Friday, March 22, 2013

Chamberlain Wins, Will Wrestle in Championship Match

Jason Chamberlain of Boise State won his semifinal match 7-3 and will take on Jordan Oliver of Oklahoma tomorrow night for the national championship at 149 pounds.

Half a Boise State Team has 19.5 Points

If all 10 members of the Bronco wrestling team were at the NCAA's and did as well as this five, Boise State would have 39 points right now and would be in third place.  Incentive for the rest of the team to join the party next year!

Virginia Tech, Oklahoma and Nebraska are the teams immediately ahead of Boise State and we'll try to keep you posted on how they do as well.

A Nebraska wrestler is going at 184 and won 7-5 so they'll move further ahead.  Kolb lost at 197 and is out.

Felix about to wrestle in quarterfinal

Felix won his last match by medical forfeit and he has his work cut out for him here.  Be sure to go to the Felix Progress Tracker thread for live updates of his match.

They're going to wait until the Consolation matches are over at 197 before proceeding with the heavyweight quarterfinals.