Thursday, March 31, 2011

WAC Softball Statistics

TEAM BATTING           G   Avg   AB    R    H   2B   3B   HR   BB   SO  SB-ATT 
New Mexico State....  34  .338  920  242  311   52    6   43  148  170  57-62  
Boise State.........  31  .308  818  170  252   28    2   28  100  123  27-33  
Nevada..............  29  .286  767  137  219   39    4   25   87  188  21-24  
Hawai`i.............  34  .264  856  166  226   33    3   40  113  194  20-24  
San Jose State......  34  .261  905  140  236   39    1   17  115  167  28-36  
Fresno State........  27  .245  691   93  169   25    7   17   63  158  30-35  
Utah State..........  32  .228  778   84  177   30    1   14   65  196  10-15  
Louisiana Tech......  33  .214  836   93  179   20    2   10   85  182  35-42  
Totals.............. 127  .269 6571 1125 1769  266   26  194  776 1378 228-271 

TEAM PITCHING          G   ERA   W   L  Sv     IP     H     R    ER    BB    SO 
Hawai`i.............  34  1.34  25   9   0  225.0   147    65    43    54   261 
Fresno State........  27  2.25  19   8   1  192.2   165    78    62    67   160 
Boise State.........  31  3.59  19  12   5  200.2   209   129   103    91   194 
San Jose State......  34  4.55  13  21   2  217.0   310   198   141    97   106 
Louisiana Tech......  33  4.68   8  24   2  221.1   265   182   148   100   188 
New Mexico State....  34  5.01  23  10   4  215.0   291   189   154    76   134 
Nevada..............  29  5.91   9  20   1  177.2   231   209   150   116   141 
Utah State..........  32  6.58   5  27   0  192.2   286   208   181   118   106 
Totals.............. 127  4.19 121 131  15 1642.0  1904  1258   982   719  1290 

TEAM FIELDING          G    PO     A     E    Pct    DP    PB SBA-ATT
Fresno State........  27   578   249    28   .967    11     2  19-22 
Hawai`i.............  34   675   253    35   .964    10     5  14-18 
Boise State.........  31   602   235    37   .958     6    13  38-48 
Louisiana Tech......  33   664   264    43   .956     4     8  54-65 
Utah State..........  32   578   260    39   .956    11     3  32-42 
Nevada..............  29   533   201    39   .950     4    13  32-44 
New Mexico State....  34   645   286    51   .948     4     4  31-38 
San Jose State......  34   651   286    52   .947    10     3  17-36 
Totals.............. 127  4926  2034   324   .956    60    51 237-313

Min 2.0 AB/Team game         G   Avg  AB    R    H  RBI   2B   3B   HR   BB
Nohara, Hoku-NMSU.........  34  .453  86   29   39   55    5    1   19   36
Jones, Kandis-NMSU........  33  .438 112   36   49   26    9    1    0    9
Bridges, Devon-Boise State  31  .410  78   20   32   31    4    0    8   15
Bourke, Holly-Boise State.  31  .390 100   24   39   19    5    1    3   10
Crump, Allie-Boise State..  30  .373  83   16   31   17    3    0    7   12
Hopkins, Karley-NEV.......  29  .371 105   23   39   10   12    1    2    6
Caplan, Kellie-Boise State  31  .370 108   23   40   10    3    0    1    3
Murdock, Britton-NEV......  29  .364  88   14   32   15    7    1    2    7
Coenen, Sadie-SJSU........  29  .356  73   20   26    1    6    1    0   15
Jennings, Tiare-NMSU......  34  .351  94   30   33   27    5    0    4   28
Maroda, Ashley-NMSU.......  31  .351  94   19   33   20    9    0    4   10
Randall, Kylie-NMSU.......  34  .337 101   34   34    7    3    1    1   20
Stange, Alex-SJSU.........  33  .333  96   14   32   17    5    0    2    8
Jones, Erin-NEV...........  19  .333  63   12   21   11    2    0    3    5
Patrick, Danielle-NEV.....  28  .330  88   14   29   28    6    0    6   12
Wolfe, Annica-SJSU........  32  .330  88   10   29   19    5    0    2    9
Rodriguez, Jenna-UH.......  34  .327 104    6   34   20    4    0    2    4
Conrad, Teresa-NMSU.......  30  .325  83   22   27   27    4    1    7   11
Swedberg, Valerie-NMSU....  28  .325  77   15   25   22    8    2    4    5
Iwata, Jessica-UH.........  34  .324 105   31   34   22    3    1   11   17

Min 1.0 IP/Team game       App   ERA  W-L  Sv    IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
Parnaby, Kaia-UH..........  11  1.10  9-2   0  70.0  45  16  11  15  87
Ricketts, Stephani-UH.....  24  1.30 15-7   0 151.0  92  44  28  39 171
Oakes, Mackenzie-FS.......  17  1.61 12-2   1  91.1  75  30  21  23  50
Zell, Aubray-Boise State..  12  2.12  6-1   0  56.0  51  19  17  10  56
Moses, Michelle-FS........  16  3.00  6-6   0  86.1  75  43  37  35 102
Krieg, Meghan-LATEC.......  21  3.19  5-13  1 120.2 108  67  55  57 149
Ames, Jennifer-SJSU.......  18  3.37  5-9   2  97.2 132  65  47  37  39
Newman, Alex-NMSU.........  25  3.38 15-2   0  89.0  87  48  43  31  55
Work, Lela-Boise State....  17  3.47  3-4   5  42.1  42  22  21   6  43
Crump, Allie-Boise State..  16  4.02  9-5   0  85.1  96  67  49  44  86
Darby, Mallary-NEV........  24  4.69  9-13  0 125.1 138 119  84  67 104
Fox, Elyssa-SJSU..........  16  4.97  3-10  0  62.0  82  56  44  29  44
Kipp, Erin-LATEC..........  13  5.28  0-6   1  59.2  87  56  45  20  25
Harmon, Mandy-USU.........  24  5.54  4-17  0 107.1 138  98  85  62  70
Gutierrez, Janessa-SJSU...  17  5.75  3-2   0  35.1  62  47  29  15  15

Jones, Kandis-NMSU........   49
Caplan, Kellie-Boise State   40
Hopkins, Karley-NEV.......   39
Bourke, Holly-Boise State.   39
Nohara, Hoku-NMSU.........   39

Jones, Kandis-NMSU........   36
Randall, Kylie-NMSU.......   34
Iwata, Jessica-UH.........   31
Jennings, Tiare-NMSU......   30
Nohara, Hoku-NMSU.........   29

Nohara, Hoku-NMSU.........   55
Bridges, Devon-Boise State   31
Kliebenstein, Shar-UH.....   30
Patrick, Danielle-NEV.....   28
2 tied with 27 RBI(s)

Hopkins, Karley-NEV.......   12
Maroda, Ashley-NMSU.......    9
Jones, Kandis-NMSU........    9
Swedberg, Valerie-NMSU....    8
2 tied with 7 double(s)

Gilleland, Haley-FS.......    2
Ortiz, Brooke-FS..........    2
Swedberg, Valerie-NMSU....    2
20 tied with 1 triple(s)

Nohara, Hoku-NMSU.........   19
Iwata, Jessica-UH.........   11
Kliebenstein, Shar-UH.....   10
Moses, Michelle-FS........    8
Bridges, Devon-Boise State    8

Nohara, Hoku-NMSU.........  103
Iwata, Jessica-UH.........   72
Kliebenstein, Shar-UH.....   65
Jones, Kandis-NMSU........   60
Bridges, Devon-Boise State   60

STOLEN BASES                SB-ATT
Randall, Kylie-NMSU.......  23-24 
Gilleland, Haley-FS.......  12-13 
Murdock, Britton-NEV......   9-9  
3 tied with 8 stolen base(s)

STRIKEOUTS                    IP   SO
Ricketts, Stephani-UH..... 151.0  171
Krieg, Meghan-LATEC....... 120.2  149
Darby, Mallary-NEV........ 125.1  104
Moses, Michelle-FS........  86.1  102
Parnaby, Kaia-UH..........  70.0   87

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Broncos Go After Florida at Denver Regional Gymnastics Championships

Boise State goes after history this weekend at the NCAA Regional Gymnastics Championships.  In the next few days, I'll be looking at the field at the Denver Regional.

One team at Boise State's Denver Regional is #1 Florida.  I'll say it--if Boise State doesn't think they can beat Florida, they aren't going to do well this weekend.  They will be intimidated and perform badly.

Here's the reason I say this.  Most people would look at the teams in this regional and say, well, Florida's going to be the top team, but Boise State has a chance at topping Arkansas.  Do you feel that way?  If so, try this on for size.  Arkansas beat Florida earlier this year.  Yep, knocked 'em off in one of the stunning results of the season.  So if Boise State doesn't go into the meet trying to beat Florida, they're likely not going to beat Arkansas either.

At this point, it's mental, and it's all about confidence.  Most of the teams in the Regional Championships are fairly close in ability.  But if you go in perceiving you're not as're not going to be as good.  What I would tell the team is that this is the year you prove yourself.  I don't want you finishing second, I want you finishing first.  Go after Florida.  Whatever score Florida gets, you go one better.

If you can have that attitude and give the Gators a fight, you're going to be right there with them at the end and probably finish second.  At that point, it will be up to Arkansas to keep up.  The Broncos have the talent, they have the experience, and they have the coaches.

Now all they have to do is go out and perform.

Bronco Track Team Hosts All-Idaho Cup

With the weather turning nicer, Boise State's track team is set to host the All-Idaho Cup this weekend in Bronco Stadium.  Action gets underway at noon Friday in the field events while the track events begin at 4.  Field events begin Saturday morning at 10 and the running events start at 1 p.m.

The meet was formed to allow all Idaho teams the chance to compete against each other but Idaho was not able to bring their team down.

Boise State Edges Utah 9-8 in Game One

Boise State pulled magic out of the hat in the seventh inning as Tazz Weatherly rocketed a roundtripper to lead Boise State to a 9-8 over Utah in Salt Lake City.  Weatherly's blow brought her out of a 4-33 slump in game one of a scheduled doubleheader.  Lela Work pitched six innings in relief to earn the win.

The Broncos had taken an 8-6 lead in the previous inning, only to see Utah's Whitney Holm hit a two-run homer to tie. 

Utah grabbed the early lead off Bronco starter Aubray Zell 2-0 but Allie Crump's homer and Mackenzie Whyte's two-out two-RBI single in the second gave Boise State a 3-2 lead.  But the Utes banged out five consecutive hits in the bottom half of the inning to send Zell to the dugout, with the big blast being Holm's first home run of the game.  Bronco catcher Megan Harvey helped the Bronco cause by throwing out two Utes trying to steal.

Facing a 6-3 deficit, Boise State battled back.  Whyte drove in Kelly Sweeney and Holly Bourke's sac fly scored Weatherly in the fourth to make it a 6-5 contest and set the stage for the wild finish.

Whyte had three hits and three RBI's, a run and a stolen base to lead the Bronco cause.  The Utah pitching staff pitched around freshman Devon Bridges, fearing the freshman slugger's ability to leave the yard.

Utah dropped to 15-16 with the loss.

The Sporting News Selects Boise State's Kellen Moore As the Top Collegiate Player

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore has been chosen by The Sporting News as the #1 player in the nation in college football.

Senior writer Matt Hayes chose Moore to top the list of 25 players to watch next fall.  "He's a season away from becoming one of the game's all-time greats, from setting records that may never be reached and leading his team where no other non-BCS school has been," Hayes said.

Most people did not realize it at the time, but Moore beat out eventual Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton of Auburn as the nation's top passer last year with a 182.63 rating.  Moore has already set an all-time record for the lowest interception ratio (in 2009) and is in position to set at least two more NCAA records.  Kellen is 38-2 and is just seven wins away from tying Colt McCoy of Texas for the most wins by a college quarterback.  He is 35 touchdown passes away from the all-time mark held by Graham Harrell of Texas Tech.

Moore's teammate, defensive tackle Billy Winn, is #15 on Hayes' list and is the second-highest defensive tackle.  Winn had four sacks and 9.5 tackles last season.  It's ironic that Winn is so well thought of on the national scene when the Western Athletic Conference never saw fit to name him even All-Conference.

Boise State has this week off for spring break but then will resume spring drills next week leading up to the annual Spring Game Saturday, April 16 at 5 p.m.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boise State Wins Seventh National Championship

The Boise State debate and speech team has won its second national championship in the last six years, as the Broncos are coming home with hardware from the Pi Kappa Delta National Championship Tournament in Portland, Oregon.

These championships seem to be coming in pairs--the teams that have won championships have won more than one.  The football team has won two (one each in junior college and I-AA), the cheerleaders have won three national championships and now the debate team has won two national titles. 

Boise State's intellect and debating skills were in top form as the Broncos beat Oregon State, Michigan, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Arkansas and dozens of other schools in head-to-head competition on an even playing field.   In addition to the two National Championships, the Talkin' Broncos have also captured two runner-up trophies.

This win was not the result of a few good performances.  Throughout the competition, the Bronco team was at the top of the standings in each individual segment.  Nowhere was this more demonstrated than in the Impromptu Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking and Informative Speaking categories in which Boise State dominated the podium.  The Boise State student group received one Superior Award (Jon Agnew) and six Excellent Awards (Taylor Bruun, Debra Groberg, Sam Pagano, Mallory Pouraghi, freshman Cassandra Sullivan and sophomore Josh Watkins) in Impromptu Speaking.  Two Broncos (Agnew and Mike Fitzgerald) were honored with Superior Awards and two more (Pagano and Sullivan) captured Excellent honors in Extemporaneous Speaking.  In Informative Speaking, Josh Watkins was Superior, while Monica Cutler, junior Sabonn Dammarell, Debra Groberg and Cassandra Sullivan all received Excellent marks from the Championship judges. 

Groberg also received a Superior mark in Dramatic Interpretation.  Sam Pagano received Superior marks in Poetry, Discussion and Oral Interpretation.  Sadonn Dammerell was judged Excellent in After Dinner Speaking and To Honor Immigrants and Superior in Prose.  Watkins also received an Excellent grading from the judges in Dramatic Interpretation and another Excellent Award in Persuasive Speaking.  Mallory Douraghi won an Excellent Award in the category To Honor Immigrants.  Lauren Bramwell received an Excellent Award in Oral Interpretation.  Fitzgerald received an Excellent Award in Persuasive Speaking.  Jessica Gresl was given Excellent in both Prose and Broadcast Journalism.  Ben Larsen captured Superior Awards in both Prose and Oral Interpretation and an Excellent mark in Communication Analysis.  Jon Agnew was judged Superior in the Editorial Impromptu category.  Taylor Bruun won an Excellent Award in Persuasive Speaking.  Taylor Brook also received Superior in Editorial Impromptu and Howie Long captured an Excellent trophy in Broadcast Journalism. 

Watkins and Larsen received an Excellent Award in the Dramatic Duo competition.  Lauren Bramwell and Tanya Medukha received Excellent Awards in the NPDA competition and Taylor Bruun and John Agnew were awarded Excellent trophies in the Open competition. 

They Are the Champions!!!!!!

I give my highest salute to this group of Broncos--super job!

Well-Deserved Award for Bridges

Boise State freshman sensation Devon Bridges has been named the Western Athletic Conference Hitter of the Week, the league office announced yesterday.

Bridges blasted four home runs over the weekend and knocked in 10 in a three-game sweet of Nevada.  Bridges hit .714 (5-7) with an .800 on-base percentage and a slugging percentage of 2.429.  Bridges set school records of six RBI's in the second game of a Saturday doubleheader and two grand slams in a season, hitting her second of the year in that game.

And the season is barely getting started.

Bridges now has eight homers on the year and leads the Broncos with 30 RBI's.  Boise State plays seven road games this week.

Geraldo Hiwat Poised for Banner Year

You've all heard the phrase "The game is slowing down for ________."

The college game (especially at Boise State's level) is played at a fast pace and the difference from high school is considerable.  Once players put in the work, study the plays and study the film, the awareness hits them.  That appears to be the case this spring for Boise State wide receiver Geraldo Hiwat.  Consider that the learning curve for a guy who just started football in high school in the Netherlands is pretty steep and one would have to say he's made considerable progress. 

Hiwat has both the size (6-4, 200) and the speed (timed at 4.57 in the Netherlands and he's faster now); the raw package the Broncos got when he committed to Boise State had tremendous upside.  It seemed like a match made in heaven--Geraldo wanted to learn and he had some of the best teachers in the game in the Bronco coaches.  Now, word out of Boise State spring camp is that Hiwat is running the routes, making the cuts, and using his body the way the coaches want him to.  This is extremely good news for Boise State's prospects this fall.  If Hiwat and a few other receivers (Aaron Burks, Kirby Moore and Matt Miller to name a few) can close the gap between them and departing seniors Titus Young and Austin Pettis, it would certainly take pressure off of Doug Martin and the Bronco ground game.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bridges Blasts Boise State to Doubleheader Sweep of Nevada

The Bronco softball team completed a three-game sweep of Nevada yesterday with 8-3 and 11-10 wins at Mountain Cove Field, showing they are going to be a force in the Western Athletic Conference this season.  

Freshman Devon Bridges launched three homers and was 4-5 on the afternoon with eight RBI's.  Bridges homered in all three Bronco wins over the Wolf Pack.

Lela Work was credited with both victories.  In the opener, Work came in relief of starter Aubray Zell with the Broncos trailing 2-0 in the first inning and only allowed one Pack run after that.  Holly Bourke's solo homer to center, Bridges' two-run shot and a solo homer by Vanessa Alvarez gave Boise State a 4-2 lead they would never relinquish.  After Nevada closed to 4-3 in the fifth, Boise State scored four in their half of the inning, punctuated by the 100th career hit of Christina Capobianco, a pinch-hit double that drove in three.  Capobianco became the third Bronco to reach the 100-hit milestone.

Work finished with 11 strikeouts and allowed just five hits.  Mallary Darby suffered her second loss to the Broncos in as many games for Nevada.

The second game was more dramatic.  After Nevada had taken a 10-9 lead in the top of the seventh inning, Work ripped a shot into right field in the Broncos' half to score the winning runs.  Nevada jumped ahead 3-0 in the first inning but Boise State responded with an RBI double from Allie Crump and another homer from Bridges.  

Nevada scored another run in the second and three more in the third off starter Crump to go ahead 7-3.  Nevada scored another run in the fourth after Work had taken over to build an 8-3 lead.  But in the bottom of the fourth, Bourke's two-run double down the line ignited a Bronco rally.  Darby contributed to her own downfall with two walks and two hit batters in the inning.  That loaded the bases for Bridges, and the red-hot freshman promptly cleared them with her second grand slam of the season.  Bridges' blast gave Boise State their first lead of the game 9-8 and set a school record of six RBI's for the game.

Work was able to retire the side in order in the fifth and sixth innings and got the first two batters out in the seventh.
But Megan Fincher drew a walk and Chelsea Venable followed with a home run to give Nevada the lead again 10-9.  Boise State, playing like a championship team, was not to be denied.  Tazz Weatherly and Mackenzie Whyte drew walks to start the Bronco seventh.  Kellie Caplan laid down a perfect bunt to move the runners and Bourke walked to load the bases.  Capobianco's fly ball wasn't deep enough to score the tying run, leaving it up to Work with two outs.  Her single scored Weatherly and Whyte's head-first slide beat the tag to give the Broncos the win.

Boise State will play seven games on the road against Utah Valley, Utah, San Jose State and Saint Mary's next week.

The Broncos, now 18-10 on the season,  look to carry the momentum of a conference series sweep into a busy week. Boise State will play seven games in the next week, beginning Tuesday, against Utah Valley in Provo, Utah. The team also has a doubleheader scheduled against Utah, Wednesday, before resuming conference action Friday and Saturday, at San Jose State. The week will wrap up with a single game Sunday, at Saint Mary's.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boise State Environmental Research Building Nears Completion

That flurry of activity you see all around the Boise State campus these days is a metropolitan research univeristy of distinction growing up before our eyes. 

Last month I did an initial story on the foundation being laid for the new Micron Business Building and will have updates soon on the progress there.  The Environmental Research Building (next to the engineering complex) is set to open this summer. 

The five-story, 97,000-square-foot structure is dedicated to creating a dynamic new focus on issues central to the region and the state’s future vibrancy.  It is Boise State’s first dedicated research building and will support a Western agenda on the environment, transportation, water, land use and community and regional planning.

The departments of Geosciences, Civil Engineering, Public Policy and Administration and Political Science will begin moving into the building near the end of the semester.

Numerous energy-saving strategies have been incorporated into the project, including a variable-air volume HVAC system with high efficiency condensing hot-water boilers, increased wall and roof insulation, high-efficiency windows, and a low window-wall ratio.

Boise State's Symphonic Winds Blow Across National Stage

The Boise State Symphonic Winds performed two original works Thursday for the 2011 National Conference of the College Band Directors National Association in Seattle.  The 65-member Bronco group was one of eight from across the nation selected to perform.  The Association is the leading professional organization for college band programs in the United States--no band from Idaho had ever been invited previously.

The Symphonic Winds has been recognized at regional competitions as one of the top concert groups in the Northwest and has performed at numerous state and regional conventions.

"It is an honor and a significant accomplishment to be selected to perform at a national conference and it is a true barometer of the growth and quality of teaching at Boise State,” said Marcellus Brown, band director and professor of music at Boise State.

The 65-member Symphonic Winds performed five works during a 50-minute program. They included two original commissioned works: “This is Africa” by Shawn Okpebholo, a freelance composer and educator from Cincinnati, Ohio; and “Reminiscences” by Mark D. Camphouse, professor in the School of Music at George Mason University.  Both composers visited Boise State earlier this month to work with the Symphonic Winds on their pieces, offering ideas and insights to help the band perform their works as they had envisioned them.

Marcellus Brown
This national performance featured Brown as conductor, along with fellow music professors Eric Smedley as guest conductor and Leslie Moreau as clarinet soloist.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Introducing My New Music Blog

I have two burning passions that have kept me both busy and happy my entire life--Boise State sports and music.  Now, both are fulfilled by blogs!  If you are a fan of music in the rock era, I invite you to check out Inside the Rock Era (I know, I'm working on a catchier title...!)

Broncos High on Garnett

With stars like Denver's Ryan Clady and Super Bowl Champion Green Bay's Daryn Colledge and tackle Nate Potter appearing to be the next (after a pre-season All-America selection), Boise State is establishing quite a track record for developing offensive lineman for the National Football League.

The Broncos of the future want to make room for another--Puyallup, Washington's Joshua Garnett.  Boise State is one of 12 schools who have offered the 6-5, 280 Garnett (USC, California, Stanford, Washington, UCLA, Washington State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Nebraska, Auburn and Oregon being the others).  

Avatar Image

Garnett has good footwork, which would seem to fit beautifully in Boise State's high-powered offense.  He also carries a 3.85 G.P.A., another thing Coach Chris Petersen and his Boise State staff looks at.  I saw one highlight in which Garnett blocks his man 15 yards downfield before flattening him.

Catch this star of the future in this video:

Connor Crane Draws Boise State's Offer

Boise State has reached deep into the heart of Texas many times before, and they are hoping to do so once again.  According to numerous sources, Boise State has offered receiver Connor Crane of Denton Guyer a scholarship.

The Broncos will have to lure Crane away from Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Louisiana Tech and Wake Forest, others who have already offered the talented receiver.

Crane (6-4, 185) runs a 4.5 40 and is expected to be Guyer's top target this fall. Crane has speed enough to outrun some of Texas's top defensive backs and runs a crisp route.  Last year, Crane had 35 receptions of 854 yards (24.4 avg.) and 11 touchdowns in helping his team to the 5A Division II state championship game.

Here is what you can expect from Crane:

Broncos Open WAC Softball Season With 13-0 Win over Nevada

Boise State became the 26th team in NCAA history to score 12 runs in an inning as the Broncos raced past the startled Nevada Wolf Pack today in Boise.  It was the Western Athletic Conference softball opener for both teams.

Boise State (16-10) scored in the first with a walk, a hit and two Pack errors.  That 1-0 lead held up through 3 1/2 innings until the Blue Thundercloud burst from above.  Junior Allie Crump started off the historic inning with a ground ball that resulted in a wide throw by the Nevada shortstop.  Freshman Devon Bridges blasted her fifth home run of the year inside the left-field foul pole.  The Broncos went on to get five more hits--two from Kelly Sweeney and drew five walks to put up the "12 spot" in the inning.  Freshman Mackenzie Whyte closed out the inning with a three-run double, as the final 10 runs of the inning came with two out.

Aubray Zell shut down the Nevada offense, scattering three hits and a walk over four innings to extend her scoreless innings streak to 34.  Lela Work, the national leader in saves, then came in to close out the game in the fifth to preserve Boise State's eighth shutout of the year.  Zell is now 6-1 on the year while Mallary Darby, Nevada's top pitcher, is now 9-11. 

The Broncos and Pack meet again Saturday for a doubleheader with games scheduled for 1 and 3 p.m. at Mountain Cove Field.

Five Broncos Chosen for All-America Team

For the first time in school history, five Boise State football players have been chosen for a preseason All-America team. has released their preseason team and five Broncos are on the list, more than any other team.  Tackle Nate Potter was selected to be on the First Team, quarterback Kellen Moore and defensive tackle Billy Winn were on the second squad and center Thomas Byrd and defensive end Shea McClellin are Third Team members.  Running back Doug Martin was chosen as "Honorable Mention".

Boise State is in the midst of spring drills and will open the 2011 season in the Georgia Dome against Georgia.

FB Lineups Page Now Complete Through 1975

The tabbed page "FB Lineups" is already the most complete source for past Boise State starting lineups anywhere in print or on the internet (I've already checked hundreds of times.).  It is now complete back to 1975.  In the next few months, this site will be the best place to find out how many years Rick Woods started, who was the center in 1971, who was the quarterback in 1960 and how many yards Fred Goode rushed for in 1976.

Bookmark the site, become a "Follower of Blue Through and Through" and come back anytime!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boise State #58 in Learfield Cup Standings revealed on this board last week, Boise State made a jump in the Learfield Cup Standings, which measures the top athletic programs in the country.  The Broncos were helped by the ninth-place finish at the 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships and the 39th-place finish at the NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships. 

Even so, Boise State is behind last year's pace, largely because the football team did not do as well in 2010 as they did the year before.  Boise State currently has 169 points, just behind Arizona State, Iowa State and Purdue but ahead of Georgia, Miami of Florida, Clemson and Pac-10 bound Utah.  Hawai'i is the second-highest school from the Western Athletic Conference at #86.

The Broncos hope to pick up points in gymnastics, and the men's and women's tennis teams will also need to score points if Boise State is to match last year's Learfield Cup success.

Complete standings can be found here:

Young, Avery Excel at Boise State Pro Day

NFL scouts, not being good enough at what they do to be able to evaluate talent based on actual football games, were on-hand for Boise State's Pro Day today and reports are the Titus Young and Jeremy Avery improved their stock.

Young, who ran a 4.47 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine, topped that with a 4.35 in the 40 today.  Avery, who wasn't invited to the Combine, recorded a 38-inch vertical.  The scouts wanted to try Winston Venable at safety and Ryan Winterswyk at tight end and had that pair work out at unfamiliar positions.  14 of the Bronco seniors took part in the drills, but reportedly Austin Pettis was not included in the group.  Pettis is comfortable with the numbers he posted at the Combine.

I Expect a Big Season from Doug Martin

In his career thus far, Boise State running back Doug Martin has proven to be the go-to guy when Boise State needed a goal-line touchdown (Fiesta Bowl 2009) and a breakaway touchdown to spur the team to victory (2010 Las Vegas Bowl).  Martin has that rare combination of innate toughness and blazing speed that few running backs have.  That is one of several reasons why I look for Martin to have a sensational senior year.

Martin is a back you can count on in short-yardage situations and a guy that can also get you the 80-yard touchdown to break the game open.  From the time he was Boise State Scout Player of the Year, the Bronco coaches knew they had to find a way to get him on the field.  Originally thought to be a strong competitor for Boise State's all-important "nickle" position on defense, Martin switched to running back when Winston Venable stepped up out of junior college to become a stud at that position.

Martin has excelled since moving back to offense.  Despite not being a starter, Martin led the Broncos with 15 rushing touchdowns and averaged 5.9 yards a pop in 2009.  Martin played considerably more last year and ran for 1,260 yards, 12 touchdowns and a 6.3 average.  So we know the guy has the talent to put forth a monster year.

He'll need to.  Boise State lost star tailback Jeremy Avery to graduation and Matt Kaiserman to too many concussions.  And one can not begin to predict what D.J. Harper will do.  Harper was granted another year of eligibility because of injuries each of the past two seasons.  Behind those two are a couple of walk-ons and a freshman.  While each of those backs can get the job done, Martin has far and away the most carries, the most experience and the most durability.  I don't question at all that Martin could handle 25-30 carries a game.

Talent, durability, depth--those are three reasons why Martin should have an amazing year.  Another has to do with the loss of Titus Young and Austin Pettis.  Those two by all rights should both be drafted in the first round if NFL scouts have a clue (I'm not in the camp that thinks they do.)  Nevertheless, both are huge losses to the receiving corps.  Let me start off this part by saying that if I was out on the field, Kellen Moore would find a way to get me the ball; in other words, I don't think you have to be a great talent to catch some footballs this fall.  So I'm not worried in the least about the Boise State passing game.  But let's face it--you do have some drop-off at receiver when you lose Austin Pettis and Titus Young.  The younger receivers (Hiwat, Burks, Potter, perhaps Miller) will eventually grow into their new roles.

But in the meantime, you want yards you can count on from the get-go, especially in the season opener against Georgia.  The same is true for the rest of the early part of the schedule, until the receivers named above can "get in their groove".  Again, that is not to say that the Bronco passing game will suffer--it won't.  But with Martin, you have the proven, known commodity who you know can get it done in the clutch and get the tough yards.

It's never good to put a number out there as to what I think he'll rush for so I won't do that.  Just suffice it to say that Martin should explode for his best season as a Bronco.

The Boise State All-WAC Football Team 2001-2010

As the Boise State football team prepares to enter a new era, I thought it would be fun to name a Boise State All-WAC team, the top players at each position from 2001-2010 (The WAC years).

QB:  Kellen Moore
RB:  Brock Forsey
RB:  Ian Johnson
WR:  Austin Pettis
WR:  Titus Young
WR:  Jeremy Childs
TE:  Derek Schouman
TE:  Kyle Efaw
T:  Ryan Clady
G:  Tad Miller
C:  Scott Huff
G:  Andrew Woodruff
T:  Daryn Colledge

DE:  Ryan Winterswyk
DT:  Billy Winn
DT:  Andrew Browning
DE:  Shea McClellin
LB:  Andy Avalos
LB:  Korey Hall
LB:  Colt Brooks
CB:  Gabe Franklin
CB:  Kyle Wilson
S:  Quintin Mikell
S:  Jeron Johnson

P:  Kyle Stringer
PK:  Tyler Jones

That's a pretty potent lineup!  Agree?  Disagree?  Name your own team in the comments below.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boise State Offers Legace

Arcadia Head Coach Jon Dimalante has confirmed that Taylor Legace has been offered a scholarship at Boise State.
Legace played receiver and safety and returned punts and kicks last year for Arcadia, accounting for 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns and also making four interceptions.  As a sophomore, Legace had 74 receptions for 895 yards and 12 touchdowns.  Legace, 6-2, 190, runs a 4.5 40.

Legace has received interest from UCLA, Stanford, Washington, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Colorado State.  He is a possession receiver with deceptive speed.
Blue Through and Through will have more information soon on Legace.

Oregon Might Get First Win Over Boise State in 13 Years

Oregon had not defeated Boise State in a major sport (football or basketball) in 13 years.  The Ducks finally broke that long dry spell with a 79-71 win in Eugene tonight over the Broncos in the semifinals of the CBI Tournament.

Kudos to Boise State, though, down by 20 in the second half, cut the lead to six in the waning moments.

Broncos Open WAC Season by Hosting Nevada

Boise State's softball team dives into the conference season with three home games against Nevada.  It is important for the Broncos to take advantage of the home field since these are the only games scheduled against the Wolf Pack this season.

Nevada can score runs in bunches when they're on.  The Pack is right behind Boise State (.304) for third in the Western Athletic Conference (.285) in hitting.  There are four main contributors to the Nevada offense.  Karley Hopkins is fifth in the WAC (.383) and leads the conference in doubles with 11.  Britton Murdock is hitting .354 and is third in the league with a perfect 8-for-8 stolen bases.  Erin Jones bats .340 while Daniell Patrick is third in the WAC with 25 RBI's.  However, only five Nevada hitters bat over .220 on the season.  Thus, the task is pretty clear--shut down those four and you have a good chance to win.

Mallory Darby (9-10, 4.24 ERA) is the top hurler for Nevada; Darby is thrd in the conference with 95 strikeouts.  The question is depth, as Nevada's team ERA is 5.74.  The Bronco bats were quiet at the beginning of the year, but as new faces began to hit on a consistent basis, the Boise State offensive attack has come alive during their winning streak.  They will need to continue to hit and move teammates along the basepaths and take advantage of the fat ERA's on the Nevada staff.

Boise State's Kellie Caplan is enjoying a fantastic year, hitting over .400 (.407), third in the WAC.  The surprise in the conference is freshman Devon Bridges.  Bridges is not only hitting well (.385) which is fourth in the WAC, but she seems to be a part of nearly every Bronco rally.

Boise State and Nevada take the field at Mountain Cover for a Friday game beginning at 3.  The teams will play a doubleheader Saturday with games scheduled at 1 and 3 p.m.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boise State Ready to Battle Oregon in Eugene

After winning two College Basketball Invitation Tournament games at home, Boise State ventures to Eugene, Oregon for a CBI semifinal game with the Ducks Wednesday night.

The venue won't be the only thing that is different.  In Monday's game with Duquesne, Oregon outscored the Dukes 20-4 at the free throw line.  The Ducks won that one 77-75.

Senior forward Joevan Catron tops Oregon with 15.2 points (7th in the Pac-10) and 6.5 rebounds a game and broke the school record by playing in his 129th career game against Duquesne.  Catron, a Second-Team All-Pac-10 selection, shoots 46.7% from the field (164-351).  Catron recently became the 30th player in school history to top 1,000 career points.  Catron draws attention underneath and will get to the free-throw line; he's a 71.4% shooter there.

Catron's frontcourt mate E.J. Singler (sophomore) was named to the Pac-10 All-Tournament Team.  He is the conference leader in free-throw shooting (87.1%; 101-116) and is second on the Oregon team with 11.5 points and 5.7 rebounds a game.  Singler will also pop out and hit the three; he is 128-283 this year (45.2%).  

Tyrone Nared has started the last 17 games, with his career high being 16 points against California.

Junior guard Malcolm Armstead is sixth in career steals at Oregon with 143.  Armstead has a record 78 steals this season.  He also led Oregon with 148 assists this year, 10th all-time at Oregon.  Senior guard Jay-R Stowbridge is Oregon's third leading scorer at 9.6 points a game although he has not been a full-time starter.

Another Duck to watch is junior guard Garret Sim, who has become a three-point threat as the season has progressed.  Sim has made at least one trey in 19 of Oregon's last 22 games and he is second on the team with 33.3% shooting (46-138)  from beyond the arc.

As a team, Oregon set a school record for steals with 288 and they lead the Pac-10 in turnover margin.

Tip-off is set for 8 p.m. Mountain Time.

Bronco Women Down #54 Oregon 5-2

To the poor Duck fans, Boise State has to seem like the school that won't go away.

The Boise State women's tennis team topped Oregon 5-2 yesterday at the BOAS Indoor Tennis Complex in a match much closer than the final score might indicate.  Four singles matches were decided in three sets.

Did you know:

Last school year, more than 2,300 Boise State students devoted 56,785 hours to non-profit organizations in the Treasure Valley, valued at $912,787 in economic benefit to the community.

ESPN Will Televise Boise State-Fresno State Game

ESPN has announced it will televise this year's Boise State-Fresno State game.  The Broncos travel to play the Bulldogs October 7.  This is the 11th-straight year that ESPN has nationally televised the rivalry game.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Boise State Will Play at Oregon Wednesday Night

Oregon fans got good news when their Ducks won in the College Basketball Tournament over Duquesne.  But just when they thought they'd gotten rid of Boise State by rejecting them for Pac-10 membership, the Ducks found out that it will be those same Broncos coming to town for the CBI semi-finals.

Creighton will play Central Florida in the other semi-final, with the two winners playing in a best-of-three series for the CBI Championship.

Boise State Advances to CBI Final Four

Freshman Ryan Watkins scored a career-high 19 points to lead Boise State to a 76-67 victory over Evansville tonight in Taco Bell Arena to advance to the semi-finals of the College Basketball Invitational Tournament.

Boise State One of Only 37 Teams Still Dancing

116 men's college basketball teams started out last week dancing in quest of a tournament championship.  One by one, they have been tapped on the shoulder by someone letting them know their dreams were over.  Now, just 37 teams remain.

Boise State is one of those 37, and tonight the Broncos take on Evansville in the CBI quarterfinals.  Follow the link to read a preview of tonight's game.  Tip-off is 7 p.m. in Taco Bell Arena.

Tickets for the 2011 NCAA Gymnastics Regional in Denver

Now that we have told you that Boise State will be traveling to the NCAA Denver Regional Saturday, April 2, the next step is to announce ticket information.

You can purchase tickets directly through the Ritchie Center Box Office or from  The Ritchie Center is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be reached at 303-871-2336.  Reserved tickets are $15 for the lower level and $10 for the upper level.  Children and seniors are admitted for $8 in the upper level.

The Regional Championships begin at 6 p.m. on April 2.  The top two teams from the Regional will advance to the NCAA Championships April 15-17 in Cleveland.

Boise State Gymnasts will Compete in Denver Regional

Apparently it's a secret.
I had to learn about it not from the NCAA itself, but from the Deseret paper in Salt Lake City.  Here is the field and it is an Idaho exclusive (brought to you here on this blog before Boise State's official web site, before and before

Denver, Co. Regional - No. 1 Florida; No. 12 Arkansas; No. 13 Boise State; No. 19 Denver; No. 20 Arizona; No. 27 BYU

Tuscaloosa, Ala. Regional - No. 2 Alabama; No. 11 Penn State; No. 14 Illinois; No. 22 Auburn; No. 25 Central Michigan; Kentucky

Corvallis, Ore. Regional - No. 3 Oregon State; No. 10 Nebraska; No. 16 Iowa; No. 31 SUU; San Jose State; Michigan State

Ann Arbor, Mich. Regional - No. 4 Stanford; No. 9 Michigan; No. 16 Ohio State; No. 21 Iowa State; No. 23 Minnesota; No. 24 Kent State

Norman, Ok. Regional - No. 5 Oklahoma; No. 7 Utah; No. 17 Washington; New Hampshire; Missouri; North Carolina

Athens, Ga. Regional - No. 6 UCLA, No. 8 Georgia; No. 18 LSU; North Carolina State; Maryland; West Virginia

Boise State Remains at #13 in NCAA Gymnastics Rankings

NCAA to Announce Regional Gymnastics Lineup Today at Noon

The NCAA will announce which 36 teams will be invited to participate in the 2011 Regional Gymnastics Championships and where those teams will be performing.  The news is expected to be announced shortly after noon Mountain Time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boise State Tennis Loses to Idaho 4-3

They beat #40 New Mexico yesterday then lose to Idaho.

Boise State Second in the Nation in Conference Championships

The gymnastics title in the Western Athletic Conference last night gave Boise State its record sixth conference championship of the season, putting the Broncos all alone in second place in the nation among major colleges.  Stanford is #1 with seven championships, although the Cardinal missed out on an eighth in wrestling because Boise State was in the Pac-10.  Wrestling is the only sport that the Pac-10 allows Boise State to compete in, and the Broncos won.

Boise State has also captured WAC titles in football, men's cross country, women's swimming and diving and men's indoor track.  That breaks the overall record of five set back in 2005 and ties the WAC record of five championships, also set in 2005.

Stanford has won Pac-10 championships in men's and women's cross country, women's soccer, women's volleyball, women's basketball and men's and women's swimming.

Louisville and Ohio State are third behind Boise State with five conference titles each; the Cardinals have won Big East championships in men's soccer, women's volleyball, men's and women's swimming and women's indoor track while Ohio State has won Big Ten titles in football, women's soccer, women's indoor track and men's and women's basketball.  Michigan (field hockey, men's soccer, men's swimming and women's gymnastics) and Connecticut (football, men's indoor track and men's and women's basketball) are in fourth with four conference championships each.  Several schools are tied with three conference championships, including Arkansas-Little Rock and Middle Tennessee of the Sun Belt, Florida of the SEC, Oklahoma State and Nebraska of the Big 12, Akron and Central Michigan from the MAC, BYU of the Mountain West Conference, Connecticut of the Big East, Central Florida of Conference USA and Duke and Maryland of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Click on the link to take a look at the championships won in each major conference:

Boise State Sets School Record With Sixth Conference Championship

The Western Athletic Conference Gymnastics Championship last night gave Boise State its sixth conference championship of the year, setting a new school record.  Boise State is second in the nation in conference championships; the Cardinal have seven.  Stanford was a solid contender for the Pac-10 title in wrestling, but Boise State was in the conference and Stanford could not win that one.

The Broncos had humble beginnings in the WAC with just one conference title in their initial year (football).  From there, Boise State's progress has been steady.  The Broncos won two WAC championships in 2002, 2003 and 2004, then a record five in 2005.  Boise State won four in 2006, two in 2007, four each in 2008 and 2009 and now a record-tying five this year.  Boise State also won the Pac10 Wrestling Championship in the only sport that the Pac-10 allows Boise State to compete.

In fact, that was Boise State's third Pac-10 wrestling title in the last four years, as the Broncos have dominated in much the same way that the football team has.  It was Boise State's sixth overall Pac-10 Championship since 2000.

Conference championships won by Boise State since 2001 (32 WAC, 5 Pac-10):

2001-2002:  2 (WAC--Football; Pac-10--Wrestling)
2002-2003:  2 (Football, Men's Tennis)
2003-2004:  3 (WAC--Football, Indoor Men's Track; Pac-10--Wrestling)
2004-2005:  2 (Football, Men's Tennis)
2005-2006:  5 (Football, Gymnastics, Men's Indoor Track, Men's Outdoor Track, Men's Tennis)
2006-2007:  4 (Football, Women's Basketball, Men's Indoor Track, Men's Tennis)
2007-2008:  4 (WAC--Football, Gymnastics, Men's Outdoor Track; Pac-10--Wrestling)
2008-2009:  5 (WAC--Football, Gymnastics, Men's Indoor Track, Men's Tennis; Pac-10--Wrestling)
2009-2010:  4 (Football, Women's Soccer, Women's Swimming & Diving, Women's Tennis)
2010-2011:  6 (WAC--Football, Men's Cross Country, Men's Indoor Track, Women's Swimming & Diving, Gymnastics; Pac-10--Wrestling)

Boise State Gymnasts Return to Top of WAC Podium

Redemption is special.  Boise State had that chance last night when they went into San Jose State with the goal of returning the Western Athletic Conference gymnastics trophy to Boise.  Boise State also captured its sixth conference title of the season, second in the nation to Stanford's seven.  With the win, Boise State also widened its WAC Commissioner's Cup lead to 64.50-59.75 for Utah State.

The Broncos started and solid and finished with a flurry in ringing up an impressive 195.70 to turn back a determined Southern Utah team and reclaim the WAC title.  Boise State recorded six All-WAC finishes, with senior Hannah Redmon and junior Amy Glass each scoring individual titles.  Redmon topped all competitors on bars while Glass vaulted to conference glory and was named the WAC Gymnast of the Year.  

After the break, learn how the Broncos did it...

Bronco Wrestlers Set School Record With #9 Finish

There comes a time when you compete as hard as you can and then be happy with your accomplishments.

Boise State's wrestling team earned the highest finish in school history at the NCAA National Championships yesterday when the Broncos finished ninth in Philadelphia.  Coach Greg Randall's team scored 57.5 points, just one point behind eighth-place Lehigh, 3.5 behind perennial power Minnesota and 5 behind Arizona State.  Penn State won the national title with 107.5 points.  The #9 finish tops the 10th-place finish the Broncos managed in 1999.  

Still, it must have been disheartening to finish behind fellow Pac-10 school Arizona State, a team the Broncos thought they had vanquished in winning the Pac-10 Championship just two weeks ago.  ASU brought far less wrestlers to the party than Boise State's record 10, but the Sun Devils who were there came to wrestle.  Anthony Robles and Bubba Jenkins both brought home national championships to Tempe and the success of that pair plus Levi Cooper was enough to offset Boise State's 10 participants, many of whom did not win.

What Boise State did do was earn three All-America honors.

Bronco senior Andrew Hochstrasser led the charge with a second-place finish yesterday at 133 pounds.  Hochstrasser roared through the tournament, scoring the lion's share of the team's bonus points until he met his nemesis Jordan Oliver of Oklahoma State.  Oliver surprised Hochstrasser with a takedown just 12 seconds into the match and that early shot appeared to throw the Bronco star out of rhythm.  Oliver scored his third win of the season over Hochstrasser 8-4 to capture the national title.

Hochstrasser became the sixth Bronco to reach a national final and the fourth to place second.  He joins the select company of Scott Barrett (126 pounds in 1982), Kirk White (165; 1999), Larry Quisel (157; 2000), Ben Cherrington (157; 2006) and Kirk Smith at 184 pounds last season.  The two-time All-American and three-time NCAA qualifier Hochstrasser finished his career with a 98-14 record, sixth in Boise State history.  

The other Broncos in action had a good day as well, with Jason Chamberlain capturing third place at 149 pounds and Adam Hall taking fifth at 157.  Chamberlain scored a 3-1 win in overtime over #5 Jamal Parks of Oklahoma State as his dramatic takedown with 28 seconds remaining in sudden victory allowed Chamberlain to advance to the consolation final.  It was a sweet victory for Chamberlain, who avenged his only loss of the season (to Parks).  Jason took on #8 Ganbayer Sanjaa of American in the third-place match.  American was a team that Boise State was chasing in an attempt to land fifth place and the Broncos could not lose if they hoped to move up.  Chamberlain kept Boise State's hopes alive with a 3-0 victory.  Chamberlain, one of the bright returners for next season, concludes the year 29-2.  

Bronco senior Adam Hall avenged a championship round upset to #8 Jason Welch of Northwestern by coming back strong in a rematch.  Welch had ended Hall's individual dream of a national title with a takedown in the final seconds of their match Friday night but this time it was no contest.  Hall built a 2-0 lead heading into the third period and ended any Welch hopes for another upset with a takedown in the third.  A riding time point gave Hall a 5-1 victory and fifth place.  Hall (30-2 this season) finishes his career as a two-time All-American and second all-time in career wins with a record of 122-18.  Only Tyler Sherfey (124-39) has a better career record.

Promising heavyweight J.T. Felix got a couple of wins in Philadelphia and Alan Bartelli and Jacob Swartz also scored a win.  But in the end, it was too many injuries and too many missed opportunities that kept Boise State from a higher finish.  For the seniors, they leave a legacy of incredible individual and team success and have a strong record to be proud of.  For the returning Broncos, they have something to shoot for.

Bronco Softball Team Earns Split at Prestigious Judi Garman Classic

#5 Arizona State stopped Boise State's winning streak at 12, but solid Bronco pitching shut down the mighty Nittany Lion bats to earn a split yesterday at the Judi Garman Softball Classic in Fullerton.  The Garman Classic annually draws in some of the top softball teams in the nation and this year is no exception.  Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Penn State, Washington, Texas, Michigan, Arizona, Illinois and the fifth-ranked ASU team are some of the many teams participating.

The Sun Devils were explosive in dealing Boise State a 9-3 loss yesterday afternoon.  ASU scored two runs in the first inning when Alix Johnson doubled, marking the first time the Broncos had trailed in 76 innings.  The high-powered Devil offense plated two unearned runs in the second and then broke the game open with three more runs in the third and another in the fourth.  

The Broncos rallied from the 8-0 deficit in the fourth as junior Kellie Caplan led off with a single.  After two outs, Devon Bridges and Vanessa Alvarez each singled to bring Caplan home with Boise State's first run of the game.  Lela Work followed with a single, but pinch-runner Brittany Barcellos was gunned down trying to score.  

Arizona State scored again in the top of the sixth to make it 9-1but the Broncos answered.  Caplan, Bourke and Crump bunched singles together to score another run.  Crump's RBI-single through the right side of the infield drove in Caplan.  Bridges then walked to load the bases and Alvarez drove in Bourke with a fielder's choice.  Another walk loaded the bases but the Broncos could not capitalize again. 

 Arizona State advanced to 30-2 with the win while Boise State saw its winning streak end at 12.

Boise State would bounce back in the nightcap by stifling Penn State 1-0.  Coach Erin Thorpe's team got just two hits but the superb hurling of Aubray Zell kept the Nittany Lions away from home plate.  

Zell fired her third complete game shutout of the season and did not allow a walk in thoroughly confusing the Nittany Lions.  Zell scattered three hits in picking up the victory.

Boise State scored what would prove the game-winner in the third as freshman Mackenzie Whyte led off with a single.  Caplan reached safely on a PSU error and one out later Crump walked to load the bases.  After the second out, Alvarez drew a walk to force Whyte in with the unearned run.  Boise State threatened again in the fifth when Caplan reached third base with one out, but she was thrown out trying to score on Crump's grounder.

Zell (5-1) retired the Nittany Lionettes in order in the fourth and worked out of trouble in the fifth.  Penn State had something going with a leadoff hit, an error and a passed ball that put two runners in scoring position with two outs.  Zell got a ground ball to end the inning nad once again retired the side in order in the seventh to preserve the Bronco victory.

Boise State is now 15-9 while Penn State fell to 13-11 this season.  

The Broncos once again go for the program's first win over a ranked team when they meet #4 Washington this afternoon at 2 Mountain Time.  Boise State will then face host Cal State Fullerton at 4:30.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New WAC Commissioner's Cup Standings

With Boise State's WAC gymnastics title and Utah State's fifth-place finish, here are the new Western Athletic Conference Cup Standings.

So here are the current standings:

1.  Boise State 64.50
2.  Utah State 59.75
3.  New Mexico State 42.25
4.  Fresno 41.00
5.  Idaho 40.50
6.  Nevada 38.50
7.  Hawai'i 37.00
8.  Louisiana Tech 33.00
9.  San Jose State 29.50

Boise State Will Get 69 points in Learfield Cup for Wrestling

That is more than last year of course.  That brings the Bronco total to 168 so far this year, slightly behind last year's pace.

Boise State Will Get 27 Points in Learfield Cup for Swimming

That makes up for the loss of points in women's soccer this year but does not make up for the decrease in football.

Boise State Swimmers will finish about #39

The Broncos have never had a swimmer at the event, so this is, pardon, "getting your feet wet".  Sorry.  In any case, that will earn the school points in the Learfield Cup.

WAC Gymnastics About to Get Underway

in San Jose.  Refresh for updates.

Broncos and Utah State have a bye through the first rotation.

They are underway--Wallace of San Jose with a 9.725 on beam--that has to be a disappointment for the woman expected to challenge for the all-around crown.  Lamb & Jeffrey of Southern Utah also getting 9.725's on bars to open.  Scores are extremely low to start.  Almost one rotation done and the high score of the night is 9.8.  Don't know if they're being ultra picky, they want to allow room for improvement, or the performances simply are not that good.

Southern Utah gets 48.100 on bars, very low score.  Sac State gets 48.550 on floor.  Fullerton is on vault.  San Jose State performed on beat; two disasters leaves the Spartans with 47.650.  Waiting for Fullerton's final vault, which I'm sure has already happened.  More than likely a scorekeeper asleep at the wheel.

Hannah Redmon of Boise State 9.825 on bars, ridiculous.  Brittany Potvin-Green 9.750.  So now we have judges with a chip on their shoulder.  The low scores of the other teams are not actually that low.  Katie Tuller with a 9.775, Amy Glass with a 9.125, Lindsay Kazandjian with a 9.75 and Kelsey Black with a 9.725.  Broncos get 48.845.

A 9.8 is the new 9.9 with these WAC judges.

They liked what Southern Utah did on the beam--gave 'em a 49.325 as a team.  That's practically record-breaking for them and yet the other scores are all 9.8 and lower so far.

After two rotations, the #13 Broncos are barely ahead.  Boise State with 97.575 to 97.425 for Southern Utah.  Sacramento State has 97.225 to 97.050 for Fullerton State, 96.500 for San Jose State and 96.200 for Utah State.  Those scores are all about what the teams score week by week, with the huge exception of Boise State.

Sac State with a 48.075 on bars, Fullerton with 48.125 on beam, San Jose State with a 48.400 on vault, Boise State and Utah State with byes again.  And another great score by Southern Utah, 48.800 on floor.

Boise State moves to the floor, needing a 48.7 just to tie the fabulous Thunderbirds.  9.750 for Kelsey Lang.  9.825 for Hailey Gaspar--nicely done.  9.575 for Kelsey Black, 9.750 from Amy Glass, Redmon 9.825 and Sarah Smith 9.800.  Boise State gets a 48.950, so about a 2-3/10th's lead is all they have heading into the final rotation for the WAC title.

The good thing for the Broncos is that Southern Utah is finishing up on vault, so Boise State will know what they need to win in the final rotation.  Utah State is on bars and Sacramento State is on beam.  S. Utah also got a 9.750 for their first score.  They are pretty much averaging 9.7's in their final rotation, will get around 48.5.

Utah State had 48.475 on bars.  Sac State 48.250 on beam, they finish with 193.550.  Southern Utah finishes at  194.825.  That is the score to beat.

Boise State has 146.525 heading into the final rotation.  Fullerton has 145.175 and San Jose State 144.900.  Utah State has 144.675.  Those four will all be competing on their final respective apparatuses.

Boise State needs exactly 48.300 to tie for the WAC championship.

Ari Lamb has 39.100 and that is the all-around score to beat.  It appears that Amy Glass, the #8-ranked gymnast in the country, cannot beat the incredible Lamb and she will win the all-around.

This competition is also important for the WAC Commissioner's Cup, in which Boise State is clinging to a 3/4's of a point lead.  If Utah State wins, they take over the Cup lead as well, but USU could finish last tonight.

Amanda Otuafi gets 9.750 on vault.  Boise State now needs 38.550 to win--an average of 9.638 for the remaining four scores.

9.850 for Hailey Gaspar, leaving Boise State 28.700 short of the title.

Brittany Potvin-Green, 9.800--now just 18.900 short.

Hannah Redmon--9.875 and Boise State is 9.025 short of the title.

Amy Glass needs that to win.

9.9, and Boise State is the new 2011 WAC Champions!

Bronco Tennis Team Tops #40 New Mexico 5-2

Difficult to reconcile this one with losing the doubles point to Idaho earlier in the day but that's sports.

Boise State will try to make up for the doubles point when singles play commences at 10 a.m. Sunday.  The Broncos take on South Florida this afternoon at 2.

Bronco Wrestlers could be as low as #9

With the other eight wrestlers done, all Boise State can do now is wait and hope someone loses.  Lehigh with two wrestlers can pass them and Arizona State can as well.  That would push them to #9.

Bubba Jenkins' pin just ensured ASU will top Boise State.  Kudos to the Wildcats--they came to this tournament to wrestle.  ASU will finish 7th and Boise State 8th or 9th, depending on what Lehigh does.

Lehigh lost first championship match.  If they lose the second, I think Boise State can still get 8th.

Boise State indeed finishes 9th, which beats the 10th-place finish in 1999.

Hochstrasser About to Go for National Championship

C'mon, Hoch, give Bronco fans something to be happy about in these championships!

He wrestles Jordan Oliver of Oklahoma State, who knocked him off in Stillwater.

Robles is finishing off his opponent at 125.  If Robles gets bonus points and Hoch loses, ASU could pass Boise State in the standings and the would be the ultimate humiliation.

Ok, the finish there was 7-1 so I believe the two teams are tied right now.  But ASU has two in the finals to only one for Boise State--so the hopes of the entire team rest on one Andrew Hochstrasser's shoulders.  Let's see how broad they are.

Right off the bat, takedown Oliver 2-0.

Escape 2-1.

Another takedown.  Oliver is the one person Andrew has trouble with.

Oh-oh, near fall.  6-1.

6-2 as Hoch escapes to end the period.  He has his work cut out for him now.

Another takedown. 8-2.  I haven't seen Andrew dominated like this in I don't know how long.

8-3 with the escape.

No offense at all yet from Hoch.

8-3 at the end of 2.

It's over--8-4.  Good effort but no national champions for Boise State.  And it looks like they're going to be #7 or 8 in the team.

Boise State Hopes to Win Back WAC Gymnastics Championship

There shouldn't be any looking ahead for Boise State.

First and foremost on the Broncos' menu of opportunities is the Western Athletic Conference Gymnastics Championships in San Jose tonight.  That Boise State did not win the WAC last year is no doubt something that coaches Tina Bird and Neil Resnick reminded the team.  First things first.

It is Southern Utah, and not Boise State, that is defending the WAC title as the Thunderbirds are ranked #33 in the nation.  Southern Utah is led by all-around performers Shannon Coughlin and Lindsey Schultz while Ari Lamb excels on beam.

But the team that may be the dark horse is host San Jose State.  At a dual meet earlier this year, the Spartan women pushed Boise State to the end before losing a close decision.  San Jose State is 34th in the nation with a two-meet winning streak.  Thomasina Wallace is one of the top gymnasts in the conference, ranked 25th in the nation.  Wallace and Lily Swann have combined to win 27 events this season.

Utah State is young but still #46 in the country.  Jackie Dillon is the Aggies' top hope, ranking sixth in the WAC.  Sacramento State had a high of 195.075 last weekend against Boise State and is peaking at the right time.  Cal State Fullerton has a best of 191.050 and is hoping to perform its best meet of the season.

Boise State is 13th nationally, led by Amy Glass and Hannah Redmon.  Redmon began performing all four events last weekend and the Broncos need her on all four. 

Boise State begins the competition with a bye and will open up in the second rotation on bars and then perform on the beam.  The Broncos then have another bye before finishing up on floor and vault. 

The Championship begins at 7 p.m. Mountain time.

Boise State Hosts Evansville Monday Night

Boise State will try to keep its postseason going when the host Evansville Monday night in Taco Bell Arena.  It will be the second round of the CBI Basketball Tournament.

Evansville advanced by beating Hofstra 77-70 while the Broncos prevailed over Austin Peay 83-80 last week. 

Evansville comes into Monday night’s game on a bit of a losing streak, losing five of their last seven.  The Broncos are well aware of that situation, both because they themselves went through a four-game losing streak earlier in the year, and because they then won eight in a row.  Boise State Coach Leon Rice knows that fortunes can turn on a dime, and he wants his team ready.

Evansville is 13-3 at home, but just 3-11 on the road this season.

Evansville has one notch in their belt that the Broncos don’t; they beat a top 25 team (#23 Butler 71-68) which Boise State came up empty in three tries against #17 Utah State. 

Colt Ryan makes things go for the Purple Aces, as he has led the team in scoring in 20 of 31 games this season, including the last seven.  He fired in 32 points against Illinois State and another 31 vs. Middle Tennessee earlier this year.  Ryan is averaging 15.9 this season.  He is a 40-percent shooter from three-point land (63-155) but can also drive the hoop.  You don’t want to foul Ryan—he shoots 87.8% (130-148) from the free-throw line.  He has a good sense of what is happening around him and will head to the basket on a shot—Ryan has a pretty good 3.3 rebounding average for a guard.  Ryan is third on the team in assists with 73 and he also leads Evansville with 40 steals; he can hurt you in a lot of ways. 

 Kenneth Harris has paced Evansville in rebounding in 17 games, going over the double-digit mark on three occasions.  He averages 6.1 on the season to go with 8.1 points a game and has 35 steals and 14 blocked shots.  He isn’t a sharpshooter (75-201), but more of the kind of guy who will persist until the ball goes in.  Denver Holmes is another threat for triples (21-53) and leads the team with 89 assists.  Along with Ryan, that’s a good guard tandem.

Watch out for Piete van Tongeren—he shoots an amazing 64.1% (84-131) from the floor and also has 16 blocked shots.  He will have to be challenged by Boise State’s La’Shard Anderson to try to get some quick fouls.  Underneath, the Broncos may want to either play zone or do some double-teaming.  Kavon Lacey completes the lineup for the Purple Aces; he is a playmaker with 89 assists and averages 5.1 points a game.

Ned Cox doesn’t start but he factors heavily into Evansville’s game plan.  Cox averages 7 a game, will shoot threes and dish out assists.  Clint Hopf is another guy quick off the bench to provide inside help.    

Evansville plays good, sound basketball.  They’re not going to “Dr. J.” you with their athleticism, but they play good defense, rebound well, and take care of the basketball.  Boise State will have to play well to come out ahead.

Tipoff is set for 7 p.m. Monday night in the Arena.

NCAA Wrestling Standings prior to Championship Matches

1.  Penn State 103.5
2.  Cornell 89.5
3.  Iowa 86.5
4.  Oklahoma State 66.5 (2 in championships)
5.  American 65 (1 in championships)
6.  Minnesota 61
7.  Boise State 57.5 (1 in championships)
8.  Lehigh 54.5 (2 in championships)
8.  Wisconsin 54.5
10.  Arizona State 52.5 (2 in championships)
11.  Stanford 44
12.  Central Michigan 39
12.  Northwestern 39
14.  Nebraska 38.5
15.  Oklahoma 38
16.  Maryland 35.5
17.  Missouri
18.  Michigan 34.5
19.  Kent State 31
20.  Iowa State 27.5

Boucher, North Do Not Qualify

Boise State's Amber Boucher finished 18th today in the 100-yard prelims at the NCAA National Swimming Championships in Austin, Texas.  She did not qualify.  Her teammate, Stephanie North, was 29th, so Boise State is finished in the competition with Boucher's five points.

Boise State currently in 35th place but of course they will drop as the races continue into the night.