Saturday, May 5, 2012

Key for Boise State Tomorrow is to Stay Loose, Aggressive

In my increasingly long life, I've seen several situations similar to the one the Boise State softball team is in.  The most memorable is one that my favorite baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, went through.

Coming into a final four-game series with the Milwaukee Brewers in Baltimore, The Orioles were three games behind and needed to win all four games to win the division.  To the shock of everyone but me and Orioles fans, Baltimore took the first three games.  That put the two teams tied and the winner of the final game would take the title.  Very similar to Boise State.  They came into the weekend needing to sweep San Diego State to win the title and in fact, the winner of tomorrow's game very likely will win the conference.

Well, Baltimore played the first three games on fire, they could do no wrong.  The pitching was great, they got tons of hits, and everything was going good.  Then on the fourth day, I remember seeing pictures of the stands with fans who had brooms, indicating a sweep.  Never want to get cocky, especially since you're fortunate enough to even have a shot on the last day, given you predicament.  

But the magic ran out that final day, as Milwaukee clubbed the Orioles to win the division.  The thought I had was that Baltimore played the first three days totally relaxed, because they had nothing to lose.  Milwaukee played tight, because they knew they were one game away and with each passing day, they were desperate to win.  Well, on the last day, the tables were turned.  Now, both teams had to win that final day and I think Baltimore got tight.

Point is, tomorrow, the Bronco players have to approach the game with the same intensity that they have.  Go out and swing at first pitches, take the extra base, go all out to win, because there's nothing to lose.  Everyone favored the four-time NCAA Tournament team San Diego State--nobody expects Boise State to win so stay loose and aggressive. 

To this point, the team has played magnificently.  But they have to have confidence and they have to have the hunger.  That is their only chance.

Boise State Finds a Way to Win Again

Boise State rallied from a 3-0 deficit to pull out a 4-3 win over San Diego State in San Diego this afternoon.

Tara Glover started things out in the sixth with a beautiful surprise bunt.  Kellie Caplan followed with an equally nice bunt and after Christina Capobianco moved both runners along and then a second ground out, Allie Crump stepped up and blasted a three-run homer to tie the score.  Holly Bourke, now known for home run hitting, promptly did just that in her back-to-back act that proved to be the winning run.

Armed with that first lead of the game, Lela Work was brilliant the last two innings, retiring all six batters.  Devon Bridges made a diving catch in right field to help keep the Aztecs off the bases, coming all the way from the warning track to snare a looping would-be double.  Third baseman Jordan Kreigner also had another beautiful diving catch in the infield.

Glover went 3-4 in the leadoff role for Coach Erin Thorpe.  She is now batting close to .500 and has reached base safely in 37 consecutive games.  Work allowed just six hits in her complete game victory.

Boise State is still seven innings away from doing what they need to do.  The final Mountain West Conference game of the year for the Broncos is tomorrow at 2 p.m. Mountain Time.  It's really simple at this point--the winner of the game will win the Mountain West.  San Diego State, being already in first place, can tie the Broncos with a three-game sweep of UNLV next weekend.  However, they would lose the tiebreaker.  If the Aztecs win tomorrow, they have the luxury of knowing that the only way they could lose the title is if they are swept by UNLV.


Lela worked a brilliant sixth for Boise State.  Armed with a 4-3 lead, she aggressively pitched through the sixth.

She'll have to do it again.  Work will now pitch the seventh.

Bourke Follows With Solo Homer

Two swings of the bat have erased a 3-0 San Diego State and given Coach Erin Thorpe's Broncos a 4-3 lead.  Boise State batting in the top of the sixth.

Crump Ties the Game

Allie Crump just hit a shot over the center field fence with two out to drive in three and tie San Diego State.  Boise State was getting towards the end of its chances with just four outs left.  

San Diego State Grabs Lead

Boise State needed to control the weekend series.  Today, the Broncos are having big trouble stringing hits together and now trail San Diego State 1-0 after four innings.

Broncos Still Scoreless with San Diego State

Tara Glover got another hit, stole her 17th base of the year, and was stranded.  After 2 and a half, Boise State is scoreless against San Diego State.

Boise State 6th After Two Rounds of the MWC Golf Championship

14San Diego State
-1014 - 17  -6280-280
16New Mexico
-614 - 17  -3281-281
 Colorado State
-1F  -1284283567
EF  +2282286568
+1F E285284569
 Boise State
+15F  +7292291583
 Air Force
+22F  +9297293590
+22F  +12294296590

Scoreless After Two Innings

Tara Glover just made a great running catch to halt San Diego State's business in the second.  Boise State & the Aztecs are scoreless after two.  The Broncos have to win or will be effectively eliminated from the MWC Championship.

Boise State Golf Team Tied for 5th

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The Boise State golf team is tied for fifth at the MWC Championships in Tucson, Arizona.  The men are just underway and are now three over, about to play hole #6.  #7 UNLV and #14 San Diego State are tied for first, four under par.  #16 New Mexico is one under while TCU is two over.  Wyoming is tied with Boise State, while Colorado State has fallen a bit and is four over.  Air Force is currently six over par.  

The teams will finish today and then have one more round tomorrow.