Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bronco Women Sit at 13th

Emma Bates' one-woman show has carried Boise State so far.  The Broncos are tied for 13th place in the nation at the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Eugene, thanks to the six points earned by Bates.  Marissa VanderMalle was ranked ninth in the steeplechase and it was hoped she could add to the team total, but she had an off-day and did not reach the finals.

Boise State has one more chance for points when Bates competes again in the 5,000 meters tomorrow night.  The Lady Broncos should be in the Top 30--how high will depend on the other teams and if Bates can get some more points.

VanderMalle Finishes 19th out of 24

Marissa VanderMalle, the 9th-ranked steeplechaser in the nation, finished 19th today.

PlaceAthleteAffiliationTimeWindHeat (Pl)Result (split)
1Emma CoburnCOLO9:46.761 (1)Heat data
2Rachel SornaCORN9:55.841 (2)Heat data
3Alexa AragonND9:56.211 (3)Heat data
4Amber HenryWEB9:58.822 (1)Heat data
5Colleen QuigleyFSU10:00.232 (2)Heat data
6Courtney FrerichsUMKC10:02.022 (3)Heat data
7Shelby GreanyPROV10:02.491 (4)Heat data
8Ashley BeutlerWISC10:03.681 (5)Heat data
9Jordan HamricWVU10:06.471 (6)Heat data
10Martina TreschKSST10:06.522 (4)Heat data
11Grace HeymsfieldARK10:08.452 (5)Heat data
12Leah O'ConnorMSU10:08.612 (6)Heat data
13Megan PatrignelliUO10:09.831 (7)Heat data
14Katie FryUCD10:11.981 (8)Heat data
15Natalie BowerPSU10:17.762 (7)Heat data
16Leslie BoozerUGA10:17.962 (8)Heat data
17Brianna NerudSYR10:18.162 (9)Heat data
18Genna HartungCORN10:24.291 (9)Heat data
19Marissa VanderMalleBOIS10:26.541 (10)Heat data
20Liberty MillerWASH10:28.271 (11)Heat data
21Victoria VoronkoEMI10:30.502 (10)Heat data
22Kristen ZillmerILST10:33.012 (11)Heat data
23Madelin TalbertLIPS10:41.982 (12)Heat data
Jessica FurlanNEBDNF1Heat data

VanderMalle Finishes 10th

VanderMalle finished 10th in her heat.  That likely won't be enough to reach the final.  She ran 25 seconds slower than the school record she set at Regionals.

1Emma CoburnCOLO9:46.7640.76 (40.76)1:55.53 (1:14.77)3:12.65 (1:17.13)4:31.33 (1:18.68)5:49.78 (1:18.45)7:08.04 (1:18.27)8:27.40 (1:19.37)9:46.76 (1:19.36)
2Rachel SornaCORN9:55.8442.16 (42.16)1:58.93 (1:16.78)3:17.15 (1:18.22)4:36.39 (1:19.24)5:56.77 (1:20.39)7:17.43 (1:20.66)8:37.83 (1:20.40)9:55.84 (1:18.02)
3Alexa AragonND9:56.2142.95 (42.95)1:59.29 (1:16.35)3:17.45 (1:18.16)4:36.75 (1:19.30)5:57.09 (1:20.35)7:17.87 (1:20.78)8:38.27 (1:20.41)9:56.21 (1:17.95)
4Shelby GreanyPROV10:02.4943.18 (43.18)1:59.74 (1:16.56)3:17.54 (1:17.81)4:36.96 (1:19.42)5:57.32 (1:20.37)7:18.38 (1:21.06)8:40.67 (1:22.29)10:02.49 (1:21.83)
5Ashley BeutlerWISC10:03.6842.62 (42.62)2:00.07 (1:17.46)3:18.63 (1:18.57)4:38.64 (1:20.02)5:59.14 (1:20.50)7:21.25 (1:22.12)8:43.23 (1:21.98)10:03.68 (1:20.46)
6Jordan HamricWVU10:06.4743.38 (43.38)2:00.39 (1:17.02)3:19.15 (1:18.77)4:39.32 (1:20.17)6:00.84 (1:21.53)7:23.72 (1:22.89)8:46.24 (1:22.52)10:06.47 (1:20.24)
7Megan PatrignelliUO10:09.8342.79 (42.79)1:59.51 (1:16.73)3:17.99 (1:18.48)4:37.94 (1:19.96)6:00.86 (1:22.92)7:27.44 (1:26.59)8:51.91 (1:24.47)10:09.83 (1:17.92)
8Katie FryUCD10:11.9842.42 (42.42)1:59.67 (1:17.25)3:18.60 (1:18.93)4:38.78 (1:20.18)5:58.85 (1:20.08)7:25.14 (1:26.29)8:52.34 (1:27.21)10:11.98 (1:19.65)
9Genna HartungCORN10:24.2943.60 (43.60)2:02.03 (1:18.44)3:22.58 (1:20.55)4:44.81 (1:22.24)6:08.39 (1:23.59)7:34.62 (1:26.24)8:58.71 (1:24.09)10:24.29 (1:25.58)
10Marissa VanderMalleBOIS10:26.5442.74 (42.74)2:00.61 (1:17.88)3:18.10 (1:17.49)4:38.04 (1:19.95)6:01.30 (1:23.26)7:28.95 (1:27.65)8:58.87 (1:29.93)10:26.54 (1:27.68)
11Liberty MillerWASH10:28.2743.07 (43.07)2:00.13 (1:17.07)3:18.02 (1:17.90)4:37.49 (1:19.47)5:57.77 (1:20.29)7:21.65 (1:23.89)8:53.14 (1:31.49)10:28.27 (1:35.13)
DNFJessica Furlan

VanderMalle Next to Last in Her Heat

The time is now for Marissa--she needs to turn it on and finish high in her heat to make the final.

VanderMalle Takes to the Stage

Marissa VanderMalle, the school record holder in the steeplechase, is about to run at the NCAA National Track & Field Championships in Eugene.  Marissa is in the first heat of two, with the top eight qualifying for the finals.  Wish her luck, here she goes!

Collins Qualifies For 200 Final

Daveon Collins ran a 20.43 20 this afternoon and he just missed the final.

PlaceAthleteAffiliationTimeWindHeat (Pl)Result (split)
1Bryshon NellumUSC19.99Q+3.22 (1)Heat data
2Anaso JobodwanaJKST20.02Q+3.13 (1)Heat data
3Ameer WebbTAMU20.05Q+4.31 (1)Heat data
4Isiah YoungUMS20.12Q+3.22 (2)Heat data
5Aaron BrownUSC20.26Q+3.13 (2)Heat data
6Carvin NkanataPITT20.29q+3.13 (3)Heat data
7Charles SilmonTCU20.30Q+4.31 (2)Heat data
8Justin AustinIOWA20.33q+4.31 (3)Heat data
9Diondre BatsonBAMA20.35+3.22 (3)Heat data
10Akeem WilliamsGRAM20.41+4.31 (4)Heat data
11Daveon CollinsBOIS20.43+3.22 (4)Heat data
12Prezel Hardy Jr.TAMU20.54+3.22 (5)Heat data
13Brendon RodneyLIU20.58 (20.575)+3.22 (6)Heat data
14James TaylorNORF20.58 (20.577)+3.13 (4)Heat data
15Dedric DukesUFL20.61+4.31 (5)Heat data
16Nethaneel Mitchell-BlakeLSU20.67+3.13 (5)Heat data
17Michael BryanTAMU20.68+3.13 (6)Heat data
18Ryan CarterDEST20.69+4.31 (6)Heat data
19Timothy FaustOHST20.70+3.22 (7)Heat data
20Aaron ErnestLSU20.73+3.22 (8)Heat data
21Carl HorsleyCSUN20.78+4.31 (7)Heat data
22Joe MorrisCOLO20.81+3.13 (7)Heat data
23James AlakaWASH20.97+3.13 (8)Heat data
24Dexter McKenzieNEB21.07+4.31 (8)Heat data