Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boise State Wins It

Portland State advanced their runner to third on a sacrifice bunt.  With one out, a fly ball was sent to right fielder Devon Bridges.  Bridges snared it, then through the runner out at the plate and the game is over.

Bridges hit a two-run homer and threw out the tying run in the bottom of the eighth.  

Boise State is now 25-10 and now has a great opportunity.  If they can win a game or two against #16 Oregon, gotta' believe the Broncos deserve to be ranked.

Boise State Scores in Top of Eighth

Tara Glover singled in a run and Boise State leads 3-2 with PSU now batting in the bottom of the eighth.

Portland State Scores Unearned Run to Tie Boise State

PSU has scored to tie the game at two.  Still batting in the bottom of the second.

Portland State Batting in the 7th

Boise State continues to lead Portland State 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th.

Boise State Is Amazing

The Lady Broncos went 5 innings with only one hit and trailed 1-0.  In the top of the sixth, Tara Glover walked and Devon Bridges comes up, hits a homer and Boise State leads 2-1.

Portland State Leads Boise State 1-0

The Vikings continue to lead 1-0 through four and a half now.

Portland State Scores First

Boise State has been no-hit through three innings.  Portland State grabs a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the third.

Boise State, Portland State Scoreless In Nightcap

After one and a half innings, still scoreless.

Lady Broncos Shut Out Portland State 4-0

Boise State won their 10th straight today with a 4-0 shutout over Portland.  Tara Glover had two hits and two RBI's to pace the Broncos.

Boise State Leads Portland State Early

The Broncos have gone ahead of Portland State on the road.  The Boise State softball team leads 3-0 after three innings.

Bronco Softball Team Puts Winning Streak on the Line

Boise State's softball team travels to Oregon this week for five games, beginning with a doubleheader this afternoon against Portland State.  The Lady Broncos have won nine straight, eight of those at home.  Games are set for 2 and 4 p.m., Mountain Time.

Boise State then will be tested by the #16 Oregon Ducks in three games scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.  Boise State has never beaten a ranked team.