Friday, March 18, 2011

Exclusive--Boucher Finishes 4th in "B" Final of 100-yard Butterfly

For the first time in school history, Boise State gets national team points in the NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships.  Amber Boucher finished fourth in the "B" race of the 100-yard Butterfly Final tonight in Austin, Texas.  Boucher swam the distance in 52.90, earning Boise State five team points.  With those points, Boise State is now 35th in the nation.  Boucher and teammate Stephanie North are both entered in the 100-yard freestyle prelims tomorrow morning with a chance to maintain or better their team standing.  This will earn Boise State points in the Learfield Sports Cup, which recognizes the top university each year for the best overall sports department.  Last year, a finish of #42 received 21 team points in the Learfield Cup.

This news is brought to you first in the Boise Valley by Blue Through and Through.

Minimum and Maximum Points for Wrestling Teams

With just one session remaining, here are the minimum and maximum points that each team can score.

Penn State 107-140
Cornell 78.5-121.5
Iowa 74-114
Arizona State 61.5-71.5
Lehigh 63.5-73.5
Wisconsin 45-72
Boise State 54-77
Oklahoma State 72-94
American 74-84

For Boise State to be fifth, the three remaining Broncos cannot lose and wrestlers from American and Oklahoma State must lose.  If the Broncos win out, Wisconsin, Lehigh and Arizona State cannot catch them.  But for the Broncos to be fifth, either American or Oklahoma State must lose out (or both), which would Boise State fourth.  If American and Oklahoma State both have one of their wrestlers win tomorrow, the best the Broncos can do is sixth.

NCAA Wrestling Championship Scores

Session 4 is complete.  Apparently the NCAA awards points for finishes that have not happened yet.  The official standings they show indicate the minimum that each team will get (extra points are given for the place that each wrestler finishes.)  If the wrestler loses, they will not get the points for that place normally awarded because they have already been figured into the standings.

1.  Penn State 92.5 (3 championship and 2 consolation)
2.  Cornell 75 (1 and 4)
3.  Iowa 69.5 (1 and 4)
3.  Oklahoma State 69.5 (2 and 1)
5.  American 56 (1 and 2)
6.  Lehigh 53.5 (2 and 1)
7.  Arizona State 52.5 (2 and 1)
8.  Boise State 52 (1 and 2)
9.  Minnesota 49.5 (0 and 5)
10.  Wisconsin 44.5 (0 and 4)
11.  Stanford 40.5 (1 and 2)
12.  Nebraska 38.5 (1 and 0)
13.  Oklahoma 36 (1 and 2)
14.  Northwestern 35.5 (0 and 3)
15.  Michigan 34.5 (1 and 0)
16.  Central Michigan 32 (0 and 3)
17.  Kent State 31 (1 and 0)
17.  Maryland 31 (0 and 3)
19.  Missouri 30.5 (0 and 2)
19.  Wyoming 30.5 (0 and 2)
21.  Iowa State 27.5 (1 and 0)
22.  Virginia 24 (0 and 2)
23.  Illinois 23 (0 and 2)
24.  Oregon State 21.5 (0 and 1)
24.  Rutgers 21.5

Hall Will Wrestle #11 Walter Peppelman of Harvard in Consolation Semis

That will take place later tonight.

Hall about ready to go in 5 minutes.

Hall losing 10-4 in second period.  Got himself into two near-falls.

Wow.  Hall would have never caught up on points.  He just pined him!

Oklahoma State's Parks getting a battle

5-5 in consolation.  Boise State could need some help to finish 5th.

Hochstrasser gives Boise State points for finish

Hochstrasser will get either 12 or 16 points tomorrow night, depending on result.  First place is 16 points and second is 12.  Big difference there.

Wrestlers Left for Top 17 Teams at NCAA Wrestling Championships

These are now complete through 3 sessions.

1.  Cornell 61 points (4 in championships, 1 in consolation)
2.  Penn State 60.5 (4 and 3)
3.  Iowa 52 (3 and 4)
4.  American 49 (3 and 1)
5.  Oklahoma State 44.5 (2 and 4)
6.  Wisconsin 41 (3 and 1)
7.  Lehigh 37 (2 and 3)
8.  Boise State 35 (2 and 1)
8.  Arizona State 35 (2 and 1)
10.  Minnesota 32 (1 and 4)
11.  Nebraska 30.5 (1 and 2)
12.  Northwestern 28.5 (2 and 1)
13.  Michigan 27.5 (1 and 1)
14.  Kent State 24 (1 and 2)
15.  Stanford 23 (1 and 2)
15.  Missouri 22.5 (1 and 1)
16.  Oklahoma 22 (1 and 3)

Jason Chamberlain Meets #2 Frank Molinaro of Penn State

at 149 pounds in the semifinal tonight.

Chamberlain about ready to wrestle.

With Hall & Smith out of the championships, Boise State needs this bad.

2-1 Molinaro early.

Still 2-1 in the 3rd.  Chamberlain has to get aggressive.  You have to figure Molinaro will escape so Chamberlain needs the takedown.

And indeed he gets the escape.
And it's over.  4-1, Chamberlain goes down.  Now just one Boise State wrestler in the finals.  Earlier in the year, four were ranked #1 or #2.

Hochstrasser Will Go Against #3 Andrew Long of Penn State at 133

About to start.

Ready to go on Mat 4--Go Hoch!

Andrew with a takedown, Lang escape.  2-1 Hochstrasser.

Hochstrasser escape in second, up 3-1 and period almost over.

Near Fall in the third, now up 6-1.

Add a near fall, up 8-1 plus riding time.  Hoch has to make up for his teammates that did not win by getting bonus points.

Now they took away 2 points and Lang gets a takedown.  Final 6-4.

Hall Will Face Johnny Greisheimer of Edinboro in Consolation Quarters

The next round begins within an hour.  Hopefully Hall will move to decide the match early.  The longer the match lasts, the more it favors his unranked opponent (any wrestler at nationals can get a takedown now and then in overtime.)

Hall wins an 11-3 major.

Swartz Bows out at Championships

Jake Swartz ended his run this afternoon with a 7-2 loss to Oklahoma State's Mike Benefiel.

Only three wrestlers remain now for the team that was once ranked #2.

Bronco Wrestlers Need to Step Up Like American Has

If American University can get three in semifinals and two in consolation, Boise State can.  In the future, the team needs to learn to not get intimidated and get over wrestling "not to lose".

Boucher Qualifies in 100-Yard Fly

Amber Boucher of Boise State swam her specialty today, the 100-yard butterfly, finishing in 52.05.  She qualified for the finals.

Her teammate, Stephanie North, swam in the 200-yard freestyle but did not qualify.  North swam the 50-yard free yesterday in 22.67 but did not qualify.  Boucher was a little faster, 22.48 but did not qualify either.

Felix Wrestles against Acala

1-1 tie, going to overtime sudden victory.

Felix loses in overtime 4-2 and is eliminated.  Great tournament.

Current Team Standings at NCAA Wrestling Championships (3 Sessions)

These are now complete through 3 sessions.

1.  Cornell 61
2.  Penn State 60.5
3.  Iowa 52
4.  American 49
5.  Oklahoma State 44.5
6.  Wisconsin 41
7.  Lehigh 37
8.  Boise State 35
8.  Arizona State 35
10.  Minnesota 32
11.  Nebraska 30.5
12.  Northwestern 28.5
13.  Michigan 27.5
14.  Kent State 24
15.  Stanford 23
15.  Missouri 22.5
16.  Oklahoma 22
17.  Rutgers 21.5
19.  Iowa State 20.5
19.  Virginia 20.5
21.  Central Michigan 19.5
22.  Wyoming 19
23.  Oregon State 18

Swartz wrestling now

Up early 2-0 over Rob Morrison.
2-1 but Swartz is injured.
3-3 as Morrison gets a takedown.
4-3 with an escape from Swartz, entering the 3rd.
Morrison with a reverse, 5-4 lead late.
Swartz with a late escape and take down 7-5.
Swartz Wins!

Hall About to Wrestler in Quarters

Hall has lost, being too tentative to advance.  He will go down to wrestlebacks.

Breaking--Chamberlain Wins!

The Broncos need someone to step up right now.

Early takedown to lead 2-1.

Now tied, overtime and sudden victory.
Now into tie-breaker.

Jason has defeated VonOhlen in tie-breaker.  He is assured All-America Status!

Jones ties VonOhlen

Levi really needs another win. Tied at 4 in the 2nd.

Now down 11-4.  Levi's about out with only one win.

Levi lost 12-4 and is out of the tournament.

Flint Ray of Utah Valley

This unknown has roared through the tournament, knocking off the #7 and #10 seeds at 133 pounds at the 2011 NCAA Wrestling Tournament.  He just beat Nebraska's Ridge Kiley to advance to the consolation quarters.

Hochstrasser Assured All-America Status

Andrew Hochstrasser of Boise State has advanced to tonight's semifinals at 133 pounds in the 2011 NCAA National Wrestling Championships in Philadelphia.  Hochstrasser will face #3 seed Andrew Long of Penn State.

NCAA Wrestling Boise State Progressions

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