Monday, July 4, 2011

Great Matchups Highlight Week Eight in the Simulation Football League

There will be plenty of great games as the Simulation Football League enters its eighth week.  The surprising 2003 Boise State team will get a test when they venture into a contest with the 2010 Broncos.  Eager SFL fans are also awaiting the conference game between the Leave No Doubt Broncos and the 2008 team.  The struggle between the mythical "national champions" from 2001 and 2004, Miami of Florida and USC, respectively, highlights the Championship Division schedule while the game between the Fiesta Bowl Champion 2006 team of Boise State and the 2005 Texas Longhorns looms large.

Boise State Division:
2001 Boise State vs. 2005 Boise State
2002 Boise State vs. 2008 Boise State
2003 Boise State vs. 2010 Boise State
2004 Boise State vs. 2007 Boise State

2006 Boise State vs. 2005 Texas
2009 Boise State vs. 2002 Ohio State

Championship Division:
2001 Miami of Florida vs. 2004 USC
2003 LSU vs. 2009 Alabama
2006 Florida vs. 2007 LSU
2008 Florida vs. 2010 Auburn