Friday, March 9, 2012

Boise State Gymnasts Fall Short of 197 Mark but Beat #49 California 195.875 to 193.050

The Broncos took care of Pac-12 foe California tonight at Taco Bell Arena.  They really miss senior Amy Glass, whom they have done without for parts of two seasons.  Ciera Perkins stepped up and won two events but Boise State still fell short of the 197 score they will need to reach Nationals.

Boise State Gets 49.2 on Beam

I have to check but I believe that is Boise State's best score of the season on the beam in their meet with Cal tonight.

Boise State Women in 23rd Place at Indoor Track Championships

Boise State is #23 on the sole strength of Mele Vaisima, who finished sixth in the weight throw today.

A check of last year's points for the Learfield Director's Cup shows that a #50 finish gets you 21 points.  That is about what I would expect for Boise State when the Track & Field Championships conclude tomorrow.

The Broncos should also get points in men's track if Kurt Felix can score points tomorrow, and should score in women's swimming and in wrestling.

Felix Finishes Ninth in Long Jump

Kurt Felix finished ninth in the long jump at the 2012 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships in Nampa, Idaho  with a leap of 24-feet, 10-inches.

Felix just missed scoring points for the Broncos with his finish.  Kurt finished the first day of the heptathlon competition in second place, a good thing, because his final three events are not near as good as his first four.  

Scoring Malfunctions at Boise State

The live gymnastics results have hit a snag and Boise State has not fixed the problem.  We will bring you an update just as soon as the program is restored.

Broncos Score 48.975 on Bars

Again short of the 49.250 they need.  Boise State leads Cal (97.675) but Cal if not the team that the Broncos will be facing in Regionals.

Boise State Gymnasts Get 49.150

on vault.  Just a little shy of what they need to earn a 197.  The Broncos need 49.250 per event tonight.

Boise State with 49.075 on Vault to Open Gymnastics Meet with California

The Pac-12 may not have invited Boise State into its conference, so the Boise State gymnasts are extracting revenge by taking it to California in the early going.  The Bronco women have 49.075 points with two competitors left in the vault portion of the competition.  California has 48.650.  The Broncos now need 197 points per meet to reach the Top 10 and the NCAA National Championships.

Lady Bronco Softball Team Has Beaten Alcorn State 4-0

Aubray Zell turned in a gem as she tied the school record with 14 strikeouts.  Boise State is now 14-8.

Bronco Softball Team Still Leads Alcorn State 4-0

Kenzie Cole pitching the seventh trying to send her team to victory.

Boise State Leads Alcorn State

4-0 after five innings.

Lady Broncos Lose to 10-19 New Mexico 51-50

Boise State finished the game 18 of 62 from the field.  19 of 62 would have beaten New Mexico. 

Boise State Closes to 51-50

NM missed a three-pointer with 31 seconds left that would have likely sealed the deal.  Boise State ball.

New Mexico Continues to Lead Boise State 41-40

8:05 left.  

Lady Broncos Close to 35-33

13:04 left in the game.  Boise State now playing like they mean it.

They have upped their field goal percentage to 27.5% (11-40).

Boise State & Alcorn State Scoreless

After 2 1/2 innings of play in Missouri.

Boise State Still Shooting Long-Range Shots

Broncos are now 7-33 from the field.  Even with that, they have cut the lead to 29-22.

C'mon Lady Broncos--time to start taking the bull by the horns and grab control of this game.

New Mexico Leads Boise State 29-17

Halftime score.  Boise State has slipped to 6-of-30 from the field.

Bronco Women Losing 22-15

4:07 left in first half.  Boise State is 5-23 from the floor (21.7%)

The gals just need to relax and have fun.  They are the better team and need to be aggressive.

Boise State Women Trail New Mexico 12-6

Broncos are already down to the 10-19 Lobo women; 11:38 left in the first half.  Looks like the Broncos are playing tentative, the exact opposite of how they beat Colorado State.

Boise State is 3-12 from the field and is getting beat to the ball, 12 rebounds for UNM and 6 for Boise State.

Boise State Softball Team Loses to Missouri

8-0 final.  The Broncos take on Alcorn State at 4:30.

Vaisima Finishes Sixth in Weight Throw, 3 Team Points for Boise State Women

Congratulations to Mele Vaisima, All-American!!!

Mele Vaisima - NCAA All-American

 PlaceAthlete NameAffiliationMarkPtsRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6
 1Jeneva McCallSouthern Illinois22.90m75-1 ¾10 22.09m
(1) 72-5 ¾
(1) 75-1 ¾
(1) 74-4 ½
 2Ida StormUCLA21.48m70-5 ¾17.66m
(12) 57-11 ¼
(4) 66-4 ¼
(3) 67-5 ½
(2) 70-5 ¾
(2) 67-0
 3Brittany SmithIllinois State20.89m68-6 ½FOUL20.45m
(3) 67-1 ¼
(2) 68-6 ½
(2) 63-8 ¾
(3) 67-7 ½
 4Felisha JohnsonIndiana State20.52m67-420.52m
(2) 67-4
(2) 63-8 ¼
 5Beth RohlMichigan State20.20m66-3 ¼18.74m
(5) 61-5 ¾
(6) 63-11 ¾
(5) 66-3 ¼
(5) 64-5 ¾
(5) 63-7 ½
 6Mele VaisimaBoise State20.07m65-10 ¼FOUL19.97m
(4) 65-6 ¼
(5) 64-10 ¾
(6) 65-0
(6) 65-10 ¼
(6) 64-7 ¾
 7Amanda BingsonUNLV19.97m65-6 ¼18.68m
(6) 61-3 ½
(9) 63-9 ½
(9) 62-4
(7) 65-6 ¼
 8Erin AtkinsonBaylor19.80m64-11 ½19.80m
(3) 64-11 ½
(5) 63-2 ¼
(6) 61-0 ¼
(7) 63-11 ¾
(8) 64-7 ¾
 9Maggie MullenOhio State19.62m64-4 ½FOULFOUL19.62m
(7) 64-4 ½
(9) 59-11 ¾
(9) 63-3 ¼
 10Amashi-Ali KendallLouisville19.42m63-8 ¾18.04m
(11) 59-2 ¼
(10) 63-8 ¾

 11Benia GregoireFlorida Int'l19.34m63-5 ½19.34m
(4) 63-5 ½
(7) 63-2

 12Kelly ClosseTexas Tech19.33m63-5FOUL19.27m
(8) 63-2 ¾
(12) 63-5

 13Alena KrechykKansas18.87m61-1118.54m
(9) 60-10
(13) 61-11

 14Dani BunchPurdue18.84m61-9 ¾18.60m
(8) 61-0 ¼
(9) 61-9 ¾

 15Valerie WertAkron18.76m61-6 ¾18.63m
(7) 61-1 ½
(15) 61-6 ¾

 16Denise HintonLSU18.06m59-318.06m
(10) 59-3

 17Taylor SmithWisconsin17.30m56-9 ¼16.18m
(13) 53-1
(16) 56-9 ¼

Vaisima Currently in 6th in Women's Weight Throw

Big news happening as one of our hometown favorites, Mele Vaisima of Boise State, is in 6th in the weight throw.  Vaisima has a throw of 65-6 1/4.

Felix in Second Place After First Day of Heptathlon at 2012 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships

He won't win it, but Kurt's job is to finish in the top eight.  He would attain All-America status and also give Boise State points for the Learfield Cup.

1.  Gray Horn, Florida (3,357 points)
2.  Kurt Felix, Boise State (3,344)
3.  Japheth Cato, Wisconsin (3,333)
4.  Cory Holman, Georgia (3,311)
5.  Kevin Lazas, Arkansas (3,305)
6.  Gunnar Nixon, Arkansas (3,299)
7.  Bjorn Barrefors, Nebraska (3,268)
8.  Curtis Beach, Duke (3,250)
9.  Mantis Silkauskas, Kansas State (3,231)
10.  Romain Martin, Texas-Arlington (3,185)
11.  Petter Olson, Texas (3,165)
12.  Isaac Murphy, Texas (3,023)
13.  Daniel Gooris, Northern Iowa (2,988)
14.  Dave Grzesiak, Wisconsin (2,939)
15.  Asa Stafin, Montana State (2,933)

Final Heptathlon High Jump Results

Men's HeptathlonHigh Jump

 PlaceAthlete Name AffiliationMarkPoints
 1Cory Holman Georgia2.08m6-9 ¾878
 2Kurt Felix Boise State2.08m6-9 ¾878
 3Japheth Cato Wisconsin2.08m6-9 ¾878
 4Gunnar Nixon Arkansas2.05m6-8 ¾850
 5Romain Martin UT-Arlington2.02m6-7 ½822
 5Dave Grzesiak Wisconsin2.02m6-7 ½822
 7Gray Horn Florida1.99m6-6 ¼794
 8Curtis Beach Duke1.99m6-6 ¼794
 9Kevin Lazas Arkansas1.96m6-5767
 10Petter Olson Texas1.96m6-5767
 11Bjorn Barrefors Nebraska1.96m6-5767
 12Asa Staven Montana State1.93m6-4740
 13Daniel Gooris Northern Iowa1.93m6-4740
 14Mantas Silkauskas Kansas State1.90m6-2 ¾714
 15Marcus Nilsson UCLA1.87m6-1 ½687
 16Isaac Murphy Texas1.81m5-11 ¼