Friday, May 3, 2013

Bronco Women Lead UNLV 14-6

Tara Glover, Devon Bridges, Sarah Barnes, Rose Saenz and Jordan Kreiger have two hits each as the team has 13 through six innings.  Boise State must know they have to win out to have any chance at all of going to the postseason.

Mackenzie Whyte and Barnes have both gone yard, and Bridges has two homers, having just hit a shot in the top of the seventh.

Boise State Takes Second Fork

The Broncos fell down the stretch to finish seventh place in the opening round of the Mountain West Conference Men's Golf Championships, a full 16 strokes back of first-place New Mexico, when they were just three strokes behind with nine holes to play.  Such is the story of Boise State golf in the last few decades.

New Mexico finished the opening round two under par, while UNLV is three over and San Diego State finished four over.  Colorado State finished 12 over par.  Even Wyoming, which was seven strokes back of Boise State, finished ahead of the Broncos on this day with 15 over par--the Cowboys are tied with Air Force.  Only Fresno State (+17) and Nevada (+30) are behind Boise State.

The teams continue with the second round tomorrow in Tucson.

New Mexico, UNLV and San Diego State in the Clubhouse

New Mexico finished two under, UNLV 3 over and San Diego State four over.  

Remember when we said Boise State was in a crucial position and that they could either pick up strokes and join the leaders or fall way back?  Boise State has now fallen six strokes over par, just four strokes ahead of fifth-place Wyoming.

Boise State Slips to 5 Over

after 9 holes at the MWC Men's Golf Championships.  

Boise State Golfers Still in Main Group of Four

New Mexico is off by themselves at 3 under par, while Boise State and UNLV are 3 over.  San Diego State at 4 over is the only other team near the leaders.

Boise State Golfers At Crucial Fork

Boise State now four over par in the opening round of the MWC Men's Golf Championships this weekend.  The Broncos will either tough it up and gain some strokes to join the leaders, or slip well back in the pack to seventh.  Whether they finish the day second or seventh depends on the next few holes, which are among the toughest in Tucson.

Boise State Up To #31 in Manufacturer

Bronco Golfers Can't Get Over the Hump

Boise State showed it could golf well early on, but now the team has slipped three over par, even with San Diego State, whom we felt was golfing well enough to challenge.

UNLV With Tough 14th Hole

UNLV was right with New Mexico, but the Rebels lost four strokes on the 14th hole and are now three over par.  The Lobos still set the pace at three over par through 12 holes (they're about to play that 14th), while Boise State sits at two over par through five.  San Diego State (+4), Wyoming and Fresno State (both at five over) and Colorado State (+6) are next.

Competitive MWC Championships Thus Far

Pretty tight race in the opening round of the MWC Men's Golf Championships in Tucson, Arizona.  Only Nevada and Air Force are way off the pace set by New Mexico.

The Lobos are three under par through 10 holes, and lead UNLV, which is one under through 11.  Fresno State has pulled even with a slumping Boise State at two over--the Broncos have lost three strokes in the last two holes and are just through six, so lots of challenges remain.

Wyoming and San Diego State are just one stroke back of the Broncos and Bulldogs, with Colorado State six over par.  Air Force (+8) and Nevada (+11) are eighth and ninth respectively. 

Broncos Fall Off

Boise State now one over par, as they were oh so briefly under par that they need to golf this weekend.  The Broncos now much closer to dropping to fifth than catching the leaders.

Boise State Proving They Can Play Sub-Par Golf

The Broncos are temporarily under par at one under, joining UNLV and New Mexico as the only Mountain West teams with that distinction.  But Boise State has golfed much fewer holes than the latter two, and it's apparent they'll have to continue to shave strokes to have a shot at the MWC Championships.

New Mexico is currently four under while UNLV is two under par.  Wyoming and Fresno State are within striking distance at three over par.

Boise State Gets Back to Par

The Broncos are now even through five in the opening round of the Mountain West Conference Men's Golf Championship in Tucson.  UNLV has now golfed 11 holes and is 2 under, while New Mexico is one under through 10.  

Bronco Golfers Fall to Third

Boise State is just three holes into the opening round, and has fallen behind both New Mexico and UNLV.  The Broncos are one over par, while the Lobos and Rebels are two under par 10 holes through the course.  San Diego State is only four over par through seven holes.

New Mexico Off to Lead at MWC Golf Championships

New Mexico has gone through nine holes at the MWC Men's Golf Championships and is still one under par, effectively a big lead on the field.  Boise State is even, but has only played two holes.  Fresno State, meanwhile, is also even but has played three more holes than the Broncos.  UNLV is one over par, while Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado State are just two over par, well into the course.

Boise State has a challenge to stay in the top five--they'll pretty much have to play Par Golf the rest of the way.

Bronco Golfers Underway at Mountain West Championships

Boise State has teed off this morning in Tucson in the opening round of the Mountain West Men's Golf Championships.  With the Bronco women finishing second in their event, we'll see if the men can do as well.