Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boise State Surges to WAC Commissioner's Cup lead

Propelled by two conference championships today, Boise State shot to the front in the race for the Western Athletic Conference Commissioner's Cup.  The Cup rewards the conference school with the best overall sports program.  Boise State tied Utah State for the men's track championship this afternoon in Nampa and the Bronco swimming and diving team defended their title in San Antonio.  Louisiana Tech once again won the women's track title, edging Utah State.

Boise State won the Cup last year for the second time and is trying to make its final year in the WAC its best.  Basketball is the next sport to be decided early in March and gymnastics will be the last of the winter sports to wrap up.  That would leave just men's and women's golf, tennis and outdoor track, softball and baseball.

The best way to view the Cup competition is comparing the schools with how they did last year to find gains and losses.  The standings below show the difference from this year compared to last year.

Here are the standings after the competition today:

1.  Boise State 48.25 (+2.75)
2.  Utah State 42.00 (+1.75)
3.  New Mexico State 31.25 (-9.00)
4.  Hawai'i 30.50 (+3.50)
4.  Idaho 30.50 (-1.25)
6.  Fresno State 29.75 (-1.25)
7.  Nevada 28.00 (-8.00)
8.  Louisiana Tech 23.50 (+5.50)
9.  San Jose State 20.25 (-1.00)

The year-to-year difference shows the schools doing the best and the worst from last year's Cup race.  Boise State, Nevada and Fresno State always have the best spring sports and will gain the most from here.  

If you add the year-to-year difference to last year's Cup Standings, you would have:

1.  Boise State 95.00
2.  Fresno State 82.50
3.  Utah State 75.75
4.  Hawai'i 72.00
5.  New Mexico State 71.75
6.  Nevada 68.50
7.  Idaho 66.75
8.  Louisiana Tech 63.00
9.  San Jose State 50.75

Two Championships in a Day

Boise State captured two Western Athletic Conference titles today, news of both reached you first on this blog.  The Bronco men came from behind to tie Utah State for the WAC men's track title at Jackson's Track in Nampa while Coach Kristin Hill's swimming and diving team took first at those championships in San Antonio.

Boise State goes for an unprecedented third conference title of the weekend when Coach Greg Randall's Bronco wrestling team goes after the Pac-10 Conference championship in Corvallis tomorrow.

Boise State Defends WAC Swimming Title

As of 10:20 Mountain time, this blog was the only news source that told you that Boise State won the WAC Swimming Championship.  We believe they deserve major kudos and gladly give them the coverage they deserve.

Boise State finished with 835 points to win the title.  Hawai'i turned out to be their closest challenger with 577, followed by NAU (535), San Jose State (499), New Mexico State (405), Nevada (326), Fresno State (276) and Idaho (213).

Here is how they did it.

(From earlier tonight)  Only a flurry of upsets will stop Boise State from repeating as WAC Champions and getting the Broncos' second conference championship of the day.

Jennifer Cahill did well in the 1650-yard freestyle, placing third.

 Event 15  Women 1650 Yard Freestyle
    Name                 Year School               Seed     Finals        
  1 Mi, Mengjiao           SO Nevada           10:14.73   16:35.57  
  2 Lowther, Emma          FR NAU              10:21.97   16:39.56  
  3 Cahill, Jennifer       SO Boise St         10:20.83   16:51.62  
  4 Maier, Krista          JR NAU              10:27.24   16:54.72  
  5 Myers, Melissa         FR Hawaii           10:21.90   17:02.90  
  6 Gray, Madison          JR Boise St         10:23.76   17:08.25  
  7 Friedhoff, Amy         SO SJSU             10:22.45   17:10.20  
  8 Landeck, Vivian        SR NAU              10:34.41   17:13.91 

We knew Boise State would do well in the200-yard backstroke with four
 entries in the final.  Senior Denise Green touched in 1:58.74 to take
 second while Lily Donohue was fourth for Coach Hill.  Both Fi Connell
of Northern Arizona and Green swam NCAA provisional  times.

 1 Connell, Fi            SO NAU               1:59.20    1:57.05  
  2 Green, Denise          SR Boise St          1:59.30    1:58.74  
  3 Kiss, Tricia           FR NM State          2:00.81    2:00.05  
  4 Donohue, Lily          SO Boise St          2:00.76    2:00.27  
  5 Gjoen, Heidi           JR Fresno St         2:02.52    2:00.35  
  6 Diener, Kelsy          JR Boise St          1:59.84    2:00.91  
  7 Palmer, Rachel         FR NAU               2:02.22    2:01.48  
 8 McLain, Morgan         JR Boise St          2:02.70    2:02.79  

A 1-2 finish for Boise State in the 100-yard freestyle.  Amber Boucher
 and Stephanie North getting it done and the Broncos are almost home. 
Boucher set a pool record (48.33) and North also earned an NCAA
 provisional mark with her performance.

1 Boucher, Amber         JR Boise St            48.48      48.33  
  2 North, Stephanie       JR Boise St            49.30      48.82  
  3 Barrett, Maura         JR Hawaii              49.97      49.96  
  4 Yoho, Dani             SO Fresno St           50.20      50.33  
  5 DeWames, Marisa        SO SJSU                50.25      50.42  
  6 Hughey, Stevie         SO Boise St            50.64      50.50  
  7 Prior, Christa         JR Hawaii              50.70      50.58  
  8 Foster, Kiley          SO SJSU                50.38      50.83  
Chelsea Miller took second for Boise State in the 200-yard breaststroke.
  The big news is  that San Jose State is hardly scoring.  It appears Hawai'i 
will be Boise State's biggest challenger down the stretch.  Taylor Ritenberg
 of Hawai'i and Miller both had NCAA  provisional times.

1 Ritenberg, Taylor      SO Hawaii            2:12.40    2:11.27  
  2 Miller, Chelsea        FR Boise St          2:13.64    2:14.26  
  3 Branning, Jaclyn       SO NAU               2:18.62    2:18.05  
  4 Burnes, Jordan         FR NAU               2:20.13    2:18.58  
  5 Anderson, Darcie       FR SJSU              2:19.12    2:19.70  
  6 Pagett, Valerie        SO Hawaii            2:18.96    2:19.79  
  7 Lawrence, Alannah      SR NM State          2:19.09    2:20.69  
 -- Spies, Maria           JR NM State          2:18.04         DQ  

Boise State's Rachel Heaney took first in the 200-yard freestyle
 with teammate Christine Raininger third.

  1 Heaney, Rachel         FR Boise St          1:58.70    1:58.59  
  2 Guieb, Gabby           SO Nevada            2:00.96    2:00.42  
  3 Raininger, Christine   SO Boise St          2:02.29    2:01.20  
  4 Denman, Heather        JR SJSU              2:00.63    2:01.39  
  5 Craddock, Julia        SO SJSU              2:02.59    2:01.42  
  6 Lowther, Emma          FR NAU               2:01.99    2:02.87  
  7 Balogh, Brooke         FR Boise St          2:05.40    2:04.42  
 -- Cate, Beth             SO NM State          2:02.63         DQ 

and the Boise State relay team indeed punctuated the evening
 with another win for the Broncos, as the team won its second
consecutive WAC crown going away.

 1 Boise St  'A'                       3:21.45    3:18.25  
     1) North, Stephanie JR           2) Hughey, Stevie SO            
     3) Diener, Kelsy JR              4) Boucher, Amber JR            
  2 Hawaii  'A'                         3:24.38    3:21.02  
     1) Prior, Christa JR             2) Barrett, Maura JR            
     3) Accornero, Annathea FR        4) Ritenberg, Taylor SO         
  3 SJSU  'A'                           3:26.43    3:22.29  
     1) DeWames, Marisa SO            2) Denman, Heather JR           
     3) Faria, Elana SO               4) Foster, Kiley SO             
  4 Idaho  'A'                          3:31.63    3:24.08  
     1) Stratton, Staci SR            2) Lim, Shana FR                
     3) Venlos, Megan FR              4) O'Brien, Alyson SR           
  5 Fresno St  'A'                      3:28.80    3:25.68  
     1) Gjoen, Heidi JR               2) Vietti, Kat SO               
     3) Hatayama, Stephanie SR        4) Yoho, Dani SO                
  6 NAU  'A'                            3:33.03    3:26.38  
     1) Ferro, Claire SR              2) Dirks-Ryan, Chalene JR       
     3) Landeck, Vivian SR            4) Maier, Krista JR             
  7 Nevada  'A'                         3:31.64    3:26.43  
     1) Ploussard, Alysse SO          2) Gandionco, Marichi SR        
     3) Kostecki, Andrea FR           4) Mi, Mengjiao SO              
  8 NM State  'A'                       3:31.85    3:26.45  
     1) Conrad, Kelly SR              2) Seaver, Terrin FR            
     3) Konicke, Kelsey SO            4) Fenton, Alex SO  

Boise State Tops Wisconsin, Falls Short in Point Total

Boise State defeated Wisconsin last night 195-125 to 181.325 in Taco Bell Arena.

While the win is nice, the team fell short in the requirement to score the 196 points necessary to move into the top 10.  

Hannah Redmon and Amy Glass each won three titles while Kelsey Lang shared one as well.  Redmon won on floor (9.875) and vault (9.875) and shared the bars title with Glass (each with 9.8's) while Amy won the all-around title and shared the beam title with Lang (with 9.825's).  

The Broncos host WAC foe Utah State Sunday afternoon at 2.

BREAKING--Boise State and Utah State Tie for WAC Championship

Boise State came from 18 points behind in the final three events to tie Utah State for the 2011 WAC Indoor Track Championship in a dramatic finish today at Jackson's Track in Nampa.

The Broncos were two points behind headed into the 4 x 400-meter relay.  Louisiana Tech was favored in the event, Boise State was projected to finish second and Utah State third.  That result would have ended in a tie, but instead, both title contenders stepped up and finished 1-2, leaving the two teams tied with 177 points.  Boise State's winning time of 3:12.13 is a WAC meet record.

Congrats to the Broncos and Aggies--Co-WAC Champions!

This is another story brought to you first in the Boise Valley by Blue Through and Through.  No other media or internet web site has this story yet.  (3:27 p.m. Mountain Time, Saturday, Feb. 26)  Neither KTVB, KBOI, KTIK, KBCI, KIVI, KTRV or the Idaho Statesman had reported the news that Boise State had won the WAC Championships before this blog.   In fact, none of them, including Boise State's official website and the WAC web site had posted it yet as of 5:11 p.m......

This is Boise State's third conference championship this school year.  The Broncos were the co-champions in football and won the cross country championship as well.

                          Men - Team Rankings - 17 Events Scored             
    1) Utah State                 177        1) Boise State               177
    3) Louisiana Tech              94        4) Idaho                      69

Boise State Men Score 24 in Triple Jump

Boise State is now 2 points behind.  They scored 6 points more than expected with Butler really stepping up.  Jonathan Keys (50-4) was projected to win but the three Broncos really took care of business.  

If the relay goes as expected (Boise State 2nd and Utah State 3rd), Boise State and Utah State will tie for the title.  If Boise State can somehow win the relay, they have a great shot at the title outright.  However, what Coach Hardy no doubt is telling his foursome right now is that the exchanges have to be clean.  A dropped baton means Boise State doesn't get to even share the title.  A shared title is better than second place.  

Going into today, Louisiana Tech had the best relay time of 3:14.65 but have to run this one in altitude (something we found out in swimming makes a huge difference).  Boise State's best is 3:14.98 while Utah State's best is 3:16.57.  Boise State can be careful with the baton and still beat Utah State, then try to overtake Louisiana Tech at the finish line for the win.

Doesn't get any closer than that.

Event 32  Men Triple Jump
    WAC Meet: ! 16.45m  1985        Norbert Elliott, UTEP                        
       Venue:   16.63m  2/7/2004    Lejuan Simon, L S U                          
   NCAA Auto: A 16.15m                                                           
 Provisional: p 15.45m                                                           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Felix, Kurt               JR Boise State             15.26m   50-00.75  10   
      15.09m  15.07m  15.26m  15.21m  14.85m  PASS                               
  2 Trammel, Rolando          SO Boise State             14.55m   47-09.00   8   
      14.26m  PASS  PASS  14.55m  PASS  PASS                                     
  3 Butler, Joshua            FR Boise State             14.46m   47-05.25   6   
      FOUL  14.40m  14.18m  FOUL  FOUL  14.46m                                   
  4 Keys, Jonathan            JR Louisiana Tech          14.39m   47-02.50   4   
      13.61m  FOUL  14.11m  13.89m  14.06m  14.39m                               
  5 Briggs, Colin             SO Idaho                   14.21m   46-07.50   2   
      13.08m  13.34m  13.97m  13.54m  14.01m  14.21m                             
  6 Szade, Damian             JR Utah State              13.83m   45-04.50   1   
      12.99m  13.63m  13.09m  13.39m  13.83m  PASS                               
  7 Jones, Rendel             JR Idaho                   13.70m   44-11.50       
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  13.70m                                       
  8 Jones, Dravius            FR Louisiana Tech          13.69m   44-11.00       
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  13.18m  13.33m  13.69m                                   
  9 Hamlett, Kenneth          SO Utah State              13.27m   43-06.50       
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  13.06m  13.24m  13.27m                                   
                          Men - Team Rankings - 16 Events Scored                 
    1) Utah State                 169        2) Boise State               167    
    3) Louisiana Tech              88        4) Idaho                      65   

Bronco Women Finish Fourth at WAC Track Championships

Blue Through and Through is once again first with the news that Boise State finished fourth at the WAC Track & Field Championships in Nampa.  The Bronco women got great individual performances to score more than expected to top New Mexico State.  Meanwhile, Louisiana Tech got the win and with Boise State beating Utah State by 18/100th's of a second, Tech comes from three points down to win the WAC.  Had USU finished second, the Aggie women would have won the title.

  1 Louisiana Tech                                      3:43.64   10         
     1) Bailey, Aldresha FR             2) Hanneman, Stacia JR               
     3) Hayes, Chelsea SR               4) Wright, Monique JR                
  2 Boise State                                         3:44.64    8         
     1) Flannigan, Mackenzie FR         2) Pierce, Cyntrail SO               
     3) Bennett, Yvonne FR              4) Campos, Taryn SO                  
  3 Utah State                                          3:44.82    6         
     1) Bosworth, Hollie SO             2) Haymore, Aubrie SO                
     3) Hirschi, Kylie FR               4) Jensen, Katelyn JR                
  4 New Mexico St.                                      3:47.78    5         
     1) Meade, Zoe FR                   2) Cleveland, Jndia JR               
     3) Aldredge, LaSasha SO            4) Clay, Melanie JR                  
  5 Nevada                                              3:50.72    4         
     1) Smith, Christina FR             2) Earls, Angelica SO                
     3) Hearns, Baylee FR               4) Pettigrue, Deirdra SR             
  6 Idaho                                               3:52.39    3         
     1) Goode, Emma FR                  2) Hall, Keli SO                     
     3) Cooper, Allee FR                4) Velvere, Liga SO                  
  7 Fresno State                                        3:55.42    2         
     1) Hilliard, Tiera SR              2) DeLaRosa, Alyson FR               
     3) Thompson, Breeauna SO           4) Jordan, Latrisha JR               
  8 Hawaii                                              4:05.91    1         
     1) Jimenez, Ashlee SO              2) Monasi, Mariana SR                
     3) Nakashima, Tiare FR             4) Satterwhite, Ashley FR            
                        Women - Team Rankings - 17 Events Scored             
    1) Louisiana Tech             133        2) Utah State                132
    3) Nevada                      88        4) Boise State                80
    5) New Mexico St.              68.50     6) Fresno State               67
    7) Hawaii                      48.50     8) Idaho                      44

USU's phenomenal coach has put the women in position to take the crown away from Louisiana Tech.  They have opened up a three-point lead.  Tech is favored in the relay and USU is projected to finish second.  If it turns out that way, the Aggies are champions.  If third-seed Boise State can beat Utah State, Tech is the champions and the Broncos are fourth.

Here is how it unfolded earlier.....

Boise State's Mackenzie Flanagan shocked Louisiana Tech by slipping in for second place.  Her finish gives the Bronco women a shot at fourth:

  1 Hayes, Chelsea            SR Louisiana Tech           23.93   10         
  2 Flannigan, Mackenzie      FR Boise State              24.41    8         
  3 Hanneman, Stacia          JR Louisiana Tech           24.42    6         
  4 Benton, Leah              SR New Mexico St.           24.51    5         
  5 Wright, Monique           JR Louisiana Tech           24.69    4         
  6 Pierce, Cyntrail          SO Boise State              24.99    3         
  7 Jones, Jesseka            JR Louisiana Tech           25.01    2         
  8 Thompson, Breeauna        SO Fresno State             27.22    1  

In the 3,000, huge blow for New Mexico State which was supposed to score heavily.  One runner did not finish.  They would have likely passed Boise State for fourth, but now if the Bronco relay team can come through, they'll finish fourth.

                        Women - Team Rankings - 16 Events Scored                
    1) Utah State                 126        2) Louisiana Tech            123   
    3) Nevada                      84        4) Boise State                72   
    5) Fresno State                65        6) New Mexico St.             63.50
    7) Hawaii                      47.50     8) Idaho                      41   

Utah State Scores Heavily in 200 as Expected

  1 Lewis, Armahd             SR Utah State               21.46   10         
  2 Hadnot, Trey              FR Louisiana Tech           21.53    8         
  3 Trammel, Rolando          SO Boise State              21.73    6         
  4 Bluth, Parker             FR Utah State               21.91    4         
  5 Stewart, Kevin            SR Louisiana Tech           21.99    2         
  6 Goree, Josh               SO Louisiana Tech           22.06    1         
  7 Richardson, Dennis        FR Louisiana Tech           22.09              
  8 Robertson, Paul           SO Boise State              22.11        

USU did well in the 3,000 as expected but was supposed to get 19 and only scored 14.  Boise State was slated to get 8 points and scored 7.  So the Broncos made up a little ground.  Still a slight chance for the Broncos but they almost have to win the relay.

                  Last Completed Event                             
Event 20  Men 3000 Meter Run
    WAC Meet: ! 8:04.67  1981        Doug Padilla, BYU                       
       Venue:   8:12.21  2/21/2003   Louis Luchini, Stanford                 
   NCAA Auto: A 7:54.50                                                      
 Provisional: p 8:05.00                                                      
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points      
  1 Howell, Daniel            JR Utah State             8:26.54   10         
  2 Geiger, Markus            JR Idaho                  8:27.25    8         
  3 Pierre, Brian             JR Boise State            8:30.94    6         
  4 McKenna, Kyle             FR Utah State             8:32.30    4         
  5 Dube, Jeremiah            JR Idaho                  8:32.97    2         
  6 O'Donoghue McDonald, Dre  FR Boise State            8:33.40    1         
  7 McKenna, Brian            JR Utah State             8:33.43              
  8 Howard, Jeff              SO Boise State            8:46.11              
  9 Atkinson, Steve           JR Utah State             8:48.25              
 10 Larson, Eric              SR Utah State             8:49.80              
 11 Lopez, Chio               SR Utah State             8:53.51              
 12 Schroeder, Allan          FR Boise State            8:53.73              
 13 Nelson, Hunter            SR Utah State             9:01.20              
 14 Lang, Devin               SO Utah State             9:07.12              
 -- Clements, Aaron           JR Utah State                 DNF              
                          Men - Team Rankings - 15 Events Scored             
    1) Utah State                 168        2) Boise State               143
    3) Louisiana Tech              84        4) Idaho                      63

Boise State is projected to finished second in the 4 x 400 relay and Utah State third.  That gains two points on Utah State and cuts the deficit to 23.  However, they are only projected to get 18 in the triple jump to zero for Utah State, leaving them five points shy.  That is why a win in the 4 x 400 relay would really give the team a shot.

Bronco Men Ahead of Pace

With four events to go at the WAC Track & Field Championships in Nampa, Boise State is ahead of schedule in projected points.  At this point in the meet, Boise State should be 14 points behind Utah State, 108-94.  Instead, USU leads 136-134, meaning both teams have stolen points from Louisiana Tech and Idaho.  The Aggies excel in both the 200 and 3,000 while the Bronco men are supposed to do better in the relay and triple jump.

If you add in projected points for those four events to the current total, the final will be:

Utah State 179
Boise State 170

It is truly a toss-up right now.

Boise State Women Trying to Place in Upper Half

Here are the women's standings after 13 events:

                        Women - Team Rankings - 13 Events Scored             
    1) Utah State                  98        2) Louisiana Tech             92
    3) Nevada                      77        4) Boise State                61
    5) New Mexico St.              55.50     6) Fresno State               53
    7) Hawaii                      41.50     8) Idaho                      28
Boise State appears to be headed for a repeat at the WAC Swimming Championships.  Pre-meet favorite San Jose State is nowhere to be found.  The Broncos just have to perform tonight in the finals and the trophy is theirs.

Here are the qualifiers in the 200-yard backstroke:

 1 Connell, Fi            SO NAU               2:03.73    1:59.20  
  2 Green, Denise          SR Boise St          2:02.33    1:59.30  
  3 Diener, Kelsy          JR Boise St          2:01.44    1:59.84  
  4 Donohue, Lily          SO Boise St          2:03.00    2:00.76  
  5 Kiss, Tricia           FR NM State          2:03.65    2:00.81  
  6 Palmer, Rachel         FR NAU               2:05.91    2:02.22  
  7 Gjoen, Heidi           JR Fresno St         2:03.11    2:02.52  
  8 McLain, Morgan         JR Boise St          2:02.63    2:02.70 

the 100-yard freestyle:

1 Boucher, Amber         JR Boise St            49.59      48.48  
  2 North, Stephanie       JR Boise St            49.79      49.30  
  3 Barrett, Maura         JR Hawaii              50.08      49.97  
  4 Yoho, Dani             SO Fresno St           51.94      50.20  
  5 DeWames, Marisa        SO SJSU                49.64      50.25  
  6 Foster, Kiley          SO SJSU                51.16      50.38  
  7 Hughey, Stevie         SO Boise St            52.19      50.64  
  8 Prior, Christa         JR Hawaii              51.34      50.70  

the 200-yard breaststroke:

 1 Ritenberg, Taylor      SO Hawaii            2:15.64    2:12.40  
  2 Miller, Chelsea        FR Boise St          2:16.24    2:13.64  
  3 Spies, Maria           JR NM State          2:21.58    2:18.04  
  4 Branning, Jaclyn       SO NAU               2:25.30    2:18.62  
  5 Pagett, Valerie        SO Hawaii            2:22.22    2:18.96  
  6 Lawrence, Alannah      SR NM State          2:21.91    2:19.09  
  7 Anderson, Darcie       FR SJSU              2:16.06    2:19.12  
  8 Burnes, Jordan         FR NAU               2:25.44    2:20.13 

and the 200-yard butterfly:

  1 Heaney, Rachel         FR Boise St          2:01.13    1:58.70  
  2 Denman, Heather        JR SJSU              2:02.76    2:00.63  
  3 Guieb, Gabby           SO Nevada            2:06.13    2:00.96  
  4 Lowther, Emma          FR NAU               2:06.07    2:01.99  
  5 Raininger, Christine   SO Boise St          2:01.41    2:02.29  
  6 Craddock, Julia        SO SJSU              2:03.58    2:02.59  
  7 Cate, Beth             SO NM State          2:03.53    2:02.63  
  8 Balogh, Brooke         FR Boise St          2:06.04    2:05.40  

Bronco Men Battle for WAC Title

Utah State's Philip Noble did not do well, opening the way for freshman Joshua Butler and sophomore Rolando Trammel to score points in the high jump.  Kurt Felx gave favorite Silcock a battle but settled for second.

1 Silcock, Clint            SR Utah State               2.19m    7-02.25  10   
     1.74 1.79 1.84 1.89 1.94 1.99 2.04 2.09 2.14 2.19 2.25                      
      PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP    O   XO  XXO    O  XXX                      
  2 Felix, Kurt               JR Boise State              2.14m    7-00.25   8   
     1.74 1.79 1.84 1.89 1.94 1.99 2.04 2.09 2.14 2.19                           
      PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP    O   XO   XO  XXX                           
  3 Follet, Eric              SO Utah State               2.09m    6-10.25   6   
     1.74 1.79 1.84 1.89 1.94 1.99 2.04 2.09 2.14                                
      PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP    O   XO    O   XO  XXX                                
  4 Butler, Joshua            FR Boise State              1.99m    6-06.25   4   
     1.74 1.79 1.84 1.89 1.94 1.99 2.04                                          
      PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP    O    O  XXX                                          
  5 Trammel, Rolando          SO Boise State             J1.99m    6-06.25   2   
     1.74 1.79 1.84 1.89 1.94 1.99 2.04                                          
      PPP  PPP  PPP  XXO    O   XO  XXX                                          
  6 Hamlett, Kenneth          SO Utah State               1.89m    6-02.25   1   
     1.74 1.79 1.84 1.89 1.94                                                    
        O    O  XXO   XO  XXX                                                    
  7 Bennett, Tyler            FR Idaho                    1.84m    6-00.50       
     1.74 1.79 1.84 1.89                                                         
      PPP    O    O  XXX                                                         
  8 Briggs, Colin             SO Idaho                   J1.84m    6-00.50       
     1.74 1.79 1.84 1.89                                                         
        O   XO  XXO  XXX                                                         
  9 Noble, Philip             SR Utah State               1.79m    5-10.50       
     1.74 1.79 1.84                                                              
       XO  XXO  XXX   

The Broncos did well in the weight throw as well, as Trevor Kraychir and Alex Nelson went 1-2 to score 18 team points.
  1 Kraychir, Trevor          JR Boise State             20.34m   66-08.75  10   
      19.11m  20.34m  20.12m  20.17m  20.08m  19.90m                             
  2 Nelson, Alex              JR Boise State             18.27m   59-11.25   8   
      17.80m  17.90m  18.14m  18.27m  18.10m  18.20m                             
  3 Jones, Larry              SR Louisiana Tech          17.81m   58-05.25   6   
      17.06m  FOUL  16.23m  17.73m  17.81m  FOUL                                 
  4 Hall, Spencer             JR Utah State              17.51m   57-05.50   4   
      16.85m  16.65m  16.70m  16.54m  17.03m  17.51m                             
  5 Rothwell, Kyle            FR Idaho                   15.83m   51-11.25   2   
      FOUL  15.83m  15.21m  FOUL  FOUL  15.66m                                   
  6 Cunningham, Donavon       SO Idaho                   15.27m   50-01.25   1   
      15.20m  14.62m  FOUL  FOUL  15.27m  14.86m                                 
  7 Mannucci, Eugenio         SR Idaho                   15.02m   49-03.50       
      FOUL  FOUL  13.35m  14.23m  FOUL  15.02m                                   
  8 Levkiv, Andrey            FR Idaho                   14.48m   47-06.25       
      FOUL  13.16m  12.03m  12.88m  FOUL  14.48m                                 
  9 Sexton, Chase             SO Boise State             14.38m   47-02.25   
The cross country runners who performed so marvelously in winning the WAC Championship for Boise State are not getting it done on the track, as Utah State's long-distance men have come back with a vengeance.  USU thoroughly dominated Boise State in the mile:
Event 4  Men 1 Mile Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Larson, Eric              SR Utah State             4:09.32   10   
  2 Wolfe, Matt               SO Louisiana Tech         4:11.58    8   
  3 Pierre, Brian             JR Boise State            4:12.04    6   
  4 Nelson, Hunter            SR Utah State             4:14.46    4   
  5 Clements, Aaron           JR Utah State             4:14.59    2   
  6 Lopez, Chio               SR Utah State             4:16.17    1   
  7 Lang, Devin               SO Utah State             4:17.04        
  8 Higgs, Kevin              SR Boise State            4:24.51        
  9 Foley, Scott              JR Boise State            4:28.70        
10 Osborn, Jeff SO Idaho 4:35.78

Boise State came right back in the 60-meter hurdles however, placing second and third.

Event 6  Men 60 Meter Hurdles
    WAC Meet: !  7.47  2001        Reggie Harrell, TCU                       
       Venue:    7.80  1/18/2003   Tim Bogdanof, CAL                         
   NCAA Auto: A  7.70                                                        
 Provisional: p  7.91                                                        
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points      
  1 Walker, Billy Ray         SR Louisiana Tech            7.97   10         
  2 Trammel, Rolando          SO Boise State               8.02    8         
  3 Malnes, Justin            FR Boise State               8.19    6         
  4 Hayes, Kendall            FR Louisiana Tech            8.22    4         
  5 Jones, Dravius            FR Louisiana Tech            8.30    2         
  6 Peterson, Jacob           FR Utah State                8.43    1         
  7 Boully, AJ                FR Utah State                8.69              
  8 Belcher, Anthony          JR Boise State               9.15       

Boise State did not do as well as hoped for in the 400, taking positions 2 and 5.:

Event 8  Men 400 Meter Dash

  1 Terry, Justin             SR Louisiana Tech           47.69   10         
  2 Wesson, Manoah            SO Boise State              47.82    8         
  3 Hunt, Tanner              FR Utah State               47.99    6         
  4 Goree, Josh               SO Louisiana Tech           48.03    4         
  5 Robertson, Paul           SO Boise State              48.64    2         
  6 MaGaha, Wade              SR Louisiana Tech           48.89    1         
  7 Daw, Jeff                 SO Boise State              52.42              
  8 Butler, Karrie            FR Boise State              56.54      

Daniel Thompson was able to place third in the pole vault:

Event 30  Men Pole Vault
    WAC Meet: ! 5.50m  1995        David Pike, Air Force                         
       Venue:   5.71m  2/7/2004    Tommy Skipper, Oregon                         
   NCAA Auto: A 5.50m                                                            
 Provisional: p 5.20m                                                            
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Klas, Jeremy              JR Idaho                    5.21mp  17-01.00  10   
     4.01 4.16 4.31 4.46 4.61 4.76 4.91 5.06 5.21 5.36 5.51                      
      PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP    O    O  PPP  XXX                      
  2 Johnson, John             JR Utah State               4.91m   16-01.25   8   
     4.01 4.16 4.31 4.46 4.61 4.76 4.91 5.06 5.21                                
      PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP   XO   XO  PPP  XXX                                
  3 Thompson, Daniel          SR Boise State              4.76m   15-07.25   6   
     4.01 4.16 4.31 4.46 4.61 4.76 4.91                                          
      PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP  XXO    O  XXX                                          
  4 Watts, Dylan              FR Idaho                    4.61m   15-01.50   4   
     4.01 4.16 4.31 4.46 4.61 4.76                                               
      PPP  PPP  PPP   XO    O  XXX                                               
  5 Hansen, Max               SR Utah State              J4.61m   15-01.50   2   
     4.01 4.16 4.31 4.46 4.61 4.76                                               
      PPP  PPP  PPP  XXO  XXO  XXX                                               
  6 Noble, Philip             SR Utah State               4.46m   14-07.50   1   
     4.01 4.16 4.31 4.46 4.61                                                    
      PPP  PPP  PPP    O  XXX                                                    
  7 Balcirak, Nathan          FR Boise State             J4.46m   14-07.50       
     4.01 4.16 4.31 4.46 4.61                                                    
      PPP   XO  XPP   XO  XXX     

Utah State got a victory in the 60, but they were expected to score 20 and got 14 instead.  Boise State picked up an extra point thanks to the move of Coach Hardy to insert Trammel into the 60.

Event 10  Men 60 Meter Dash
    WAC Meet: !  6.45  1999        Leonard Myles-Mills, BYU                  
       Venue:    6.68  2/1/2003    Samie Parker, Oregon                      
   NCAA Auto: A  6.63                                                        
 Provisional: p  6.71                                                        
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points      
  1 Lewis, Armahd             SR Utah State                6.77   10         
  2 Richardson, Dennis        FR Louisiana Tech            6.79    8         
  3 Stewart, Kevin            SR Louisiana Tech            6.93    6         
  4 Bluth, Parker             FR Utah State                6.95    4         
  5 Trammel, Rolando          SO Boise State               6.96    2         
  6 Essien, Edidiong          SO Boise State               6.99    1         
  7 McCarty, Princeton        JR Idaho                     7.04              
  8 Pyrtle, Mike              SR Utah State                7.76        

Boise State was supposed to get just 2 points in the 800 but scored 9.  Tremendous job by Austin Edwards coming out of nowhere to break up the USU domination.

This is now a battle between Utah State and the Broncos.  Boise State has a realistic chance.

Section 1  Finals
  1  Peterson, Jacob               FR Utah State          1:56.52 
  2  Edwards, Austin               SO Boise State         1:56.09 
  3  Green, Alwayne                SO Louisiana Te        1:56.06 
  4  Holt, Jason                   JR Utah State          1:55.05 
  5  Allred, James                 SR Utah State          1:56.23 
  6  Klein, Dusty                  JR Boise State         1:56.37 
  7  Owen, Mercer                  SR Utah State          1:56.43 
  8  Moyer, Matthew                JR Boise State         1:56.57 

Here are the current standings:
1.  Utah State 136
2.  Boise State 134
3.  Louisiana Tech 73
4.  Idaho 53

Bronco Softball Team Outlasts UC Riverside

Boise State's softball team was finally able to break out of an early season slump by pounding out 18 hits in a 13-11 win over UC Riverside last night in Las Vegas.

Allie Crump, Tazz Weatherly and Vanessa Alvarez all had three hits while Kelly Sweeney and Alvarez each drove in four runs.  Megan Harvey hit her first homer of the year to give the Broncos a 5-2 lead.  Boise State plated six in the top of the seventh inning to extend the lead to 13-4.  The Highlanders came back with seven in the bottom of the inning and nearly stole the game.  

But after giving up a grand slam, Lela Work was able to strike out the side to preserve the win for Crump, who pitched six innings for the Broncos.

Boise State takes on Cal State Northridge tomorrow afternoon at 3 Mountain time.

Boise State Set to Recapture Pac-10 Championship

 Boise State would be going for a fourth consecutive Pac-10 wrestling championship this weekend if the streak were not so rudely interrupted by Oregon State last year.  The Beavers shocked Boise State, winning the title by two points and now get to host the championships Sunday in Corvallis.

The Broncos are bruised and battered from the debacle in Stillwater, but they are still loaded enough to capture the crown.  Here is a brief preview of each weight classification.

1. Anthony Robles-Arizona State (Sr.) Robles is a two-time All-American, placing fourth in 2008 and seventh in 2000.  Robles is 28-0 in his senior year and possesses an incredible record of 110-23 over his career.  80% of his career victories have produced bonus points.  Robles is a two-time defending Pac-10 champion, defeating Jason Lara of Oregon State in the final last year. 
This season, Robles defeated Iwamura 19-3 and Lara 17-0.
2. Ryan Mango-Stanford (So)  Mango was 26-15 in his freshman year and has vastly improved, going 19-3 this season.  He defeated Iwamura this season 18-8.  Mango is 45-18 over his career. 
3. Tyler Iwamura-Cal-State Bakersfield (So) Iwamura has a 15-11 record this season.  Iwamura defeated Lara (13-4).  He lost to Mango (18-8), Bartelli of Boise State (14-10), Robles 19-3 but defeated Iwamura (13-4).
4. Jason Lara-Oregon State (Jr.)  Lara was runner-up last season in the Pac-10 Championships and owns a 19-8 record this season.  Over three seasons, Lara is 57-25.  Lara defeated Bartelli twice (3-2 and 5-3) and lost to Iwamura 13-4 and Robles 17-0.  Lara is 54-17 in his career. 
4. Alan Bartelli-Boise State (Sr.)  Alan was sixth in the Pac-10 Championships last year and is hoping for an improvement.  He was one of the only Broncos to wrestle well against Oklahoma State, upsetting Jon Morrison 6-1.  Bartelli comes into Corvallis sporting a 15-7 record this season and he is 68-53 overall in his Bronco career.  He defeated Iwamura (14-6) and lost to Lara twice (3-2 and 5-3) . 

1. Andrew Hochstrasser-Boise State (Sr.)  Hochstrasser was third at the Pac-10 Championships last year and fourth at the NCAA Championships.  He is 22-1 on the season, with his only defeat coming to #1 Jordan Oliver of Oklahoma State.  Andrew has defeated Drucker three times (11-0, 10-1 and 12-3), Novachkov 16-2 and Paulson of Stanford.  Hochstrasser is 94-13 in his fabulous Bronco career. 
2. Filip Novachkov-Cal Poly (Sr.) Novachkov was runner-up in the Pac-10 last season and third place in 2009. Novachkov is 11-6 this season.  He lost to Hochstrasser 16-2 but defeated Drucker 6-4 and Mendoza 16-10.  Filip is 88-39 in his career. 
3. Garrett Drucker-Oregon State (Jr.)  Drucker downed Mendoza 15-3 earlier this year.  Drucker is enjoying a fine season at 15-6, making his career mark 32-21.
4. Justin Paulsen-Stanford (Sr.)  Paulson finished sixth in the Pac-10 last season.  He carries a 12-2 mark into the Championships and is 47-21 in his Cardinal career.  Paulsen beat Drucker 8-4 but also lost to him 6-4. 
5. Jose Mendoza-Cal-State Bakersfield (Fr)  Mendoza has gone 16-12 in his initial collegiate season.  He fell to Novachkov 17-2 early this season and also 16-10 less than a month ago and lost to Drucker 15-3.

1. Boris Novachkov-Cal Poly (Jr.)  The younger Novachkov won the Pac-10 championship at 133 pounds and moves up a weight this year.  Novachkov also finished third in 2009.  He finished seventh in the nation last season.  Boris is 24-1 this season and is 80-18 in his career.  He shut out Gray of Stanford 8-0 early in the year and also defeated him 8-3 a couple of weeks ago.  Boris edged Mangrum 3-2 and also got the better of Boise State’s Levi Jones 4-2 before blasting Mendoza 19-4. 
2. Michael Mangrum-Oregon State (So), Mangum captured the consolation championship last year and owns a career record of 52-19.  Mangrum is 20-7 this  season, including an 11-4 win over Levi Jones and a 9-4 win over Nacita.  He lost to Novachkov 3-2 and downed Gray with a fall.  Jones got the better of him in a rematch in Corvallis 9-2. 
3. Levi Jones-Boise State (Sr.) Jones was a disappointing sixth place last season at the Pac-10 Championships after a third-place finish as a sophomore.  Levi is again just 12-8 this season but is wrestling better of late, getting the fall over Mendoza and a 9-2 decision over Mangrum a few weeks ago.  Jones lost earlier in the year to the Oregon State star 11-4.  Jones gave Novachkov a battle before losing 4-3 and also defeated Gray 10-3 and Nacita 5-2.  Jones has a 32-16 career record for Boise State
4. Elijah Nacita-Cal-State Bakersfield (Sr.)  Nacita too had a disappointing 2009 even though he finished fourth in the conference; he was the Pac-10 champion in 2009.  Nacita is 19-7 this year and is 100-45 in his career.  He shut out Gray 9-0 and lost to Jones 5-2 and Mangrum (9-4)
5. Jordan Gray-Stanford (Fr)

1. Jason Chamberlain-Boise State (Jr.)  Chamberlain is out to reclaim the Pac-10 championship he won as a promising freshman but lost last year (third in 2010).  He was undefeated (22-0) until his crushing upset at Oklahoma State.  Jason is 70-19 in his career and will be one of the few remaining starters next year with experience on the Bronco team.  Shortly before his loss in Stillwater, Chamberlain blasted Cardenas 25-12.  Chamberlain is very familiar with the man many think will be his greatest challenger in Corvallis—Oregon State’s Scott Sakaguchi, facing and defeating him four times 4-3, 6-4, 3-1 and 6-3. 
2. Scott Sakaguchi-Oregon State (Fr)  Aside from the four losses to the Pac-10’s top seed, Sakaguchi has put forth an impressive freshman campaign, going 21-10.  He defeated Timmy Boone 4-1 and John Cardenas 4-0 and 6-1. 
3. Timmy Boone-Stanford (So) Boone was 7-9 in his freshman year.  He lost to John Cardenas of Bakersfield 5-3.
4. John Cardenas-Cal-State Bakersfield (Jr.)  Cardenas is 9-9 this season and also an even 28-28 for his career.  Cardenas beat Boone 5-3 and Nick Jordan 8-6 and lost twice to Sakaguchi (4-0 and 6-1) and 25-12 to Boise State’s Chamberlain.
5. Nick Jordan-Cal-State Fullerton (Sr.)  Jordan has had a nice 21-10 record this season and is 48-28 in his career.  He lost to Cardenas 8-6. 

1. Adam Hall-Boise State (Sr.)  Hall is one of the most successful Bronco gymnasts of the last 10 years, finishing second in the Pac-10 in 2008 and 2009 before winning it last year at 157 pounds.  Hall rode all the way to third place at the NCAA’s in his weight classification in 2010 and is the only Bronco wrestler that is headed into the postseason undefeated (23-0) and is currently ranked #2 in the nation.  Adam defeated Alex Elder twice by the count of 22-7 and another time 26-8, Bubba Jenkins (2-1 and  8-2), Barrett Abel of Cal Poly 14-6  and Kyle Meyer of Stanford 14-3 earlier this season.  Hall is now 117-16 in his remarkable collegiate career. 
2. Bubba Jenkins-Arizona State (Sr.)  Arizona State got a good addition when Jenkins transferred to Tempe.  He was the Big 10 runner-up last season  and also finished fifth in 2008 and 6th in 2007.  In 2008, Jenkins was the national runner-up so he is a formidable force.    Jenkins has a career mark of 88-23 and is 14-2 this season.    He lost to Hall 8-2 and Abel (by fall) and downed Alex Elder 8-3.  Jenkins is ranked #4 by Intermat.
3. Barrett Abel-Cal Poly (Sr.)  Abel is the defending Pac-10 champion at 149 pounds and decided to move up a weight this year.  Abel carries a 61-29 overall mark into the championships.  He is 23-8 this season and has split with Jenkins (winning with a fall and losing 18-6) while defeating Meyer 8-6 and 14-6 and Elder 11-5 and losing to Hall  14-6.
4. Kyle Meyer-Stanford (Fr)  Meyer defeated Alex Elder 4-2.
5. Alex Elder-Oregon State (Fr) Elder is 13-16 this year.  He lost to Hall twice at 22-7 and another time 26-8, Meyer 4-2, Jenkins 11-3 and Abel 11-5. 

1. Ryan DesRoches-Cal Poly (Jr.)  DesRoches finished third in the Pac-10 last year.  Ryan is 27-5 this year, advancing his career mark to 77-28.  This year, he pined Edwards of Arizona State and defeated him two other times (8-6 and 14-6), beat Trevor Hall twice (5-2 and 5-3) and defeated Kurt Swartz 6-0 and Jon Brascetta 5-3.  
2. Kurt Swartz-Boise State (Sr.)  Swartz was the Pac-10 runner up a season ago but has not enjoyed the senior season he was hoping for, going 10-8.  Swartz defeated Hall (8-6), has beaten  Brascetta of Oregon State twice (once by fall and once 3-2) and lost 6-0 to DesRoches.  Swartz is 48-20 in his Bronco career.
3. Te Edwards-Arizona State (Jr.)  Edwards finished third last season at the championships and has compiled a 15-12 record this year.  He is 35-33 in his career.  He lost by fall to DesRoches and two other times by decision (8-6 and 14-6), and fell to Brascetta 8-7 and  defeated Trevor Hall 5-4.
4. Jon Brascetta-Oregon State (Sr.)  Brascetta had a 24-14 record coming into this season.  He lost to Swartz (by fall and a 3-2 decision) but defeated Edwards 8-7 and Trevor Hall 8-5.  Brascetta is 16-12 this season.
5. Trevor Hall-Cal-State Bakersfield (Sr.)  Hall finished fifth at the 2008 Pac-10 Championships but hasn’t been in the money since.  He is 18-14 this season with a career record of 47-37.  Hall lost to DesRoches (5-2 and 5-3), Swartz (8-6), Brascetta (8-5) and Edwards (5-4).

1. Colby Covington-Oregon State (Sr.)  Covington is the defending Pac-10 champion at this weight and is 16-1 this season.  The former Iowa transfer is 65-10 in his career and is unbeaten against his closest challengers in the conference.  He slaughtered Jake Swartz 13-4 and won two other contests by decision (3-1 and 12-6), defeated Eric Starks 4-1, Nick Amuchastegui (3-2), Eric Starks 4-1  and Joey Granata 22-7. 
2. Nick Amuchastegui-Stanford (Jr.)  Amuchastegui was the Pac-10 runner-up in 2009 and won the championship last year at 165 pounds, advancing all the way to fourth place at Nationals.  He has a sparkling 26-2 record this season and is 90-16 in his great career at Stanford.  This season, Nick lost a close contest to Covington (3-2), defeated Granata 10-3 and downed Swartz twice (3-2 and 4-0).
3. Joey Granata-Cal-State Bakersfield (Sr.)  Granata is 16-11 this year, losing to Covington 22-7 and Amuchastegui 10-3 but pinning Swartz and defeating Starks 8-7.  Granata is 53-33 in his Roadrunner career.
4. Jake Swartz-Boise State (Fr)  Swartz shows a lot of promise and might be more successful than his brother.  This year, he is 15-12, losing three times to Covington (13-4, 3-1 and 12-6), twice to Amuchastegui (3-2 and 4-0) and lost to Joey Granata by pin.
5. Eric Starks-Arizona State (Jr.)  Starks is 14-7 this year 42-31 in his career.  He lost to Covington 4-1 and Granata 8-7.

1. Jake Meredith-Arizona State (Jr.)  Meredith enjoyed a good junior season, going 19-14 to move his career mark over .500 (42-39).  Meredith split with Noel, with each taking 5-0 decisions.  Meredith also defeated Brice Arand of Oregon State twice (3-2 and 6-0) and downed Troy Goodban 9-4.
2. Todd Noel-Cal-State Fullerton (Sr.)  Noel is 18-9 this season and is 75-44 in his career.  Noel defeated Goodban 10-1and 13-5  but lost 4-3; he also lost to Meredith 5-0 and defeated Arand (3-1).
3. Kirk Smith-Boise State (Sr.)  Smith is the two-time defending Pac-10 Champion and finished runner-up in his sophomore season.  He finished 8th pace in the NCAA’s in 2008 and was 2nd in the nation last year.  Smith defeated Troy Goodban 9-2 and Brice Arand 6-2 and 9-0.  Smith has been competing sparingly to recover from a previous injury and then had to be carried off the mat following a loss at Oklahoma State.  Given that everyone at Boise State is tight-lipped about Smith’s injury, I cannot rank him #1.  Although he should be head and shoulders above his competition, the injury and subsequent silence complicates things.  When I’ve seen him in the past after he’s injured, he’s wrestled very carefully, trying to “get by”.  That’s the quickest way to injure it again.  Smith has a 102-11 career record coming into the Pac-10 Championships.
4. Troy Goodban-Cal-State Bakersfield (Sr.)  Goodban has lost to Kirk Smith (9-2), Jake Meredith (9-4) and won one of three against Noel (losing 10-1 and 13-5 with a 4-3 win).  Goodban also defeated Arand 8-6.
5. Brice Arand-Oregon State (Sr.)  Arand had a 43-33 record heading into this season.  He is 19-11, making his career mark 62-44.  Arand lost to Smith (6-2 and 9-0), Goodban (8-6) and Meredith (3-2 and 6-0).

1. Zack Geisen-Stanford (Sr.)  Zack was the runner-up in 2007, improved to fourth in 2008, third last year, and would love to win the title this year.  Geisen has wrestled to a 15-2 mark this season and he is now 102-37 in his fabulous Cardinal career.  Orozco defeated the always-tough Riley Orozco 6-4 and 7-5 this season and he defeated Ryan Smith 11-2 but he did suffer a 3-2 setback at the hands of Chad Hanke of Oregon State and he lost to Casperson 4-3.
2. Riley Orozco-Cal-State Bakersfield (Sr.)  Orozco finished fourth place in the Pac-10 in 2008, was runner up in 2009 and won the Pac-10 championship last season (at 197 pounds).  Orozco is 22-9 this year and is 69-30 over the last three years.  Orozco lost two close decisions to Geisen (6-4 and 7-5), has two wins over Chad Hanke (a pin and a 7-3 decision), lost to Casperson of Boise State (2-1) and he split with Ryan Smith (winning 9-5 before losing 9-7).
3. Matt Casperson-Boise State (Sr.)  Matt finished third in the Pac-10 Championships in 2008.  He is 10-6 this season, including a 2-1 decision over Orozco.  Matt’s career mark stands at 67-47.  Casperson also split with Hanke of Oregon State, losing a tough 4-3 decision earlier this month after winning 10-5, defeated Ryan Smith of Cal Poly 10-5 and edged Geisen 4-3. 
4. Ryan Smith-Cal Poly (Jr.)  Smith is 12-6 this year and 39-28 in his Mustang career.  He lost to Orozco 9-5 and then defeated him 9-7.  He also downed Hanke of Oregon State 5-3 and lost to Geisen 11-2 and Casperson 10-5.
5. Chad Hanke-Oregon State (Jr.)  Hanke was fifth at the 2009 Pac-10 Championships and was fourth last season.  Hanke is 19-9 this year and possesses a 71-34 career mark.  Hanke defeated Geisen 3-2 and lost to Orozco twice (by fall and a 7-3 decision) and to Smith (5-3).  Hanke split with Casperson, losing 10-5 and then coming back to take a 4-3 win. 

1. Levi Cooper-Arizona State (So)  Cooper has compiled a 22-8 record this season in earning the top seed.  He has a career mark of 39-27.  Levi defeated Felix of Boise State 7-2, Disney of Cal-Poly (9-4), Morgan (3-1) and Jack (6-3).  He also had to drop a contest with Disney because of injury. 
2. Clayton Jack-Oregon State (Jr.)  Jack was the third-place finisher in 2009 and the runner-up last season.  He is 19-8 this season, advancing his career mark to 77-31.  He split with Disney, winning 4-1 before losing 12-6, defeated Morgan (3-1) and Felix twice (7-2 and 10-5)  but lost to Cooper (6-3).
3. David Morgan-Cal-State Bakersfield (Sr.)  Morgan is 17-8 this season and is 38-24 in his career.  He has defeated Felix twice (2-1 and 7-3) and Disney 4-1 and lost to Jack and Cooper by 3-1 counts.
4. JT Felix-Boise State (Fr)  Felix has fought his way to an 11-9 mark in his freshman campaign.  Felix lost to Morgan twice (2-1 and 7-3), Jack twice (7-2 and 10-5) and to Cooper (7-2).
5. Atticus Disney-Cal Poly (So)  Atticus is just under .500 this year with an 8-9 record.  Disney lost to Cooper 9-4 and Morgan 4-1 and split with Jack (a 4-1 loss and a 12-6 win).  The Minnesota transfer was 18-3 in open meets two years ago.