Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Bronco Competing in Decathlon or Heptathlon

Boise State loses out on chances to score easy points in the multi-events, with no one entered in the men's decathlon or the women's heptathlon.  It's a gift to the other schools and puts Boise State behind from the start.

Projections for Mountain West Men's Track Championships

Boise State heads to Las Vegas for the Mountain West Outdoor Track and Field Championships, which begins today.  Here are team projections for the Men's:

1.    Air Force 151 (defending champion)
2.    Boise State 130
3.    Colorado State 115
4.    New Mexico 94
5.    Wyoming 78

Boise State has been unbeatable in the field events in years past, while scoring less in running events.  This year, the situation is reversed.  Boise State is the leader in running events with 109, while only picking up 21 in field events.  If the Broncos can enter more people in the field events and beat that score of 21, they stand an excellent chance of coming home to Boise with a conference championship.