Friday, March 14, 2014

McCall Gets His Way

His hated Boise State is out of the tournament.  All it took was for him to officiate a game.

Team fouls in a tight game the entire way:

New Mexico 13 (the entire game)
Boise State 26

Looks evenly officiated to me. (insert sarcastic emoticon here...)

In this stage of a tight game...

Bairstow 11 free throw attempts, Boise State 8.  No further comment necessary.

The Mountain West Conference Needs to Fire Randy McCall Immediately

Bad officiating is the nature of the beast--it happens all the time.  But when you have a guy that obviously hates Boise State, he needs to be shown the door by the Mountain West Conference.  If a particular team experiences bad officiating from a particular referee one time, it is what it is.  But this guy has been vindictive four times against Boise State, so much so that in one game, he wouldn't let Rice even talk to him, then chatted it up in the Wyoming huddle afterwards.

There is no room in college basketball for an official that hates any school.  Time to go.

Cortney 11th in Three-Meter Final

To advance to Nationals, you pretty much have to finish in the top three in at least one event.

Unofficial Statistics
Women 3m Championship (6 Dives) (Final)
This event is now closed.
PlaceScoreDiver NameEvent
1661.55Haley Ishimatsu (USC)7.2556.57
2654.90Hailey Casper (ASU)7.0859.50
3651.60En-tien Huang (NEV)6.6455.80
4637.90Kersten Merry (UTAH)6.3956.53
5635.25Aimee Harrison (HAWA)6.3153.81
6627.25Stephanie Phipps (STAN)6.5654.08
7614.90Michal Bower (ARIZ)6.4451.21
8610.50Kassidy Cook (STAN)6.3151.88
9600.45Annika Lenz (UCLA)6.5353.78
10590.90Krysta Palmer (NEV)5.9750.20
11587.00Ciera Cortney (BSU)5.6946.31
12586.80Megan Harper (UNM)6.0051.16
13581.25Lauren Hall (HAWA)5.9248.31
14577.75Anne Kastler (CAL)6.1746.99
15577.50Chelsea Jackson (NAZU)6.0647.13
16570.85Paige Hunt (IDAH)6.3149.12
17540.40Sally Hackett (ARIZ)5.3142.36
18536.80Samantha Adams (USC)5.4443.13
Official scores for this event should be posted later in the day.
This page will refresh automatically.
Please do not hit the Refresh button.

Cortney Finishes 10th in One-Meter Dive at Zone E Diving Championships

Bates Takes On the Best Tonight

Emma Bates will run in the 5,000 meters tonight at the NCAA National Indoor Track & Field Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The event will start approximately 8:35 Mountain Time tonight.  Bates is currently ranked ninth in the 5,000.  She will also race in the final of the 3,000 meters tomorrow.

Best of luck, Emma!  I just feel eventually you're going to win one of these.