Saturday, February 14, 2015

Boise State Leads 56-52

Pretty even game the second half, 8 minutes left.

Marks Has 19 in the First Half

Boise State has a 42-40 lead, thanks to a 3 at the buzzer from Rob Heyer.

Boise State and Fresno State Tied at 32

Fresno was up 12, but a 13-0 Bronco run has caught them.  A little over two minutes left in the half.

Combined Men's and Women's Basketball Records

Boise State has adapted well in the Mountain West.  With just over three weeks to play in the conference season, both the Bronco men's and women's basketball teams are contenders for conference titles.  This is an interesting statistic that shows the combined strength of both basketball teams:

1.    Colorado State 39-10
2.    Boise State 34-13
3.    Wyoming 30-17
4.    Fresno State 27-19  
5.    New Mexico 27-20
6.    San Diego State 28-21
7.    UNLV 23-24
8.    Utah State 20-28
9.    Nevada 14-31
10.  San Jose State 13-32
11.  Air Force 14-35

Boise State Women's Basketball Wins A Key One

Boise State stopped first place Fresno State this afternoon 75-66 in Taco Bell Arena, an important win for seeding in the upcoming Mountain West Tournament.  Don't look now, but the Broncos are just one game behind first place in the loss column.

Miquelle Askew poured in 23 points for Boise State, assisted by Brooke Pahukoa with 12 points and 11 for Yaiza Rodriguez. 

The Lady Broncos are now 8-4 in conference, behind only  10-3 Colorado State, 9-3 Fresno, and 9-3 New Mexico.  UNLV sits in fifth with a 6-5 mark, while Wyoming is an even 6-6.

Colorado State is 18-6 overall, Fresno State is 17-6, and Boise State 16-7.  New Mexico is 13-10 overall, while Wyoming and San Jose State have 11-11 marks.

Vennard Wins First at Husky Classic

Boise State's Michael Vennard went up to Seattle and topped some good runners in winning the 3,000 meters:

  1 Vennard, Michael             Boise State            8:09.50   3
  2 Gohlke, Brian                Oklahoma State         8:11.21   3
  3 Pepiot, Valentin             Academy of Art         8:11.64   3
  4 Kent, Justin                 British Columbia       8:11.87   3
  5 Martinez, Luis               Oklahoma State         8:13.03   3
  6 Simon, Meron                 Washington             8:13.14   2
  7 Johnson, Matt                Regina                 8:13.92   2
  8 Walter, Kyle                 Tennessee              8:14.12   3
  9 Curran, Jack                 Boise State            8:14.14   2
 10 Neuman, Travis               Oregon                 8:14.42   2
 11 Miller, Paul                 Colorado               8:15.68   3
 12 Hanson, Spencer              Byu                    8:15.81   3
 13 Goehler, Timo                Portland               8:15.95   3
 14 Hamstra, Zach                Texas                  8:16.18   3

Martinez-Kelley 1-2 in Men's 400

The competition isn't super strong, but Boise State finished 1-2 nonetheless in the men's 400 at the Team Challenge at Jackson's Track in Nampa.  Fernando Martinez (47.98) and Kyle Kelly (48.16) got the job done today.

Megan Kelly Wins 400

Boise State's Megan Kelly captured first in the 400-meter dash in 55.27.

Jordan Ward Wins High Jump at Team Challenge

The winning jump:  1.74 meters.

We'll try to keep you updated on all the action in this busy weekend of Boise State sports!