Thursday, May 8, 2014

Boise State Looking Bad in Three-Way Tiebreakers

Even though Boise State still controls their own destiny, they let the Aztecs catch them on the very first game of the series. 

The Lady Broncos have tiebreakers over both contending teams should it be a two-way tie.  But if there is a three-way tie, the head-to-head tiebreaker won't break it, because that would mean that San Diego State would have beaten Boise State 2 of 3 and lost to Fresno 2-3, and the Broncos beat Fresno State 2 of 3.

The next tiebreaker is how the teams did against the fourth-place team.  Unfortunately for Erin Thorpe's team, the Broncos lost all three to Colorado State, and two of three to UNLV, the teams that are battling it out for fourth place. 

Just as an FYI, Fresno State will win in the event of a three-way tie.  The Bulldog women beat UNLV 2 out of 3, while SD State lost 2-3, so if UNLV finishes fourth in a three-way tie, the Bulldogs are going to the NCAA.  Fresno and the Aztecs each beat Colorado State 2 of 3, and Boise State fell in all three games, so would be eliminated from that tiebreaker.  Then of course it would go to head-to-head between FSU and SD State, and the Bulldogs win that one as well.

So for the Broncos, it's win tomorrow or hope Fresno State loses both remaining games.

Lady Broncos Go Down Easy

1-2-3 in the seventh, and they allow the two-time defending champion and six-time NCAA tournament team Aztecs to remain in the Mountain West race.


Still 4-0

Six complete in San Diego.  If Boise State goes without a fight in the seventh, it will be a three-way tie between Fresno State, San Diego State, and Boise State.

The funny thing is that the Broncos will still be in control of their own destiny--win two and they are the champions.

SD State 4, Boise State 0

After five and a half.

The Aztecs have Boise State right where they want them.  A Bronco win would have eliminated them tonight.

Glover Thrown Out For Second Time Tonight

Glover had reached third with one out, and went home on a chopper right back to the pitcher.

Glover With A Hit

First Bronco runner in scoring position tonight.

First 1-2-3 for San Diego State

The Aztecs continue to lead 4-0 through five.

Still 4-0 After 4 1/2

Broncos have just two more chances to make this a game.  You can bet they'll face the same pitcher tomorrow, so they'd better solve her and quickly.

Third Wild Pitch Puts SD State Up 4-0

At least now the bases are empty.

It appears that it will be a three-way tie for first after tonight.  If the three teams finish that way, Boise State's season could be over, as the next tiebreaker is the result against the fourth-place team.  Right now, there is a tie between Colorado State and UNLV.  The Broncos lost all three games to the Rams, while Fresno and SD State each beat them 2 of 3.

3-0 San Diego State

and a runner on third.  Broncos definitely lacked the killer mentality tonight, and they're going to pay for it.

Boise State outhit to this point, 7-1.

The Cardinal Sin Results In A Run

No surprise there.  An Aztec single has the home team up 1-0.

First And Second, No One Out

Six hits now for the Aztecs with no one out in the fourth.

Leadoff Walk in the Fourth

Rebecca Patton just committed the cardinal sin--the leadoff walk, which drives managers crazy.

Broncos With One Baserunner Through Four

Timid hitting tonight for Boise State, which seems to be fooled by Aztec pitcher Danielle O'Toole.

Boise State playing anything but aggressive.

Patton Gets A Liner To Krieger

San Diego State has left five on base through three innings.  Hopefully, Boise State will get a chance to score at some point tonight.

Broncos With An Error And An Infield Single In The Third

They've put two Aztecs on base with two out.

Broncos Go Down In Third

Tara Glover got a hit, but she was thrown out trying to steal.

Still Scoreless in San Diego

Through two innings, scoreless, and Boise State's hitters have yet to reach base.  The Broncos hitting 'em right where the defense is.

SD State With A Baserunner Again

Hayley Miles gets an infield hit to start the bottom of the second--still no score in San Diego.

Fresno State Has Lost To Nevada

Champions take advantage of situations--we'll see how Boise State handles this news.  If the Broncos win tonight, they take sole advantage of first place, and would only have to win one of two after that.

Patton Works Through Trouble

Scoreless through one in yet another game Boise State needs to win.

Two Runners On in SD State First

Boise State has allowed a couple of singles as the Aztecs have a threat in the bottom of the first with one out.

Lady Broncos About To Go At San Diego State

I said earlier in the week Boise State must be aggressive, and go into this series with the attitude that they wanted to win all three.  They still might win the title with 2-3, but sweeping should be the goal. 

In a series with it all on the line, you have to play loose, and it's a lot easier to win 2-3 if you win the first one.  First pitch is coming up at 7 p.m. Mountain Time.

We Are Days From Finding Out if the Bronco Softball Team Has The Stuff...

If Boise State sweeps San Diego State, they will win the Mountain West softball championship.  That should be their goal.  Winning 2 out of 3 will likely get it done, but they don't want to leave anything to chance.

The Lady Broncos need to be aggressive from the get-go against the Aztecs, and take it to them beginning in Game One Thursday night.