Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Boise State Women #6, Men #16 in Preseason National Cross Country Rankings

Both rankings are the highest preseason rankings in school history.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Boise State's Kurt Felix Records Top 10 Decathlon Finish at Summer Olympics

RIO de JANEIRO--Former Bronco national champion and All-American Kurt Felix used a strong javelin throw to move from 13th to 9th in the final decathlon standings at the Summer Olympics yesterday. Felix finished with 8,323 points, the highest he has ever scored in the event.

The performance represented the first Top 10 finish in any Olympic event for a Bronco alumnus. Former Bronco strongman Jarred Rome finished 13th in the discus at the 2004 Summer Games, while incoming Boise State freshman Courtney McGregor finished 13th in the vault at this year's Games. Combined with Jordin Andrade's 16th-place finish in the 400-meter hurdles Tuesday and golfer Graham DeLaet's 22nd-place showing last week, it gave Boise State athletes three Top 16 finishes and four Top 25 finishes in Rio.

Felix, who finished eighth at the 2015 World Championships in the grueling test of 10 events, was ranked in the Top 10 for much of the competition in Rio, but slipped to 13th after the pole vault competition, the 8th event. But Felix rebounded with personal bests in his final two events, uncorking a javelin throw of 69.92 meters, the second-best throw of the field that earned Kurt 892 points to vault him into ninth place. Felix finished the competition with a time of 4:30.53 in the 1,500.

Felix began the two-day competition Wednesday by winning his heat in the 100 meters and scoring 876 points. He then recorded a long jump of 7.42 meters for 915 points and a shot put of 14.77 meters (the 10th-best in the field) for 776 points.

Next up was the high jump, and Felix sported a personal best of 2.17 meters. But when he tipped the bar with his heels on his third attempt at 2.10, Felix was noticeably disappointed and had to settle for 2.07 in the event for 868 points. Still, it was the 8th-best mark in the field and allowed Kurt to move into eighth place with 3,434 points.

Felix managed 49.14 in the 400 meters and 855 points to close out the opening day with 4,290 points and eighth place.

Kurt began yesterday's portion with 875 points in the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 14.79. Now in ninth, Felix moved on to the discus and posted a best throw of 45.10 on his final attempt for 769 points.

The pole vault has always been one of Felix's most difficult events, but he managed an effort of 4.50 meters for 760 points. As a result, Kurt slipped to 13th with two events remaining, leading up to his great effort in the javelin.

Felix competed in both the 2012 Summer Games and the 2013 World Championships in the decathlon but was unable to finish either time due to injury. He finished sixth in the heptathlon at the 2016 World Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon in March.

In 2012, Felix captured the NCAA National Championship in the decathlon with a school record 8,062 points, giving the Broncos one of seven individual national titles since 1984.

Felix also won the long jump and the high jump at the 2010 Western Athletic Conference Indoor Championships and the long jump, the high jump and the javelin at the WAC Outdoor Championships. Felix went on to finish third in the long jump and 13th in the decathlon at the NCAA National Championships. Felix won the heptathlon and the triple jump at the WAC Indoor Championships in both 2011 and 2012 and captured the decathlon and the javelin title at the 2012 WAC Outdoor Championships. Kurt added an 11th-place finish in the heptathlon at the 2011 National Indoor Championships.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Felix in 9th after 7 Events of Decathlon

Kurt trying to become the first Bronco in history to finish in the Top 10 in any event at the Olympics:

Standings After 7 Events:
1.  Eaton, United States 6,398
2.  Warner, Canada 6,283
3.  Mayer, France 6,211
4.  Kazmirek, Germany 6,127
5.  Bourrada, Algeria 6,046
6.  De Araujo, Brazil 6,003
7.  Taiwo, United States 5,984
8.  Ziemek, United States 6,006
9.  Felix, Boise State and Grenada 5,934
10.  Saurez, Cuba 5,899
11.  Helcelet, Czech Republic 5,894
12.  Abele, Germany 5,853
13.  Dudas, Serbia 5,842
14.  Victor, Grenada 5,825
15.  Van Der Plaetsen, Belgium 5,811
16.  Dubler, Australia 5,797

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Felix in 8th After Day One of Decathlon

1. Eaton, United States (4,621)

2. Kazmirek, Germany (4,500)

3. Warner, Canada (4,489)

4. Mayer, France (4,435)

5. Taiwo, United States (4,414)

6. Bourrada, Algeria (4,378)

7. Kasyanov, Ukraine (4,309)

8. Kurt Felix, Boise State and Grenada (4,290)

9. De Araujo, Brazil (4,281)

10. Ziemek, United States (4,241)

11. Van Der Plaetsen, Belgium (4,225)

12. Dudas, Serbia (4,219)

12. Dubler, Australia (4,219)

14. Helcelet, Czech Republic (4,218)

Felix 4th in 400 Heat

Boise State Bronco Kurt Felix Still in 8th after Four Events in the Decathlon

1. Eaton, United States 3,616

2. Warner, Canada 3,548

3. Taiwo, United States 3,542

4. Mayer, France 3,539

5. Kasmirek, Germany 3,529

6. Bourrada, Algeria 3,468

7. Ziemek, United States 3,448

8. Felix, Boise State and Grenada 3,435

9. Kasyanov, Ukraine 3,427

10. Van Der Plaetsen, Belgium 3,393

11. Helcelet, Czech Republic 3,381

12. De Araujo, Brazil 3,379

13. Dudas, Serbia 3,364

Felix Moves Up To 8th Place in Decathlon After Three Events

1. Eaton, United States 2,803

2. Warner, Canada 2,708

3. Mayer, France 2,699

4. De Araujo, Brazil 2,648

5. Kazmirek, Germany 2,633

6. Kasyanov, Ukraine 2,614

7. Bourrado, Algeria 2,572

8. Felix, Boise State and Grenada 2,567

9. Taimo, United States 2,565

10.  Ziemek, United States 2,552

11.  Helcelet, Czech Republic 2,541

12.  Dudas, Serbia 2,524

13.  Braun, Netherlands 2,491

14.  Distelberger, Austria 2,471

Felix in 9th Place After Two Events

1.  Eaton, United States 2030
2.  Warner, Canada 2000
3.  Kazmirek, Germany 1,892
4.  Mayer, France 1,863
5.  Bourrada, Algeria 1,857
6.  Kasyanov, Ukrraine   1,855
7.  De Araujo, Brazil 1,842
8.  Ziemek, United States 1,829
9.  Felix, Grenada 1,791
10.  Distelberger, Austria 1,790
11.  Taiwo, United States 1,780  

Former Boise State Bronco Kurt Felix Wins 100 Heat of Decathlon at Olympics

RIO de JANEIRO--Former Boise State national champion and All-American Kurt Felix won the first heat of the 100 meters in the decathlon with a personal best of 10.93 this morning at the Summer Olympics.

Felix scored 876 points in the event and is in 18th place.

Kurt has always done well in the opening day, as competition in the decathlon includes many of his best events. When he won the NCAA National Championship in 2012, Felix was in second place after the opening day before winning the national title.

Felix ran his best 100 meters of his career this morning, topping the 11.02 he ran in Glasgow, Scotland in 2014. In the 2012 National Championship of the decathlon which he went on to win, Felix ran the 100 in 11.26. Competition now moves to the long jump.

The event can be see live here.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Incoming Boise State Freshman Courtney McGregor Finishes 16th in Vault at Summer Olympics

RIO DE JANEIRO--Incoming Boise State gymnastics freshman Courtney McGregor of New Zealand turned in a solid performance in vault at the Summer Olympics, finishing 16th today.

McGregor, who will join the Broncos this fall, turned in a two-vault total of 14.333 in her first Olympic games. The top eight in each event qualified for the finals. Simone Biles of the United States had the top qualifying score of 16.050, Hong Un-Jong of North Korea was second with 15.683 while Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland was third with a score of 15.266. McGregor missed qualifying for the finals by a little over half a point, as the eighth-place finisher scored 14.850.

McGregor finished 41st in the individual all-around competition (53.165), while another incoming Bronco freshman, Isabella Amado of Panama, finished 44th with a score of 52.832.

McGregor lived in Christchurch, New Zealand until May, when she moved to Boise to train for the Olympics. McGregor won a bronze medal in the vault at the 2016 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, and qualified for the Summer Olympics the following week. She is the first artistic gymnast to represent New Zealand since 2000 and at age 17, is her country's youngest Olympic competitor. Courtney's coach, Mary Wright, moved with her to Boise to prepare her for the Games.

"Courtney is a beautiful gymnast who has a ton of difficulty in her routines," said Bronco co-head coach Tina Bird when the new Boise State class was announced. "She will be so much fun to watch compete. Her experience as an International Elite competitor will bring a lot to the table. She is sure to be a crowd favorite.