Friday, November 1, 2013

Boise State and Utah State Finish Where They Began

A tie game.  No one could break the 1-1 deadlock at the half.

Broncos Storm Past Lewis-Clark State 80-52

Boise State's basketball team opened the season with an 80-52 exhibition win over Lewis-Clark State tonight in Taco Bell Arena.  Ryan Watkins led the way with 15 points and seven boards, but it was the reserves who clamped on the defense to stymie a Warrior team that came into the game averaging 100 points a game.

Coach Leon Rice's team hosts UT-Arlington next Friday to open the regular season.

Boise State Soccer Tied with Utah State 1-1

Halftime score.  Kayla Tucker scored at the 20:21 mark to put Boise State up, but USU has tied it.

Women's Cross Country Results

1.    Emma Bates, Boise State (20:48) (won by 24 seconds)
2.    Samantha Silva, New Mexico
3.    Marisa Howard, Boise State
4.    Charlotte Arter, New Mexico
5.    Anna Everson, Air Force
6.    Holly Page, Wyoming
7.    Nicole Roberts, New Mexico
8.    Kali Zachary, New Mexico
9.    Annette Eichenberger, Air Force
10.  Helene Tambet, New Mexico

Freshman of the Year;  Sonna Helleran, Colorado State
Athlete of the Year, Emma Bates, Boise State

2013 Champions:  New Mexico--31 points
2.  Boise State 60 points
3.  Colorado State 117
4.  Air Force 118

Taryn Treadway Earns 2nd Team All-Mountain West

Treadway finished 12th today.  Congrats Taryn!

MWC Men's Cross Country Results

1.    Isiah Bragg of the Air Force (24:08.39)
2.    Luke Caldwell of New Mexico
3.    Adam Bitchell of New Mexico
4.    Pat Zacharias of New Mexico
5.    Garrett Zans of Wyoming
6.    Eric Showhorn of Utah State
7.    Ben Larson of Colorado State
8.    Shawn Stamm of New Mexico
9.    Andrew Goodman of Colorado State
10.  Christian Meyer of Colorado State

Aaron Back of Boise State finished 12th

Freshman of the Year:  Michael Kessey of Wyoming
Athlete of the Year:  Isiah Bragg of Air Force

2013 Champions:  New Mexico--32 points
2.  Colorado State 51
3.  Air Force 80
4.  Boise State 101

Aaron Back 2nd Team All-Conference

Back finished 12th today and earns MWC 2nd Team.  Congrats Aaron!

New Mexico Wins Both Men's and Women's

The battle will be for the other spots.  The Bronco men are no better than third, but I think the Boise State women might have gotten second.  We'll let you know first right here!

Two Broncos at 23:28 and 24:11

Unofficially, I had Bates at about 20:49; the MWC record is 20:42.

The Bronco women with a real shot at second.

Bates Wins Easily

Super, super performance.  She won by at least 200 yards.

Marisa Howard gets third!

Howard Now in 2nd

New Mexico 3, 4 and 7.

Bates Now by 50 Yards

Emma running away with this--she's incredible!

One mile to go, about a 200-yard lead!  She's like Secretariat!

Bates Opening Up Lead

Howard now third as the runners begin to separate.

Bates leads by about 30 yards.

Problem for Boise State is that it is just about a two-woman team.  The rest of the Broncos now way back.

New Mexico Still with 6 Runners Near the Lead

Boise State has four near the front.  A pack of about 20.

Bates Now Leads

Boise State is 1 and 4 (I believe that's Marisa Howard in fourth).

Broncos Making Their Move

Five Broncos now near the lead, along with New Mexico, Colorado State and Air Force.

Colorado State Finishes Second

Colorado State placed runners in the #7, #9, #10 and #11 spots today and will defeat #20 Boise State for second in the Mountain West.  Not sure if the Broncos even got third.

Bronco Women Fall to the Back

Most of the Bronco runners are near the back of the back.  Not good.

2 Kilometers In

New Mexico, Fresno State and Colorado State are 1-2-3.

New Mexico Has All Six Women Near the Front

Only one Bronco near the lead as of the moment.

Bronco Women Get Great Start

But the men did too earlier. 

Women's MWC Cross Country About to Start

Hopefully, the Bronco women will do what the men could not.

Women run a 5K as opposed to the 7K for the men.

Mountain West Slow on Results

They claim to have "high technology", but the race has been over for 10 minutes, and still no results.  All you have to go on is our unofficial results.  New Mexico won easily.  It will be a battle between Colorado State, Air Force, Wyoming and Boise State for the next few positions.

If I had to guess, I would say Colorado State finished third.

One Runner Still on the Course

Eight minutes or more behind the winner.  We'll have final results as soon as that runner finishes.

Winning Time Under 25 Minutes

Gavin Owens of Air Force upset Luke Caldwell of New Mexico to win the individual title.  New Mexico was 3 (Adam Bitchell) and 4 (Pat Zacharias) followed by a Wyoming runner.  Two Boise State runners were near the back, hurting the Broncos' team chances.  They will be lucky to finish third.

Air Force Takes the Lead

New Mexico still 2-3-4.

Boise State Not Looking Like the Second Best Team Today

New Mexico is 1-2-4, and no Bronco in the top 6.

There are two Broncos in the Top 10, #7 and #10.

Caldwell Now 30 Yards Ahead

And his Lobo teammates have similar leads on the rest of the field.  New Mexico still 1-2-3.

New Mexico 1-2-3

The Lobos are running away with it.  Only one Bronco near the lead now.

New Mexico Now 1-2-3-4

Defending champ Luke Caldwell leading the Lobo men.

Three Lobos and Two Broncos near the Front

Colorado State also has a runner near the lead.

Three Broncos Now Near the Lead

Three Broncos are in a huge pack of leaders--very few stragglers at this point, and no Broncos are at the back.  New Mexico, though, has the early advantage.

Two miles remain.

Broncos Now Slipping Off the Pace

4 Kilometers to Go.

Only two Broncos near the lead now--New Mexico is taking over as expected.

Chris Grimbel of Fresno State is leading--there are five Lobos near the lead.

Boise State Men Off to Great Start

The Bronco harriers are near the lead in the early going.

There are four Broncos in the Top 10--Wyoming and New Mexico also with several in the lead pack.

MW Cross Country Championships About to Get Underway!

This is the best the Broncos have looked in years, so it will be interesting to see how they do!

Then men will go first, followed by the women about 45 minutes later.  (Whatever happened to "Ladies First"?)

Boise State Cross Country Teams Compete in Mountain West Championships

They may not top New Mexico, ranked #9 in both men's and women's, but the Bronco cross country teams will give it a shot today at the Mountain West Championships in Colorado Springs.  Action gets underway at 10 this morning.  As usual, Blue Through and Through will have results before any other media outlet or website in Idaho.

Bronco Wrestlers Ranked #20 in Opening Poll

The Boise State wrestling team is back where it belongs--in the Top 25.  The Broncos are #20 in the first Intermat poll--Oregon State of the Pac-12 is at #6.

Boise State opens the season this weekend with wrestlers competing in two tournaments.