Saturday, March 19, 2011

New WAC Commissioner's Cup Standings

With Boise State's WAC gymnastics title and Utah State's fifth-place finish, here are the new Western Athletic Conference Cup Standings.

So here are the current standings:

1.  Boise State 64.50
2.  Utah State 59.75
3.  New Mexico State 42.25
4.  Fresno 41.00
5.  Idaho 40.50
6.  Nevada 38.50
7.  Hawai'i 37.00
8.  Louisiana Tech 33.00
9.  San Jose State 29.50

Boise State Will Get 69 points in Learfield Cup for Wrestling

That is more than last year of course.  That brings the Bronco total to 168 so far this year, slightly behind last year's pace.

Boise State Will Get 27 Points in Learfield Cup for Swimming

That makes up for the loss of points in women's soccer this year but does not make up for the decrease in football.

Boise State Swimmers will finish about #39

The Broncos have never had a swimmer at the event, so this is, pardon, "getting your feet wet".  Sorry.  In any case, that will earn the school points in the Learfield Cup.

WAC Gymnastics About to Get Underway

in San Jose.  Refresh for updates.

Broncos and Utah State have a bye through the first rotation.

They are underway--Wallace of San Jose with a 9.725 on beam--that has to be a disappointment for the woman expected to challenge for the all-around crown.  Lamb & Jeffrey of Southern Utah also getting 9.725's on bars to open.  Scores are extremely low to start.  Almost one rotation done and the high score of the night is 9.8.  Don't know if they're being ultra picky, they want to allow room for improvement, or the performances simply are not that good.

Southern Utah gets 48.100 on bars, very low score.  Sac State gets 48.550 on floor.  Fullerton is on vault.  San Jose State performed on beat; two disasters leaves the Spartans with 47.650.  Waiting for Fullerton's final vault, which I'm sure has already happened.  More than likely a scorekeeper asleep at the wheel.

Hannah Redmon of Boise State 9.825 on bars, ridiculous.  Brittany Potvin-Green 9.750.  So now we have judges with a chip on their shoulder.  The low scores of the other teams are not actually that low.  Katie Tuller with a 9.775, Amy Glass with a 9.125, Lindsay Kazandjian with a 9.75 and Kelsey Black with a 9.725.  Broncos get 48.845.

A 9.8 is the new 9.9 with these WAC judges.

They liked what Southern Utah did on the beam--gave 'em a 49.325 as a team.  That's practically record-breaking for them and yet the other scores are all 9.8 and lower so far.

After two rotations, the #13 Broncos are barely ahead.  Boise State with 97.575 to 97.425 for Southern Utah.  Sacramento State has 97.225 to 97.050 for Fullerton State, 96.500 for San Jose State and 96.200 for Utah State.  Those scores are all about what the teams score week by week, with the huge exception of Boise State.

Sac State with a 48.075 on bars, Fullerton with 48.125 on beam, San Jose State with a 48.400 on vault, Boise State and Utah State with byes again.  And another great score by Southern Utah, 48.800 on floor.

Boise State moves to the floor, needing a 48.7 just to tie the fabulous Thunderbirds.  9.750 for Kelsey Lang.  9.825 for Hailey Gaspar--nicely done.  9.575 for Kelsey Black, 9.750 from Amy Glass, Redmon 9.825 and Sarah Smith 9.800.  Boise State gets a 48.950, so about a 2-3/10th's lead is all they have heading into the final rotation for the WAC title.

The good thing for the Broncos is that Southern Utah is finishing up on vault, so Boise State will know what they need to win in the final rotation.  Utah State is on bars and Sacramento State is on beam.  S. Utah also got a 9.750 for their first score.  They are pretty much averaging 9.7's in their final rotation, will get around 48.5.

Utah State had 48.475 on bars.  Sac State 48.250 on beam, they finish with 193.550.  Southern Utah finishes at  194.825.  That is the score to beat.

Boise State has 146.525 heading into the final rotation.  Fullerton has 145.175 and San Jose State 144.900.  Utah State has 144.675.  Those four will all be competing on their final respective apparatuses.

Boise State needs exactly 48.300 to tie for the WAC championship.

Ari Lamb has 39.100 and that is the all-around score to beat.  It appears that Amy Glass, the #8-ranked gymnast in the country, cannot beat the incredible Lamb and she will win the all-around.

This competition is also important for the WAC Commissioner's Cup, in which Boise State is clinging to a 3/4's of a point lead.  If Utah State wins, they take over the Cup lead as well, but USU could finish last tonight.

Amanda Otuafi gets 9.750 on vault.  Boise State now needs 38.550 to win--an average of 9.638 for the remaining four scores.

9.850 for Hailey Gaspar, leaving Boise State 28.700 short of the title.

Brittany Potvin-Green, 9.800--now just 18.900 short.

Hannah Redmon--9.875 and Boise State is 9.025 short of the title.

Amy Glass needs that to win.

9.9, and Boise State is the new 2011 WAC Champions!

Bronco Tennis Team Tops #40 New Mexico 5-2

Difficult to reconcile this one with losing the doubles point to Idaho earlier in the day but that's sports.

Boise State will try to make up for the doubles point when singles play commences at 10 a.m. Sunday.  The Broncos take on South Florida this afternoon at 2.

Bronco Wrestlers could be as low as #9

With the other eight wrestlers done, all Boise State can do now is wait and hope someone loses.  Lehigh with two wrestlers can pass them and Arizona State can as well.  That would push them to #9.

Bubba Jenkins' pin just ensured ASU will top Boise State.  Kudos to the Wildcats--they came to this tournament to wrestle.  ASU will finish 7th and Boise State 8th or 9th, depending on what Lehigh does.

Lehigh lost first championship match.  If they lose the second, I think Boise State can still get 8th.

Boise State indeed finishes 9th, which beats the 10th-place finish in 1999.

Hochstrasser About to Go for National Championship

C'mon, Hoch, give Bronco fans something to be happy about in these championships!

He wrestles Jordan Oliver of Oklahoma State, who knocked him off in Stillwater.

Robles is finishing off his opponent at 125.  If Robles gets bonus points and Hoch loses, ASU could pass Boise State in the standings and the would be the ultimate humiliation.

Ok, the finish there was 7-1 so I believe the two teams are tied right now.  But ASU has two in the finals to only one for Boise State--so the hopes of the entire team rest on one Andrew Hochstrasser's shoulders.  Let's see how broad they are.

Right off the bat, takedown Oliver 2-0.

Escape 2-1.

Another takedown.  Oliver is the one person Andrew has trouble with.

Oh-oh, near fall.  6-1.

6-2 as Hoch escapes to end the period.  He has his work cut out for him now.

Another takedown. 8-2.  I haven't seen Andrew dominated like this in I don't know how long.

8-3 with the escape.

No offense at all yet from Hoch.

8-3 at the end of 2.

It's over--8-4.  Good effort but no national champions for Boise State.  And it looks like they're going to be #7 or 8 in the team.

Boise State Hopes to Win Back WAC Gymnastics Championship

There shouldn't be any looking ahead for Boise State.

First and foremost on the Broncos' menu of opportunities is the Western Athletic Conference Gymnastics Championships in San Jose tonight.  That Boise State did not win the WAC last year is no doubt something that coaches Tina Bird and Neil Resnick reminded the team.  First things first.

It is Southern Utah, and not Boise State, that is defending the WAC title as the Thunderbirds are ranked #33 in the nation.  Southern Utah is led by all-around performers Shannon Coughlin and Lindsey Schultz while Ari Lamb excels on beam.

But the team that may be the dark horse is host San Jose State.  At a dual meet earlier this year, the Spartan women pushed Boise State to the end before losing a close decision.  San Jose State is 34th in the nation with a two-meet winning streak.  Thomasina Wallace is one of the top gymnasts in the conference, ranked 25th in the nation.  Wallace and Lily Swann have combined to win 27 events this season.

Utah State is young but still #46 in the country.  Jackie Dillon is the Aggies' top hope, ranking sixth in the WAC.  Sacramento State had a high of 195.075 last weekend against Boise State and is peaking at the right time.  Cal State Fullerton has a best of 191.050 and is hoping to perform its best meet of the season.

Boise State is 13th nationally, led by Amy Glass and Hannah Redmon.  Redmon began performing all four events last weekend and the Broncos need her on all four. 

Boise State begins the competition with a bye and will open up in the second rotation on bars and then perform on the beam.  The Broncos then have another bye before finishing up on floor and vault. 

The Championship begins at 7 p.m. Mountain time.

Boise State Hosts Evansville Monday Night

Boise State will try to keep its postseason going when the host Evansville Monday night in Taco Bell Arena.  It will be the second round of the CBI Basketball Tournament.

Evansville advanced by beating Hofstra 77-70 while the Broncos prevailed over Austin Peay 83-80 last week. 

Evansville comes into Monday night’s game on a bit of a losing streak, losing five of their last seven.  The Broncos are well aware of that situation, both because they themselves went through a four-game losing streak earlier in the year, and because they then won eight in a row.  Boise State Coach Leon Rice knows that fortunes can turn on a dime, and he wants his team ready.

Evansville is 13-3 at home, but just 3-11 on the road this season.

Evansville has one notch in their belt that the Broncos don’t; they beat a top 25 team (#23 Butler 71-68) which Boise State came up empty in three tries against #17 Utah State. 

Colt Ryan makes things go for the Purple Aces, as he has led the team in scoring in 20 of 31 games this season, including the last seven.  He fired in 32 points against Illinois State and another 31 vs. Middle Tennessee earlier this year.  Ryan is averaging 15.9 this season.  He is a 40-percent shooter from three-point land (63-155) but can also drive the hoop.  You don’t want to foul Ryan—he shoots 87.8% (130-148) from the free-throw line.  He has a good sense of what is happening around him and will head to the basket on a shot—Ryan has a pretty good 3.3 rebounding average for a guard.  Ryan is third on the team in assists with 73 and he also leads Evansville with 40 steals; he can hurt you in a lot of ways. 

 Kenneth Harris has paced Evansville in rebounding in 17 games, going over the double-digit mark on three occasions.  He averages 6.1 on the season to go with 8.1 points a game and has 35 steals and 14 blocked shots.  He isn’t a sharpshooter (75-201), but more of the kind of guy who will persist until the ball goes in.  Denver Holmes is another threat for triples (21-53) and leads the team with 89 assists.  Along with Ryan, that’s a good guard tandem.

Watch out for Piete van Tongeren—he shoots an amazing 64.1% (84-131) from the floor and also has 16 blocked shots.  He will have to be challenged by Boise State’s La’Shard Anderson to try to get some quick fouls.  Underneath, the Broncos may want to either play zone or do some double-teaming.  Kavon Lacey completes the lineup for the Purple Aces; he is a playmaker with 89 assists and averages 5.1 points a game.

Ned Cox doesn’t start but he factors heavily into Evansville’s game plan.  Cox averages 7 a game, will shoot threes and dish out assists.  Clint Hopf is another guy quick off the bench to provide inside help.    

Evansville plays good, sound basketball.  They’re not going to “Dr. J.” you with their athleticism, but they play good defense, rebound well, and take care of the basketball.  Boise State will have to play well to come out ahead.

Tipoff is set for 7 p.m. Monday night in the Arena.

NCAA Wrestling Standings prior to Championship Matches

1.  Penn State 103.5
2.  Cornell 89.5
3.  Iowa 86.5
4.  Oklahoma State 66.5 (2 in championships)
5.  American 65 (1 in championships)
6.  Minnesota 61
7.  Boise State 57.5 (1 in championships)
8.  Lehigh 54.5 (2 in championships)
8.  Wisconsin 54.5
10.  Arizona State 52.5 (2 in championships)
11.  Stanford 44
12.  Central Michigan 39
12.  Northwestern 39
14.  Nebraska 38.5
15.  Oklahoma 38
16.  Maryland 35.5
17.  Missouri
18.  Michigan 34.5
19.  Kent State 31
20.  Iowa State 27.5

Boucher, North Do Not Qualify

Boise State's Amber Boucher finished 18th today in the 100-yard prelims at the NCAA National Swimming Championships in Austin, Texas.  She did not qualify.  Her teammate, Stephanie North, was 29th, so Boise State is finished in the competition with Boucher's five points.

Boise State currently in 35th place but of course they will drop as the races continue into the night.

Boise State Briefly Ahead of Minnesota for 6th

But Minnesota has four wrestlers to go while Boise State has one.  I don't think the Broncs can catch American for fifth.  They definitely need some pins--I don't know why Randall hasn't had his guys going for them.

But now Minnesota has pulled back in front with 67 points to 63.5 for Boise State.

Chamberlain will wrestle for 3rd place

about 10 minutes away.

Jason up 3-0 over Sanjaa.

Chamberlain wins 3-0.  Out of Hall, Hochstrasser, Smith & Chamberlain, Jason and Andrew are the ones that get it done.  Chamberlain gets third place and that's 2 1/2 more points for Boise State.

Hall Wins 5th Place Match 5-1

at 157 pounds.

Alright, here goes Hall for fifth.

29-2 vs. 29-6 for Welch, a man he already lost to.

Hall once again being tentative, a tactic that cost him the last time.

Gets the escape, something that Welch will get in the 3rd so we're still even, and one move could decide the match.
Hall awarded a point,now up 2-0.

Starting period three.

An escape, but Hall finally gets a takedown, up 4-1.

Current NCAA Wrestling Standings

After Consolation Semi's and counting a few at 125, Minnesota has now passed Boise State for 6th.

1.  Penn State 107.5
2.  Iowa 91
3.  Cornell 89
4.  American 75
5.  Oklahoma State 72
6.  Boise State 63.5 (Boise State has 3 wrestlers)
7.  Minnesota 60 (Minnesota has 5 wrestlers)
7.  Wisconsin 60 (Wisconsin has 4 wrestlers)
9.  Lehigh 53.5
10.  Arizona State 52.5

Boise State Now in Danger of Finishing 9th

With Adam Hall's defeat to a team Boise State is chasing in the standings, the chances of top five are slim.  Meanwhile, Minnesota is now just half a point away from the Broncos and has two wrestlers to go.  That would slide the Broncos down to #9.

Chamberlain wrestling now at 149

tied up at 1 with Jamaal Parks of Oklahoma State.

Third period.

Chamberlain wins with 30 seconds left in sudden victory.  Very important for team race as well.  Boise State scores 6.5 points with the win.  Chamberlain advances to the consolation final for third place.

Hall wrestling now at 157 pounds

losing 1-0 to Steve Fittery of American.  Important match for team standings.

Now in 3rd.  It's now or never for Hall.

He's going to lose on riding time if he doesn't get up soon.

subject to a near fall at the end, Hall loses 6-0 and the #1 seed will have to wrestle for 5th place.

Adam Hall about to Go at 157 Pounds Consolation Semi's

The #1 ranked wrestler would like to at least get third place for his efforts.  He needs two wins to do that.  Hall will wrestle #2 Steve Fittery of American today.  If Hall loses, Boise State cannot finish fifth place.

Broncos Host Idaho and New Mexico at Appleton

Boise State's tennis team tries to find its rhythm today with doubles competition against Idaho and a match set for noon against #40 New Mexico.  The Boise State-Idaho doubles play begins at 9 this morning at the Appleton Center.
The Boise State softball team dives into the deep end with games today against Arizona State and Penn State at the Judi Garman Classic in Fullerton, California.  The Broncos will meet ASU at 4:30 and the Nittany Lionettes at 6:30.