Thursday, May 9, 2013

Colorado State Jumps Out to Huge Lead in Mountain West Men, San Diego State Roars Out to Big Lead in Women

By not entering either a decathlete or a heptahlete, Boise State is behind the eight-ball in the Mountain West Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

To win the title, a team pretty much has to score points in every event, and you certainly don't want to give the competition a landslide.  But that is what has happened.  Colorado State scored 28 easy points in the decathlon with four athletes entered while defending champion Air Force got 5.  In the women's competition, San Diego State scored 22, while New Mexico (7 points), Wyoming (6), Nevada (3), Colorado State (1) all got a jump on Boise State.

But the main part of the competition begins tomorrow, and we'll see if the Broncos can make up the huge gap.