Sunday, April 26, 2015

Boise State's History in the Learfield Cup

Season             Ranking          Points
1993-94           77th                  116.5
1994-95           86th                  125.0
1995-96           89th                  84.5
1996-97           65th                  116.5
1997-98           96th                  70
1998-99           86th                  90
1999-2000       84th                  184
2000-01           114th                134
2001-02           118th                143
2002-03           63rd                  281
2003-04           66th                  256.25
2004-05           65th                  270
2005-06           83rd                  192.5
2006-07           97th                  196
2007-08           77th                  257.50
2008-09           49th                  449.30
2009-10           60th                  351.00
2010-11           83rd                  228.30
2011-12           70th                  273.75
2012-13           83rd                  233.50
2013-14           74th                  293.50

Boise State #61 in Learfield Cup Final Winter Standings

Boise State Wins Mountain West Men's Tennis Championship

Boise State finished an improbable run to capture the Mountain West Men's Tennis Championship for the fourth consecutive year in Albuquerque, New Mexico today with a 4-3 win over Nevada.
Brian Foley scored two service breaks in the third and final set, then served for the match for a dramatic victory. Boise State topped #4 seed Fresno State and #1 seed New Mexico to reach today's finals. Nevada got on the board first by winning the doubles point. Robert Allan and Moez Chargui downed Abe Hewko and Brian Foley 6-2. After Garrett Patton and Toby Mitchell won at #2 doubles, the #1 Nevada doubles team of Andrew Poustie and Fernand Sunago beat Thomas Tenreiro and Lewis Roskilly of Boise State 6-4. For the second consecutive day, that meant that Boise State would have to win four of the six singles matches to win the championship. Hewko (#6 singles) and Mitchell (#3 singles) both won first sets, with Abe winning 6-2 and Toby 6-0. Roskilly captured a late break at #5 singles, and went on to win his opening set 6-4. But when late breaks at both #1 and #2 singles went against the Broncos, Nevada grabbed a huge momentum swing. Chargui topped Patton 7-5 in the opening set, while Andrada defeated Tenreiro 6-4.   Hewko won his match 6-2, 6-2 to even the team score at one apiece. Mitchell followed shortly afterwards with a 6-0, 6-2 win. Roskilly then scored a break in his second set and emerged victorious 6-4, 6-2 at #5 singles. Boise State held a 3-1 lead at this point, and was one match away from victory. Tenreiro fell at #2 singles, 6-4, 6-3, and when Patton went down at #1 singles, 7-5, 6-2, the scoreboard read Boise State 3, Nevada 3. That focused all attention on #4 singles between Foley and Sunago, a match that had gone back and forth all day. Foley was down two set points in the opening set before battling back and winning 7-6 in a tense tiebreaker. He broke serve early to go up 3-1, and scored another break to lead 5-2.   Brian then went up 40-0, setting up four match points. Sunago battled back to save two of them, but with the score 40-30, a Sunago swing ended up in the net, and the victorious Broncos rushed towards the winning Foley to celebrate their championship. Boise State won its fourth consecutive Mountain West title--the Broncos have still never lost a match in conference championship play. Coach Greg Patton's team will advance to the NCAA Championships against a team to be named later. The win gave Boise State its fifth conference title this school year, and ensures the Broncos will get at least 25 more points in the Learfield Cup. The Learfield Cup is awarded annually to the college with the best overall sports department. Boise State currently ranks #61 in the nation.

Foley With Another Break

Brian Foley just ripped a backhand to win another game.  He goes up 4-1 in second set.

Update on Mountain West Tennis Championship

The match is tied at 3, with the #4 singles between Foley of Boise State and Sunago deciding the championship.

Foley leads 3-1 with Sunago serving at 30-all.

Patton Loses 7-5, 6-2

The match is indeed tied at 3.  Whoever wins #4 wins the match.

Foley with a Break in Second Set

He leads 2-1, and it appears that the match at #4 will be for the championship.  Can he hold on, or does Nevada get the win?

Chargui Leading Patton 5-2

Nevada serving for the match that will tie the team score at 3 apiece.

Tenreiro Loses at #2 Singles

Thomas loses 6-4, 6-3, so it is now Boise State 3, Nevada 2.  The Wolf Pack is favored at #4 singles, so unless Patton can rally at #1, it's going to be nervous time.

Roskilly Wins 6-4, 6-2 at #5 Singles

Boise State leads the match 3-1, but must find another player to win.  Two of the three Broncos are trailing in their individual matches.

Tenreiro Loses Break

Thomas is down 4-2 after losing first set.  So the match appears to be coming down to #4 singles.

To recap, Nevada captured the doubles point to put tremendous pressure on Boise State. 

Abe Hewko beat Robert Margitfalvi on Court 6 for a 6-2, 6-2 win to tie the match.  Toby Mitchell followed with a 6-0, 6-2 win at #3 singles to put Boise State up 2-1.  But that is very much a tenuous lead.

We say that because Moez Chargui leads Garrett Patton 7-5, 4-1 at #1 singles, and Ryan Andrada leads Thomas Tenreiro 6-4, 4-3 at #2 singles.  

If those two matches hold, Foley must beat Fernando Sunago for Boise State to win the match. 

Roskilly with a Break at #5

Lewis up 4-1 after winning first set.

Mitchell Wins 6-0, 6-2 at #3 Singles

Boise State leads 2-1, but again, Nevada's momentum switch at #1 and #2 singles puts them ahead.  The Broncos either need to turn that around or win at #4 singles.

Hewko Wins 6-2, 6-2

The match is tied at 1, but Nevada has the advantage right now in the singles matches.

Patton Down a Break in Second Set

He lost the opening set 7-5 in controversial fashion, and now is behind 3-0 in second set.

Mitchell with an early break in second set

Toby won the opening set 6-0 and now leads 4-2.

Roskilly Wins First Set 6-4

Lewis becomes the third Bronco to win two sets, but Boise State needs a fourth singles player to win.

Tenreiro Loses First Set 6-4

So those two late breaks on #1 and #2 singles really critical right now, and Nevada has two first sets. 

Hewko Gets a Break in Second Set

Abe leads 2-0 in second set after winning first set.

Patton Loses First Set 7-5

Nevada gets their first set in a big swing of momentum.

Foley Loses Break

Nevada going to town right now--Boise State needs to play hard and smart.

Tenreiro Loses Break

Nevada with a big momentum shift, getting late breaks on 1 and 2 and serving for first sets in each.

Patton Loses a Late Break

Nevada serving for the first set at #1 singles.  Patton called the ball out on a no-add point and was overruled by the umpire.

Roskilly with a Break

He leads 5-3 and serving for the first set.

Hewko and Mitchell Win First Sets

Abe won 6-2 at #6 singles and Mitchell won his opening set 6-0 at #4 singles.  Foley had a break in that back and forth match at #4 singles, but lost it, so #4 and #6 singles are the only matches with any breaks.

Hewko Gets a Break at #6

Abe leads 4-2 in the opening set so once again, three Broncos have service breaks in the first set.  Nevada won the doubles point and leads the match 1-0.

Roskilly Loses Service

The #5 Singles now at 2-2, so now just two service breaks for Boise State.  They have to win four matches to win the championship.

Roskilly Gets a Break on #5

Three Broncos are ahead now in the first set of singles play.  Still a lot of tennis to go, a sport which can change on a dime.

Mitchell Gets a Break on #3 Singles

He leads 2-0 in the opening set.

Foley with a Break on #4 Singles

Brian Foley got a break in his match and leads 3-0.  The only break thus far in the six singles matches.  Boise State trails Nevada 1-0 in the Mountain West Men's Tennis Championship.

Nevada Wins Doubles Point

Broncos will need to work on doubles now and in the future--not playing smart by hitting the ball right to their opponent rather than try to find the holes.

Hewko and Foley Lose 6-2

So as we said, it will come down to #1 doubles, and Nevada just got a late break.  They will serve for the match.

Patton and Mitchell Break Late, Win #2 Doubles

Garrett Patton and Toby Mitchell broke serve on the last game to win 6-4.  It will likely come down to #1 doubles for the point.

Tenreiro & Roskilly Get Their Own Break

Thomas Tenreiro and Lewis Roskilly got a big win in the last game after losing service, so #1 doubles is tied at 4-4.

Tenreiro & Roskilly Down a Break

Nevada now has the advantage for the doubles point.  They have breaks in both #1 and #3 doubles.

Foley & Hewko Down a Break at #3 Doubles

For the second straight day, Boise State's tennis team not playing well in doubles.  They moved play inside today due to poor weather in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Mountain West Men's Tennis Championship.

Brian Foley and Abe Hewko down 3-0 already.