Saturday, May 10, 2014

Broncos Lose 4-2

Boise State upset in the opening round by San Diego, a team they have had trouble in the past.  Tough to play an even match in the backyard of your opponent.

Tenreiro Loses, 4-6, 6-1, 6-3

We told you this was the deciding match between Boise State and San Diego, and Thomas has lost after winning the opening set.

Boise State is, as they say, down to their last strike.

Broncos On Verge Of Defeat

Boise State now trails 5-1 at No. 1 singles and 5-3 at No. 3 singles in the third sets.

McClain With A Break At #5 Singles

Brendan is now up 2-1 in his match after winning 7-6 in the opening set.  It may not matter, for unless Bettles can rally or Tenreiro win, San Diego is going to win the match.

Thomas is tied 3-3 in a third set that he really doesn't want to go to a tiebreaker (where anything can happen).

Patton Loses, 7-6, 6-3

The match is now tied at 2 apiece.  Three singles matches remaining, and Bettles is down at No. 1 singles.

San Diego leads in the current sets of all three matches.

Bettles Down A Break

Andy's battled hard to get back, but he's down 3-1 in the third and deciding set.

Patton Earns One Break Back

Garrett trails at No. 4 singles 4-3 in the second set.  He lost the first, 7-6.  With the way things are going, he may just have to win.

Boise State needs to split the remaining four singles matches, and San Diego has the momentum in three of them.

Third Sets Started

With McClain barely wrapping up his first set, the third sets are underway at both No. 1 and No. 3 singles, both tied up at one game apiece.  This match is going down to the wire.

Sereke Loses, 6-3, 6-4

Boise State up in the match 2-1, but things have tightened considerably since the doubles point.

It appears that either Tenreiro or Bettles is going to have to win for Boise State to move on.

McClain Wins First Set 7-6

Brendan McClain has come through in a big way at No. 5 singles, taking the first set 7-6.  This match is even-steven.  Boise State captured four first sets in singles, but San Diego is ahead in three of five second sets.

Bettles Wins Second Set, 6-2

You don't figure Andy could beat the #58 player in the country, but he's battling, and has evened up the match at one set apiece.

The match at No. 5 singles is going into a tiebreaker that could possibly decide the winner.  San Diego needs four singles wins and they have a real shot at that.

Patton Loses A Break

Garrett is now down 3-1 at No. 4 singles.  This is bad news for the Broncos.  With Tenreiro losing control in the second set, it's anyone's match, and San Diego State has the advantage.

Mitchell Puts Boise State Up 2-0

Some generally good news in the latest tennis action from Los Angeles.

Toby Mitchell won his match 6-3, 6-3 to put Boise State ahead of San Diego 2-0.  That can have a psychological effect on the other team, though we don't know what that will be at this point.

The really good news is that Andy Bettles has fought back in his match, winning his last four games to go ahead 5-2 in the second set at No. 1 singles.  Andy lost his opening set 6-4.

But...Thomas Tenreiro, who won his opening set 6-4, lost huge, 6-1 in the second set.  I think he needs to win that for Boise State to win, but perhaps Bettles or Patton can rally, and McClain can get a win at No. 5 singles.

No other breaks, but Sereke faces extinction, down 6-3, 5-4.

#3, #4 and #5

Boise State needs two winners from the No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 singles matches.  They are down big at both No. 1 and No. 2, and appear to be on the verge of a win at No. 6 singles.  That brings the match to 2-2.  Going to be tight either way.

Patton Loses First Set 7-6

Each team has won three first sets, with No. 5 singles tied up at 5.

Mitchell has lost one of his breaks at No. 6 singles, but still leads 5-3.

More bad news to report:  Nathan Sereke, who lost his opening set 6-3, is behind 4-2 in the second set, and Tenreiro, who won his opening set 6-4, is behind 4-0.

The tide has definitely turned.  See if Boise State has some rally in them.

Tenreiro Down A Break in Second Set

Thomas is behind 2-0 in second set after winning the first 6-4.  Still nothing decided at either No. 4 or No. 5 singles.

Four First Sets in the Books

I just hinted that the match at No. 3 singles could be key, and Thomas Tenreiro broke through to win his opening set 6-4. 

Bettles lost his opening set to the #56 singles player, Clarke Spinosa, 6-4, and Sereke lost at No. 2 singles, 6-3.

So each team has won two opening sets.

Garrett Patton was up a break at No. 4 singles earlier, but he lost it and is down 6-5.

Mitchell, who won his opening set 6-3, is ahead 5-0 in the second set.

Breaks Remain The Same In First Sets

But Toby Mitchell, who won his first set 6-3, is up 2-0 in the second.

Sereke lost his opening set 6-3.

An early observation:  The match could come down to #3 singles.

Mitchell Wins First Set

Toby's the first to rest in the opening set with a 6-3 victory at #6 singles.  Nathan Sereke is now down two breaks at #2 singles, 5-2.  Still no other breaks in the other four singles matches.

This appears to be two evenly-matched teams.

Sereke Down A Break

Nathan has slipped early, behind 3-0 at #2 singles, while Toby Mitchell continues to lead 3-0 at #6 singles.  No other breaks to report at this time.

Singles Underway

With Boise State out to a 1-0 lead over San Diego in the opening round of the NCAA Men's Tennis Championships in Los Angeles, Toby Mitchell is up a break, ahead 2-0 at #6 singles.

Broncos Score Hard-Fought Doubles Point

The #3 doubles team of Toby Mitchell and Nathan Sereke survived a rollercoaster set to emerge victorious over San Diego's Ciaran Fitzgerald and Andrew Raphaelson, 8-5.  Mitchell & Sereke were up a break, then behind 4-3.

McClain and Garrett Patton also went up a break before being tied at 4--they won 8-4.

The #1 team of Bettles & Tenreiro were up early, but lost to Clarke Spinosa and Filip Vittek, the #36 doubles team in the Country, 8-4.


Bettles & Tenreiro Have Lost Five Straight

Tennis can change on a dime; to wit, Bettles & Tenreiero had a 3-1 lead on the #36 doubles team in America.  They now trail 6-3. 

Mitchell & Sereke have also lost their break, and are tied 4-4 at #3 doubles.

And, the #2 doubles team has now lost three straight after being up 3-1.

Boise State Doubles Teams Get Great Start

With the Bronco softball team eliminated from a championship, we turn our attention to tennis.  Greg Patton's group has won three straight Mountain West titles, and is now testing their mettle in the NCAA National Tennis Championship.

Andy Bettles & Thomas Tenreiro are up a break at #1 doubles, Brendan McClain and Garrett Patton are now up 3-1 at #2 doubles, while Toby Mitchell and Nathan Sereke lead 4-0 at #3 doubles.