Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 10 Schedule in Simulation Football League

They don't get any better than the Week 10 matchup between the 2003 and 2006 Boise State teams.  Two great teams, both battling for the two playoff berths in their division, playing solid football.  Similarly, the game pitting the Liberty Bowl Broncos with the 2008 team, promises to be filled with excitement.

In the Championship Division, the "national championship" team from USC goes against the 2005 Texas team in what should be a barn-burner.

Results will be posted Saturday on Blue Through and Through.

2003 Boise State vs. 2006 Boise State
2004 Boise State vs. 2008 Boise State
2005 Boise State vs. 2010 Boise State
2007 Boise State vs. 2009 Boise State

2001 Boise State vs. 2003 LSU
2002 Boise State vs. 2006 Florida

2004 USC vs. 2005 Texas
2001 Miami of Florida vs. 2002 Ohio State
2007 LSU vs. 2010 Auburn
2008 Florida vs. 2009 Alabama