Friday, July 29, 2011

All of the following hold Boise State football records except one.  Which one?

Kellen Moore
Austin Pettis
Ian Johnson
Billy Wynn
Kyle Brotzman

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Fall Camp Six Days Away

The air above Boise will soon be buzzing with footballs, primarily located in or near Bronco Stadium.  

The Broncos begin Fall Camp in six days with a lot of questions to answer.  First and foremost is:  How will Boise State's offense possibly live without Austin Pettis and Titus Young?  

Blue Through and Through will provide complete coverage of the Broncos as they surge towards the September 3rd opener with Georgia.

The Worst of the Worst

On the one end of the spectrum, you have the scenario that if everything went right this season, Boise State would capture the mythical "national championship".  Here is, as they say, "the other end".

This scenario occurred in the fifth simulation of the day (in my ongoing goal to get to 100 simulations before football season).  Boise State finished 7-5.  "No way that could happen!" you say.  Keep in mind there are also many who say no way Boise State could win a national championship.  And remember that the truth very well could be somewhere in the middle.  And yes, it absolutely could happen where Boise State finished 7-5.  A few key injuries here, a few bad bounces, and considering the schedule they have, it absolutely could happen.

Boise State lost 32-31 to Georgia, 27-24 to #20 Tulsa, 35-21 to #14 Nevada, 30-22 to #8 TCU and 27-17 to San Diego State (those Blue Turf haters themselves).

In the other four simulations, Boise State finished #9, #4, #7 and #4 at the end of the bowl season.  I will of course have a complete rundown and analysis of the EA Sports Simulations by the end of August.  Promise.

Daryn Colledge Signs Five-Year, $27.5-Million Deal with Phoenix

Six months after winning them a Super Bowl, the Boise State connection in Green Bay is now gone.  Earlier in the week, fullback Korey Hall signed a deal with New Orleans and now, star guard Daryn Colledge has inked a five-year contract reportedly worth $27.5 million to play for the Phoenix Cardinals.

Colledge was an All-WAC performer for the Broncos and in 2005 was named to the All-Time Boise State Football Team.

Rocky Long

I don't know what's going on in New Mexico but coaches from there hate Boise State.  Hal Mumme of New Mexico State repeatedly bad-mouthed the Broncos and had no respect for them in the years he coached in Las Cruces before getting fired.

Now we have Rocky Long, the former coach of New Mexico who is the new head man at San Diego State.  He protested all summer long about the Blue Turf, saying Boise State should get rid of it, then complaining about the "Blue on Blue" issue that seems to be making a mountain out of a mole hill (Boise State has just as good a record when they are not wearing blue as when they are..)  The Mountain West Conference bent over backwards for Long, officially issuing a statement that Boise State was not to wear Blue uniforms on the Blue Turf, while not also saying that Colorado State could not wear green uniforms on their green surface.

Long made more news at the annual MWC meetings when asked who the best team in the league was:  “In my opinion, Air Force is the best team in the league this year,” Long said. Yes, Air Force. “They’re so efficient at what they do—you can’t get ready for them in one week.”

I don't think I need to add to this in any way.