Friday, May 9, 2014

Dallas Press Conference

Video of Demarcus Lawrence Phone Call

Aztecs Win It In The Eighth

It's looking more and more like Fresno State is going to win the MWC softball title.  Boise State has been unable to solve San Diego State's pitcher in two games.

Boise State has thus been eliminated from the title race, when all they had to do was win one of those games.

We Go To Bottom Of Eighth

Nicholson called for interference on a ground ball.  Aztecs now batting.

Aztecs Intentionally Walk Glover

That's respect.  Kreiger's turn.

A Good Time For Glover's First Hit of the Series

Broncos have Nicholson sitting on second, Tara up with two out in the eighth.

O'Toole's pitch count now at 99.

Boise State Gets Out Of Seventh Unscathed

Extra innings in San Diego.  An error put an Aztec on base, but she was quickly erased on a ball up the middle.

San Diego State Will Try To Win It In The Seventh

Boise State with their only significant threat of the last two nights results in two left on base.  We go to the bottom of the seventh.

Palmer's Ground Out Advances Runners

Two out for Boise State, and it will be up to Brittany McCray. 

Haley Torrez Single

A little sumpin' brewin' for the Broncos in the top of the seventh--two on and one out.

Whyte With A One-Out Single

You'd like to think that the ace Aztec pitcher would be getting tired, but I'm not sure if that ever happens...

Patton Does It

She gets out of a bases loaded jam in the bottom of the sixth, as a grounder to Mackenzie Whyte retires the Aztecs.  We go to the seventh with still no score.

Patton Gets Jackson Herself

Huge out, getting one of the best players in the Mountain West out on strikes.  Rebecca now needs to bear down and get out of the inning--let your defense help you on this one.

A Walk Loads 'Em Up

Patton now flirting with disaster in a game  in which she has pitched so well.

The batter:  Patrice Jackson and her .771 slugging percentage.

Single Hit To Whyte

But Mackenzie kept the play in front of her and kept the runner on second.  Now two on, one out for San Diego State.


An Error Gives SD State A Baserunner

And now a bunt moves her to second.  One out in the Aztec sixth.

Still No Score After Four

Each team with one hit.

Which team wants it more?

No Score After Three

Boise State batting in the fourth.

Scoreless Through Two

Broncos really need to get on base any way, any how against this pitcher.

Patton Gets The Aztecs 1-2-3

Last night, that didn't happen until late in the game.  Good start for Rebecca.

Mackenzie Whyte With A Hit...

but that's it in the Bronco first.

Final In Reno:

Nevada 5, Fresno State 1.

C'mon Boise State--what do you need, an invitation?  The door was wide open last night, and it's still that way tonight. 


Nevada Continues To Lead Fresno State

5-1 now in the bottom of the sixth.

Nevada Leads Fresno State Early

In the top of the fourth, it's Nevada 4, Fresno State 1.

Fresno is trying to hand the crown to the Broncos, but so far Boise State is hesitant to take it.

Demarcus Lawrence Goes To The Cowboys

Boise State Third in the Nation in Attendance for Women's Tennis, Fourth for Men's Tennis

As Bronco Nation continues to venture out to other sports, Boise State is nationally recognized today for its men's and women's tennis programs.

Boise State ranked third in the country in attendance for women's tennis matches and fourth for men's matches.

Lady Broncos' Situation Is Simple...

Their only guaranteed chance at a conference softball title is if they win the remaining two.  Tough to do, which is why I said they needed the first--then a split would have been much easier.

But if Boise State splits from here, the only way they can win the title is if Fresno State loses both games to Nevada.