Monday, June 20, 2011

Congratulations to Boise State's Master of Fine Arts Professors

They don't get the press of the Fiesta Bowl, unfortunately, but I created this blog partially to help change that.

       Udall made several Top 10 lists

Over the last few years the faculty at Boise State in the Master of Fine Arts program has been achieving on a national level.  Brady Udall's novel "The Lonely Polygamist" made several national Top 10 fiction lists in 2010, including #9 in Publisher's Weekly, #10 at and #1 in Entertainment Weekly.  Udall was named Idaho's writer-in-residence, an honored awarded every three years by the Idaho Commission of the Arts.  It is the fifth such award for a Boise State writer since 1990.  Professor Anthony Doerr's book "Memory Wall" was named one of the best of 2010 as well--#9 by, #3 by the Boston Globe and #6 by The Oregonian, and was named a New York Times Notable Book and winner of the $20,000 Story Prize.

                                                     Boise State very fortunate to have Doerr

Janet Holmes produced a 2009 bestseller called "The MS of M Y Kin".  Mitch Wieland's 2009 book "God's Dogs" was judged Idaho Book of the Year, was a finalist for the John Gardner Fiction Book Award and was honored as a "Best of the West" prize anthology.  Martin Corless-Smith's new collection "English Fragments:  A Brief History of the Soul" drew the praise of longtime Boston Review poetry editor Timothy Donnelly, who named Corless-Smith one of his six favorite contemporary poets.

Huffington Post recently went further, ranking Boise State among the Top 25 underrated programs in the country along with Cornell, Johns Hopkins and Purdue.  The web site praised Boise State for its "enviable setting, robust support for students and extremely strong faculty in both fiction and poetry."
I salute these fine teachers of the students of Boise State.

Boise State Vs. the Nation in SFL Football This Week

Six Boise State teams will take on six National Champions in Week Five of the Simulation Football League, including four matchups pitting Bronco teams against the teams that were crowned "mythical national champions".

The 2006 Boise State team is already on record as having disposed of "BCS National Champion" Florida.  This week, the 2009 Bronco team goes against Alabama while the 2010 Boise State team gets its shot at Auburn, the 2004 Bronco team plays the 2004 USC champions and the 2001 Boise State team challenges the Miami Hurricanes.  The Leave No Doubt team has a tough go against the 2005 team from Texas and the 2005 Boise State team meets up with the 2007 LSU team.

In intradivisional games, the 2007 Boise State team takes on the 2003 team, the 2006 Fiesta Bowl team plays the 2008 Bronco team, the 2002 Ohio State team plays the 2008 Florida squad and the 2006 Florida team faces the 2003 LSU team.

All games are Saturday at neutral sites.