Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boise State Student-Athletes Set School Record for Classroom Performance

Boise State's outstanding student-athletes have been amazing students for many years now (13 straight semesters with a combined GPA over 3.0), but they have outdone themselves now.

The Broncos set a school record in the 2013 fall semester, as nearly 70% of them posted grade-point averages above 3.0--68% to be exact.

Eleven programs in the Boise State Athletic Department had combined GPA's of 3.0 or better, just an amazing achievement.  The football, men's golf and women's swimming and diving all set school records.

Boise State's cumulative all-sport GPA is now 3.12, the highest on record at the school.  

No less than twenty-eight Boise State student-athletes recorded GPA's of 4.0.  We salute them, and all of the great young men and women responsible for this achievement:

Men's Basketball
Nick Duncan

Men's Golf
Shane Allor
Swimming & Diving
Brooke Balogh
Heather Harper
Stevie Hughey
Devin Madsen
Samantha Wicks
Men's Tennis
Aidan Reid
Women's Tennis
Megan LaLone
Bobbi Oshiro
Men's Track & Field
David Elliott
Cody Forman