  He lost the first set 6-2, and pretty much has to win for Boise State to win the championship.  Because...

Garrett Patton lost 6-3, 6-3 at #4 singles to put VCU ahead in the match, 2-0.

Brendan McClain has gotten himself a break at #5 singles and leads 2-1 in the second set after winning the first set 6-3.

Toby Mitchell won his first set 6-4 at #6 singles, but those competitors are lagging behind because their match might not mean anything unless a Bronco can rally.

A Little More Good News from Montgomery

Toby Mitchell prevailed in his first set at #6 singles, 6-4, giving Boise State a split in the first set of the six singles matches.  Boise State, however, must win four of the six, and one of the three who lost their first set must rally for the team to capture the championship.

To that end, Thomas Tenreiro has earned a break in his second set at #3 singles and is up 3-0.  Thomas is one of the three Broncos to lose his first set.

McClain Wins First Set

Brendan McClain won his first set 6-3 at #5 singles, giving Boise State two first set winners thus far.  Toby Mitchell is up 5-4 at #6 singles in the only match still going in the first set.

Good News and Bad News

Nathan Sereke captured his first set at #2 singles, but Andy Bettles lost his first set at #1 singles, and Thomas Tenreiro lost his first set at #3 singles.  Toby Mitchell has earned a break at #6 singles.  Brendan McClain is up 4-3 at #5 singles, but his teammates will have to rally for his match to mean anything.

VCU is ahead in the match 1-0, and have won three first sets in three singles matches to one for Boise State.  If VCU wins three singles matches, they win the Blue-Gray Championship.

Bettles Gets a Break

Andy still down 5-3 at #1 singles in the first set.  Garrett Patton lost his first set 6-3 at #4 singles after being up 3-2, and Thomas Tenreiro is behind 5-2 at #2 singles.  Mitchell has lost a break at #6 singles.  Team tennis is a game of swings in momentum, but right now, it doesn't favor the Broncos.  Boise State is behind 1-0, have lost one first set, and are behind in two others.  The Broncos must win four of the six singles matches to win the championship. 

Blue-Gray Update

Bettles and Tenreiro still trail their respective singles opponents 4-1.  No other breaks to report, with Garrett Patton up 3-2 at #4 singles, while Nathan Sereke (#2 singles), Brendan McClain (#5 Singles) and Toby Mitchell (#6 singles) all lead 2-1.

Bettles and Tenreiro Already Down a Break in Singles Play

Bronco players must be worn out in Montgomery.  Andy Bettles, one of the top singles players in the nation, is behind 3-0 at #1 singles, while teammate Thomas Tenreiro is also behind 3-0.  No other breaks thus far.  Boise State behind 1-0 to VCU.

VCU Wins Doubles Point

Mitchell & Sereke lost at #3 doubles, giving VCU the doubles point.  Like yesterday, Boise State will have to get four wins in singles.

Update on Doubles

Toby Mitchell & Nathan Sereke have gotten a break of their own at #3 doubles, and are now tied at 5.  The winner of their match picks up the doubles point.

Mitchell and Sereke Lose a Break

Toby and Nathan will have to rally, or Boise State will lose the doubles point.  McClain & Patton lost 6-2 at #1 doubles, while Bettles & Tenreiro won by the same score at #2 doubles.

McClain & Patton Lose Break

Brendan McClain & Garrett Patton are down a break at #1 doubles in Montgomery.  They trail 4-2.  Andy Bettles & Thomas Tenreiro are still up 5-1, while Toby Mitchell and Nathan Sereke are still ahead 2-1.

Bettles/Tenreiro Up a Break in #2 Doubles

The Championship match of the Blue-Gray Tennis Classic is underway, and Andy Bettles and Thomas Tenreiro are up a break at 3-0.  No breaks in the other two doubles matches yet.  McClain and Patton are down 1-0 at #1 doubles and Mitchell & Sereke are ahead 2-1 at #3 doubles.

Boise State Meets VCU Today for Blue Gray Championship

Coach Greg Patton's team aims for its second straight Blue Gray title today in Montgomery, Alabama.  The Broncos upended #21 Clemson yesterday, and will face VCU at 11 Mountain Time.