Saturday, June 4, 2011

Simulation Football League Statistics--Week Three

Here are the statistical leaders after three weeks of play in the Simulation Football League:                            

     Portis takes over SFL rushing lead

1.    Clinton Portis, 2001 Miami FL (88-568 and 3 TD's)
2.    Ian Johnson, 2006 Boise State (62-402 and 5 TD's)

3.    Doug Martin, 2010  Boise State (63-398 and 4 TD's)
4.    Maurice Clarett, 2002 Ohio State (74-387 and 4 TD's)
5.    Jeremy Avery, 2009 Boise State (66-381 and 8 TD's)
6.    Mark Ingram, 2009 Alabama (79-377 and 4 TD's)
7.    Jacob Hester, 2007 LSU (66-350 and 3 TD's)
8.    Lee Marks, 2004 Boise State (60-348 and 4 TD's)
9.     Brock Forsey, 2002 Boise State (85-345 and 3 TD's)
10.  Justin Vincent, 2003 LSU (49-338 and 5 TD's)
11.   LenDale White, 2004 USC (67-321 and 4 TD's)
12.   Brock Forsey, 2001 Boise State (79-254 and 5 TD's)
13.  Jeffery Demps, 2008 Florida (27-248 and 3 TD's)
13.   Ian Johnson, 2005 Boise State (61-248 and 3 TD's)
15.   Michael Dyer 2010 Auburn (47-246 and 1 TD)

                Moore continues steady play for 2009 Broncos

1.    Kellen Moore, 2009 Boise State 76-114 for 1,089 yards and 9 TD's vs. 3 INT
2.    Matt Leinart, 2004 USC 74-111 for 1,078 yards and 8 TD’s vs. 1 INT
3.    Ryan Dinwiddie, 2003 Boise State 67-98 for 1,064 yards and 10 TD’s vs. 4 INT
4.    Kellen Moore, 2008 Boise State 79-116 for 1,022 yards and 8 TD's vs. 4 INT
5.    Kellen Moore, 2010 Boise State 78-122 for 1,020 yards and 6 TD's vs. 2 INT
6.    Ken Dorsey, 2001 Miami FL 72-123 for 940 and 6 TD’s vs. 1 INT
7.    Ryan Dinwiddie, 2002 Boise State 69-88 for 842 yards and 9 TD's vs.3 INT
8.    Taylor Tharp, 2007 Boise State 59-107 for 657 yards and 3 TD's vs. 2 INT
9.    Ryan Dinwiddie, 2001 Boise State 59-101 for 904 yards and 3 TD’s vs. 2 INT
10.  Chris Leak, 2006 Florida 50-86 for 545 yards and 5 TD's vs. 8 INT
11.  Jared Zabransky, 2006 Boise State 49-75 for 657 yards and 5 TD's
12.  Matt Mauck, 2003 LSU 66-96 for 839 yards and 2 TD's vs. 3 INT
13.    Matt Flynn, 2007 LSU 60-107 for 695 yards and 3 TD's vs. 3 INT

                Jeremy Childs of the 2008 Broncos now #1 among receivers

1.      Jeremy Childs, 2008 Boise State (19-233 and 3 TD’s)
2.      Early Doucet, 2007 LSU (19-187)
3.      Michael Clayton, 2003 LSU (18-221 and 1TD)
4.      Titus Young, 2010 Boise State (17-302 and 2 TD's)

5.      Titus Young, 2009 Boise State (16-216 and 1 TD)
6.      Austin Pettis, 2010 Boise State (16-202)
7.      Jeremy Childs, 2007 Boise State (16-184)
8.      Austin Pettis, 2009 Boise State (14-270 and 1 TD)
9.      Ethenic Sands, 2001 Miami FL (14-255 and 2 TD’s)
10.    Tim Gilligan, 2003 Boise State (14-246 and 3 TD’s)
11.    Michael Jenkins, 2002 Ohio State (14-238)
12.    Billy Wingfield, 2002 Boise State (13-272 and 2 TD’s)
13.    Dominique Byrd, 2004 USC (13-132
14.    Legedu Naanee, 2006 Boise State (12-161 and 3 TD's)
15.    Julio Jones, 2009 Alabama (11-252 and 2 TD's)
16.    Skyler Green, 2003 LSU (10-219)
17.    Kevin Beard, 2001 Miami (10-158 and 1 TD)
17.    Brock Forsey, 2001 Boise State (10-151 and 1 TD)

                                  Wilson grabbed another pick this week to tie for interception lead

1.  Gabe Franklin, 2002 Boise State (3)
1.  Kyle Wilson, 2008 Boise State (3)
3.  Mark Barron, 2009 Alabama (2)
3.  Phillip Buchanon, 2001 Miami FL (2)
3.  Gabe Franklin, 2001 Boise State (2)
3.  Gabe Franklin, 2003 Boise State (2)
3.  Matt Grootegoed, 2004 USC (2)
3.  Korey Hall, 2006 Boise State (2)
3.  George Iloka, 2008 Boise State (2)

1.     Brad Allen, 2002 Boise State (2)
1.     Collin Ashton, 2004 USC (2)
1.     Javier Estopinoan, 2008 Florida (2)
1.     Erick Jackson, 2005 Texas (2)
1.     LaRon Landry, 2003 LSU (2)
1.     Robert Reynolds, 2002 Ohio State (2)
1.     Maurice Sikes, 2001 Miami FL (2)

Field Goals:
1.    Colt David, 2007 LSU (9)
1.    Mike Nugent, 2002 Ohio State (9)
3.    Kyle Brotzman, 2009 Boise State (8)
3.    Todd Sievers, 2001 Miami FL (8)
5.    Ryan Killeen, 2004 USC (7)

6.    Anthony Montgomery, 2005 Boise State (7)
6.    Leigh Tiffin, 2009 Alabama (7)
8.    Kyle Brotzman, 2010 Boise State (6)
8.    Nick Calaycay, 2002 Boise State (6)
8.    Chris Hetland, 2006 Florida (6)
8.    Tyler Jones, 2004 Boise State (6)
12.  Anthony Montgomery, 2006 Boise State (5)


1.    Jeremy Avery, 2009 Boise State (60)

3.    Kyle Brotzman, 2009 Boise State (41)
4.    Brock Forsey, 2001 Boise State (36)
4.    Todd Sievers, 2001 Miami FL (36)
6.    Ryan Killeen, 2004 USC (35)
7.    Nick Calaycay, 2002 Boise State (31)
8.    Doug Martin, 2010 Boise State (30)
8.    Leigh Tiffin, 2009 Alabama (30)
8.    Justin Vincent, 2003 LSU (30)
11.  Kyle Brotzman, 2010 Boise State (29)
11.  Mike Nugent, 2002 Ohio State (29)
13.  Colt David, 2007 LSU (27)
13.  Chris Hetland, 2006 Florida (27)
13.  Anthony Montgomery, 2006 Boise State (27)
16.  Maurice Clarett, 2001 Ohio State (24)
16.  Brock Forsey, 2002 Boise State 24)
16.  Tim Gilligan, 2003 Boise State (24)
16.  Mark Ingram, 2008 Alabama (24)
16.  Ian Johnson, 2005 Boise State (24)
16.  Tyler Jones, 2004 Boise State (24)
16.  Lee Marks, 2004 Boise State (24)
16.  LenDale White, 2004 USC (24)
24.  Tyler Jones, 2003 Boise State (22)
25.  Kyle Brotzman, 2008 Boise State (21)
25.  Ryan Gaudet, 2003 LSU (21)
25.  Anthony Montgomery, 2005 Boise State (21)
25.  Jonathan Phillips, 2008 Florida (21)
29.  David Pino, 2005 Texas (20)
30.  Jeremy Childs, 2008 Boise State (18)
30.  Jeffery Demps, 2008 Florida (18)
30.  Jacob Hester, 2007 LSU (18)
30.  Legedu Naanee, 2006 Boise State (18)
30.  Clinton Portis, 2001 Miami of Florida (18)
30.  Ethenic Sands, 2001 Miami of Florida (18)
30.  Billy Wingfield, 2002 Boise State (18)

Simulation Football League Standings After Three Weeks

Boise State Division:
2006 Boise State 3-0 (105 Points, 47 Points Allowed)
2009 Boise State 3-0 (149-80)
2002 Boise State 2-1 (136-104)
2003 Boise State 2-1 (82-54)
2008 Boise State 2-1 (76-69)
2004 Boise State 1-2 (80-111)
2010 Boise State 1-2 (108-87)
2001 Boise State 0-3 (51-140)
2005 Boise State 0-3 (53-147)
2007 Boise State 0-3 (44-123)

Championship Division:
2001 Miami of Florida 3-0 (118-44)
2004 USC 3-0 (119-71)
2005 Texas 2-1 (100-79)
2008 Florida 2-1 (93-90)
2009 Alabama 2-1 (81-54)
2002 Ohio State 1-2 (47-71)
2003 LSU 1-2 (75-83)
2006 Florida 1-2 (81-74)
2007 LSU 1-2 (55-83)
2010 Auburn 0-3 (47-104)

Fiesta Bowl Champion Boise State Knocks Off "National Champion" Florida to Highlight Week 3 of SFL Action

2006 Boise State vs. 2006 Florida
The 2006 Fiesta Bowl Champion Boise State team always wanted a shot at the National Championship.  Many commentators around the country believed they were ripped off.  Now we see why.  We will now have to put an asterisk and a "mythical" before the Florida Gators of 2006.

          Right location, wrong game for 2006 Broncos?

Boise State spotted Florida 13 first-quarter points, before rallying for 38 unanswered points of their own in a lopsided 38-20 win over the so-called "national champions". The Gators were one of the favorites for a post-season Simulated Football League crown but left today's game with their tails between their legs.  Bronco quarterback Jared Zabransky tossed two  touchdowns to Legedu Naanee in the second and third quarters, respectively as Boise State grabbed their first lead of the contest, 17-13 with 1:51 left in the third.

Rookie Coach Chris Petersen's team poured it on in the final stanza with two Ian Johnson touchdown runs and a 39-yard interception return for six by middle linebacker Korey Hall that seemed to add insult to injury for the worn-out Florida team.  Florida was just 5-14 on third-down conversions and was hurt badly by two interceptions and two lost fumbles.  Boise State gradually wore out the Gator defense, controlling the clock 33:43 to 26:13, and the ball control eventually paid off with the late barrage of Bronco points.

Workhorse Johnson finished with 119 yards on 34 carries.  Boise State held one of the top SFL rushers, Percy Harvin, to 31 yards but DeShawn Wynn picked up the slack with 83 yards and a touchdown.

Boise State is now 3-0 this season while Florida fell to 1-2.

2007 Boise State vs. 2009 Alabama

Alabama won their second consecutive game, crushing Boise State 40-3 as Greg McElroy fired three touchdown passes and Leigh Tiffin booted four field goals. 

 Boise State was beaten soundly on both sides of the ball, managing only 10 first downs.  The Crimson Tide piled up 458 yards of total offense to 153 for the Broncos.  Mark Ingram went over the century mark with109 yards while Trent Richardson added 94.  McElroy was an efficient 20-29 for 237 yards through the air.  Meanwhile, Taylor Tharp was held to just 10 of 30 passing for 101 yards and running back Ian Johnson was held to 50.  Alabama's front line harassed Tharp all afternoon long, registering seven sacks against the senior quarterback.

The 2009 Alabama team cruised to a 30-0 lead at halftime and the upstart Broncos did not score until late in the fourth quarter when Kyle Brotzman kicked a 49-yard field goal. 

Alabama is now 2-1 while the 2007 Broncos are 0-3.

2008 Boise State 22, 2002 Ohio State 12
The 2008 Boise State team dealt a serious blow to the Simulation Football League championship hopes of the 2002 Ohio State team with a 22-12 win this afternoon.

Boise State held a 7-6 advantage after three quarters as both offenses struggled to be productive.  Buckeye quarterback Craig Krenzel guided his team on a scoring drive to open the fourth period, culminating in a one-yard pass to Ryan Hamby.  The two-point conversion failed, but Ohio State had their first lead of the game at 12-7.  But Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore lives for these moments, and the Bronco freshman led his team on a scoring drive of their own, finding wide receiver Jeremy Childs for a 17-yarder.  Vinny Perretta ran in a two-point conversion to put the Broncos up 15-12.

The Bronco defense stiffened the rest of the way and a 12-yard pass from Moore to Ian Johnson with 5:12 left sealed the deal.

Ian Johnson was held to 43 yards rushing as Ohio State put 7-8 defenders in the box to stop the potent Bronco rushing star.  Moore calmly took advantage by hitting his receivers time and time again.  He finished the game  22-29 for 345 yards.  Childs was the beneficiary of six of those passes for 92 yards and the touchdown.  Maurice Clarett, one of the top rushers in the SFL, did top 100 yards (108) but could not find the end zone.  Krenzel connected on 17-of-27 passes for 244 yards for Ohio State.

The Broncos moved to 2-1 in the young season while Ohio State slipped to 1-2.

2004 USC 48, 2010 Boise State 34
Reggie Bush broke free on a thrilling 71-yard run in the third quarter to break a 27-27 tie and the 2004 Trojans went on to record a 48-34 win over the 2010 Boise State team this afternoon.

Up to that point, it had been a game of big plays from both teams.  Bush shaked and baked his way to a 62-yard run to the end zone with 5:30 left in the first quarter to give USC a 10-0 advantage.  Boise State came right back on the ensuing possession with Doug Martin bulldozing through the Trojan defense for a 33-yard score.  Martin then ran around the right end and outran the secondary for a highlight 55-yard touchdown early in the second to give the Broncos a 14-10 lead.  A Kyle Brotzman field goal of 45 yards extended the lead on Boise State's next possession but USC was able to tie the game on a 48-yard run by LenDale White.

Boise State countered with a drive deep into Trojan territory but an untimely fumble (aren't they all?) at the 30 ended the threat and USC quarterback Matt Leinart found Steve Smith for a 58-yard touchdown pass to put USC up again.  The two teams traded field goals and the Trojans held a 27-20 lead going into the locker room.

The Broncos came out with an impressive drive to open the second half, with Kellen Moore finding Titus Young in the corner of the end zone from 10 yards out.  That tied the game, but Bush's long run ignited the Trojan fans and was a big momentum-swinger.  USC added another touchdown pass from Leinart to Fred Davis near the end of the third and Boise State could get no closer after that.

White once again led the Trojans in rushing with142 yards, but the key was Bush.  Held to minimal yards in his first two games, the USC star tailback finally got untracked with  141 yards.  With the Bronco defense increasingly focused on the run, Steve Smith benefited with five receptions for 88 yards and two scores.  Leinart was masterful with 27-36 passing for 367 yards and three touchdowns.  The balanced attack was too much for the Bronco defense.

Moore was successful for the Boise State offense, hitting 29-46 for 378 yards, but the 2010 Bronco team just didn't have enough firepower to match USC.  Martin posted 130 yards rushing on 22 carries. Young had 6 receptions for 93 yards while Austin Pettis also hauled in 6 for 81.

USC remains unbeaten with a 3-0 mark while Boise State is 1-2 in the SFL.

2003 Boise State 37, 2001 Boise State 0
Ryan Dinwiddie threw for 376 yards and four touchdown passes and the 2003 Broncos throttled their counterparts from 2001 in a 37-0 whitewashing this afternoon.

Dinwiddie finished 25-of-32 passing and will move up in the SFL passing leaders.  David Mikell led the ground game for the 2003 Broncos with 83 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries; he also was the recipient of one of Dinwiddie's TD passes.

                 Dinwiddie celebrates another victory

The 2003 Boise State defense held their opponents to just 70 yards rushing.  Brock Forsey was the top ground-gainer for the 2001 Boise State team picking up nearly all of that with 22 carries for 67 yards.  "I played against a lot of these guys and I just want to give them a lot of credit--they have gotten a lot better over the years."

The younger Dinwiddie finished just 18-30 for 260 yards with one interception, an acrobatic pick by Gabe Franklin.  He had this to say about the 2003 Dinwiddie, "Hey, if I work on mastering the offense and my technique as (Offensive Coordinator Chris Petersen) Coach Pete wants me to do, I'll be that good in two years.  I'm young and still finding the rhythm with my receivers.  We'll get better."

The 2003 team advanced to 2-1 this season while the 2001 Broncos are winless in three tries.

2002 Boise State 58, 2004 Boise State 14
The 2002 Leave No Doubt team shocked the 2004 Liberty Bowl team 58-14 this afternoon, leaving the 2004 Broncos disheartened and left to do some serious soul searching.

The 2002 Boise State team scored 24 second-quarter points in route to a 31-14 halftime lead and coasted from there.  Brock Forsey rumbled in from 40 yards and quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie tossed two TD passes as the Broncos outdistanced the proud 2004 team.  Dinwiddie simply outclassed his successor, Jared Zabransky, but it was a complete victory for the 2002 team.  Nick Calaycay booted three field goals and Tim Gilligan returned a Kyle Stringer punt for an 83-yard touchdown.

Brock Forsey ran for 133 yards and 2 touchdowns as the 2002 Leave No Doubt Broncos indeed left no doubt in a 58-14 rout of the 2004 team.

The game was knotted at 7 apiece in the first quarter with both quarterbacks, Ryan Dinwiddie of the 2002 team and Jared Zabransky of the 2004 Boise State team tossing scoring strikes.  However, two fumbles and a Zabransky interception in the second quarter led to 21 points as the '02 Broncos built a 31-14 halftime lead.  From there, the 2002 Boise State team coasted to the lopsided win that left the proud Liberty Bowl team scrambling for answers.

"I don't know what happened," 2004 Coach Dan Hawkins said.  "I knew I had that 2002 team fired up but this 2004 team was good as well."

Total offense (460 to 378) wasn't as lopsided as the final score, but the three second quarter turnovers cost dearly and special teams made a difference as well. Tim Gilligan repeatedly put the 2002 Broncos in excellent field position, averaging 45 yards on 5 punt returns.   David Mikell aided the ground game with 67 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries and he also caught one of 3 touchdown passes from Dinwiddie.  The junior signal  caller from Elk Grove, California was 19-24 for 257 yards on the afternoon.

The 2002 Boise State team is 2-1 this season while the '04 Broncos saw their record slip to 1-2.

2009 Boise State 62, 2005 Boise State 30
Jeremy Avery ran for five touchdowns as the 2009 Boise State team broke open a close game with five scores in the fourth quarter to put away the 2005 team 62-30.

Avery (20 carries for 146 yards) scored on runs of 6, 49, 1, 19 and 32 yards and D.J. Harper also scored on a 44-yard scamper as the 2009 Broncos ran for 246 yards.

Ian Johnson picked up 94 yards and 2 touchdowns on 13 carries to pace the rushing attack for the 2005 Broncos.  Quinton Jones provided a highlight with a thrilling 97-yard kickoff return and Anthony Montgomery added three field goals for Coach Dan Hawkins' team.

The 2009 Boise State team remains undefeated with a perfect 3-0 record; the 2005 Broncos are still looking for their first win.

2001 Miami of Florida 41, 2005 Texas 24
The 2001 National Champion Miami Hurricanes dealt a blow to the postseason hopes of the 2005 Texas Longhorns with a convincing 41-24 win this afternoon in a battle of unbeatens.  

Dependable running back Clinton Portis ran for 207 yards and two scores and caught one of three Ken Dorsey scoring passes as the Hurricanes sent a message to the rest of the league with this victory.  Texas was one of the preseason favorites to win the SFL Championship but must now regroup after the loss.

Texas had their fans shouting "Hook 'Em Horns" after Jamaal Charles found a hole in the Hurricane defense for a 35-yard second-quarter run that gave the Longhorns a 14-10 lead.  But Portis's 58-yard run through the heart of the Texas defense gave his team a 17-14 lead that they would not relinquish.

Miami led 24-14 at the intermission and tacked on scoring plays of a one-yard run from Portis and a 24-yard pass from Dorsey to Andre Johnson to put distance between the two teams at 38-17.

Miami gained 31 first downs on the afternoon to just 18 for Texas.  The two teams were fairly even on the ground, with Texas actually outgaining the Hurricanes 279-233.  The difference was Dorsey.  The Hurricane quarterback was an efficient 26-42 for 323 yards while Vince Young could not mount an aerial attack (9-18 for 116 yards).

Charles did rush for 146 yards and two scores but the lack of a passing attack crippled the Longhorns, especially when they fell behind.

Miami is 3-0 while Texas slipped to 2-1 with the loss.

2003 LSU 42, 2010 Auburn 24
The competition is so tough within the Simulation Football League that the defending National Champions can't buy a win.

Justin Vincent scored three times and LSU overpowered Auburn this afternoon.  Vincent ran roughshod over the Auburn defense with 142 yards, including a brilliant 63-yard run in the fourth quarter.  Matt Mauck continued his strong play with a 22-30 afternoon in which he threw for 364 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was efficient (12-18) but could not match the power of LSU.  Two LSU receivers, Michael Clayton (5-107 and a TD) and Devery Henderson (3-121) went over the century mark as Mauck spread the wealth to eight Tiger receivers.

Onterio McCalebb was the leading rusher for Auburn with 97 yards on 10 carries.  Newton picked up 78 yards but he had to use 27 carries to do it.

LSU picked up their first win of the SFL season while Auburn is still trying to find the right combination.

2008 Florida 27, 2007 LSU 19
Brandon Spikes ran 27 yards with an interception return with 3:12 left in the game as Florida came back to defeat the 2007 LSU team 27-19.

Colt David's 32-yard field goal in the second quarter, one of four on the afternoon, enabled LSU to grab a 9-7 lead.  Another David field goal from 39 yards out extended the lead to 12-7 in the third quarter.  Florida's Chris Rainey thrilled Gator fans with a 51-yard run to paydirt on the final play of the quarter.  LSU's Jacob Hester bust loose on a 64-yard run of his own to give the Tigers their final lead 19-14.  A Jonathan Phillips field goal on the ensuing possession cut the margin to 19-17 with 8:39 remaining, setting the stage for Spikes' heroics.  Another field goal from Phillips with 1:10 left provided the final margin of victory for Coach Urban Meyer's Florida team, which advanced to 2-1 this season.

Rainey gained 103 yards on just 10 carries to lead Florida.  Matt Flynn was 24-41 for 235 yards and a touchdown for LSU.  Hester finished with 103 yards rushing for the Tigers, who slipped to 1-2 with the defeat.