Monday, August 8, 2011

Map of Georgia Dome Parking

All of the lots seem to be fairly close, within walking distance of the Dome.

Boise State's Odds Have Changed

A week or 10 days ago, I told you I guessed Boise State's odds of winning a "national championship", based on the data inputted into EA Sports popular "NCAA Football" software were going to wind up at about 1 in 6.  I am now at 69 simulations and Boise State finished #1 in 14 simulations.  Last year, if memory serves me correctly, Boise State won in 13 of 100 simulations.  We saw what happened in 2010 as Boise State let teams get back in games so 6-7% or so doesn't mean much if the players let inferior teams catch them. 

When I get to 100, I will do a full report on all the games, the possible outcomes, outlook for each of Boise State's opponents, and a range of scenarios for Boise State's final season record.

Notes on Early Bronco Fall Practices

There are three specific things I'm noting in talking to people who have seen Boise State's practices.

1.  The defensive line, the best the school has ever seen last year, is better this year and has more depth.  They heard the talk that they couldn't hold Nevada last year when it counted.  They have taken that criticism to heart and are eager to prove that won't happen this any game.

2.  The receivers are fired up to prove there's not going to be a drop-off with the departure of Austin Pettis and Titus Young.  The buzz is that Matt Miller has been outstanding.  The freshman receiver could make an impact this year.  Troy Ware, Aaron Burks and tight end Gabe Linehan have also been impressive.

3.  Malcolm Johnson, back with the team, could also make an impact this season.  If Johnson can get up to speed with the Broncos' complicated offense and with the college game in general, Boise State might be able to redshirt Ajayi.  Of course we won't know much more about that until later in fall camp.  The counterpoint to that is with a guy as talented as Ajayi, do you really want to redshirt him or would you rather have him contribute towards Boise State's national championship run?

Walking Map for Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game Boise State vs. Georgia

Parking for Georgia-Boise State Game September 3

Here is the link that shows parking lot locations near and around the Georgia Dome.  We are a little over three weeks away!

The Simulation Football League Playoffs

These four teams earned the right to meet in the Simulation Football League playoffs.  The 2009 Broncos won the Boise State Division with an 11-1 record while the 2010 Broncos finished second at 9-3.  Miami of Florida nearly capped a 12-0 season but lost to Alabama in the final weekend to finish 11-1.  2004 USC finished 9-3, in a tie with the 2005 Texas team, but defeated the Longhorns earlier in the season to win the tie-breaker.

Thus, it will be the 2009 Boise State team against USC and the 2010 Boise State team against Miami.